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tv   News  RT  April 4, 2019 3:00pm-3:29pm EDT

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having blown out seventy three birthday candles nato calls on russia to withdraw its military advisors from venezuela but at the same time pledged to expand the alliances presence in regions on brushes doorstep. social media giant twitter lifts its ban on a french government advertising campaign after it had blocked it as part of its fight against fake news. and an iranian rights activist slams western visitors to the country who don't have a job saying they undermine efforts to abolish the law requiring women to wear the head covering the issue. i think it's i think it's ridiculous i think asking women in to come in when they come into your country to justice i'm glad inside iran
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there is a rule and there is some good. unless you change the whole system. for good evening to you this is our team international. nato has marked his seventieth birthday with a lavish bash in washington however it didn't take long for the anniversary to turn into yet another discussion of a new strategy on how to counter the supposed threat from russia let's go live to our correspondent kelly wallace. who's been following events take us through what we missed out on. well the secretary general of nato stoltenberg a he talked about a new strategy for the east he emphasized that number one nato allied countries are ready to invest more and furthermore he also emphasized that they would be stepping
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up efforts in the black sea and that would be focused on the gathering of intelligence as well as naval support for ukraine and georgia now this comes we also have some comments from a polish general who made reference to aggression coming from the east and a potential clash between nato countries and russia and furthermore a stoltenberg said that right now nato is basically conducting these exercises with the georgian and the ukrainian forces let's take a listen to what he said. so we don't. know if our efforts. to see. just to agree with it looks huge and we just agreed the package would more civilians say exercises on no to shoes which we. strongly believe or really meant for the black sea region of course will work and we don't partners georgia on ukraine now it was rather dark and pessimistic for
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a birthday celebration at this point just prior to the meeting we had mike pence and he was in turkey and he was basically telling turkey it had to choose between being a member of nato and from the what he called a reckless decision of purchasing military hardware from russia now the nato chief did not seem as upset by it he did emphasize that there could be some kind of agreement reached regarding at but he was quite critical of turkey and russia's arms deal of this is what this is what stoltenberg had to say. secretary-general do you see any resolution to the dispute with to keep on its plans to buy a russian missile defense system or ease nato going to have to do with what the turkish foreign minister says is that. it is a national decision. for you chuen a dollar to decide on determined capabilities now stoltenberg emphasize that nato does have apparatus for dialogue to resolve the dispute regarding russia's arms
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purchases from turkey's arms purchases and arms deals with russia however most of the hosts really seem to emphasize nato unity in their remarks let's take a listen. in the good news is we're in a good position a position of strength today or structures designed to empower each own not to subjugate it we maintain that standing degree of unity. now we also heard washington kind of lashing out at germany for its a low level of defense spending and we have heard that shortly afterwards germany announced it would contribute roughly one point two five percent of its gross domestic product to the military budget however that is still shy of the two percent that is set by nato the two percent minimum for military spending so it was the seventieth anniversary of nato quite a lot of issues discussed there it's going to move and bring is that it's the law
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from new york thank you. so moscow was once again painted as being a major global threat the nato secretary general got an enthusiastic response in the u.s. congress is the outline countermeasures against russia are ahead of nato birthday bash. has details he might not even have had in mind when he was doing it but the great business men of all presidents made sure everyone in the club open their wallets for nato's seventieth anniversary the clear message from prison term. help is having a real impact we see that many more than a meet the two percent card on the spending two percent of g.d.p. on the phones can there be a better gift than any oh yeah but let's keep in mind if you will that vladimir putin is the greatest gift to nato since the end of the cold war and it has provided a new reason for living if you will for nato that's right there needs to be an
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excuse for the existence of the gigantic cash devouring juggernaut and for keeping on getting new members on board weapon making firms meet customers the biggest ones happen to be from where this man is in charge if you know what i mean though since the soviet union collapsed almost three decades ago even within the alliance there were some doubts about why nato still needs to be out there in research sponsored by the bloc you may have found stuff like this if they too was created in order to act as a deterrent to soviet imperialism and to counter communism and the perceived nuclear threat and what is its relevance today there was a point when a former nato spokesman gave lectures on how the alliance was struggling to find itself when the cold war was over even russia's nukes were no longer taken as a big deal for the first time in almost fifty years the us stands on the verge of attaining nuclear promise
