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tv   News  RT  March 31, 2019 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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the week's top stories here on r t the u.k. is left in limbo as the original breaks the day passes and theresa may fails for a third time to force her deeply unpopular even divorce still in the parliament. the hoax is dead. claims complete vindication after it's revealed the highly anticipated mole report no evidence of collusion with russia and the two thousand and sixteen presidential election. and washington's decision to recognize the occupied golan heights as israeli territory draws a damning response from the u.n. security council and to address protests across large swaths of syria.
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the weak link here on r t international where we bring you the stories that shaped the past seven days welcome to the program. friday was supposed to go down in history as the day that britain finally divorced from the european union but all that's been turned on its head and teresa mayes bricks it was troll agreement has suffered a third defeat and to see a church in it takes a look at what might be in stores now. finally the date is here march twenty ninth twenty maintain the story for britain marking its departure or wait a second. then the very day the twenty sixteen referendum shocked the world the u.k. has voted to leave the european union. article fifty was triggered on march twenty ninth two years ago the article fifty process is now
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underway and in accordance with the wishes of the british people the united kingdom is leaving the european union so many promises made and shattered since then it's within our grasp to leave with a deal on the twenty ninth of march on the twenty ninth of march on the twenty ninth of march with a deal with a deal on the twenty ninth of march we will be leaving the e.u. on the twenty ninth of march two thousand and nineteen as eleven pm a declaration made no once not twice but prime minister in this house has said on one hundred times that we will be leaving the european union on the twenty ninth of march what do you think the days going to be remembered by now how we didn't leave here. today we were supposed to leave in the european union but we're not. personally as opposed to a friend which. is here today and i don't think we should blame twenty ninth for the mess that we've made of bricks march twenty ninth well it's a perfectly good day it would personally like to come up with
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a new day. that's got the whole idea of your friday night yeah i'm tripos with to leave the european union whether agree with most with our crossfire choice march twenty ninth was meant to be the grand departure of the u.k. from the e.u. with hopes of a brand new future ahead instead breck's it is now a saga so lengthy and convoluted it's hard to keep track of all the plot twists with a deadline of the final chapter now postponed due to chaos how this all plays out is only yet to be. figured out reporting from london and stacy churkin out with r.t. . meanwhile to mark the day that should have been one museum in southwest england decided to bring out a banksy classic for public display the controversial work by the celebrated british street artist all that monkeying around for a comment or not see what you think. here are some of the thousands who turn up for the so-called march to leave demonstration outside parliament on friday afternoon
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many had planned to come anyway to celebrate british britain leaving the e.u. instead they rallied to vent their anger over the country's faltering departure police arrested five people at the demonstrations. i live in the area of the. i. think i can you refer you can do they want to write a will in this madness that's the route to us about this is not no do it is even going to do you cheer tombs true brazil is what we voted for and we knew exactly what we were voting for in two thousand and sixty so i think our child has spent elsewhere beyond the european union you know where we can engage in free trade arrangements without having speak confined to a customs union but european commission one hundred fifty nine billion pounds they would do everything to keep us in this is not a deal worth it so
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a very bad. idea is being stitched up by the e.u. it's a bad deal we should leave without a deal on w t o terms international relations expert alan scad says teresa mayes days as leader are numbered. well she's very vulnerable she's already said she's going to go. nearly everyone is expecting it to be dated she predicted in the near future she said she would go motors to be judy if a deal with possible which was and she's still a rod but she's lost all real authority she can majority in the coleman and she can't control what happens in the house of commons she can control her own cabinet members who is just go away and vote it's a please so she really is a lame duck prime minister however. you know she's. she could remain there until december but that depends where the cabinet get together decide to tell her
