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tv   News  RT  March 4, 2019 4:00am-4:31am EST

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surprised. us. in syria heavy fighting. last. few months. i'd like to see. we can put together. to replace the whole corrupt regime. u.s. national security adviser. and.
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the country's current president. proves a national. leader of the country. for the black population. is not a white. it is not a white. the government is a black majority government. white country. is only live. here. welcome to the program. over the weekend in the north of syria the army
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incurred heavy casualties losing eighteen soldiers as it fought to repel a surprise attack by a job out almost for a syrian offshoot of al qaeda the ambush a number of casualties were confirmed to r.t. arabic by the syrian army but washington recently putting up a million dollar reward for information on asylum bin laden's son it looks like the war on terror has been given a fresh spur more against the affairs this report. war on terror. begins with. but it does not in there the war on terror is almost a tradition now a part of the american way of life no end in sight either so traumatic it was nine eleven that had set america off on a seemingly endless crusade there's an old poster out west as i recall that said wanted dead or alive and it does seem endless no matter how many battles they win
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how many islamist sex they destroy how many bin ladens they kill is always someone else we deliver devastating blows to the al-qaeda leaders that attacked us on nine eleven. deliver justice to osama bin laden we have won against isis we've beaten them and we've beaten a badly now it's a sama bin laden's son hamza bin laden and washington is afraid that he's becoming a new terror i caught. is the son of the deceased a.q. leader some of the blood and is emerging as a leader in the a.q. french us has been has released audio and video messages on the internet calling on his followers to launch attacks against the united states and its western allies eased thirty also recently praised by the leader of al qaida blacklisted by the un married allegedly to the daughter of
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a nine eleven plane hijacker favored by his late father sama as his successor he's calling for attacks on the u.s. to avenge the killing of his father same crazy ideology what's unclear his whereabouts the u.s. seems to believe you could be anywhere in south central asia it all. leads to one conclusion apparently al qaeda is coming back showing signs of confidence global threats in occurred and the threat from radical islamic terrorism a continuing threat posed by al qaeda there are according to various estimates more than thirty thousand active fighters across a number of countries loyal to al qaida ironically the u.s. stands accused of arming them though unintentionally in syria with weapons intended for moderate groups being seized by islamists in yemen c.n.n.
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reported with the saudis and their coalition partners handing american made weapons to isle qaeda linked fighters history it seems repeats itself in the nine hundred eighty s. during the soviet war in afghanistan the u.s. funded and armed the mujahideen including asama bin laden. they called them freedom fighters the mujahideen the islamists when they were fighting the u.s.s.r. but it didn't take long for those freedom fighters to move into terrorists and the taliban into al qaida and they just won't go away no matter how many times they beat them it seems they just keep rising from the dead. back in the bottle if the us does not want to put it back in the bottle the us funnel funnel. thousands of tons of weapons into syria to our forces that it knew very well were.
