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tv   Politicking  RT  March 14, 2019 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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problem of terrorism in our society. but these are that we have they thought about the thai king seem to suggest it was a very well planned premeditated attack what does this say about the security forces in new zealand and how prepared they off for cites that instances. well i'm not very familiar with new zealand but i know in the united states. even though the actual acts of terrorism. the mass shootings are almost exclusively done by white native born people there has not been a mass shooting taking place taking place the united states that has by an immigrant just simply has not happened but the fear that's a gendered and the the. all the money being spent and the
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political energies is aisle on building walls and excluding immigrants and there is and the police are having watch lists and keeping track of. people who they fear muslims and immigrants who they fear are being radicalized and very little attention is being paid to the white supremacists the. neo nazis the ku klux klan the people who are actually carrying out in real time in real life acts of terrorism are practically being on watched if not actually being. subtly encouraged by the. you know by our government by administration at this time so we're ignoring the real do the real terrorists are not being watched and.
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while we are there while we are marginalizing and criminalizing. people who. usually don't mean us any harm. trying to rile coordinator for voices of voices for creative nonviolence thank you so much for joining us or not since noxon sharing your thoughts with us. we'll be back with all the latest breaking news story and plenty more at the top of the next hour will trump pardon his former campaign chair and wouldn't pay a political price for that with his base take a look at that on this edition of. the politicking on larry king on wednesday donald trump was former campaign manager paul now for learned his fate on his federal convictions immediately after began
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the speculation about whether the president will pardon him but how would issuing a pardon affect his popularity with his base and what role to play in his twenty twenty reelection bid we will talk about that with rick wilson g.o.p. consultant his number one best seller everything trump touches dies and a republican strategist gets real about the worst president ever is now out in paperback and he joins us from tallahassee the capital of florida ok what's your reaction rick to the sentencing a man of forty. well larry i think what happened yesterday with paul mckenna for it was a shock to very few people he got a very light sentence in the in the virginia case and judge berman issued a sentence that stretches that out to make it so that paul metaphorically was
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jailed about the age of seventy eight he was also hit yesterday with additional charges out of new york for felony mortgage fraud related to some of his other activities in this whole shenanigans so paul manifolds looking at a very bad set of outcomes in and right now even a federal pardon is not going to change the charges in the state of new york that now face him the nx is cia director john brown fan of mr trump says he has no doubt the president will pardon him do you feel the way. i think i think that. mr brennan may be mistaken in this regard donald trump doesn't really have a lot of will to the people who aren't useful to him and at this point now that paul man of fort faces. thirteen charges in new york against him of the from the manhattan district attorney you know there is no reason for donald trump to get paula man a four out of jail he is going to benefit is is should have flipped when he had the
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chance or should have told the truth to the special counsel when he had the chance these charges might not have been levied against him had he been seen to be somebody who had remorse and was cooperating with authorities so i don't think that triple pardon him at the new york matter has to go to trial it does but right now from the from the initial reading that i've done on it it looks like a very open and shut case in terms of the way he misrepresented a value of his assets in order to get these mortgages for these apartments that he was purchasing trends says he's going to rough go if tim does. what will be the reaction of the congressional republicans and his base. well his base in the congressional republicans will look at that pardon as part of trump saying oh it's all a witch hunt it's all fake it's all phony but the reality is i think he'll pay a price more broadly because he's not just releasing the guy who was his campaign manager he's releasing a guy who has been convicted and is now admitted to