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to go all together after yet another stinging defeat theresa may hopes to bring her deal to parliament for a fourth attempt that vote is expected next week. breaks it count down. two years of investigation and one key revelation donald trump did not collude with russia in the two thousand and sixteen election the four page summary of special counsel robert muller support says that no further indictments will be made of the president to claim total exoneration despite that the report does maintain that the kremlin carried out cyber activities aimed at influencing the election but according to the u.s. secretary of state that's not the full extent of moscow's meddling in american affairs mike compare claimed on wednesday that russia has interfered in every u.s. presidential vote since two thousand and four are girls if reports. for two years
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they dug and dug investigated and questioned as sad as it may be trump is not a russian agent who so they think but the fishery russia gave collusion was a hook for the style if you only knew just how much conclusion there was in the past do you believe russia interfered with the twenty six thousand u.s. general election yes they did in the two thousand and twelve and the two thousand and eight thank you and the tea literally or that is a bold claim especially given the evidence he mentioned he didn't mention any evidence begs the question of course why washington waited for more than a decade to say so but there could be a simple explanation the presidents before trump would get this compromised agents russian agent and country to miss the pompei oh i have evidence it's
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so obvious if you think about it let's go back russia meddled and won the election for barack obama how else could you explain the bomber's little microphone slip where he was caught red handed reporting to putin. before that it was george bush who russia put into the white house twice in two thousand and two thousand and four look at them together putin and bush all that touching and feeling hugs and shakes romantic almost and don't get me started about the eyes and look the man in the eye. was able to.
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do. sense of his soul and you want to tell me that bush wasn't a russian stooge come on get real as red as a cherry and that's just the last few presidents this meddling goes back decades reagan who presided over the collapse of the u.s.s.r. was also compromised this is all just part of the plan i mean what kind of sick man a traitor makes a whole beat of collecting and translating russian jew and then posting about it the story was an american in russian arguing about the two countries in the americas said look in my country i can walk into the oval office i can down the president's desk and say mr president i don't like the way you're running our country and the russian said i can do this i can go into the criminal to the general secretary's office pound is disconcerting mr general secretary i don't like the way president reagan is running used by the. russian meddling is obvious it is
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going on for more than one hundred years abraham lincoln surprise was a russian agent why do you think russia sent two fleets of warships to new york and san francisco in a show of support for him and the unionists during the american civil war the coming of the russian fleets was decisive in helping lincoln get through the last and most serious threat of anglo-french intervention you don't hear much about that and for good reason you need to leave evidence lying about say that comrade lincoln rest in peace lenin's blessings be upon him there you have it concrete proof of president after president being russian agents you got it right mr pompei oh about the whole russia meddling. moscow meanwhile says it has long expressed its
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willingness to discuss any concerns over alleged election meddling and also says that the russia collusion theme has been driven soley by internal us political feuds. president trump hinted this week that those who spread misinformation and fake news on collusion with russia could face serious repercussions are online show in case you missed it takes a chop tongue in cheek look at that. in case you missed americans struggling to deal with the most terrible news that president is not a russian spy. after years of rice lying around in donald trump's do you b.s. past special counsel robert mueller has concluded that he did not collude with the russians to win the election in twenty sixteen this is left many americans facing an uncomfortable truth they may have elected overlord the old fashioned way this. way which they did the hunters use undermined the one theory that was keeping the
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democrats and the paranoid liberals for having a collective breakdown the belief that trump is moscow's mind if the special counsel couldn't find any evidence he can of been looking back hard if he does spend less time searching for facts and more time watching cable news channels and reading newspapers you've found legions of experts with loads of incriminating speculation he could have used but the whole process was not a waste of time the whole report hasn't been released yet but here is what we definitely know. them you know report uncovered the truth of fake news but not from russian click farms no t.v. screens across america day off to day the trunk pages were promised a metaphorical lynching by the rachel maddow and the m.s.m. b c's of the world. next accuses the mainstream media of lying you are.
