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in the america. in the week's top stories organizers claim one million people marched in london demanding another referendum on president of the europe u.k. two week extension to the break the deadline after its pm failed to get support for her divorce plus. a bombshell report claims a group of american mercenaries illegally traveled to haiti to help the country's president consolidate power eight hundred million dollars we speak to its author. many of them without stamping your passport without going through immigration without going through customs through. a matter of priority was
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facebook too slow to stop the spread of footage of a mass shooting in new zealand we debate the issues. i put certain stories about certain political issues and shadow bad so. what my concern is when we continue to ban these kinds of things can ban this kind of stuff that's only going to perpetuate shadow. thanks for joining us this is the weekly not. up to a million people marched across london on saturday calling for a second brags that referendum that's the number that's been given by organized this along with the public members of parliament also attended the protest rally comes after e.u. leaders agreed to give the u.k. short extension to the withdrawal deadline with parliament having twice rejected
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the prime minister's deal. that stuff just as far as got us nowhere stop the nothing stop an international laughingstock i would say she needs to listen to what you say i feel really passionately we really really love our friends here in the e.u. we need state that i believe the majority nowadays it's. been you people put this up for this great didn't even have a plan and never had it it's a shame that we're in this mess but. i don't think there's anyone in the labor party at the top of the labor party who's really taking control of. the of the brits it fights well or the prime minister is now being given a short extension of two weeks if she fails to get her deal through but that will be moved to may the twenty second if she does however the pm has warned that she will put all of the votes until she can be guaranteed enough support in westminster and that the third briggs into further disarray.
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do it be able to insulate greece to an extension until. the end if of a true. faith boot. to the yes. on to the very end. according to to our poll. and there's still empty in the end it means to get a lot of space. and. it was certainly a long night of discussion the decision making and chopping and changing plans
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multiple times at the e.u. council summit and finally a decision that was reached officially and that was an extension of article fifty until the twenty second of may conditional of course of to resume a passing up plan through the house of commons should that fail as the e.u. council has provided for a further extension of the twelfth of april for the u.k. to come forward and come up with a plan and a process of what exactly to do next that also the sort of course if they do intend to participate in the european parliamentary elections something which a would be rather pointless given their leaving the european union and be something that's the reason why he has said that would be almost a red line for something that she would not consider now to say that this decision was an easy one or a unanimous one at least from the very start would be misleading and they were quite different playing hardball stating that
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a no deal bricks it was there on the table others such as engler merkel playing a more conciliatory tone calling for more understanding of the you kate. we discussed issue with political consultant klinsmann murawski he says that every step in the brig's process is making the situation even more complicated when briggs it was first announced as an idea as a concept and there was no meat on the board as to what the concept of what the process actually would mean and we start off in a place with such uncertainty there's no surprise us to the situation room now so are less the identity of briggs it is made clear to be disruptions and stalling methods will only continue i think the sentiment right now in parliament is that. it's almost an impossibility of this deal going through and if it does go through it will go through under very pressured measures which means peace in
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parliament won't vote with what they believe is to be the best way for forward but will do it because the time pressures are so tight which almost holds parliament to run them saying this is the only deal we have and you better put it through because you're certainties are too big and too widespread to even imagine. it's being claimed seven american mercenaries trying to help haiti's president consolidate power by scoring a presidential aide carrying eighty million dollars allegedly arrived in the caribbean country amid anti-government protests they were arrested a day later but then released without charge. just wanted mr madoff to given up these men or most scenarios he says if he were
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here to attack part of the executive branch of the government. you see those reports that due to privacy considerations we're unable to comment further came alive spoke to story for the news website on the internet. they were apparently going to transfer eighty million dollars out of the petrel caribbean account in haiti in the bank to another account which would be under the control president joe from elmo we the caribbean account required authorization if you will from. his then prime minister.
