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i. am learning is opening a new plant near moscow. on the refugee crisis and investigative journalist shares with us a rare interview with one of the human traffickers involved. those with the fresh fuel for those when you get to thirty two fifty bushel reporting to your boss probably at the phone. also this hour the u.s. supreme court turned down a death row inmates appealed for a painless death saying the constitution does not entitle him to that. and an industrial port town the new found friends suffering from severe pollution
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with locals registering above average rates of cancer and other illnesses. you're watching archie international bringing you your live news update from our studio here in moscow welcome to the program first a german car giant dime large which owns mercedes is opening a plant near moscow seen as an important milestone in recent german relations the move is expected to create up to a thousand jobs your style of brings us up to speed. the production of mercedes benz some of the most prestigious cars in the world is coming to russia dimly the owner of the brand has invested some two hundred fifty million euros to launch its factory in russia.
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its production capability is some twenty five thousand cars per year as for russia though it's gain more than just money or prestige point its economy could add up to a thousand jobs thanks to this factory alone now the guest list is packed and the most high profile name on it is that of the russian president vladimir putin who came here to take part in the ceremony tomorrow and he was joined on the podium by germany's economy minister who flew in into moscow well from germany now such a high profile visit to moscow all comes amid the heightened and really under while berlin is being poached and more significant pressure from washington for basically doing business with russia it's not this particular business project in question but for instance germany and russia have been building together a gas pipeline
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a major gas pipeline nord stream designed to expand the floor brushless gas into europe and washington were really angry and has repeatedly told germany not to do business with russia in that sense and while germany's response was that well politics and business should not mix together i think no one wants to be unilaterally dependent on russia but we received russian gas not only the d.d.r. where i lived but also in west germany during the cold war and they don't see why the times today should be so much worse that we can no longer see. russia remains a partner so really the opening of this factory to the high profile visit really shows that germany is willing to make money with russia together. a people smuggler has shut light on the lucrative illegal trade revealing it cost each migrant at least two thousand euros to be taken to europe from africa the
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revelations came in a documentary by a canadian investigative journalist and filmmaker. people have to get to spin the morning where. they had to spend two thousand you know. four thousand for four thousand you know or two thousand for a few which is not got until they're in a spot you are looking. at the moment you try again. and how do you guarantee in the door when you're on the board you might not go to the auto zone. and that unless you know in the. in this bit of. big settlement. you push one and they go you and they speak how much money can you make. from the door to spain where you know. you can have two thousand two thousand five hundred or four thousand you
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know the totality fifty plus one. fifty plus one. fifth of course on everybody and by two thousand and five on their deal two thousand five. hundred both probably at the phone we had a chance to speak to lauren father who filmed that interview with the moroccan smuggler. now the moroccan man we assume at the moment is someone that would have connections within the moroccan government or be able to ensure that the coast guard would leave because we were told multiple times by people on the ground that there is a cut that people on the coast moroccan coast guard received to stop patrolling certain areas so about boats can leave from spain so this is a quite. intelligent business this isn't just a few people fleeing their country desperately getting on dinghies trying to get to spain this is a very structured business and at times he's saying it's around five hundred to
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a thousand people and. magine how much money you're making it's one hundred thirty thousand euros per boat i mean you can ten boats in a day you're making one point three million dollars why is no one talking about this massive criminal syndicate it's crazy to me to to think that anyone has been portraying this as well certainly on the moroccan or turkish side of libyan side as a humanitarian aid crisis this is almost entirely a business and anyone you speak to on the ground migrant trafficker or otherwise will tell you this about your race religion your gender in fact women are turned away often in some of these camps. spain is one of the main gate ways to europe from africa since the start of this year more than five thousand migrants have arrived in spain via the sea in two thousand and eighteen almost sixty thousand made the crossing more and sutherland again says there's little spain can do to
