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tv   News  RT  March 13, 2019 8:00am-8:31am EDT

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this is the humiliating defeat of the government deceiving prime minister nouri screen. on the country with the same promise teresa mayes tweaked the plan is trance by m.p.'s who will next vote on whether or not to leave the e.u. without a deal. a new documentary reveals that supporters of terror group islamic state have infiltrated a greek refugee camp targeting the list minorities there with violence we talked to
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the film's producer also. looked. supporters of venezuela's opposition leader clashed with police after presidential pretender at one point zero urges them on to the streets. until european leaders scoff at french president emanuel mccrone new vision for the e.u. burning his idea of the blocs renaissance as utopia. a very warm welcome to the program from all of us here at r t h q in moscow thanks for joining us this hour. u.k. prime minister teresa mayes breaks a deal has again been heavily defeated by parliament it was a night of high tension in the house of commons. can you identify a single city since the american war of independence in which your prime minister
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mori you free to run the country used with the same promise we have a responsibility to the old certainty for all our constituents but all are businesses the prime minister's proposal for a motion to morrow sounded unclear tonight here. this is the humiliating defeat for the government you see being in this deal should not come back and only we cheat for the good while m.p.'s are now gearing up to return to the commons for another vote on bragg's that the issue being debated and then voted on later today is whether politicians will agree to leaving you without a deal now that's likely to be rejected in which case on thursday there is going to be another subsequent vote on whether to delay bragg's if that happens to
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resume a would have to go back to brussels and once again and request a delay that would leave london at the mercy of brussels of course and the mood in brussels is pretty thunderous so really political uncertainty the theme of the week a we do not know how everything will shape up by the end of it and the turmoil that the country is facing was triggered by another disastrous vote in the house of commons last night politicians united against to raise the maize and deal tweaked it with brussels but not enough clearly one politician referred to it as a polished turd in the run up to the vote and so she failed to push it through the house of commons by a second time she lost by one hundred and forty nine votes that is a big margin so she. lost more stature as leader if that was even possible and if that wasn't enough she lost her voice as well take
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a listen. profound to the decision that this house has taken to it i continue to believe that by far the best time is united kingdom believes the european union and orderly fashion with the deal. and the deal we've negotiated is the best and indeed the deal of the e.u. . that force night we will table a motion for debate tomorrow to test whether the house supports leaving the european union without a deal on the twenty ninth of march well the leader of the opposition jeremy corbyn didn't hold fire he tore into her deal and her handling of the brags that process altogether take a listen to what he had to say the government has been defeated again by an enormous majority and they must now accept their deal their proposal the one the prime minister's port is clearly dead and does not have the support of this time. the prime minister's run down the clock on the caucus run run. maybe it's time
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instead we have a general election and the people. who think government should be not jeremy corbin he's leader of the opposition he talks about general elections all the time but of course this time it's different it's no longer outside the realm of possibility really all the options are on the table to resume as a weakened leader it's hard to argue that she's still in control of the braggs it process and the way the parliamentary system works is that every time there is a vote politicians can bolt told on extra issues and amendments with enough support so this could steer the process either back towards no deal even through potentially accidentally even if it's rejected tonight it could still get back to that or it could stand the process back towards no bragg's if there is enough support for another referendum with may's deal as good as dead and no clear
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alternative in sight the mood in europe is one of frustration here's paula flair who's in the french capital with more. it's a lot of frustration and dismay across europe we are hearing from the european council president donald tusk who has said that he expects it to be a credible reason given for any delay to break said in a statement issued by his spokesperson test say that the e.u. has done all it can to reach a good deal and that it gave additional assurances back in december january and also before this latest u.k. vote and it was defeat and it's difficult to see what else it could do these views are echoed across europe we're hearing from the spanish prime minister who says that he would grates the decision of the british parliament particularly that it comes despite all the e.u. efforts to reach the best agreement from germany we're hearing from the foreign minister who says that we're coming closer to a no deal break said he said and i'm quoting that those who reject the deal are
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plane with the well being of citizens and the economy in a careless manner and he urged that these coming days be used in such a way that they avoid a disk orderly exit we've also heard from germans europe minister now he has expressed the frustration that we're feeling across europe he says that they are at the very limits of what's bearable that they've already changed the agreement one has to suit britain and that they are open to further talks but it's difficult to know what bush and once at this stage what's much more clear is what question does not want the european commission or to say that the e.u. will consider a possible extension of for a brics a deadline but that if we do depends on the reasons given there is a growing expectation that britain could ask for such an extension if you don't just see it is obvious that if the parliament of the united kingdom asks for an extension we would be stupid to pull the plug ourselves in other words we could
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tell them listen we give you an extra month we give you two months but no more than that i mean if they ask. an extension just for the sake of having an extension with those plans what guarantees do i have that the situation will be different in a month or two they are going voices against such an extension guy federal statue is the european parliament breaks it coordinated is one of those he's against it what what what where we should start to give even a short extension if there is no clear position of the house of commons nigel for raj the former you keep leader and currently a member of the european parliament is not surprised by the vote it's a massive crushing defeat for the government it represents a total failure of leadership on behalf of mrs may well how can it be that breaks it is like me who want a recall of a century for us to leave the european union or against this deal about how bad a deal it is the e.u. chief breaks it negotiate to michele by me at blamed the u.k.