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a number of these charges that he has gone out and committed both perjury and fraud and he's also violated the foreign agents words act a whole host of other things that he's going to get banged on conspiracy as well so you've got to you have the president setting free a guy who is an admitted criminal you have a president sitting free a guy who is who is by no means a model of the community or a model citizen who has worked for some of the worst folks in the world i think it's a net negative for the president to pardon him who do you think in the world other than men of ford has to worry about metaphors charges in new york well i think you might end up with a situation where whoever negotiated the out the exit package from the campaign with paul in a fort from from the truck campaign whoever negotiated that go away agreement i think may have some exposure here but i think we'll learn more as the charges or as the dockets are unveiled in that in the new york cases what is remains so popular
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with these beasts. they have nowhere else to go larry donald trump has sort of eaten the republican party and changed it from this limited government conservative party with loyalty to the constitution into something that is all about donald trump and he has presented them with this very apocalyptic scenario it's me or death it's me or nothing and so they're stuck in that rut he also has a lot of self reinforcing mechanisms from from fox news and talk radio and other out and other conservative leaning news sources that a present of this again is this very apocalyptic thing it's trump or death it's trump or nothing. you see any chance of a primary challenge to in well there will be a couple folks come into the primary space against donald trump and larry you know given our politics today it's impossible to predict the extra nowadays that could lead to a serious candidate jumping into that race i mean right now we have bill weld who's in it and larry hogan is looking at it you know and both of whom have many merits
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about the most of both the move have many good things about them but both of them right now represent very long shots in the republican party as it is constituted under donald trump today i think we may end up with donald trump being greater legal peril greater legal jeopardy his family in legal jeopardy as we get closer to the election so you may end up getting more g.o.p. primary opponents to hop in the race at that point but what we got it we got to see the road goes do you agree with nancy pelosi those do you agree with nancy pelosi there would be words that to impeach. i think nancy pelosi and you know she and i have not agreed a lot over the years but she's right on this one nancy pelosi has correctly determined that if you impeach donald trump in the house and you don't convict him in the senate all you've done is make him stronger all you've done is inoculate him and give him the ability to shake off future investigations and future are things that that try to hold him to account whether it's on the congressional side on the
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special counsel side or on another impeachment charge on other matters who would have been to the republican moderates. well larry most of them quit or lost their races in the last year. in the house the most of those guys the forty races that were that were forty seats that changed hands in the house a lot of those were the moderate republican caucus that was left in the senate there are still some moderates but they are keeping their heads down there are afraid of donald trump's anger and his tweeting and his mob and so moderate republicanism and centrist republicanism is still out there it's just in the tall grass hiding from the trump world is a soon to be published book pushing nk by generals vicky ward reportedly portrays yvonne did trump and jared cushion as power hungry opportunists who only care about enriching themselves was your view about jim.
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well i think jared a voc. i think jared evocate had a long term at the white house with no visible things to prove that there were you know affective jared kushner supposedly is running the middle east peace process opioids technology business all these other it's huge portfolio and there's no there there no one could tell you with a gun to their head what evocative for her job every day and so i think that characterization of these being two very ambitious hustlers who are in the white house is it rings true and i think that reporting in the washington post this earlier this week about how donald trump wanted john kelly to fire his own kids i mean that to me was kind of an amazing story and john kelly did not deny that story so you know this is a they are a strange pair in the white house and donald trump you know having them there is it violates every kind of you know basic morality about nepotism in government but
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obviously until they're gone they're going to play a significant role in being in donald trump personal radar every day. fire and fury larry i don't know yet we're going to have a hell of an election in two thousand and twenty it's going to be a it's going to be a madhouse the democratic field has one hundred people in it basically donald trump is is distrusted and disliked by sixty five percent of the country and and he's under all kinds of different legal pressures that pressures and perils so it's going to be it's going to be the election of a lifetime and everybody says oh this one is the most consequential this one really will be the most consequential action in our lifetimes the democrat adam schiff who share the house intelligence committee says that trumps top reason for wanting a second term is to avoid prison. you bet it was you he used that or that.