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e when mitt romney called russia out while he. he was running for the white house he was trolled by barack obama after all you don't call russia our number one enemy . not al qaeda russia. unless you're still start going to cold war mind war. those were the days if you think of it nato was big failures like afghanistan or libya kind of outweigh whatever the bloc would try to boast as its success anyway we even got to a point where someone from nato was daddy america the president i mean said they don't is obsolete it covers a soviet union which is no longer in existence and nato has to either be rejiggered reaching a changed for the better it didn't take long for mr trump to be reminded of russia i mean the scary version and that more folks other than saudi arabia will have to buy garlands from his military industrial complex i said it was obsolete it's no
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longer absolutely happy birthday nato and we see a pattern behavior consistent cyber attacks on nato allies and partners targeting everything from paula months to public goods. sophisticated this information come brains and attempts to interfere in the more closely itself. oh you'll be all right for a very long time reexamination is cold or for the existence of nato so is the. union in nineteen ninety one. has been one. without a purpose it's been looking for a purpose in the us it's gone out of the year or it's gone the try and. needs to find itself and what its relevancy is and it needs to remain as
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a military alliance. absent the part absent politics absent economic considerations because it's not the job of nato nato a strictly military the united states is trying to drum up the notion that moscow remains that threat in order to justify not only the continued existence of nato but actually to increase spending of their different towards to france this is from history says that it's open to dialogue with nato but claims the alliance hasn't shown willingness moscow also says it's ready to deescalate tensions between russia and bloc members. france is leading the fight against fake news doctoring a lot of battle misinformation however it seems some social media giants are confused over just how to implement it in school reports. ahead of the e.u. elections the french government information service or g.i.s.
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launched a campaign aimed at boosting voter registration but twitter found that the we thought campaign is in violation of france's own anti fake news law and through acts it and the storm broke twitter his actions were called out of date. due to does not know how to do this at this time and has therefore decided to have a completely extreme paul was sick cutting and is supposedly a political campaign they were slammed as illegal i thought it was an april fools joke to do blocks public company for voter registration so as not to respect the un to fake news transparency rules appalling and illegal too it is priority should be to fight content glorifying terrorism not campaigns to register on electoral rolls of a democratic republic after a lot of pressure twitter quickly will lead to it. after
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a lot of exchanges we have decided to allow ads encouraging electoral participation . but such burns don't always end on a high note the social media platform is known for banning and suspending accounts often without reason including those it considers russian bought. even movie accounts have been suspended for no obvious reason take the pro-life element planned off the raking in six million dollars at the box office on opening weekend it found its twitter account was banned though it was later reinstated mysteriously around one hundred fifty thousand followers were dropped and it doesn't stop that from the left to the right of politics twitter often acts as the judge and the jury so enraged to users that many are leaving the platform altogether the problems become so embarrassing to twitter that it's now going to stop and now saying how
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many uses it keeps using twitter may have appeased the french government for now but are the birds so killing overhead charlotte. arty paris. political journalist and commentator elizabeth police that it'll be a huge task for the government to fight fake news the danger in many ways both of them for breaking the rule and for the government also for breaking the law and they decided not to take the risk to be hard to regulate fake news because it's a difficult subject it's got to be tackled because the debate has become much tried and violent with the social media taking up so much space and the cost the need of the debate is pushing everybody told extremism and just something which basically has got to be a stranger into into sort of more rational discourse so i think that it's perfectly understandable that it's not easy to decide the reasons in which you could make mistakes and when was. it was it was
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a. pain to good vote and just the fact that it was initiated by the government it was the government in its rule as an abyss of as an administration more than a special specific political party they didn't say you should vote for so and so. western women who wear the hit job when they visit iran are insulting the nation according to a prominent arabian rights activist she says regarding the job as part of the country's culture goes against the hard work of activists like a self trying to abolish rules on the head covering. they say that this is a cultural issue we're very it's out of respect to the culture of iran calling it discriminatory law as part of our culture this is an insult to a nation runs banditry job law requires all women to wear it in public event of its condemnation of western women are stirred mixed reaction online. while women in the middle east are fighting for their freedom from this religious tyranny westerners think your job is