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lawmakers for failing to accept to resume a's plenty he took to twitter in which he said that he was disappointed and that a no deal preparation was more important now than ever and he also said that the impossible could only be solved inside the u.k. . our guest discussed the prospects of bricks at saying the u.k. parliament finds itself in a bit of a rut. i think if we were going to have to delay breaks in any event because we've even had the miracle happened and she had one tonight we simply don't have enough time now between now and the end of the month to put in place through a new statute two statutes really miss objects or don't we we need now i think frankly that it would be completely crazy of the government to come back for a certain time with the same deal because it would be the identical deal because brussels. didn't blink and they're not going to blink believe that speed inflexible
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is refused to change its position that i think it is some way so easy to say that the e.u. obviously was for its or many demands and i suppose all the way through it's a two goals the first one is if possible to dissuade britain to go back on the vote but secondly that if there is going to be abraxas that they don't want to censor the example of books of being easy for any other man and some of them it's going to have to be done in the next two days to make politicians stocks of really genuinely work together to get some kind of decent out that most of this chaos we put the. brakes and counted on. the terror group islamic state has penetrated a refugee camp in greece or it's persecuting religious minorities that's the finding of a soon to be released documentary. it's
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a process that's designed for about. the hours of the people but realistically. around ten thousand. the conditions of the camp were pretty bad the rest. oh the soto's of videos of riots happening all the time especially ones who just been delivered this stuff to me and i got. caught i said i didn't. say oh here they come away because they can steal hundred bucks if you look. at the model come and tell me what you on on the how to market the only number no one moved a lot when you're in jail and if you did come on i'm not all dumb like
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a couple of a lot of i cannot go on. top of this many times to put a camera artist to protect ourselves to go what is. the film will be released in may we had a chance to speak to its producer about how they ended up telling the story. you know the main reason we chose more is because there were reports of really quite disastrous things happening there but we never ever expected to find out what we really found this place was was completely sort of uncontrollable there were there were tens scattered all so all through the mountainsides there was no security there there was almost no control whatsoever and one of the residents actually told us they were terrified of being attacked one man told us on camera that the reason he fled the middle east was to escape from radical islam when they arrived in
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europe within days they were experiencing the same thing which was which was really really shocking is because an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness when you're there you know as a filmmaker. director george and laura and i have spent so much time in different different environments different conditions but this was definitely one of the most difficult and also scary this is you know interpol only recently published published a report saying that there's now a new way of terror threat coming to europe from returning to hardy's the residents told us that the reason isis is operating on the town now because they've been defeated in their own countries in the east and so now they're coming here and it all fits into the narrative of interpol and to to everybody else so so it's. it's quite depressing overall but it was worth it to bring this truth the documentary makers contacted the greek police and government for comment to no avail we've also sent a request to the police. urged president emanuel micron's vision of a reformed european union has been met with derision by some of the blocs key
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leaders the austrian chancellor and the head of germany's biggest party and will merkel's successor as cd chief are among those rejecting his ideas peter all over looks at what they took exception to. if french president or manual mccrone was hoping that fellow e.u. leaders would support his new vision for the future of europe his european renascence as he called it well he may be a little disappointed austrian chancellor said busty and could says the latest to criticize micron's plan saying it's a utopian comes with too many rules as it to me i believe that many of the suggestions are utopian we plead for a europe with as few rules as possible. so what is mccrum put forward that could lead to doesn't like well he's proposed creating a whole load of new e.u. agencies including one that would police campaign financing in elections in member states he also wants to see more and more centralized powers for
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a shingle and border force and has even a plan there for an e.u. minimum wage mark or wants a an agency for democracy that's ridiculous i mean we have democracy you should reform the e.u. but he doesn't really want to reform the because it's an intra governmental e.q. built on french design i mean france basically has a vested plymouths there and the e.u. is missing true parliament and the who is missing french nuclear power and the french seed in the in the security council so for the you to reform we have to talk about everything it's not just the austrian chancellor that is unhappy about this though here in germany the woman widely tipped to take over from angola merkel is chancellor also isn't very king european central isn't european status in the community rising debts the european eyes ation of social systems and the minimum wage would be the wrong approach c.d.u.