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allied with al qaida and allied with the muslim brotherhood and so when it suits the u.s. purposes it will work with al-qaeda and other terrorists and when they become a problem either after september the eleventh or after they morphed into its. mix state in syria and iraq then of course it will it will attack them. with more attention being paid to al qaida recently as three or four position forces of besieging the last pocket of russell resistance in syria the town of the us backed forces are unleashing heavy artillery shelling on us all militants kurdish forces which comprise a large part of the s.d.f. say the fighting could be over within a just the few days before the fighting resumed over the weekend civilians as well as the militants wives and children were allowed safe passage from the besieged
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town auntie's our work crews at the site talking to been talking to those who have been leaving the village. how many kids you have to trade but one day one day worries you lose but they kill. me but should apply let me just say that we should have known. you he said the soul of the city for the holiday did any. damage ever did marco did you know how much does
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a good company didn't know but it did and you are listening to him at the moment germicide is a member of that. in the last year. and last but. i think what you'll. see with the welcome to the happy. doesn't bug a. little dog eva not that the not a good you have because that impulse in the book was. on sunday vs the f spokesperson tweeted that he expected the battle to be over very soon u.s. president donald trump was already proclaim victory over the self-styled caliph that more than one occasion we have won against isis now we've won some time probably next week we will have one hundred percent of the caliphate as
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usual president trump is playing fast and loose with the truth and he's turned to exaggerate things the problem is even if it is defeated as a force controlling actual territory it has its origins as a terrorist group training suicide bombers having small so actions and we've seen that continue in iraq for example where there were some horrible bombings of civilians so the danger is. go back to what they were originally doing and care of these kinds of terrorist attacks which are very difficult to stop. but as a self-proclaimed interim president has pledged to return to the country he insists on leading on monday in a fun his way in late february in defiance of a travel ban imposed by the country's supreme court since then he's been toying latin america to rouse support u.s. national security adviser john bolton has warned against any attempts to prevent
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those return on twitter he said there would be a significant response from washington should go i don't be handed. and when recent interview bolton said america was seeking a coalition for a change of government in venezuela. i'd like to see as broad a coalition as we can put together to replace bureau to replace the whole corrupt regime look in this administration we're not afraid to use the phrase monroe doctrine this is a country in our hemisphere it's been the objective of american presidents going back to ronald reagan to have a completely democratic khamis fear and one road doctrine just mentioned but bolton that was unveiled by president james monroe in the nineteenth century its purpose was to stop any european interference in the affairs of nations in the americas many interpret the doctrine as a justification for america's own interventions in the region russia's top diplomat fears washington will use it to justify the use of force against undesirables in its hemisphere. both of them on the. doctrine which means the americans should
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prevent others from entering south america pales in comparison to the doctrine that is been formed now which is basically the american susie the right to use force they want their belly in the fight the banter. but the foundations of the markets the without and so to negotiation by the international community but they are talking about here is america for the americans going back to them on board of trade and no interference from any other. and the blocs that the e.u. this is very problematic because they can really. we're going to see there are no other option than military intervention and today we're talking about a multi parlor world and i don't really know what i mean what would that mean if america can be only for americans when you're talking about a world that's more globalized when other countries also have interest in the
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americas economic interests very important economic interests i mean while one of bolton's that teammates in the u.s. squad is under pressure back home from the families of holocaust survivors they've launched a petition calling for the removal of elliott abrams currently the u.s. special envoy to venezuela from the board of the holocaust memorial museum in a letter to the holocaust memorial council and the committee of conscience they accuse abram's of supporting genocidal regimes for decades that demanding his seat is taken away one of the partition makers and the daughter of a nazi genocide survivor told us why she's against a rams. they need to shame and disgrace their people whose hands are in blood that can be a member of the holocaust memorial council's committee on conscience. labor has been convicted of withholding evidence from congress over covert funding of nicaraguan rebels in the ninety nine eighty s. while he was serving for the reagan administration he's also been accused of covering up massacres and backing brutal regimes in guatemala el salvador and
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honduras let me on a coat over again so as abrams portfolio makes him unsuitable as a member of the holocaust memorial council. we want to demonstrate to people who are the advisors of donald trump and his criminal history and that this person is going plans to build in jail and probably other countries of light in america or even the world we hope that this petition will resume but in an echoing in those who believe that it. is an untouchable topic my mom and the rest of my family were slaughtered by. my father was one of the soldiers who defended illness and then he became a partisan and fought against nazis this museum is devoted to genocide use and such a criminal person as elliot abrams should be removed from the. now we have requested a comment from the museum on whether they are planning to take any action in response to that petition. russia's foreign ministry says moscow hasn't been given
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answers to the simplest of questions regarding the poisoning of russian double agent. daughter in the u.k. last march when the incident happened the finger was immediately pointed at moscow one year on in the narrative of russia's complicity still prevails artes and it's a serious issue of going to takes a look back at the story. sure you must be tired of hearing about it bots let's give credit where credit is due move over brags that chaos this group all saga was the story of twenty teen it had all the workings of a detective bestseller curious enough to grip the media for months on end state sponsored attempted murder poisoned with a nerve agent russian state involvement and probably aided this. makes these ingredients well russian villainy a toxic nerve agent with a decidedly russian name that used to be developed in the soviet era and by a handful of other countries too but you can ignore that for the purposes of
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a good story and the spy story writes itself right accusations assumptions leaks a hungry search for any juicy details unraveling for viewers to marvel at on t.v. screens and newspaper front pages the world over here is former double agent sergei screwballs daughter yulia making an appearance shortly after being discharged from hospital i should just post after twenty days in a coma i woke up to the news the we may have been poisoned i still find it difficult to come to terms with the fact that both of us were attacked in such a way the accused made an appearance to investigators said their officers from russia's g.r.u. military foreign intel service whose travels around sold very had been meticulously traced by every news organization known to man but the men themselves claim to be wellness professionals who wanted to see a famous spy or don't know how to proceed but across the world i mean is there.
