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tv   News  RT  March 4, 2019 8:00pm-8:30pm EST

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it. was. the british prime minister visits the city of souls were on the first anniversary of the poisoning of a former russian double agent and his daughter moscow claims london is withholding the full truth of what happened twelve months ago. venezuela's south proclaimed interim president is back on home soil but risks arrest for defying a travel ban although washington's threatened a significant response if anything happens to kwan. an offshoot of the al qaeda terror group stages a deadly surprise attack in syria and the u.s. offers a million dollar reward for information on osama bin laden's son. very
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warm welcome to you you're watching r.t. international with me nicky and now our top story questions prime minister has visited souls bre one year after the poisoning by a former russian double agent sergei scrip hall and his daughter yulia to reason may say as the city is recovering from the incidents there has been a tremendous effort here in salzburg the decontamination has now been completed the key moment for this city in order to move on and recover from what took place last year. well twelve months long questions continue to circulate around the events of march twenty eighth seen russia to refute the u.k.'s continued insistence that moscow is to blame for the poisoning with the kremlin noting that the most basic questions only incidents remain unanswered from seoul's bring his artie's pocket
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book i've been talking to some of the people here and many of them say they're still processing what happened take a lesson. to teach each other so. little. and we can just get over. these great war i mean you really get it it's part of you made people see so. i put my bike from there the every day of what's a mobile supporter with me so i just went straight back in for a way so i wouldn't pick anything up any more. or less than i'm sure the contamination is complete that's true i don't think so is me saying well one year ago you'd be hard pressed to find many people outside the u.k. that knew much about the town of souls very or perhaps the height of the spier of the famous cathedral here but the attack against the script files that took place have put this that souls barry has stayed rather famous it was here it was actually
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on a park bench on this green that on the fourth of march last year so gay and his daughter yulia scrip are were discovered slumped unconscious they were taken to hospital and pretty soon afterwards it became clear that this wasn't an ordinary medical incision that they were dealing with the script had been poisoned with military grade nerve agent a substance known as novacek that had been produced in the soviet union and pretty soon after that the prime minister to resign made pinned the finger of blame squarely on mosco and there were diplomatic expulsions an award. of words ensued over what really had taken place here london says the kremlin dispatched a hit squad to come here russian military agents arrived in solsbury they say shortly before the poisoning took place they were armed with a toxic nerve agent and this is something that moscow denies that and continues to
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press for information and access to the investigation saying that actually two russian nationals are involved here and we know nothing about what's happened to them take a listen to the russian foreign ministry spokesperson if people in the west in the u.k. and washington and browse nice victoria's secret powell has also been talking at a press conference in moscow and she says that she still can't get a hold of her relatives and she's been denied any information about how they're doing or their whereabouts take a listen. to the british embassy have been telling me since day one that it cannot help me that i have to call the russian embassy in the u.k. under pressure from the media degree to let me make a visa application but i was refused to visa twice on formal reasons and they even didn't return my passport to me personally they said to fire mail i'm prohibited to
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even stay near the border of britain so diplomatic relations between london and moscow are still pretty much at rock bottom and this candle is the cause of much of the animosity between london and moscow the russian ambassador to the u.k. alexander told as there are still unanswered questions on the case. almost the next day russia was blamed and the key argument at that time was that russia is the only country where so-called david chalke could be produced but later on i mean the few weeks later we understood that something like twenty countries including europe most of the european countries they could produce novich org. we offered the in the u.k. government the let's say some kind of a joint investigation that was a real proposal from the russian side because we wanted to help certain issues to
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investigate because this is the russian citizens but so far as. the british ambassador in moscow said a few weeks ago that britain is not ready for this kind of corporation. from the legal point of view of this is the clear of the international law in the vienna but actual yannick by the actual convention and the vienna convention from the one hundred sixty five where the embassy has a right under their convention to see russian citizens so britain is violating international law. we don't know their destiny you know what happened to them what is their health condition where they live with the in the united kingdom everything is fired and covered you know with the secrecy. if you look at b. and let's see media in the u.k. you will never find any decent story about russia most of the stories are very
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negative quite provoking and as american sate fake. i believe that that kind of statement in the newspaper was part of the very serious which you're working in at the embassy but they are spies so this is some go to a witch hunt meanwhile to resume a gave a statement via twitter saying she hopes ellsbury will once again be known as a beautiful welcoming english they say unfortunately there was one slight problem fish. fish. fish. the so. to. the so. thank you. thanks so.