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a cultural good to. know they wear it because they're told if they don't they can't get in a state they're just being polite but everyone knows it's mandatory they know they have to otherwise they may never return as a woman fighting against a compulsory he japanese brand it's more than painful to me when i hear people say it compulsory he job is our culture it is not just look at the picture of the rand before deny nine hundred seventy nine islamic revolution. we but the issue for debating through journalism i am follow. from the counsel of x. muslims of britain. what why do i have to respect the laws when i go to another country and when for example even as a veiled person i insulted i am stopped at airports just because i am a muslim woman because i choose to wear the his job and this is something that is not mandatory for me this is something that i choose and this is part of women's freedom people who are standing against this only in order to i
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think promote the mass media. image of women as objects as sex objects is just. not for one moment she even considered the women thrown into prison. tortured raped by prison guards for choosing to remove you don't ever speak up for them you are not full you have value when you go when you are not forced to yes yes there was lots of proof but you're not going to take into account any of those women's voices because it doesn't fit your narrative you refusing to you're just lying about the about you know being made to take off your veil it's not an issue of lying look i don't know if i have the chance to talk to talk right now but you as a person you are insulting at least half a billion veiled women not inside iran outside iran as well it's not just about
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development point is they have the right to your example and they have no right that you're outside of iran are you know you know you know what i do know is that iran after the one nine hundred seventy nine revolution everybody knows that it was a people's revolution the i it's all yours it islamic one of these guys that it was an art to serve out was that a lot of it wasn't as i think asking women in to come in when they come into your country to just. way you can't do that not only that are for women from you know my our country is they then start using that as a stick to beat them with they say to them look at these non muslim women they're coming into your country and wearing his job when you're in your country you have to be more pious and them taking away their choices those are the women we never ever talk about one the people choose and majority of the people choose to be governed by islamic law one of them is to wear the hijab and the has not does not
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demean women it actually makes them become human beings and i'm not meaning known unavailable in a ceremony now is human then women who are veiled i'm not saying that this is another issue but inside iran there is a role and there is a lot of good. unless you change the whole system. britain's armed forces minister is facing a backlash after some thought he implied only a single civilian death was caused by seventeen hundred u.k. air strikes in syria and iraq as the rush to clarify his position claiming he was misunderstood it was not our position that there has only been a single civilian casualty as a result of our military action what we are saying is that we only have evidence of what we believe to have been a single civilian casualty according to the british defense ministry of royal air force strikes conducted since two thousand and fourteen more than four thousand islamic state fighters human rights organization list international released
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a damning report earlier in march accusing the u.k. of being in denial of civilian casualties in mosul and rocca. the u.k. is claiming to have carried out massive aerial bombing of densely populated cities with virtually zero civilian casualties this biggest relief and shows just how deeply in denial the movie actually is over its role in the mass bombing of mosul and wrecker. peace campaigner us a whiting says it's impossible to distinguish and i saw fighter from a civilian after an airstrike. let's not forget the ministry of defense actually only trained one civilian had been killed after months and months of claiming none the idea that you can know whether someone is an arsenal fighter or a civilian after a bomb has been dropped on them the idea that you don't have enough boots on the ground for one category of people to be identified but you do for another one i'm afraid this just absolutely stinks of propaganda from our government i don't think
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the figures would change i don't think anything that we've been given about our involvement in syria or afghanistan iraq libya have been to europe because we just don't know we keep rushing into these interventions with no idea about who retire or getting the best thing to do would be to leave the people of syria to have their own destiny in their own hands and for british troops and british planes to come back to britain. the number of people killed in flash floods in the southwest of iran has risen to sixty two the deluge which started two weeks ago has swept away key infrastructure like late organizations say the sanctions are preventing vital help from getting through. through the helicopters we try to move to people from the dangerous area to the safe areas actually be set up the camps and we distribute the tents for the four temporarily sheltering of the people and as well as a distribution of their relief items actually it is
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a living basic attempts were affected if they run their course and they have their partner at one hundred ninety one national society that our partner and somehow we receive some candle answers from them and in some cases like jemera we are going to receive relief bullets from generous cross and told to write christian thought if it's just a few others that they announce their readiness to dispatch they're really fighting we have not received any one any any in in our accounts you to the sanctions i can say and so there are a lot of people in our brought that wants to help us and want to donate their money especially iranian people who are living abroad but they cannot use our foreign currency at. the iranian foreign ministry confirmed sanctions were hampering relief efforts. since all the accounts of iran red crescent have been frozen by u.s.