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control the situation. there's not much the authorities can do i don't doubt that some want to do something about this however most of these migrants and this causes chaos for both the spanish and for the migrants themselves on the advice of traffickers are told to throw their passports into the sea or destroy them before entering spain and we actually saw it with our own eyes passports that had been ripped up on the ground in these camps of morocco and the reason they do this is so that once they set foot in spain they have no way of being deported but what this also achieves is that there is no way of processing these migrants they can't be imagine how long it takes to process a person that has offered all of their history their passport their work their banking records it still takes five six seven years to get citizen citizenship in a country a person rocking up with not even a passport how are they supposed to get processed how are they supposed to get
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a job or become a citizen or even be seen as a refugee so the police can't deal with this influx of people because they can't even identify who they are and the migrants cannot become a part of the european system because on the advice of these traffickers they threw out their passports assuming they would be entering a europe that is far more they imagine is far more wealthy and more like paradise than it actually is the reality is these people end up on the streets in france they end up on the streets in italy in spain unable to be processed as citizens so the police can do what they want but there's not much they can achieve when these people cannot be identified. former u.s. vice president joe biden his tip to run for the white house and twenty twenty has been fending off allegations of sexual misconduct that swirl of negative press has taken attention away from another potentially damaging revelation ukraine's former top prosecutor is speaking to a political website the hill accuses biden of pressuring. into sacking him kill him
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off and digs deeper. former vice president joe biden is caught up in a bit of a scandal his name has been floated for the last year or so as a possible democratic challenger the donald trump in the twenty twenty elections but now everyone is talking about his habit of getting frisky with both women and girls in public he leans down smells my hair and then plants this big long kiss on the top of my head joe biden is presidential campaign hasn't even officially begun and people in china not go out of the running joe biden is facing new accusations of inappropriate behavior joe has a habit of doing things right out in the open and while everyone is focusing on this rather touchy subject some of his earlier deeds are not getting as much attention last year in an interview joe bragged about getting ukraine's general prosecutor fired he says he was standing up to corruption. commitment from porsche
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and they would take action against the state prosecutor they did this to them tell you not get the hours i said you not going to believe i'm going to leave in the year i think is what six hours and we're going to reduce sixteen hours if the prosecutor is not fired you're not getting the money. put in place someone who was solid at the time well just so happens that the general prosecutor was investigating an energy firm in which joe biden's son hunter biden was heavily invested bris milah holdings is an energy corporation in ukraine and hunter biden the son of the former vice president has made a rather handsome profit from it especially in the aftermath of the twenty fourteen events in ukraine in which pro e.u. forces took power that prosecutor was looking into three different instances of foul play from under his cash cow however all it took was a phone call from papa joe and that prosecutor was out we had the.
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and crime investigation procedures into members of the. party to members of the board obtain funds as well as another u.s. based legal entity rosemont said they could see for consulting services one might argue that perhaps joe biden had no idea about his son's financial interests they say he's the vice president perhaps he was too busy running the country to pay attention to his son's finances however if you watched any american media he couldn't a missed it. back during the ukraine events of two thousand and fourteen the white house dismissed any notion that hunter biden's financial dealings had any impact on their decisions i'm wondering if the state department has any concerns or any thoughts about vice presidents joining the board of directors of this ukrainian. gas company know he's
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a private citizen so as real isn't real as a video show that joe biden has some pretty strange proclivities and more women come forward saying they do not appreciate his affection at this point it's pretty clear that joe has an even stranger skeletons in his closet that he would like to keep very. artsy new york. responding to the accusations of harassment joe biden said he never had the intention to act inappropriately and biden has a surprise supporter. if you've been sexually harassed or assaulted write me to as a reply to this week sheen all you you have daughters. i believe dr christine bleakley for.
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what i did feel was an invasion of my politically autonomy and then the patient called my space you don't expect to be touched and kissed him caressed by the vice president of the united states in no circumstances that appropriate. i'm proud to call joe biden a friend i believe that joe biden's in town has never been to meet anyone uncomfortable and that he's kind empathetic leadership is what our own country especially now. is through it's well not age well you're losing credibility you're the seed person would make excuses for bill clinton i thought he said. the same on oh he said only what it's basically can be.