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he the president knows the d.o.j. rules right now as they are currently being implemented in his the justice department say the sitting president cannot be indicted so he's buying himself four more years of not getting indicted. i think it's a legal fiction but that's the current thinking inside the white house where he may not love this job but he loves that one thing that it gives him which is the protection against prosecution you'd be have you had mike pence as president you know i think mike pence would end up being at best a gerald ford figure. he would probably serve out the remainder of trump's term and not win reelection and at this point i've reached the point i kind of wonder about where mike pence his moral compass is given the compromises he's had to make as a republican as you know and as a human to continue to support donald trump as all these things go on i think he's complicit in a lot of the behavior of the president the white house right now so i would have more trouble than i perhaps i would have you know three years ago if you'd said to
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me three years ago hey mike pence might be president i would like you know mainstream conservative republican but now he's got so polluted by trump i think there are a lot of dangers for him going forward what would you like to see president. you know i've called me a diehard but i'd love to see mitt romney sit in that chair right now i think he's got a lot more judgment and heart and i think that some of that would be the party needs to steer itself back a little bit into the into the center right lane and their work recover some of its principles and some of its underpinnings but there are an awful lot of republicans out there who are uncomfortable with donald trump and they won't say it and we're going to see which ones emerge in the coming months and years to try to reclaim that mantle why won't they say it. they are afraid that donald trump will tweet about them larry that's the bottom line they know that if he does that his mob gets turned loose on them their lives become a living hell they're flooded with death threats they're they're miserable they get
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nothing done because they get pinned down by this gigantic social media mob that trump owns and operates essentially and it and their lives become very difficult so that's they're afraid of mean tweets what democrat would be ok with in the white house. you know that's a stats a funny question right now larry because i don't think any of them have really done much to talk about policy yet you know i would like to see a democrat in the white house if i'm going to support a democrat it's going to be a it's a high hill much more probably inclined to support a centrist or independent right now as a republican but if it's a if it's a binary choice i'm going to what one who is who understands the markets matter going to what one who doesn't think that you know the hot new flavor of alexandria ocasio cortez style socialism is a working economic theory so we'll see which one emerges from the field that could do that it's really it's really kind of a hard question right now none of them quite broken out of the pack yet and the
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adamant riggin a no. they don't larry thanks here in time today rick thank you sir i appreciate it as always and again ridge book everything trump touches dies a republican strategist against real about the worst president ever is now out in paperback. well politicking after the break. the negative interest rate is coming to your bank account soon is being done on the wholesale level right now between countries but now it's going to come to your local bank account so instead of getting thirty basis points on your money market fund or on your savings account the bank will get native three percent so that's three percent will be taken out of your account and given to someone that the central bank says a systemic claim forms. the brig's
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it saga continues a deeply divided british house of commons can only seem to agree on one thing it doesn't want the u.k. to leave the e.u. without a deal the problem is there isn't a parliamentary majority on what to do next maybe this was to resumes planned all along breaks that debt. i don't know oh oh oh dear it's great to know. we've been a real good shops if you begin mergers controls all life. sometimes or in the last community young people are deciding if they want to not like their parents not like the liberals. always. you always hear problems but you're not going to focus a lot it's the most ubiquitous going out there most police departments use it almost
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over stores in the school they could get their hands on them twenty four hours. through it she should use kids. racism police brutality taking pride in who they are these kids are a part of history. going back to politicking i'm now joined by my political panel there brian joyce host of the brian joyce show on talk radio airing on w g o w f.m. he's in chattanooga tennessee and in new york city jen g.o.p. strategist former smokers version for the california republican party was shot with a huge in men and ford has now received a total of seven and a half years in prison your reaction well i think that's probably fair given the charges against him and look i think it's important to remind folks here that paul
