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so in contravention of of the international law. doubly so because as i said for the reason they mentioned that was already a culture bed should not of the ok to national go in addition to that there is a good rebuttal that let's take a let. it be ok and they call it which says that they agree but that if iran. stops develop a good nuclear weapons that all sanctioned by west countries will be live now also act on countries of doing that but that you want to cite that to withdraw from the problem jerry is that they have means statements by the idea yet right to the states to the effect that those sanctions will be that. constraining what did the world so that be that the people of europe are going to be submitted to
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a terrible pressure and. look where some trades and i don't take this as share it's a get you have to disagree but with up at the political leadership try to sort it out with bad or promise led to a big o.c.a. solution but that made the people is no track and then did you have met with people that supported it to such a death that you should because of outside section they usually randian rather that flag look at what happened now ascensions fifty years but that didn't change the regime then same applies to all who are there so bad that i would like to say here that do express my deep gratitude to the united states for have they tried an excepted to lift the sanctions against their so bad my bad that was a geisha or that when they bomb or ministration or already ate and but the process
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was good. lou did buy the president registration and that is. it with the well quite diplomacy get it cheap if there has been some success over bashir in sudan what happens to you in the office when you hear the news that someone like frederica moore greeny of the european union stands up and says right the european union we're going to choose those president of venezuela kind of and tell the oil superpower there's going to be sanctions on venezuela well it didn't take to go to bed that's the airfield sure to see it from a so what can be done if the order to show that there is you read it terry or back says. people are very aware that evil i did say that that situation under the president reagan stray shipments perfect they all have their let me buy do it to a certain extent but nevertheless the people they get the people should not be made
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to pay for the actual by their government so. it gave to go that i know that's a lot of if media hype about their situation there's people if you read the west the press on starbase you know that their private memory of their. bed instead of the strange dances that their people are certified they get paid for live but they're not ever state of shabbat so i need to go there to see what is the real situation but i do believe that it these questions know where their big trip be it will be over the use what i can do is to be a catalyst to help the parties could set the bird site to find the solution ok did you know you've made your contention is that the that the e.u. has committed a unilateral coercive measure in sanctioning venezuela without a u.n.
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security council resolution. that's cool although those that are like searchers are dead there's earlier should carry out a huber impact assessment review to make sure that when they applied these sanctions they're not making the situation worse for grace it is a whether it's it better though whether it syria i can't take the argument that is if oh by. the trade source countries of searcher to say we decide they do apply or to extend the sanctions our country a or b. because of the failure of the government to the door it shore proper respect and she will break right by by apply exact shows which will deprive people of shrewd mitigation she made it very of sublight we are. adding
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julie exacerbate the human rights impact that we criticize shrub. the country targeted but then of course those that want to overthrow different governments in nato nations would say your giving compliments to any u.n. security council member for making your sanctions illegal obviously russia britain has been sanctioning russia increasingly since the british government has alleged that president putin has been ordering assassinations here who are those sanctions against russia are illegal and what effect of the sanctions having in changing russia well let's start with a positive defense spanked iris refer to the case of rosa. a one of the worst aren't just reduces a little bit you know it has companies not only russia but it's several other countries the sanctions applied by the u.s.