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much. thank you. thanks. thank you. thank you. thanks. thanks. thanks. thanks. thanks so. much. to. find as well as south park and interim president one was back in the country he had left in late
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february and defiance of a travel ban imposed by the country's supremes cole was this is the moment here arrived in caracas at the ambassadors of germany. france spain and the netherlands were there to greet him along with a crowd of journalists have been touring latin america to rouse support and his return now opens the possibility the venezuelan or thirty's will try to arrest him later here dressed his supporters searching them to continue their protests. today will continue in the streets all of venezuela will return to the streets determined to mobilize in search of freedom we will risk one second one to freedom is achieved the man who says he's the interim president of venezuela is back in the country inspired the thread and i arrest warrants against him behind me addressing the papal enough mother says. this started out those suburbs small gathering number
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in the hundreds but now there's houses of people's ears and so far they're gorman's of mother who has not impeded the presence of why though here is why there are house arrest warrants against him i'm a little yesterday rate the rate that should be arrested inside and yet here he is in the us mayor says address in their millions of the opposition deferred behind him on u.s. national security adviser john bolton has warned against any attempt to prevent kwaito his return on twitter he said there would be a significant response from washington should quite a safety threatens in a recent interview both in the international community to round on but as well as elected leader. i'd like to see as broad a coalition as we can put together to replace me to replace the whole corrupt regime work in this administration we're not afraid to use the phrase monroe doctrine this is a country in our hemisphere it's been the objective of american presidents going
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back to ronald reagan to have a completely democratic hemisphere the monro doctrine just mentioned by bolton was formulated by president james monroe in the nineteenth century its purpose was to stop any european interference in the affairs of nations in the americas that many interpret the doctrine as a justification for america's own interventions in the region russia's chief diplomat has been blunt about his issues with it. since the creation of the united nations in one thousand nine hundred five international law has been regulated under the auspices of this universal legitimate organization the syrian practices backyards is insulting well according to the russian foreign minister the use of the doctrine is insulting to the regional powers to the countries in latin america now the united states have an ambition change the venezuelan government to oust majority cuba or nicaragua now the russian foreign minister also talks about john
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bolton's statements regarding russia's john bolton in a recent tweet called ma duro a liar for saying that russia basically supplied the venezuelan nation with humanitarian aid sergey lavrov pointed out that russia did supply seven and a half tons of medicine through international organizations to sort all of that is easily tracked and monitored. but without joins life by author and social critic chris hedges who hosts the r.t. show on contact mr had just great to have you with us so why don't you violated a court imposed travel ban and now he's back in venezuela but he hasn't been arrested so far why do you think that is. well i think that this was by design he sent back and if he is arrested this gives the united states a pretext for war more overt a more overt form of intervention they have been going after the venezuelan
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government since the death of hugo chavez by imposing sanctions to cripple the economy. and have funded in back the democratic unity roundtable which lost the presidential election to chavez quite this was in two thousand and eight thousand and one when he was reelected. and won with a sixty eight percent of the vote so. i think this is ratcheting up the pressure tempting the madeira government to seize going to go and this gives the united states a pretext for perhaps military intervention they certainly have forces stationed in colombia it's no secret and elliott abrams the special envoy appointed by the trumpet ministration and i should add a convicted criminal who lied to congress. has certainly been.