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and the bank president. so this was apparently their mission they entered haiti many of them without stamping their passport without going through immigration without going through customs they had come in with weapons which is a violation not just of u.s. law but haitian law pressure from the u.s. embassy had been released in a completely illegal manner i spent a week in haiti speaking to haitian police officials justice department officials people. with any connection who were of any knowledge at all of this operation secure discloser source the. requested immunity. so we have to protect our source however one of the mercenaries
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a retired navy seal disputes that version of events chris salzman says that they were hired as security for a businessman and never actually met the presidential aide and he now deleted instagram posts he said that they were pawns in a public fight between the haitian president and prime minister u.s. senator marco rubio was met with the haitian president said that the situation in the country demonstrated sharp political divisions protests in haiti continue of a soaring inflation and claims of government corruption they blame the current president who was sworn in on the pledge to increase employment and improve living conditions. a. certain irritant or certain combustibility to this situation. really all right. the latest spasm of. voted out by the deputies was in front of the senate. answering for what happened with these
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mercenaries so yes the whole mercenary story has played a role one from the questions everybody had about it. that our story has come out and basically. torn off the lives or pulled back the curtain on this story and i think that this is going to create even more and more consternation. on the part of the haitian people. thousands of gathered in the city of christchurch in new zealand for a vigil to commemorate the fifty people killed in shooting massacre earlier this month following the attacks on two mosques the government's proposed tough new gun laws all types of assault rifles and semiautomatic weapons will be banned at all or if passed will come into force on april the eleventh so immediate changes are already in effect with gun shops now banned from selling these types of weapons they'll be a buyback scheme as part of an amnesty the prime minister says that the cost of
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that is the price that must be paid the suspected attacker published a manifesto a few hours before the shooting describing his motives and plans. this is one of new zealand's darkest days. of the shooter streamed by the tax via facebook the video then quickly spread to something facebook was criticized for especially given how quickly it can crack down on certain types of political content using this prime minister demanded answers from social media platforms over the streaming and sharing of the terrorist
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attack i would call on our social media platforms of all variety to demonstrate the kind of responsibility that leads to these have been and that includes stars who perpetuate their messages in the aftermath there's a lot of work that needs to be down. to prove the way that combat's hate speech we've put the issue of the debate. i respectfully submit that when you show violence a good human being it's a form of pornography we have to as a society say no facebook you can do much better for kids for people who would see this not necessarily because it would inspire the next shooting which is very well good because these losers need some form of acclimation out of just human decency without bringing in the government as laws and penalties and we're hearing from officials government officials from the prime minister in new zealand talking about preventing future attacks like this and then going on to
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censoring when this attack happens how in the world does that prevent this attack we're spending so much time talking about we can have videos like this with as or so or think it might lead to more rather than answering questions that need to be asked i mean one of the main problems i'm seeing here is that we continue to put band-aids on gunshot wounds and we need to stop that we need to stop putting band-aids on we need to stop saying let's just stop everybody from that it doesn't you know we can get rid of x. rated movies should it come down immediately yes should this be kept from the public yes take it down i want facebook and others abroad to have is that if you have whatever attitude allow your world or not they have we're talking to you now and you're doing about t.v. do you know they're talking about arguing people will hardly blinded from these sightings will fellow lying dead but you're not talking about how will this prevent it nobody's talked about prevent you the question is should be banned i'm saying yes to what i want facebook to do is if i put certain stories about certain political issues i am shadow bad show fast and i want them to use that
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technology in their genius to figure out wait a minute we're having somebody right now people are being killed this is going to come down from our platform what my concern is when they continue to ban these kinds of things can ban this kind of stuff that's only going to perpetuate shadel ban and that's something i agree should never happen but we're giving. ject and hour and authority to social media platforms to narrow tent that that is allowed so when to hurt us later we don't know who they're going to not like it's all subjective no matter what kind of computer algorithm at the end of the day it will be subjective now listen shut it down or talk about it later don't have a debate do you think that maybe we're giving one person die die die die die die the right to automatically and who's to say whether this could one day be that i don't people being shot dead whether this might include war coverage how many
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people much apart mean that while as we're debating this there are some kids where would you ever talk about watching this seeing real time slaughter or the families of these people or whatever of this is violent pornography yes this is horrible that i never want to see this i never want my children to see this i don't want any person to be subject to this kind of violence in this horrible obscene material these publications but this is what i have seen governments cannot stop this these companies cannot stop this people who post something positive about donald trump are being taken off of social media because of social media heads and managers and so we want them to ban other things instead of us and that is my main thing is that they can't they will not come here for just a minute you have some buses germany sparks anger among local politicians will tell you why after the break.