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man a fort has been charged and convicted of things that he did many many years before he actually even met president donald trump and then candidate donald trump but but in terms of justice i think that's about right for a man of his age i don't think it would have been right for him to spend the rest of his life in prison although the judge could have certainly done that but i think justice was delivered here and i think the sentence was fair. well i think one thing is clear here larry of the president likes to say that he only surrounds himself with the best people clearly that is not the case paul metaphor would not qualify as even remotely one of the best people that you could hire to run your campaign and you know to john's point that this all occurred years before he worked with the trump campaign number one why would trump ever hire him in the first place if he knows it comes with some baggage like this or if there's even the suspicion that he would a number two we do know that he had some contacts and connections with the russians
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i'd like to know what those contacts and connections were all about and i'd like to know if they connect back to some of the illegal doings from previous years jen do you think you know the president will pardon him. you know i don't know i given this sentencing you know initially was four years now it's seven i'm not sure that president trump well i think it depends on what the feeling of the majority of the american people are and look nobody knew this about man of forty even some of his closest associates did not know this about palm and a foreign law i've been critical of some of the people that president surrounded himself with in the beginning it happens when you're a neophyte candidate your first time running for office sometimes you have those folks that i call you know kind of hangers on and grifters so so i wasn't a big fan of a few of this people but but look in fairness to president trump this is a man paul man a forte he conducted himself in a way that was not appropriate that was apparently illegal many many years before
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he met president trump so i don't know that president trump will benefit him with a pardon but we'll have to see how that plays out brian's house speaker pelosi says you do something tongue you should go down the impeachment band because it wouldn't be worth it do you think. well i think it's definitely worth it if we discover that president trump is guilty of some of the things we we feel like he might be guilty of but look there's no reason for democrats to rush down the impeachment path i think pelosi is just trying to play the smart and let's see how the mother investigation pans out again there's no use for democrats to rush this thing rush down the path of impeachment make it look like a political hit job why do that when possibly robert muller can do the job for you and make the case for you so i think pelosi is just sitting back and she's doing the right thing she's going to wait to see what what is in the full results of the report. the secretary press secretary said sanders says that is
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starting to lose control of the party do you agree with that. well i do and look to address your previous question there is one reason nancy pelosi says she will not pursue impeachment and that is because the polling has changed on that you look at the quinnipiac poll just last week shows that fifty nine percent of americans are actually against beginning proceeding of impeachment against president trump you look at other polls liberal networks who i won't mention by their call letters but they even had a poll out in december that showed about sixty percent of americans actually opposed impeachment so nancy pelosi is very smart she always does with the american people want her to do i think that's what she's doing here in terms of her own caucus boy nancy pelosi has a real mutiny on her hands there is no way that nancy pelosi wanted to be addressing things such as defending an anti semitic resolution in the month
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of march when she was sworn in baca and january third she had a very lofty agenda one that included driving down pharmaceutical drug prices working on some manners of gun control she had five or six things on her list that she announced at the outset that she wanted to accomplish and boy she's not been able to do that so far because she's been babysitting her own caucus. the house intelligence committee says he thinks. if mona does not question. before you complete the investigation you gary. well i if you're donald trump why would you ever respond to any questions under oath i mean this is a man who cannot go more than two seconds without uttering a lie the worst thing he could possibly do is testify to anybody under oath because
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he will absolutely perjure him self in a perjury himself probably about one hundred times in less than two minutes so if i were donald trump i would try to stay as far as possible away from any kind of testimony under oath but so you know to that point i don't think that's really even a question that's realistically on the table i don't think it's going to happen why would trump ever allow that to happen why january new york and de attorney general poorly is launching an investigation into the chamber organisations need dealings. that new york can give them and more now presidential harasses and it's no wonder people. in record numbers generally do out the window are they fleeing. i ran past a few on the way here. but look larry i think the cuomo here is not even the problem i think the president should be more concerned about the new york attorney
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general who is made some really inflammatory political statements that she does not feel that president trump is a duly elected president that he is unfit for office it's very clear to me that the attorney general of new york has an extreme bias against the president of the united states in most cases you would actually ask that prosecutor or to recuse themselves and she has not yet done that so be very interesting to watch this play out it's clear to me larry this actually speaks more to the moeller report which could come out as early as tomorrow or friday i'm hearing but but i think what democrats are saying here is that the moeller report is not going to get done what they thought would get done which is you know prove that there were. some grand russian collusion with the president of the united states and now they're going to start going into every little neck and cranny present trumps personal business and personal life it's going to be unfortunate to watch and unfortunately the country's