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these are democrats who have championed the me too movement standing up for believing every woman but when it comes to one of their own that clearly is going against a woman's will touching them in appropriately with sexual advances coming up behind them kissing them on the back of the head or on the back of the neck and groping them and either in private or in full public display the democrats seem to have a two tiered or a double standard i should say when it comes to one of their own and when you have a me too movement that becomes bastardized and weaponize for people that have nothing but political objectives in mind. and we're not real victims you then take the real victims and you discredit them and you and they lose their voice and that is the real tragedy here is that the me too movement has been weaponized by people in politics who are trying to use it against their political opponents and that's what we see time and time again particularly from the democrat party weaponize in this me too movement against the conservatives for their own political gain no right to a painless death and that's the verdict of the u.s. supreme court regarding people on death row that story unfold after the break.
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what politicians do you should. put themselves on the line. they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to express what you. want to. achieve right. it's like the. real people are. interested always in the lives of. their.
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welcome back present emanuel mccrone insists that protecting the environment is one of france's priorities but along picture perfect resort started coastlines in france pollution is a critical problem even putting lives at risk our europe correspondent charlotte dubinsky reports. this is for so mad on the one hand it looks like an idyllic seaside town in the south of france but you don't have to look very far to see the whole area is overshadowed by one of europe's largest industrial and so use for
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years the oil refineries chemical factories and still companies have spewed out a not just cocktail of fumes residents say that it's play to health. problem or. the main problem comes from the industrial port area which emits ultra fine particles will get into our lungs and bloodstream and cause disease in us the cancer rates here is ten percent higher than the average in france and aspirin diabetes levels also elevated this could all be avoided if the waste from the factories was processed properly daniels' not mean himself he's been diagnosed with diabetes and heart problems linked to the pollution. probably i shouldn't complain about having diabetes when some people here have several different types of cancer is an enormous problem just fifty kilometers from here none of this is happening so we can clearly see that it's a local problem with the local source there is
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a stark difference in pollution between our village and the ones further away french government reports have a good knowledge that residents here are more likely to suffer from chronic diseases like alzheimer's while women who participated in a study were almost three times more likely to have or have had cancer compared to the national average even claims that citizens benefit from some of the highest environmental standards in the world and has pledged to continue cleaning up the continent but despite taking countries like france to court over air quality standards many people here believe that the actions just don't go far enough. they're too weak they say that they need to protect industries and of course we need industry but they need to stop cutting corners and do more to reduce pollution levels the european commission even admits that twenty three of its twenty eight member states exceed air quality norms and knows that poor air quality accounts the
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permit your deaths of four hundred thousand people every year with less than two months before e.u. citizens head to the polls environmental issues and concerns like those in force so now are climbing the agenda meanwhile president michael has long been an advocate of ramping up the battle to combat climate change we are killing to be and if we do nothing our children will know the world of migrations of walls of shortage. done for this world. it is not a few q we want for ourselves ma generation will do its best. in order for your generation to us the choice to choose but it will be the duty off your generation to do the job environmental campaign is have accused him of all talk and little action people in for so many seem to feel the same way you know you are now it's on the promises he hasn't done anything yet. if nothing is done and in future years
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the situation will become very serious. and i think he wants to tackle lots of problems but when it comes to implementing them i'm not sure he's succeeding at the moment he has other things on his plate and this issue is not one of his priorities . i think there's still plenty of work to be done you know about the yellow vest movement and one of their conditions is improving the environment people here say that without immediate action the future remains for their children a bleak prospect so what do you want ski r.t. for. the u.s. supreme court has turned down an appeal from a death row inmate who asked for a painless execution a judge explain the ruling citing the constitution. the eighth amendment does not guarantee a prisoner a painless death something that of course isn't guaranteed to many people including most victims of capital crimes of the death penalty says it's not those on death
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row that suffer the most. supreme court don't have to carry out the executions the people that have to carry out their executions is the war and it's up to the pain to condemn only suffer for a moment for short period of time until the chemicals kick in electricity kick in a whatever what have you but the people that have to live with this the rest of our lives but this pain inside of them. is the people that carry these things out and we don't consider that a prisoner russell buck who is a convicted murderer who was sentenced to death in one nine hundred ninety seven his lawyers say as a rare condition that would cause tumors and his throat to burst after be given the lethal injection they said the process would result in an extremely painful death and violent quest was turned down lethal injection is the most common form of capital punishment in the us and it's done in three stages first a sedative isn't directed at