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sanctions no one can send the financial aid from overseas that statement by the iranian foreign minister came on monday the u.s. government though says around only has itself to blame for its failure to cope with the flooding and rather than helping it's currently drafting fresh sanctions. and. these flights once again show the level of the rain. regime mismanagement in planning and emergency preparedness the regime blames outside entities when in fact it is their mismanagement this led to this disaster that even jail environmentalists for attempting to help iran prepare for these very issues.
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concerns in some european countries the third slung the decision to allow u.s. citizens to suit foreign firms working in cuba
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a nation which has stood by venezuela's leader nicolas maduro spain's foreign minister outlined his objections in a meeting with u.s. officials. spain rita writes it's firm rejection as a matter of principle to the extraterritorial application of national sanction boards considering it contrary to international law the us secretary of state has since announced that the law change won't now come into effect until may first it had been expected in mid april no reason was given for the change the us this isn't to allow the lawsuits relates to cuba's confiscation of american property following the one nine hundred fifty nine revolution. controlled by the cuban military and protected by a private army of children so. well in. cuba that's what you. read of spanish history at the university of newcastle out of hand the kid auger thinks that there's a high chance the u.s. will worsen its trade relations with the e.u.
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over its decision. this very dangerous line. and then you know it's going to be probably probably cultures that if you actually have. who are. foreign policy you know if there's been. in the last hour and last years the shooting found a way to really seriously whether it's war. action and risk. in a commercial war a war without. the u.s. is developing a rescue plan for venezuela's economy designed to pump cash into the country through banks smartphones and apps but even though the trump administration isn't rushing to reveal the details the plan does have one condition. the timeline is to get rid of my girl. i have no idea when that's going to be that would begin
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immediately it's a question of. getting hold of the what i call the machinery of government. in the meantime but as well it's been organizing themselves against a possible u.s. bank to military countries' peoples militia is a pretty. good. job. don't we all know the enemy and all the way to bet and so when you look at this thing i knew it was for a woman. gets another. don't . get. me that it is so in. the in the fight.
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is likely a good link this info to make it think on the thing and to put it to say for making money you'll see before me that i can also know one. thing and i would i think if they buy anything i will get some get it from there because of the promise of the fame the. thanks they without international return with updates on our top stories in half an hour. after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the boat the boat different clubs on one hand it is logical to sort of go from fields where everything is familiar on the other i want to the new challenge and the fresh perspective from time used to surprising us all or not if you think. i'm going to talk about
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football not for you or else you think i was going to do it. by the way ways of that slide here. and there was a crack seems to do crack when i was a location my dad he was like oh just a thief so you know i got like what i needed when i was a baby boy i had a bad childhood. there's always playing single mothers and african american community service and slavery. i think it's more of a issue these teenagers having kids in you can expect any said check out. we actually lost our place in october my car end up breaking down and i was unable to get to work on time sunday let me go in with my paycheck that i bring home i
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have nearly enough to pay my car insurance. but gas in my car. with no make it is manufactured consent to instant of public will. when the running close is protect them so. we can all middle of the room sick. to leave the room for the real new real world. ok imax size or this is the kaiser report. that's right not x.
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kaiser max kaiser what is happening in the world of whatever of the you know their monetary experimentation and what it entails well the first headline let's look at a chart this chart partly explains the rally if that's so you can see the global money supply and s. and p. five hundred are going up in lockstep so either you can say wow look at those markets it's a booming economy as donald trump would say and this is a sign that i'm doing amazing as the president or it could be the central banks pumping one trillion dollars into the market all this is a real crisis this is a central bank crisis there's never been any tightening there's not been any quote financial pollution or a financial tsunami just like those.
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