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any of the sub or. somebody if this were but a whole year has gone by and where is sergei scrip all himself he was discharged from hospital not too long after his daughter and was understood to be alive and well where is he living now what is he up to. and doesn't he have anything at all to say to weigh in on this massive story that he's at the center of to some wanting to know more in the case is tantamount to information warfare for good journalism or even simple curiosity as many as one hundred thirty eight separate narratives were attributed to outlets like this channel in the aftermath of the poisoning in a new report dubbed weaponize the news sputnik and an array of competing and often contradictory narratives about the event and its aftermath from explanatory accounts of events on the fourth of march to speculation on the motivations
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governing the responses of western governments among them the ukase non-disclosure of information seen as suspicious having accused russia of trying to kill a man on its soil and asking it to prove itself innocent before any proper investigation had even began could have at least merited some cooperation with moscow russia offered to help over and over again but that fell on deaf ears the u.k. rushing to blame russia without establishing facts here's the british prime minister just a week after the poisoning while the investigation lasted months the government has concluded that it is highly likely that russia was responsible for the act against . the script and motive apart from it had to be russia motives behind the poisoning are yet to be adequately clarified who benefited from script surviving who would have benefited if he had died and why also if it was russia what was the
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point of it all anyway if you have those questions to best keep them to yourself doubting the official narrative as one of you so don't reporting from london and associate with r.t. donald trump puts in a crowd pleasing performance at a conservative conference in the united states gets huge cheers as he lashes out at the russian collusion narrative we'll have more on that story after this break stay tuned it out international. join me every thursday on the alex salmond chill and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. he's gone into a nihilistic. thank you got to hit the road and get out the traveling across
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america what makes america take the show is the genius of this quintessential american hero this is it we've come to a point which alan would have done so we always are on the margins to this. culture . oh. we're starting last with is going to headed east into the swamp we're going into the belly of the beast and i think i want to leave now doesn't get any more gonzo than this maybe completely different end of the. welcome back to our to international and national action plan against racism has
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been approved in south africa more than five hundred race related complaints were received in the country in the period twenty fifteen twenty sixteen paul thought of course ended more than two decades ago but south africa is still struggling with the problem of racism meanwhile the leader of the country's far left economic freedom fighters party has caused controversy by saying that the white population should become domestic workers in black households. i don't want blacks to work for whites i want you to work for yourselves and white people will work for you that will be true freedom you must teach them how to carry babies on their back they must feel what our parents have been feeling we're not calling for white people to be killed but for white people to be our domestic workers julius malema was expelled from the african national congress in two thousand and twelve for sowing division within the party he went on to found the economic freedom fighters a political party which follows marxist ideology and which is currently the third largest in both houses of parliament over the years malema has third national
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debates with his views on race and class he's been found guilty twice of hate speech and incitement to violence against white people all whites represent nine percent of south africa's population they do in more than seventy percent of private farmland though efforts to reclaim much of that land without compensation have been launched by the government. and we put the issue up for debate our guest discuss that situation in south africa including julius malema as controversial remarks. his comments still i think do hold certain underlying feelings of negativity towards white people just shows that you're trapped in the love and admiration of white people he has given political power to white racist but when he speaks in front of a black people who he knows. first and have to make believe years like this white people he provides it is force of militancy that simply provides some kind of force