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what holds a sense to you so you can. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to express. something want to it's. actually going to be for us this is what the. real people are. interested always in the logs it. should.
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come back today marks the twentieth anniversary since nato started its bombing campaign against the then yugoslavia what nato claimed was a humanitarian operation to help the country separatists local saw is a regime change campaign in which thousands were killed nato became involved in yugoslavia in march one thousand nine hundred ninety nine after sectarian tensions between serbians and cost of an albanians turned violent alliance backs the latter without any un mandate nato bombed yugoslavia for almost three months straight leaving many parts of serbia devastated the sunday people took to the streets of belgrade the former yugoslavia capital condemned the nato bombing that ended so.
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these were over a territory that many had gathered still view as their nations. correspondent alex because of its has more on the anniversary of the called. this was serbia twenty years ago. on march twenty fourth one thousand nine hundred nine nato campaign against the small balkan nation began i was there at the time so i'm going to take you through a bit of a personal journey at the time i was living here serbia's third largest city which seemed to be a million miles away from the battles in kosovo that very evening and i was chilly out on the couch watching t.v. with my dog when suddenly the earth started shaking and the sky turned a bright red warning strings and i'd been going through the first explosion i ran
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down the stairs trying to get out of the house not knowing where the next floor was going to hit. the second i stopped at the store. looked up in the sky and there was a cruise missile flying over the house over there seconds later another explosion. that tomahawk missile hit a target in the hills above nobody saw it was one of the by hundreds of fixed wing bombing operations well nato feel to destroy most military targets it was effective when it came to killing civilians this is the city of nice in southern serbia is the location of where the most serious bombings of the nato campaign event happened may seventh nine hundred ninety nine cluster bombs dropped fifteen people dead in the middle of the day one of those bombs killed a twenty seven year old woman who was seven months pregnant earth. did you see that it happened on the girdle it's
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a bridge on april twelfth one thousand nine hundred nine. needle please targeted a civilian passenger tree not once but twice at least nine people died in the incident some say the number could be as high as sixty today the bridge where the attack occurred has built but reflect on the horror that happened here. now it's a claim that its actions were motivated by quotes numerous human rights violations in kosovo the alliance also says its airstrike campaign achieved its goal which was to halt any military activity and repression in the region. let's hear more about this now from marco. q.'s an international affairs commentator good even to you mark we've heard some of the background to the story that nato claims its nine hundred ninety nine bombing campaign in yugoslavia was quote legitimate and necessary what's your take on it. well
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b.s. in a word or two letters because in fact all the reasons that nato gave before starting its cycle these alleged massacres that were being penned in the media of the west for throughout my nine hundred ninety eight turned out to be entirely false because when it came to indictments by the war crimes tribunal ultimately no serb was indicted for anything before that happened before the bombing began and the only guilty parties for indictments were the cost of albanian terrorist k.l.a. organization for events that happened preceding the war so it's therefore entirely obvious that time has told us that actually guilt for any events on the ground was in the hands of the k.l.a. and its western sponsors but this is. the legitimacy is not just about the little guys at the bottom it's about big guys at the top the nato action which you claim which waged war against
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a small sovereign country without declaring war and without any permission from the united nations security council was a transformative act which has changed the world ever since it was a formula use using the idea that you don't need u.n. security council authorization then was a formula implemented at the expense of iraq and libya and elsewhere so so far the decision to bomb yugoslavia has led to over a million casualties worldwide and rising and finally we now know that in some of ninety eight nearly a year before the bombing the aggression began tony blair and bill clinton according to the clinton library transcripts were actually plotting how to subs. it's the authority of the u.n. security council by having a unilateral declaration of war without u.n. authority so we know that they were planning to do it well before the things they used as excuses obviously the scene there changed several former yugoslavian countries are now nato allies what does that tell us about the the overall the
