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tv   Going Underground  RT  March 4, 2019 6:30am-7:01am EST

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story and. solace of all coming up in today's going on the ground but first the prime minister of nature's closest ally in the middle east israel is said to be indicted for corruption and bribery it was of course binyamin netanyahu oversaw last year's u.k. armed killing at the twenty eighteen gaza border protests not that it's up to resume inviting the man israeli police wanted done for fraud to downing street promised to come back to the downing street very. happy. with the. range of issues multiple passionate good relations. with israel and a number of areas as i said which he spent some time talking about the issue of regional security and stability and stability really still important of course to israel but to the rest of this is netanyahu is now not only facing indictment he stands accused of possible crimes against humanity because a u.n. independent commission has ruled his u.k.
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armed soldiers used live ammunition to fire on six thousand protesters without justification the commission has found. grounds to believe that these crazy security forces committed seduced by religion of human rights i mean to nationals for money. but israel stands not only accused of crimes against humanity it is a nuclear armed state supported by britain and the usa while the israeli embassy in london has never found anyone who could come on this program to put their side of the story our colleague caleb open infamously austin obama administration official about israeli w m d so an e-mail has recently come to light an exchange between jeffrey leads and former secretary of state colin powell in which he had knowledge is that israel has well as he says two hundred nuclear weapons and the nuclear nonproliferation treaty has not been signed by israel. under u.s. law the united states should cut off support to israel because. it's
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a nuclear power that has not signed the nuclear nonproliferation treaty according to colin powell u.s. colin powell well joining me now in our encrypted link from falls church virginia is someone who is colin powell's chief of staff and sam adams award winner laurie wilkinson retired colonel thanks for coming on the show i just going to watch because we played a sound bite there would you recognize that israel has nuclear weapons because obviously there is a continued denial of that fact from the u.s. government now of course they do at least part of the technology they stole from us with the acquiescence i think a limited base johnson the united states in the sixty's they have nuclear weapons let's just quickly go to the situation in kashmir because while the most of the media are interested in the talks in hanoi and and the lawyer giving evidence in your country what is your take on the kashmir situation and why it suddenly flared up given your background as the chief of staff. this is an extremely dangerous
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situation even in two thousand and two when we took great interest in the situation between pakistan and india and dispatched some high level diplomats there to deal with it they didn't actually fly aircrafts attack aircraft against each other and of course now we have a pakistani air defense battery every shot down an indian fighter and we have any and apparently being held by a hockey star and so this is more dangerous even the two thousand and two although he did release larry and i mean you can see that it might be enough for some people's interest for there to be. unfriendly relations between delhi and islam about of course there is always in someone's interests for states like that to be fighting one another obviously when you achieve a stuff the political wing of hezbollah parliament in beirut in lebanon britain has now said that the as well the politicians in lebanon are designated terrorists are
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these that what they want the parliament to agree to what to what do you make of the well the british were the only ones who along with the nefarious and catastrophic invasion of iraq in two thousand and three also so i would expect no less from the british had the term administration made their decision a few months ago has been a just gave going underground a statement saying the free british people news support and continue to cover crimes of terrorism in syria or yemen by taking this decision the u.k. government is insulted the emotions and will of the lebanese people who consider as will are political in popular power that has been widely represented in the parliament and the current government so a kind of a kind of victory fez will of being gamed by this kind of censorship in banning and designation as terrorist i think so and i think the rest of the world at least half of it or better understands that when you're up against a state that has the latest in modern military equipment and behind it. the
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greatest military power on the face of the earth the united states you have a couple of choices you can not launder and beat a slave or you can take means to oppose that modern military power and that as far as the law has done that is what hamas has done it's understandable i'm going back to my military professional roots i learned when i was being briefed on al qaida at the joint special operations command at fort bragg and our country back in two thousand and one right after nine eleven and i remember the colonel's words very vividly i said what's that second briefing you have over there against the wall because he just finished a briefing on al qaeda he said all that's has will and i said yes and he said yes you don't want to mess with them they're the number one terrorist organization of the world in terms of capability they make al qaeda look like i care is but and here come the stadium or it's but they are not opposed to the united states unless we are in their face in their area on their land and territory so let's not mess
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with did you offer them about the apparent mismatch that the united states was against al qaida and at the same time against a group fighting al qaeda and so he reasoned recent actions in syria show his will or in the vanguard against isis day as an al qaeda even more strange right now and so on ants between riyadh and israel that even extends to hama didn't monreal the most evil man on the face of the earth in my view and bibi netanyahu and others in the israeli government well obviously we invited saudi ambassador london on the programming if it does come on the program i'm sure he would deny any charge of being evil but certainly as regards israel the united nations in the past few days claimed that israel fired and wounded more than six thousand palestinians a protests in that crimes that amount ma'am out to be crimes against humanity i should say four israeli soldiers were injured in the protests last year and much