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a paralytic drug is administered which can cost suffocation a third injection stops the heart however there is no guarantee of a quick death and in some cases the process can last several hours jerry givens again says one of the reasons for botched painful executions is a lack of qualified personnel dealing with. inexperienced people to curry hold a professional task when i know you're dealing with medications and syringes and things of that nature you tell them by medical personnel trained personnel but they can't be involved in stuff like this because it's against their code of ethics so you can't have that person so you've got any experience of people doing. these things that we can't control do what we can control killing really in a modern day society where people that's education in to not to have to perform things that is executions. britain's prime minister theresa may
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has started talks with the leader of the opposition jeremy corbin in a bid to break the brags that deadlock on wednesday may announce she'd be reaching across the aisle to find support for her battle plan with corbin saying he welcomes the move over m.p.'s or less welcoming to the p.m.'s latest role of the dice. two proposals put forward for cross party cooperation to solve the brics the crisis one of them was to work with the leader of the opposition to deliver on labor breaks down the other was to work with the two hundred eighty employees across the house who will support or do young subject of a confirmatory referendum why does she trust the leader of the opposition more than the people british government is in. westminster is completely dysfunctional the important function here prime minister it is you're having formal talks with the leader of the opposition scotland will not accept the tory audie leiber breaks it
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does it remain the position of the prime minister that the leader of the opposition is not fit to govern they do not think that the labor party should be in government it is a conservative for delivering to people but to do that we need to find a way of this house agreeing that withdrawal agreement and agreeing the degree in the way for if theresa may and jeremy corbyn fail to reach a consensus theresa may could try seeking further extensions from the e.u. but that could prove unpopular at home even forcing the pm to call an election or a second referendum if harper may and carbon agree on a deal that would put the u.k. on track to leave the e.u. by may twenty second brussels though could refuse further talks which could lead to an exit without any deal r.t. host and former scottish first minister alex salman is skeptical the p.m.'s latest move will break the impasse. but says the latest prime ministerial emotional for finally get over the lying and failing negotiate is something of an orderly withdrawal as opposed to
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a chaotic retreat there is one fly in no it will of course that to the samee has already said that she is standing down as prime minister as soon as the withdrawal deal gets through so jenny carbon the leader of the opposition is quite entitled to say to the prime minister why should i believe you and this consensus agreement. you're offering me you know he have today and gone tomorrow prime minister you'll be the place by a hard black city or why don't we have an election instead and let the people decide so for treason may at least that's a new initiative will end in tears well everything about a track record tells you that it's probably not going to end out as she intended. that's a wrap up of the day's top news for now but don't forget you can always find us on many of your favorite social media platforms like twitter and facebook for up to the minute reports.
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with lawmakers manufacture consent to instant of public will. when the right wing closes the project themselves. with the flame and clear your own lives to live be the woman possible. to ignore middle of the room sick. really really really really. hard there was a crack seems to do crack when i was a little kid my dad he was like oh just so you know i got like what i needed when i was a baby boy i had a bad childhood. there's always been single mothers and african-american community
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service and slavery. i think it's more of an issue these teenagers having kids in you can expect a fourteen or fifteen year old first voted out order for him there be a father and he said check out. we actually lost our place and. my car end up breaking down and i was unable to get to work on time so they let me go in with my paycheck that i bring home i have barely enough to pay my car insurance. like gas in my car. this is a story of one of africa's giants. know his teeth that shot. on his neck isn't that
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a long. list giant is rather modest and keeps a low profile that's not him either. people are often scared of this particular giant but he is nowhere near as dangerous as that one. is a friendly giant every day with the possible exception of weekends he saves human lives. his name is isaac a giant pouched rat. and i like his brothers and sisters he was born with a passion for travel.
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isaac's birthplace was a special training center in tanzania. it's called which stands for development of landmine detection equipment that's what isaac is these are mine sniffing rat. rats are everywhere they are sociable they adapt to all circumstances and they fifteen seem dio's is with humanity since ever. they actually traditionally gets rid of all our garbage and they've been doing that. for always. mind sniffing rats are put to work in former hot spots where learned mines are among the most deadly remnants of armed conflict they're often found years off the war has ended and serious injury isn't the only problem. imagine how it must feel to live with the knowledge that there's
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a landmine lurking somewhere near your home. when i was a close up field and to help make the problem of landmines a thing.


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