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were. at stake. the lives of seventeen thousand of the old war it glory is and then that found members of their shared beliefs so i have feel at the human rights council last summer and again at the general assembly october last year for the united states to review their situation and to look funny about just once baps in the board of directors of bruce. so as not to make the evidence sent employees have to bathe not only russia but baker or elsewhere have to pay for this dispute and this is what happened recently so that accords far i think the pressure of appreciation to the us for having really spurred that effort made this lifted that sanctions are now there are several other sanctions which are
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applied are russia and the whole street do from russia to generate it is the subject of extraterritorial censures by they write they states and it is a problem that even the e.u. questions questions the right of a country road only to sanction doget country but also to bell and its allies to also apply there and the best or the the initial countries domestically or oh the third country they think what they call extra territorial extension of their best exactions will have to get john bolton on to go in terms national security advisor to see what plans are against rather flare up merkel of a germany of a nordstrom but can i just finally asked you about the benefits of i mean your
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this measure of what are the negative impact can there be. sometimes a positive impact of the unilateral coercive measures last week iran iraq syria they met in damascus to convene to oppose the u.s. role in the region we know that china and russia countries both sanctioned by european union countries moving closer together can sanctions sometimes bring countries together against dominant nations more like the nonaligned movement almost out of sanctions. as i said. you know like sanctions the country usually consolidate the government that you're try. to destabilize. shook the cage. i could also make sure. it's interesting to see that. it was after the sanctions were lifted
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let the government gives to that started heavy going to drug demonstrations from its population. tried to prove what did back edition of live eight. so this is the lesson hey you guys if you want to change a political system in a country and i love it you should do it apply sanctions because you'll likely bite but show that president to consolidate insist that you are trying to dance special robert taft thank you for the right when will the world's worst humanitarian crisis ever end we speak to a consultant to the yemen embassy here in london and n.h.s. emergency we investigate the private companies going in for the kill under the cover of bricks and chaos of the civil coming about to have going on the ground. after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going
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to do next that multiple different clubs on one hand. it is logical to sort of go from fields where everything is familiar on the i want to the new challenge and the fresh perspective i'm used to surprising. or not if you think. i'm going to talk about football not for you or else you think i was going to go. by the way what isn't. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic development only mostly i'm going to exist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical of time to sit down and talk.
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as a tense situation in venezuela is still all over the news the problem in venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented but that socialism has been faithfully implement from the inside venezuela things move different we're going to announce sanctions against petroleum to venezuela associated. in this will have a son of a moment goes. down person that put it all down it assume that the people the mass of the moment the focus of the who story is a new nixon told in henry kissinger to tell him that it would not be tolerated that in latin america an alternative economic and social system could take hold and therefore the policy would be to make. the chilean economy scream so once in the making the economy of venezuela screed.
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welcome back to mars five years since the war began in yemen now the world's worst humanitarian crisis with twenty million people at risk i joined now by concerns of the yemen embassy in london by russia bally's a caseworker middle east caseworker for u.k. and geo reprieve thanks for coming on. many people might be surprised there is a year moon mission of any kind in britain the way we see it on the news is this is just a number almost natural humanitarian crisis how do you see the human war progressing though into it well i think starting from this point one of the main issues that will happen when yemen that the yemeni voices are not been not been heard the main i think debate that is happening here in the u.k. is really the relationship between the united kingdom and saudi arabia not divide developing a yemen policy that is really focusing on what is happening in yemen and why are we
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in this conflict that the u.n. can't resolve the jeremy hunt can't resolve you know usually there is some kind of cease fire holding in the data pool where our great foreign secretary reality even visited britain of course giving some of the aid in the world right so so let's talk about the cease fire so what happens is that the both parties signed this agreement in late december what happened is that and then the seas were able to redeploy their forces to the province of the in the north and they escalated a big big conflict that was then has been happening for the last for the last two months and now i know the area because i visited this area in two thousand and thirteen. as part of my role in the national dialogue so i was representing the youth delegation who were coming from the arab spring protests simply so in two thousand and thirteen there was a national dialogue bringing together the new constitution and we were supposed to
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have a. elections and the referendum in two thousand and fifteen before the who seized it unfortunately unfortunate events of the coup which basically tipped the situation and drive drove the country things to remain the same when living under the saudi backed what you see in this dictatorship well the situation you need to understand what was happening in yemen in two thousand and thirteen and two thousand and fourteen to understand why are we in a conflict today we had a national dialogue where everyone participated including. and we came out came out with the transitional justice deal and the new constitution we called for the referendum and the new elections but because in two thousand and at the end of two thousand and fourteen they don't need this deal anymore they don't need to come for their friends anymore because now they have been more empowered so they took over the capital by force this basically drove on the revolution well i mean