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public. city then about the united nations a. verdict on what israel did to civilians to the disable to journalists and to help what has not a lot in our corporately influenced in our own media and media that is influenced from the new york times to national public radio orginally by the israeli lobby you're not going to hear too much that might smack of some criticism i'm really worried about the long term security of israel and which i am concerned very much concerned because. all the actions that are taking place right now both domestically here in this country and as you just numerated some in israel in the west bank in gaza and so forth are undermining israel's long term security not security there's begun an increasingly dramatic erosion of support even amongst you assure americans as i pointed out to clean young jewish americans for this position doing nothing and hearing no evil seeing no evil and
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speaking of evil i'm really worried about israel's future sisk security chris will be because its leadership right now doesn't seem to understand that it is itself undermining israel's long term security now here in britain i should say people criticizing the israel lobby tend to be attacked as n.c.c. might so do you think it will israel's the policies will continue to affect the u.s. presidential elections i think it will but not so dramatically as in the past as i said i think that influences all i'll be vigilant shanker i think the president of the foundation for defense of democracies which is a foreign agent operating in the united states under the rules the seas of the u.a.e. and israel even he said the other day that old should canard about anti semitism a orcon anymore because a lot of people are seeing her it has nothing to do with anti semitism and with bernie sanders it has nothing to do with a decent set semitism for a par excellence it has to do with what i was just talking about it's a very complex security arrangement the united states is. involved and we just
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built our first base in israel for example ok i'm sure you're not going to say that one white oh this previously unknown venezuelan politician has a big a low b. than a pac but when you are at the state department was venezuela on your radar as it is now as obviously an enemy of the united states you mecha roger noriega otto reich who couldn't get himself confirmed i'm a calm assistant secretary for western hemisphere affairs the court roger good elliott abrams and others we were hacked practicing what i would call not in one nine hundred fifty three at most a day to day ta we were practicing a more sophisticated more modern up to date today tom we were pushing chavez we were pushing the opposition we were trying to overthrow chavez dick cheney ran us national security and arm palsy from two thousand and want to two thousand and five and for example when your ministry of foreign affairs approached the state
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department along with france and germany and was bringing a message for from being a job in tehran that said let's talk land let's even talk about nuclear weapons ballistic missiles terrorism and so forth and we started them it's a state department secretary palin even see them he sent rich armitage down to see them and then to them rich armitage turn them over to john bolton the number three man at the state turn them over to him and bolton essentially just the two men told to go away do you think then that. israel has anything to the venice went to do with venezuela because why is one white oh so keen on talking about israel venezuela ties i think israel probably has a hand in almost any place first of all generally speaking where arms are being so . it bats way above its weight in terms of population and so forth with regard to selling arms to almost anyone in the world who buy them and it also has a long record of giving a support in areas where. we might want to conduct
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a world operations and we might not want to expose ourselves so blatantly as we would otherwise so before anyone gets too pessimistic listening to this conversation. they have foreign minister venezuela said the other day that he has had long meetings with elliott abrams obviously previously convicted of war crimes in the western hemisphere and abrams the drums on the two misdemeanors for which he was pardoned by president bush quite well the point is that area that's a set that elliott abrams the current one to venezuela is going to buy the whole trump. they've had conversations and they've had a long meeting something hopeful there and the fact that something in private may not be something that can be shed in public i certainly hope so i know that leopoldo lopez is the real power behind white oak white oak probably has what nine members of the national assembly i mean what a strange beast to select to be our representative as he quote represents
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a don't soil people unquote he certainly doesn't leopoldo lopez as our about him that said i would rather see mexico require the hope. anyone almost in their offering good offices decides us but if this is to be also north a the united states is going to be a mediator in this god forbid it should be through a clue or civil war or both afghanistan iraq syria my god haven't we learned our lesson hasn't a world war and a lesson from our learning our less ally hope this is not something that is a medieval to military power the venezuelans need to take care of this on their own art and if there is any military power to be use it needs to be venezuela. doesn't have either civil war that would be quite bloody but outside intervention does nothing but exacerbate the situation whether seana russia or the united sates talking about just about just one final question that it's one year ago since the
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bridges. up and says the russians use w m d against someone in this country to be a putin raise the specter of the cuban missile crisis with respect to the withdrawal by the trump administration from the i n f nuclear treaty how dangerous to think all that is the atomic atomic bolton the doomsday clock that they run i think it's a two minutes to midnight now which it was in one hundred sixty two over sixty tooter nuclear missile crisis i think they're right and for a whole panoply of reasons i think we're closer to an exchange of nuclear weapons kashmir for example today then we've been since nine hundred sixty two and the withdrawal from the on after eighty without sitting down we should have sat down with it and we should have sat down with. let's have a multilateral discussion at least the three parties russia china and united states and let's expand that we need new nuclear arms control more effective nuclear arms control not less we're taught kind of thank you very much after the break how could
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amateur investigative journalists manage to id three russian spies one year on since all three we speak to a former russian intelligence officer only civil coming up in part two of going underground. to. life expectancy in america is plummeting if you look at the chart it's shocking to look at that almost every other country is kind of inching hop on one side of the chart and that has an alibi or is the united states it's way over here and it's all crashing down from the drugs from the having junk food having junk culture having it's junk politics and fake news it's all fake and fake doesn't sustain life and you see it in the numbers it's clear.