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put in place largely because carrying out these kind of paramilitary adventures is what he knows how to do and what he did in central america in the early one nine hundred eighty s. when i was there as a reporter i was on the air the topic of a prospect of the military interventions let's go to see what they thought his foreign minister had to say when he gave his views on the situation in venezuela let's take a listen. perhaps when this process began someone behind it did not think that mr a would be able to show resistance military operations to impose democracy have never worked so we just heard that he said military interventions can never bring democracy do you think spain and the rest of the e.u. are concerned by the prospect of a us military action in venezuela. well he's exactly right and we have all sorts of recent cases libya syria iraq where u.s.
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intervention has essentially obliterated any possibility of democracy but this is true throughout the decades that the united states has meddled in the affairs of latin america overthrowing one democratically elected government after another whether in one nine hundred fifty four with arbenz or the interventions that it carried out in the one nine hundred eighty s. supporting brutal military regimes in countries like el salvador before the sandinista revolution in nicaragua and we should i think it's an important point that it although venezuela is in the vise the moment cuba nicaragua are also mentioned by figures like bolton in the same breath this is clearly a concerted effort to bring latin american countries once again under the iron control of the united states and they will use any method however nefarious. to carry it out and i watched elliott abrams and the intrigues that he
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carried out under the reagan and bush administration during the iran contra scandal of the one nine hundred eighty s. so. you know this is this is repeating a very familiar pattern that many latin americans understand i think like areas to me that the u.s. national security advisor john bolton mentions the monroe doctrine which says european countries cannot interfere in the americas why do you think even paul this up. well because i think that the effort that they're carrying out to overthrow the madeira government is so patently illegal. you know. was an utterly unknown figure until. the cia front the national endowment for democracy.
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essentially pushed him out he's been elected by no one who are behind it i'm certainly not the ordinary venezuelans. and i think that it is just so he the latent and so. transparent. in terms of this interference. that there isn't even the pretense of. you know the democratic procedure i mean the washington one even negotiate with manure oh yeah it's been seizing its assets cutting off its oil it and of course because venezuela depends on us refineries were probably very soon going to see a gas shortages along with food shortages so they've not been able to slip the military it appears. this has been going on for a month and i think that they are going to just keep tightening the sanctions at
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this point in till venezuela breaks and i think we can't rule out intervention there have been unconfirmed reports already that paramilitaries have been crossing into venezuela from colombia. chris hedges who hosts the artist on contact thank you for saying about the list both well france most don't think on the side including the syrian military has been hit by a surge of terrorist activity we have the details for you on that off the pike.
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but i see images and hear things with your door and. i see people who are afraid now see these young men and some women in these white supremacists and i see there are really scared. scared they lose it. all they have the whole or that is the color of their skin that's all they have going for themselves because they're white skin. welcome back the syrian army suffered heavy losses this weekend in the north of the
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country eighteen soldiers were killed during a surprise attack by job outs on this or a syrian offshoot of al qaeda found bush a number of casualties were confirmed to aussie arabic by the army and with washington recently put up a million dollar reward for information on a some of bin laden's son it looks like the war on terror has been given fresh impetus as more and explains. war on terror. begins with. but it does not in there the war on terror is almost a tradition now a part of the american way of life no end in sight either so traumatic it was nine eleven that it set america off on a seemingly endless crusade there's an old poster out west as i recall that said wanted dead or alive and it does seem endless no matter how many battles they win how many islamist sex they destroy how many bin ladens they kill is always
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someone else we deliver devastating blows to the al-qaeda leaders that attacked us on nine eleven and deliver justice to osama bin laden we have won against isis we've beaten them and we've beaten him badly now it's the sama bin laden's son hamza bin laden and washington is afraid that he's becoming a new terror i called. bin ladin is the son of the deceased a.q. leader who some of the blood and is emerging as a leader in the a.q. franchise has been has released audio and video messages on the internet calling on his followers to launch attacks against the united states and its western allies eased thirty also recently praised by the leader of al qaida blacklisted by the un married allegedly to the daughter of