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leader and a good outcome kalam did agree with president macro when it came to security but on not a lot else and members of a christian democratic union party are also critical of the plan i'm quite amazed that on a good come car care. the new cd you little skeptical because normally german leaders always follow the french leaders of germany thought that would be part of the german reason of state but apparently it's not anymore than you can see in this the turmoil and the the change in europe the pressure by the people and democratic change her has probably brought the party leader to present position herself slightly more skeptical of new french plans and france is failing and this you in some ways is feeling the timing of the release of my crohn's plan hasn't helped the french president either it's come out just before european parliamentary elections in which it's expected euro skeptic parties will make pretty decent gains and while he hasn't got the support of key allies within the european union the dream of
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a new european renascence may well remain just a dream peter all of. still to come the head of c.n.n. slams fox news as a propaganda machine adding that the channel has done quote tremendous damage to the us a look at what prompted that outburst after the break. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or
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rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. somebody wanted. to go right to be close it's like before or you can't be that. interested always in the logs of. welcome back protests erupted overnight in the venezuelan capital where supporters of the country's opposition leader clashed with police. the unrest started after people gathered in
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a western district of the city as you just saw they were throwing stones at people were urged on to the streets by the country's self-proclaimed president one who i don't. think it was i know it sounds harsh in a venezuela that is bleeding today that is suffering to say that we are doing well i know that sounds tough but it is obvious that we aren't saying it because of the country situation because we know the situation in the country is critical we know it is critical when have condemned it and we have a proposal to improve it when we say that it is because we are united when we say it it is because we're going all out to achieve venezuela's freedom we will not tremble when we make those decisions. and as well as president nicolas maduro says the country is the majority of the country is calm but the electrical power having been restored following massive nationwide outages he alleges u.s. hackers were behind the blackout and is appealed for help defending against future
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interference bid if you can't get full she would i want you to know that i have appointed a presidential special investigations commission to look into the cyber attack and i've asked for the participation of international specialists i will ask for the support of the united nations and in addition i would also ask for the already active support of russia china iran and cuba countries with a lot of experience defending against cyberattacks we really have the support of these countries. as well designed. so that. those is stated to be lead and. the. whole you know it seems combat to rethink the whole a strategy about what to do. is our. role of government open. a member of venezuela's opposition has posted this picture
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of a badly damaged dam alleging that materials government is destroying the country's power infrastructure and his tweet he accuses caracas of acting and a genocidal manner that picture though looks remarkably similar to another one of a power station in russia which in two thousand and nine suffered a major accident this was widely reported seventy five people were killed and significant environmental damage was caused u.s. national security adviser john bolton says the u.s. will hold the military responsible for protecting the venezuelan people it comes days after venezuelan workers were told to stay home because of the blackouts but washington had a different approach when a power outage struck closer to home to a quarter explains. u.s. senator marco rubio has been openly expressing his extreme concern over the situation in venezuela and when the blackout took place he just could not ignore it the nation wide power failure in venezuela no go in known as twenty fifth hours
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comes in devastating long term economic damage in the blink of an eye the counter is entirely many improved auction capacity was destroyed by damage caused by the blackouts but he was soon reminded about another much longer blackout one a bit closer to home puerto rico's eleven month long crisis became the longest blackout in u.s. history and the second longest worldwide at the time unlike in venezuela it was caused by a hurricane named maria and back then rubio went to puerto rico and had this to say i shouldn't say surprised but certainly encouraged to see so many of my colleagues in the republican conference express a real desire to be helpful both for the short term for the long term unfortunately nice words were enough to bring the lights back on months after the hurricane devastated the caribbean island an explosion took the grid down yet again now of course nobody blamed it on a plan by washington to sabotage puerto rico's electricity but when the same thing happened in venezuela guess who was to blame but was sure to juice and starvation
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are the result of the majeure regimes incompetence i do respond with his bring nothing but darkness. and when the u.s. government was called out for its poor handling of the puerto rican relief efforts well come on that was different it was a deepening humanitarian crisis where the feds were the good guys early response to puerto rico hurricane wasn't good but not because federal government didn't care the u.s. government does seem to care a lot about venezuela check out those u.s. aid trucks as for washington's aid packages for puerto rico. a couple months ago donald trump tweeted he wants to end the little aid that is left for puerto rico it seems that crises abroad are much easier to solve than those at home either that or maybe despite all the appeal to emotions for some politicians it's just not really about solving the crisis in the first place.