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going to have people believe. the media's. let's call it operation. maybe i'm just bad trump is second tom because it makes him look like the victim that is top level meddling without a risky inside. politics. i. mean you know that there is a whole policy of questionable characters surrounding trump unveiling one of the world's best kept secret that politics and billion as tend to attract self-serving chances. now that media is finished as there's bound to be a perrier interest that action of self reflection an admission perhaps that the hysteria went a little to do far possibly an apology from the media for being wrong for three. and a legitimate attempt to keep the anti germ feeling too deep ballot. for
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twentieth consecutive we can yell of us protesters in france have rallied against their government recent measures to ban protests in specific areas of the french capital like the iconic cities they and other major cities have apparently had little effect officials claim around thirty thousand protesters turned out nationwide while organizers put the figure at more than one hundred thousand there were clashes with police and tear gas was used to disperse some rallies dozens of arrests were made in paris and violence also broke out in the southern city of.
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we asked protesters why despite dialogue and some concessions they're still furious with their government. we have to express our discontent especially about the purchasing power of retired people which is unacceptable. to some of the you know to mysteriously haven't got any help with our salaries this patrol crisis or on democracy or climate change policy it's. so people get over how to put us in power so both distributions and equal justice are here every saturday where we'll be here until the end. we turn to the ukrainian presidential election after the break and take a look at the candidates and vying for power that more in just a minute. join
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me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see that. i do think the number. they matter to us is over one trillion dollars of debt more than ten white collar crime families. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to be ultra rich. six percent of the world market rose thirty percent some with one hundred to five hundred three per second per second and that one rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers over. the only number you need to remember one one business show you know bored to miss one and only boom but.
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it'll. welcome back ukrainians are heading to the polls this sunday to choose their next president turn out there is already reported to be over forty five percent with early exit polls suggesting that the comedian a lot of nuance and inskeep is edging ahead of the current president petro poroshenko with a closer look at the contenders topping this year's vast and colorful array of candidates here's your stuff. ukraine votes the ballot list is jampacked thirty nine names of vying for leadership unprecedented and here's a preview of the top three contenders and the dark horse. vala dimmers
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alinsky is a showbiz prodigy turned presidential most hopeful. to play the part of a ukrainian president in a comedy t.v. show but apparently took it very seriously he rallies on a premise that is a fresh face in the political free for all and the best short ukraine has at bringing down the influence of oligarchy and not sure to at least apparently supported by a prominent anti russian oligarch himself though zelinsky had already assumed to some presidential responsibilities welcoming in the new year for viewers on a major ukrainian channel owned by said all of the it desirable for terrorism. moving down the polling list a familiar face. further integration into the u. rubbing shoulders with the nato scaremongering about russia's aggression all the
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expected things dominated his push for the reelection. the old guard of ukraine's state ship seemed yulia tymoshenko fell from the political pound thing in a long time ago after being thrown behind bars in an embezzlement case but now free she's taking her best shot at ukraine's top job. she's made social issues a cornerstone of her campaign promises like huffing gas prices have proposed her towards a place on the podium and finally the most unexpected entry in the race. that's right vladimir putin dragged into the picture by the incumbent president himself who is my opponent my opponent is putin couldn't name is not among the thirty nine on the ballot of course but clearly shows how heavily he weighs on the minds of some all of that and maybe see the civil war in the east of the country for intent
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adults say it's a battle to put food on the table while a third are willing to move abroad for good ukraine votes. donald trump broke with fifty years of u.s. foreign policy on monday by formally recognizing the occupied golan heights as sovereign israeli territory. a presidential proclamation recognizing israel's sovereign right over the golan heights. its president ladies and gentlemen this is. truly no story. your book liberation comes at a time when the go alone is more important than ever for our security when iran is trying to establish bases in syria to strike you to israel the strategic territory which belongs to syria and also borders jordan and lebanon was seized by israel in
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one thousand nine hundred sixty seven and then formally annex in one nine hundred eighty one the move was never accepted by the international community. the signing triggered a wave of protests across syria on tuesday including and aleppo and damascus the country's two largest cities. it also drew the ire of u.n. security council members even washington's closest allies have emphatically rejected the move saying it sets a dangerous precedent this decision is of critical critical strategic and security importance to the state of israel the decision by the united states to recognize