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going to have to go through that. the defense budget to seven hundred fifty billion. net in scientific programs from the dead on arrival on capitol hill but what does it portend for the twenty's when you know action. well it's all you want larry i'm sure you would probably agree with this but i'm old enough to remember when republicans actually cared about debt and deficit steered member that time it wasn't very long ago it's only about two years ago now ironically this president and the republican congress he was working with before democrats took over they've been on pace to spend more of our tax dollars than the previous president did now after all these years of complaining about how much money obama was spending and how much money the democrats spend this is what they're doing with our tax dollars they are blowing up deficits they're blowing up debt and typical of the republican party they're not allocating the money that we
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do have to the proper resources and they're actually starving the programs that we need to be funding taking money from paul trying to pay peter with it this is just i mean look i would be shocked if it weren't for the fact that republicans have been doing this for thirty thirty five years now where's the outrage we had so much outrage over obama's spending and the debts and the deficit it literally created the tea party where all of these fiscal conservatives now this president is spending more money than obama did and that obama ever would and i don't hear a peep. well i can't believe i'm about to agree with brian but i do i came up through the tea party movement larry fiscal issues are very important to me and it's disappointing to see especially paul ryan during the first two years of president trump's administration you know republicans had full control of congress they could have done a lot of things they could have gotten funding for the border wall they could have made some other spending cuts so i actually agree with brian here it's
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a little disappointing to see this magnitude of a budget however what i think the president trump is banking on here and i think rightfully so is that he has been growing the economy in a way that has not been grown in about twenty years you look at the presidency of barack obama he never achieved three percent growth in the economy whereas president try well when jenna hold up first of all that is a total lie we all know that horsing did he did he hit five percent quarterly growth he hit four percent more than once he hit three percent more than two or three times of course he did we all know that's true. no but when you look at other sectors you look at other sectors the economy you know unemployment is down record jobs numbers bringing it is it's back to the kind of employment spittle it's a clown for a banking on here. paul ryan says travis religion could be in danger
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if he lies on. the rather than policy you agree with that agenda. well. just for the previous conversation i don't have that high regard for paul ryan he left the republicans kind of in a bind lost control of the house you know a lot of republicans have a bit of bad taste in their mouth i don't think paul ryan is the person who should be commenting on the twenty twenty alexion look at the two thousand and sixteen election donald trump did what even his own republican party did not think could be done he won in a near landslide and i think the runway is his to do that again especially if you have someone like joe biden getting in i don't think democrats are going to be as enthused about uncle joe as he thinks they will be you know the democrats have a different way of doing things were publicans off and say oh we'll john mccain didn't win last time let him run this time mitt romney didn't win last time so
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we'll let him run again this time democrats they've gone far to the left they've gone to the socialist place of the party and i i don't know that joe biden actually fits into the democratic party anymore i think it's going to be very tough for him so i think the real challenge here is for democrats not present trump brian thank you so much for joining us we love having you on politics. thanks larry thank you and thank you for joining me on this edition of politicking remember you can join the conversation on my facebook page or tweet me of things and don't forget to use the power to. that's all for this edition of politic. negative interest rates coming to your bank account soon it's being done on the wholesale level right now between countries but now it's going to come to your
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local bank account so instead of getting thirty basis points on your money market fund or on your savings account the bank will get negative three percent so that's three percent will be taken out of your account and give it to someone at a central bank says a systemic claims court. plus shootings have been reported it to mosques in new zealand causing multiple face is what one eyewitness said about the attack. the plotters spitting on women splashing money on a simple majority oh my god it's going to happen to me no. fortunately i'm alive and. the israel defense forces are striking the gaza strip off their rockets were
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fired at tel aviv and the first such case of an attack on the city since two thousand and fourteen.


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