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a nine eleven plane hijacker favored by his late father sama as his successor he's calling for attacks on the u.s. to avenge the killing of his father same crazy ideology what's unclear his whereabouts the u.s. seems to believe you could be anywhere in south central asia it all. leads to one conclusion apparently al qaeda is coming back showing signs of confidence will threaten ocurred and the threat from radical islamic terrorism continuing for than thirty thousand active fighters across a number of countries loyal to al qaida ironically the u.s. stands accused of arming them though unintentionally in syria with weapons intended for moderate groups being seized by islamists in yemen c.n.n. reported with the saudis and their coalition partners handing american made weapons
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to oil qaeda linked fighters history it seems repeats itself in the nine hundred eighty s. during the soviet war in afghanistan the u.s. funded and armed the mujahideen including asama bin laden. they called them freedom fighters the mujahideen the islamists when they were fighting the u.s.s.r. but it didn't take long for those freedom fighters to morph into terrorists and the taliban into al qaida and they just won't go away no matter how many times you beat them it seems they just keep rising from the dead it won't get put back in the bottle if the us does not want to put it back in the bottle the us final final. thousands of tons of weapons into syria to our forces that it need allied with the muslim brotherhood and so when it suits the us purposes it will work with
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al-qaeda and other terrorists and when they become a problem after september the eleventh or after they morphed into islamic state in syria and iraq then of course it will it will attack them. it's the financial. of chinese tech giant huawei is suing the canadian government over her detention last december among one jo claimed she was searched and questioned under false pretenses before she was of routine border check unlawfully subjected the plaintiff to detention such an interrogation to extract evidence from her before she was arrested and provided with her rights under the charter my one jo was detained at vancouver airport at the request of the us if extradited she will face charges of misleading banks about the company's business in iran in violation of u.s. sanctions on to iran she's also accused of stealing trade secrets from american
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company t. mobile china has repeatedly urged can it urge canada to release its citizens saying that also war and washington are violating her rights. what's wrong for the east some u.s. government officials have been playing up these so-called security risks associated with the products of certain chinese companies and linking it with china's national intelligence law this kind of behavior is an interference and economic activities by political means it is against the w.t. rooms and it disrupts the international market order that is built on fair competition this is a typical case of double standards it is not the first nor ethical economist richard wolffe believes the canadian government is merely serving u.s. interests in the huawei dispute. but there's no question given what she has said happened to her that it contradicts canadian law and contradicts the normal kind to
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see you give to people. especially for that kind of nonviolent crime not on even a crime in your own country this was the canadian government doing a service to the united states like willing to quickly on to pressure make this arrest so that this pressure could be applied both in the company and to the chinese government you know all this was done while president trump was sitting at the table with the leader of the people's republic of china it was an unmistakable political move rather crude to tell you the truth and i think the canadians were simply the service doing what the united states wants thanks to choosing our national went back in just over thirty minutes with the lengths to see that.
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he's gone into a nihilistic fever that's why i think he got to hit the road and get out the traveling across america to find what makes america the charlatan the genius put the south american hero this is a point from which alan would have done so we always are on the verge of something . else or. we're starting last with is beginning heading east into the swamp we're going into the belly of the beast and i think i want to leave now doesn't get any more gonzo than this maybe completely different to mr. yes. when we all make this manufactured consensus instead of public wealth. when the
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room in clusters protect themselves. when the financial merry go round lifts only the one percent. that's like to ignore middle of the road signals. to leave the room very relieved is really the way. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or somehow want to press. the to the right to be press the saliva before the three in the morning can't be good that i'm interested always in the water using my house. for soup.
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maternity town in congo zones a neighborhood as a slum. hundreds of teenage gangs operate here then call the cultural and. the gangs are spreading out of the big cities like a virus is a social added demick. clune is a mainly involved in sept and robbery. supposedly
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employment opportunities are increasing in the country but the reality is massive unemployment the resource extraction say to is currently booming but is can.


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