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c.n.n. chief jeff zucker has slammed fox news as a propaganda outlet he also expressed support for the us democratic party's decision to exclude fox from hosting its twenty twenty primary debates. they choose to work at forks and they don't get to hide behind the fact that they're excellent journalist so and because the fact is they work at a place that has done tremendous damage to this country the idea is that of course whoever is in power or and whoever i guess whatever platform is most sympathetic that will be state run or what i by refer to as perhaps state sympathetic fox and c.n.n. have been at each other's throats for some time now here's a look back at the spat. more fake news from c.n.n. this time it's spewing from the lips of the clinton news network president his name is jeff zucker it is really state run t.v. it is a pure propaganda machine so if there is a partisan democrat you cannot understand the term peer without understanding.
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the human the world a very distorted perverted view of our country every single day we get the echo chamber effect starting to sell the president's message it's a lot our news anchors don't consult donald trump when something becomes a pattern you don't tell the truth on a daily basis that's a problem at least i'm not responsible for a quarter of a billion dollar lawsuit by smearing a minor they want to press. their empty trump obsessive coverage it's impossible to watch with this is not personal this is just the truth. and rebuild a list of all the things that you said and do it again and show that you mean it all that's fair and balanced these are the facts as journalists we have to give you the facts we should put c.n.n. six feet you see right there under brown it's scary to. we were inject scene and
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worldview completely. folks can do no room. right and i don't think either one of those is right. propaganda means something to somebody else is saying that you don't agree with their ways symbiont and the object of your truth if they don't like it calls you propaganda it is impossible for a human being to look at any particular story and not have any as you would say by if you don't know the history of something if you don't know if you have no basis and with that basis. comes a particular slant perspective there was no such thing as objectivity because objectivity means everybody had to agree on it then the person who doing it was a why they got objective and the person who does not particularly like the flavor or the subject of the story does say not only are you not objective but there's
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a propaganda which brings us right back to the beginning that's a global news update for this hour but don't forget you can always had to our website r.t. dot com for the details on all the stories and much more. breaks at countdown. whether you're for or against the venezuelan government for or against socialism it is obvious the mainstream media are committing a lot of journalistic malpractise once again mainstream media at the policy preferences of those in power if it comes to still another military intervention will the media be held responsible. is
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a stick. found in the stomach of a fish the brand is spawns of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers they're the bad ones they're the litterbug for throwing us away industries should be blamed for all this waste the company has long promised to reuse the plastic. on. the mountains of waste only grow high.
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readings and salutation we all love good scientific breakthroughs watchers i mean where would we be without the history changing discoveries of copernicus was revelation in the sun alternating current pastores bacteria einstein's relativity rowsell of franklin his double helix and whoever invented the marshmallow i love mars but brawl of sciences greatest heights and achievements there have been some pretty low lows in fact very dangerous lows like the manhattan project d.d.t. unleaded gas. really and it's these mistakes from the past that of many in the scientific and health care community so worried about our future yes and what will probably be listed in what in the what the hell were they thinking section of today's pewters history two scientists whose work to make the h five n one or asian bird flu virus radically more dangerous for humans by making it easier for us to
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catch and passed between us well they were given the big green light by the national institutes of health along with funding as well science magazine reports that a u.s. government review panel quietly approved experiments proposed by two labs that were previously considered so dangerous the federal pigeonholes have imposed an unusual top down moratorium on such research research that is so potentially dangerous and many argue unneeded that hundreds of scientists and researchers signed a letter opposing it all the way back in two thousand and fourteen harvard university epidemiology just marked lips that's told science mag quote after a deliberative process that cost a million dollars for consultants external study and consumed countless weeks and months of time for many scientists we are now being asked to trust a completely opaque.


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