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israeli suffering take over the golan heights is in contravention of security council resolution four nine seven. we are concerned that this unilateral decision not only complicates the prospect of finding a comprehensive settlement in the middle east would lead to instability in the region trumpeted in the straight apparently wants to show some generosity towards israel we would suggest the americans not to lay their hands on what is not theirs the golan heights either it will always be even heard of sovereign territory this step like many others it has taken before all showed their willingness of the united states to honor reality on the ground we asked israeli scholar mordechai katter and investigative journalist mike ready for their views on the. there's a couple of things you say and one that that just said really to i just precedent to anyone any country can take another land by force but it's also i can trump look
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very our solution is to he's on his own here really just israel and one or two other countries in the u.s. of course all the large movement countries have rejected this this move as has the use for instance as most of the people of the golan the thousands of people from the druze i think syrian troops have had no say on this matter told them so then now and still living i'll keep our territory which has now been recognized by the most imperialist power on the planet we are only the in control of the golan heights for fifty to use the good heights is actually a heaven on earth unlike the rest of syria which became in the ten where is low this is some kind of a good thing for the bitterns and everybody else josel it was also note there is the easily copied so what was our of the jewish people but. all it
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did for more than fleas thousand years so what do we need this is a commission of the world that's a look back at the biggest stories from the past seven days along with today's headline news thanks for tuning in this hour. breaks it killed. their bread for a single purpose. they have a superman. and they start training very young. eight months of intensive schooling.
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rats. and they save lives. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy on sunday shouldn't let it be an arms race in this on off and spearing dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical thought i'm time to sit down and talk. what politicians do. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected . so when you want to be president. or somehow want to. have to go right to the press this is like them before three in the morning can't
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be good. i'm interested always in the waters in the house. first said. so who is christopher manny well i grew up in several small towns throughout the midwest. from a good christian family. and join the i did thirteen a half years work in the street here everybody who was in my piece knew that they could trust including the street people. you know a lot of people don't realize but i was a single parent raising two gents ha ha i says it's racist guy. and we're returning next and my kids are of a different race today we are going to go time the autopsy report of dad's radials
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why couldn't you just talk to the fact the matter is next only to try to do and the attack was so quick and so violent you know i kept push him off and he just kept attacking what was going through your mind at that point. just as used in the film . where you got a fourteen guard shot. their fifth saying gosh are. there is no stiffening. for a bird or bird gunpowder particles on a scale and surrounding any of the entrances and when he shot the said there were a fair bit of a rock song by travel back our. hands he had a friend on the right side of the. crowd this toyota kind of faith that pressed for may have. been one of the top point poured out of fire our. meeting with the district attorney we were provided with photographs of christopher manny
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the day of the incident. there were no visible injuries to his head his neck his face shoulders his back there was a very small abrasion or a laceration to his thumb. there was a. where you said you know know if you think you missing never you go here or be so these little bits. you know if you've been struck. instantly and i remember how she might really felt like my brain's going on. i remember an officer touched me on the shoulder and i said how bad is it and i kind of left my brains pouring out and he said no you've got smarts got sprucing you've got some issues but your brains are intact.
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to police department is conducted a comprehensive internal investigation into the officer involved shooting a gun trade hamilton and red arrow park on april thirtieth two thousand and fourteen based on a comprehensive internal investigation i signed an order terminating christopher manny from his employment with the milwaukee police department earlier today. in this case always or man either produce this individual as though he were a criminal suspect even though the officer sofa reported that he thought he had mental problems upon his approach to training to deal with the mentally ill people tells you. again absent the behaving in so many sitting fashion objective the putting your hands on him is almost the worst thing you can do and fine says officer christopher manning error in jazz by not following proper police training and protocol it's important to keep in mind i ruled that the officer violated our core value of competence and i fired. d.h.
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jobs to assess criminality jonathan martin and not to. have to have to travel to happen i was very surprised that.


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