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i've been saying the numbers mean something they've matter us with over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime families did. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to be ultra rich eight point six percent and the world markets rose thirty percent some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and that when he rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars ai industrial park but don't let the numbers over. the only number you need to remember one one business show you know ford commits one and only boom but. the maternity town the slums go in and you may never get out some sort of the most
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of. my teenage gang rules here because no one of you to move there none of the mind. you want to do with but. name me will be. told. minus. the spirit of bliss. but now it's looking for the yeah i knew you as soon as you stand and mel in the lead now wouldn't. you know when you're in the mccain little communes all i see.
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welcome back well if nuclear tensions between washington and moscow are rising because of the i.n.f. treaty one year ago it looked like britain was going to war with russia its meaning here since turned m i six by script and his daughter were allegedly poisoned in schools were in the west of england u.k. authorities claim the direct chemical weapon was used and that it inadvertently also killed british national and mother of three dawn sturgis pop there and the policemen were also allegedly poisoned charlie rowley told us i don't recognise the two suspects but i want to see the brought to justice it is progress to see the suspects identified in the screen case but we need to make sure that these people are also held accountable for dorms mudda but no one has been held truly accountable drazen may said she'd seen evidence that it was the russians who julian denied it but u.k. defense secretary gavin williamson was unequivocal this is. true.
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we respond. to sure he was widely ridiculed but except for b.b.c. and reuters journalists no one knows what actually happened to sergei screwball and his daughter yulia screwball was interviewed still without consular access by the reuters news agency if there's not enough to the school bus or stores a bit more snowball might. give us points about some. evening when you those are anymore the body to come in except that no one has access to her or her father those suspected of committing the crime because of c.c.t.v. footage showing them strolling around the city of seoul as we did turn up on our t.v. interviewed by r t boss margarita simonyan though she asked whether they really just went to saul's re because it was a wonderful city. because i'm going to follow but i'm sure we'll see each other through our. i mean you know some more of.
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what was i mean you're going to go a little bit on this mean you. and i believe that was he made. you know we could all those i mean you. so he just sent me some you paid him. a total bill didn't include me to the interview and he was greeted with astonishment around the world with apologies just as we get the drill who flies from moscow just to see it then came a torrent of revelations that had internet conspiracy theorists to be repeating lines from the dallas book depository why do timelines at all match how was it that the first to find and treat this cripples on a bench just happened to be the chief nursing officer of the british army we on this program last legendary pulitzer prize winner who has uncovered conspiracies from my lai to abu ghraib he has not investigated the story but said this guy i've
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written a part of so yes my something i have written the story i always had about it from my friends in america is. those two were helping your the british intelligence services with information about the russian mafia that's what they were doing here in other words the people that would high on the list that would want to hurt them would be the russian mafia russians but not the russian got to read the script. i mean that was the understanding and there's also been some reporting in europe of it that it's been pretty much wiped widespread there was a story but the same after the same thing that they were actually were doing work for the marriage for the british intelligence committee activities i mean there is a big russian mafia let's face it well joining me now is espionage story and former k.g.b. operative alexander vassilyev alexander thanks for coming on you joined the k.g.b. is letting me have putin graduated so maybe europe in stooge what would putin have got out of trying to kill people in britain using chemical weapons that could be traced to russia when. nothing man should i think that the official narrative over
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the years so has been a case is total rubbish now there are several points many points in their fishel narrative which defy. common sense and elementary logic there's a goal from that from the top as i said putin would never authorize it on that before the world cup in russia russian rested fuge amount of money in the world cup and to kill and create to create such a scandal international scandal that would be totally stupid now let's go to the ration a little to the store guys. have a friend to throw for let me ask you. let's suppose you want to poison sort of your script ball and souls bury how would you do that would you go in broad daylight. what's. thing is i don't know what's in that second guessing so you're basically
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second guessing the british government and what the prime minister dres may said said very clearly that it was it was russia that's why all those diplomats were expelled and why countless acts but certainly the media here especially using this betting cat as an elite hagan's his research as show knew they were. i mean just to interrupt you these two were interviewed on t.v. saying that they were there to see souls reka feet drill. i mean and not only the intelligence mission by the russian government does anyone really believe that no i don't i think that. the that interview was a brilliant job. but it is old for one of the original how well it is it's because a good journalist it's sold them they were first told it gave them