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current overall situation in the region. it tells us that everyone has realized that there is no that the west is not going for a fair world a morally right world as they keep telling us that they're doing it tells us that the west is trying to achieve a world of might not right so basically they call it nato credibility and indeed the defense minister of the u.k. admitted to the foreign affairs select committee that they bombed in order to. assure nato has credibility so this military alliance which is worried about its own credibility is clearly out of control because the only credibility that should matter in the world is moral credibility and they have got no moral credentials credentials because nato entered that war began that war indeed on the side of a group of terrorists who at the same time were engaged in organ harvesting of live human beings as has subsequently been shown so nato sponsored organ harvesting terrorist drug running murderous to actually engage on
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a murderous separatist can both see it should be disbanded for the sake of world peace it needs to be disbanded very soon because we're heading in a very nasty direction as carries on going south and east of its own area and the legacy of the strikes nato criticized for using depleted uranium studies have shown that children born in that region and now prone to cancer following the bombing. what has been done if anything to bring nato to account of this. very little there was initially a move by the the yugoslav federal republic of yugoslavia governments of serbs. i want an eager at the beginning to sue nato for the ecological environmental humanitarian and financial catastrophe it created throughout the region so nato response was to create a coup a color revolution in serbia and bring its own puppets to power who probably signed everything they wanted including an extra further ten billion dollars given away by
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a poor country to the rich nato countries of the world and that and that and they also abandoned the lawsuit against the nato countries we need the world community to really take nato to task if serbia is too weak to do it we need other countries to take an interest because this if what if it's if they don't defend serbia. they'll be their borders next that nato will become for instance the thoughts of international affairs come to market many thanks mark. and for the news now german politicians of call for the expulsion of the u.s. ambassador richard grenell it came after he openly criticized berlin's plan to reduce defense spending nato members clearly pledged to move towards not away from two percent by twenty twenty four that the german government would even be considering reducing its already on except of all commitments to military readiness
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is a worrisome signal to germany's twenty eight nato allies mystical now is a total failure of the diplomats all of this behavior is rather borish with his repeated clumsy provocations mystical now is harming transatlantic relations since mr grinnell to cup his post as ambassador and berlin he has and several occasions quite conspicuously interfered in the internal affairs of the federal republic of germany his behavior in the host country is anything but diplomatic and rather reminiscent of the governor of an empire. well this comes to spites german military spending increasing last year by five billion dollars for the first time going down to the country's policies slamming everything from its relations with iran to the use of equipment from chinese tech giants while way donald trump's also been a vocal critic of bourbon spending accusing it of free loading of the u.s. military.
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german companies doing business in iran should wind down operations and mediately never tell a host country what to do. where not have banana republic. on except one side tightening the turn. former u.s. diplomat jim gentry's thinks that beilin is starting to question its alliance with washington. mr grinnell does have president trump personal support now there was talk that mr going l. might be moved to the united nations when nikki haley left but that didn't happen
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so i think it would be very embarrassing for the administration to withdraw him the problem is is that we have now have an american ambassador who is throw on polish about it especially with demands about spending more money on nato and you can't have five g. from walk away and you must not be buying. russian gas in complete the north stream to pipeline that it's starting to get on their nerves and maybe beginning to dawn on some people in germany that maybe this american relationship is not all it's cracked up to be now some people want to say this whole question of style but i think it's becoming clear that it's really more a question of. ok of of the base for you in half an hour see if. it. i think
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that this would be to. say. the same position absurd in the context. of the international law. are more more on the serbian side i don't know what is in forty four but also just find that we've got a nice movement in the. borders. the money is dead right so the money velocity would measure how money is being along down from bank to bank to bank bank bank which is a measure of economic health is dead and if the money printing continues to increase some sort of asking the question why is the money not getting into the economy they're printing more of it.
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to get. them for sun the sounds of. the christly essentially.


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