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basically call it whatever you want it is a coup at the end of the day then they had some today an assassination attempt on the life of president had this basically in the terms of the basic basic sense if you try to kill the president you will tip the situation you know you will you're going to cause a conflict. in the country of yemen wanted her to go on or even tried welding with the death penalty well then get him out in the coming elections they conservatives want to protect their relationship with saudi arabia and they think it's good for this country as well as the labor government and the labor government to be to be afraid of but today then you have people like jeremy corbyn or emily phone very criticizing this this this policy mainly about their relationship with saudi arabia again yemen as the country was happening in yemen why are we not having a successful peace deal this is not being discussed when you have a cease fire over the course of her later and then in escalates in the. in the
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another part of the country so you made the successful ceasefire in one parts but then there is no guarantees to the rest of the population what's going to happen to them saudi forces blockade the border to leave them as well nutrition and now you need to have a comprehensive approach to the to the to the situation the main topic that is not being discussed why are we in a conflict a day and again i bring back to you the situation in two thousand and fourteen and two thousand and fifteen we had a transitional justice till we had a new constitution is that is that really the reason or is it because western powers dated nations supported her she wanted to create a proxy in the air which is of crucial times in office where of course were numbered at that time when he called for their friend and the elections his days in office were numbered you didn't have to do this is it enough to go to israel i didn't have to do to drag the country into
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a conflict because that they just didn't like it doesn't make sense obviously the people of yemen do want to really just replaced with another nature of proxy have elections there is a process that the all the many parties agree to including the two cities that we have a process the process is that we end up with elections and this is how you vote in a new government you do not drag their country into a conflict because you just don't like the sitting president the u.n. panel of experts just january released about the amount of weapons have been going to the who sees from iran and the amount of money that it's been going to the who seized. from iran so basically the conflict has. managed has been as cause the the iranians even to support the who these even more sources on the ground we were speaking to said the missiles and everything was way before because it's been blockaded that don't take this from me this is the u.n. going to the u.n. panel of experts who are there are on reviewing weaponry coming into the country said that they who sees have been receiving weapons and money. via media tree
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companies through setting of some oil by iran that is not that's not obviously the reigning government deny that there's anything weapons to be there shooting limited to the un experts and speaking of un they're just fine the israelis obviously on the side of saudi arabia in this conflict. u.n. human rights council have been criticizing israel recently and jeremy just said that israel will be any measure from the human rights council against israel will be opposed by britain what i think britain's role is generally in the area of your expertise really as part of a reprieve in the whole region i mean i think the unfortunate situation is we have a. bias towards israel from the international community in general were written is just part of part of that and you could see when the discussions for example happen even in the us congress when the congresswoman and home are makes even the
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slightest slightest comment is not even you know accepted by policymakers refused to answer so much as yeah yeah which is i mean i think and for this is the unfortunate reality that there is an ongoing bias towards towards israel which is not helping the this conflict from being resolved any time soon thank you. the only time the world's arguably most efficient health service the n.h.s. appears in the news at the moment is perhaps to drum up headlines about post breck's it made in shortages but is a fury over article fifty covering up a much greater scandal that has implications for everyone joining me now is n.h.s. g.p. dr bob gill he's the producer of the the great n.h.s. heist ballplayers for coming back on this deadline in may why is it critical for all g.p.'s in this country and for all people in england and wales or general practice has like the rest of the n.h.s. been underfunded since two thousand and ten hidden under the austerity narrative
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and what you have is g.p.'s struggling to cope with increased workload. when a man a man power crisis so the government has engineered a desperate situation within primary care so that they will grab for additional resource but what is hidden with this additional funding that is coming is a contract change they want doctors to sign up to a network and what these networks will be will be the building blocks of these american style organizations it's an attempt to grab the patient list and the budget that goes with it ok but people like you recall when shadow health drafts with say no this is there are some good things about it integrates that's why it's called integrated care systems you think some people are just naive or innocent of the fact that integration means it's much easier for a big healthcare multinational to go blow it up well they spent years disintegrating the n.h.s. breaking it up between purchaser and provider but what the integration that simon
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stevens is proposing is the integration of budgets before they handed over to the insurance companies integration of social care budgets integration of n.h.s. budgets for social care as we know is mostly means tested and there is also a charging infrastructure so this will allow back door charging within the n.h.s. with the hostile environment we have the infrastructure already being laid within the n.h.s. to charge immigrants and suppose it's health or a switch on not a burden on the n.h.s. the amount of money going there is miniscule but they are putting in place an expensive infrastructure what for because they were heading down the left when plan which he spelt out back in eighty eight that we need to extend charging to the point of universality and this is all part of this complex deception that is underway and just are reminders that kind of integrated system that you are seeing is being snuck in is like the united states one of the most inefficient most