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a distraction the general ideology of julius malema where in he he likes to try and create this sort of clash between races in south africa in order to gain political points he just want to replace white people in a position of oppression we don't one that want to obliterate why. and completely this system which is constructed to do off white people on top and not getting them exploiting black people the government gives them opportunities through the black economic empowerment it gives them opportunities it incentivizes businesses to hire them in higher positions it is easier for them to enter into higher education into universities the system in south africa is not a white supremacist system it is not a white dominated system so definitely so why do you mean a good country thirty five thousand white families only eighty percent of the land
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we don't own i speak to you as a black person in south africa i over nothing i am in fact i think the tenant white people do everything the government is a black majority government this is a simple fact you cannot deny that majority of parliament members are black and this is the way. it is just what i meant is is black but we can't even make laws that says we must take the learned even these politicians controlled by money who has money sort of figure out why it is when you ask the majority of white people they will agree that the old government and its systems were corrupt and unfair to everyone in south africa and they did benefit. people unfairly that is true why people are somehow deny a list of all the crimes of the old government is incorrect. donald trump freshly returned to the us from failed talks with north korea's kim jong vietnam has given
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a crowd pleaser of a speech at the conservative political action conference some of the biggest fears came when the president went in his own words off script to take aim at the still persistent allegations of collusion with russia. america is winning again. is respected. again. you say something like russia please if you can get us hillary clinton's e-mails. so everybody's having a good time mom laugh and we're all having fun and then that fake c.n.n. and others. russia to go good. moral collusion with russia the collusion delusion.
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i had a nasty business transaction with robert mueller a number of years ago and i said why isn't that mention he wanted the job as f.b.i. director i mean these are things that are out there now. it was in america first in many cases it was america last we are reversing decades of blunders and betrayals you know i'm totally off script right now. and this is how i got elected by being off script. how many pieces and parts of president to do us was president trying trying to accomplish today he was also saying things that really like what i hear pool scripted his speech one could argue that there are some things that president trump has said that might be care i say peak and controversial you know my one to go
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there this is trump arrangement but there is a trump high food putin hyphen russia during syndrome this is a preoccupation a pavlovian obeys this weird kind of a connection it's an obsession with an obsessive compulsive prove. reaction. that they not let go i go up to twelve thirty here in moscow those are the headlines for the south thanks for staying with us and all the international back and not just over thirty minutes time with more global news headlines. welcome to max keiser financial survival guide. two year without. yanks this is what happens to pensions in britain. you watch kaiser report.
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they all. say yes. yes to all this is all the. gold.
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make this manufacture consent to stick to the public well. when the ruling closest to protect themselves. the family merry go round be the one. making all middle of the room sick. leave. or you leave. maternity town in congo the only zones a neighborhood is
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a slum. hundreds of teenage gangs operate here then cools the cultural and. the gangs are spreading out to the big cities like a virus is a social added demick. clune as a mainly involved incentive to robbery. supposedly employment opportunities are increasing in the country but the reality is massive unemployment the resource extraction say to is currently booming but is controlled by government officials according to those who live in and they only give jobs to
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their own people and the rest have to survive however they can becoming a kalu nut is one of the popular. this is sheena the leader of the outlaws gang. just a short form of sheen around a character from a nigerian action movie. where. the. son. or a young gang members are eighteen and over they share a street in the end zones a neighborhood with a trick. together they form the devil group. by thing.


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