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a chance to speak and. to me that into or is one of the reasons why i don't believe their group offices why because you feel they are grue or facilis you they're heroes from russian hard to create a soldier so personally by putin's they would never have to do that. kill for russia or respect to people in russia that in theory was totally humiliating for them they would never have to do that that's why that i believe that they are not grew officers and there are another other reasons are all experts say that. that corporation poison and i perish and wars are conducted on the very on the hard on professional level but experts in this country say that well it's just because they're idiots. well excuse me. over russian special services veterans from russia people who started at military academies hard to create the soldiers that it is
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really at night so i understand that but it was the view he had presumably the view of the intelligence services here which then feed information to theresa may and ministers is but actually since the fullness of the union when you were being trained in is it that incompetent in putin's russia well i don't think so if you look if you look at the let's say and their permission of in crimea in two thousand and fourteen it was mostly done by our well russian special services while we're my way out of your bones and a gullit of that but from the military point of view that was a brilliant operation home when the people were actually killed khomeini put in says no one was what was killed no one and the russian media there are well the reason a case may be but we're talking about maybe about one person. or
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not right let's compare this operation the whole pinions photo was taken back from ukraine no one was killed i think it was a brilliant operation was done by our by the russian special services guy but on the other hand you know the russian you know all the russians call those guys would you get the polite people ok but surely there's been a degree of incompetence on in the putin administration in foreign policy losing ukraine allowing i don't know a major attack in libya i mean that there have been a good will cases of that kind and also i have to ask you is russia is it prepared for the networks like the integrity initiative which has been exposed to my five and six. with journalist to think tanks including some links to the bed and get organization. in this country the levels of. disparate russia and anger at russia. are new all time high based on the on the certainty
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that russia was behind the script well i wouldn't i think that the british public and the british media are different things i talked to or british people ordinary british people or both the case when you times these are the official narrative doesn't play very well at the even for a normal for an ordinary civilian with common sense right now about building kits and all this stuff which i don't call evidence i call it stuff. from britain that i think brilliant get my have a serious problem with their russian partner the insider. i think. is their website and educator or the out of that website name is on the brow hold of doesn't impress me as an independent and impartial journalist or among the brotherhood of is a leading member over this sort of director movement. she's not
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a journalist she's a pretty sure. figure that a movement was created created in two thousand and eight by liberal politicians like buddies nympho for a spot of and get a yes they are open iterations this is liberal opposition positions we shouldn't take it seriously that in the past few days the insider that website says that the third demand that betting cats is about the identified was in catalonia before the referendum there in britain before the break that referendum that this is all part of putin's grand plan to use these grew g.r.u. offices to disrupt and destroy western european democracy i think that people should come that would be interesting to compare. the inside the website what they say about the third man and the bill and that website. they seem different things bill and good sense to both the third man that they don't know
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which role what role he played if any in their souls or a case in the poisoning of the script both they and they don't know where the hue was unfolds barry at that time the insider website says that he's definitely a criminal that she definitely was in wolf in the poisoning of this great post and he definitely wasn't sulzberger it looks like of inside he's. more a ticklish and maybe political maturity to know this story and building kit i don't know much about admitting that i don't know. we've invited. on this program i think members of this stuff are trying to get this program banned but we will try to get it to thank you so much for the show. yesterday on the miners' strike described. as having no real power in size or at.
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least yet still this is how the group.
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u.k.'s prime minister visits the british city of salisbury on the first anniversary of the poisoning of a former russian double agent and his daughter plus how alleges london is withholding the full truth of what happened twelve months ago. an offshoot of the al qaeda type terror group stages a deadly surprise attack in syria as the u.s. offers a million dollar reward for information on the some of bin laden's son. also in syria having finding museums and as u.s. back to kurdish forces closing in on islamic states last stronghold.


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