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expensive system with with millions of people employed in useless administration well you know the origins can't go back to nine hundred seventy one way or. edgar kaiser made a proposal and the nixon presidency adopted it and the key point about it is the incentives the incentives are to provide less medical care for the patient so within this new network contract being proposed to g.p.'s is something called the shared savings scheme now for the first time they're building in a perverse incentive for your doctor to not to refer you and to deny you k. now this is a major. perversion and detoxification potentially of the doctor patient relationship and so when the government tells the g.p.'s to give voting right now or signing the documents when they say one point eight billion of the expense of money on course for the n.h.s. the structures are there basically to steal that money while you have united health
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subsidiary optum already embedded across the n.h.s. it is there in the administrative systems the financial systems they're also looking after patient data so they are embedded already very with they would say steal but what you mean is well you have these intermediaries at the heart of the contracting with all of the leaks away well potentially they have to put their fees there and we know that or at the moment there is a lawsuit in america which is looking to sue united health for defrauding the taxpayer to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars and that was done through a fraudulent algorithm that they managed to sell to medicare the state insurer so that is that is in the courts at the moment this is the potential for industrial scale fraud if we invite these american giant corporates into the n.h.s. but the other thing about the networks is g.p.'s are being food into this is additional funding for potential your existing work but the reality is there's also
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a parallel program to significantly shrink the hospital system cut beds further cut thirty million. outpatient appointments and this work will dump be dumped on to the g.p. so this will be money with very dangerous strings attached and the loss of control of the patient and the budget that goes with it so you would certainly your advice after that diagnosis is definitely they don't sign the integrated care systems document but there's also a class element to this which is the way elites being creamed off from those people who may be able to be most articulate about what you are talking about so they go to a private health care before even these final the final end of the n.h.s. happens there is a drift is an erosion of trust as you say mainstream will cover one n.h.s. failure after the other which you are genuinely happening any departments are struggling so the starfall losing trust with the system the patients are losing
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trust and. eventually you will have a middle class drift over to the insurance system and you have heavy advertising you have more and more employers offering employer based insurance once a critical mass has drifted over then there will be the next step which will be to withdraw more funding from people who can't afford private cover but the targets of these reforms are not the poor and the sick they will be abandoned the targets are the middle classes for the premiums that they will be paying and then in due course if they become seriously ill and expensive the insurers will look for a reason to dump them and this is when the plan i mean we often do a good government incompetence and lack of organization you're saying this is a conspiracy going going back decades well there are key documents you've got oliver letwin to document britain's biggest enterprise which he wrote for the center for policy studies back in one thousand nine hundred eight you have the adam smith institute document the health of nations which spell out how to get from
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a public service to an insurance based service over time without too many people noticing again just briefly there is some hope though the blair brown catastrophe years appear five new ways and now being sought for policies in government or in opposition government that those could be broken up investigated for fraud and. it could be the end for those b. of a company's well that's good news if it happens because peer fi has been a key strategy which was a key tactic necessary to assist the land grab without that burden of debt you couldn't justify a narrative to sell off publicly owned assets and say well you know this land is now spare we no longer need this hospital that we all publicly own so we will demolish it and build luxury housing that argument will be removed that pressure that cost pressure of p.f. five debts needs to be tackled in a way that doesn't pay off the creditors and doesn't leave the taxpayer deeply out
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of pocket but bogle thank you. abouts of the show will be back on wednesday to speak to the architect of the paris climate change agreement christine if he goes until that is judged by social media zero one zero. zero zero officer. told him to get up off the ground serve begin to pet him down.
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and then freeze on the sounds of kind of fighting him soon to be grown man like wrestling essentially. through his. twisted away from the officer. of his group. the obvious or did they kind of lunge for the weapon once missed and then when it happened on tree swung as observations didn't hit him i never saw any contact between the two any kind went back to where they were so the officers back here there try again fifteen feet apart at this point and that's when the officer pulled out his gun and he bit on three. this. is my final make the final minute mark them up on the limb for the influence
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members of settlers from gaza strip. club that was. just as. she was you make the. journey from the sun on my book you go to the british course there's enough of them around. i mean you got. to tell. you.
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this is a sort of you know if there's a good there's a you know. donald trump welcomes the findings of the much hyped miller report which concluded that he did not conspire with russia so when the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election. there was no completion were. sure there was no structured none whatsoever. in the us jailed for ten years off to attacking a psychiatric hospital where a teenage girl was being mistreated appeals to for help bring he'll be placed under the toughest conditions.


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