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tv   News  RT  April 4, 2019 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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having blown out its seventieth birthday candles nato pledges to expand their presence in regions on russia's doorstep and washington calls on russia to withdraw . from. the media twitter lifts its ban on the french government advertising campaign off the. house passed its fight against fake news. and the head of boeing says he's sorry for the three hundred and forty six lives lost in two crashes involving the seven three seven as the company struggles to.
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live from moscow washington international and daniel. thanks for joining us this hour. nato has marked his seventieth birthday with a lavish bash in washington however it didn't take long for the anniversary celebrations to turn into a discussion of the blocks expansion russia's borders because that's said to be what russia is sovereign neighbors want mixed with calls from moscow to leave venezuela because that seemingly what's washington wants so we are stepping up our efforts. just agreed with the black suv huge and we just agreed that package with more surveillance exercises on all the issues which we. strongly believe or relevant for the blacks they need to they need to leave. and we talked about that we talked about you know the usa demanding that russia would draw its really terry advisors from venezuela at the same time the united states is
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escalating its presence in the black sea didn't seem to be emphasized or really understood furthermore just prior to the meeting we had mike pence saying that turkey had to choose between being a nato member country and engaging what he referred to as a reckless decision that would be buying russia's military hardware however stoltenberg seemed to not be as critical of the arms deal as the united states is secretary-general do you see any resolution to the dispute with to keep on its plans to buy a russian missile defense system or ease nato going to have to do with what the turkish foreign minister says is that. it is a national decision. for you chuen it's on the to this determined capabilities however still member did emphasize that the purchase was indeed a challenge within nato but that nato would facilitate dialogue to resolve that
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disagreement and the hosts of the seventieth anniversary gathering seem to emphasize the unity of nato countries let's take a listen and the good news is we're in a good position a position of strength today are structures designed to empower each own not to subjugate it we maintain an outstanding degree of unity now germany in particular was called out by the united states for its lack of defense spending and we understand that most recently germany has increased its spending on military defense however it's only risen to one point twenty five percent still shy of the two percent threshold expected from nato countries so it was a seventieth anniversary birthday celebration for the north atlantic treaty organization quite a few issues discussed there a rather dark and pessimistic tone for a birthday party so i must know was once again painted as a major global. threat the nato secretary general got an enthusiastic response from the u.s. congress as he outlined counter measures against russia head of the nato they bash
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it up franco has more. he might not even have had it in mind when he was doing it but the great business men of all presidents made sure everyone in the club open their wallets for nato's seventieth anniversary the clear message from prison term . help is having a real impact we see that many more meet the two percent god on the spending two percent of the g.d.p. on defense can there be a better gift than money oh yeah but let's keep in mind if you will that vladimir putin is the greatest gift to nato since the end of the cold war and it has provided a new reason for living if you will for nato that's right there needs to be an excuse for the existence of the gigantic cash devouring juggernaut and for keeping on getting new members on board weapon making firms need customers the biggest ones happen to be from where this man is in charge if you know what i mean though since
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the soviet union collapsed almost three decades ago even within the alliance there were some doubts about why nato still needs to be out there in research sponsored by the bloc you may have found stuff like this if they too was created in order to act as a deterrent to soviet imperialism and to counter communism and the perceived nuclear threat and what is its relevance today there was a point when a former nato spokesman gave lectures on how the alliance was struggling to find itself when the cold war was over even russia's nukes were no longer taken as a big deal for the first time in almost fifty years the us stands on the verge of attaining nuclear promise e when mitt romney called russia out while he was running for the white house he was trolled by barack obama. after all you don't call russia our number one enemy. not al qaeda russia. unless you're still start going to cold war mind war. those
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were the days if you think of it nato was big failures like afghanistan or libya kind of outweigh whatever the block would try to boast as its success anyway we even got to a point where someone from nato was daddy america the president i mean said they don't is obsolete it covers a soviet union which is no longer in existence and nato has to either be rejiggered reaching a changed for the better it didn't take long for mr trump to be reminded of russia i mean the scary version and that more folks other than saudi arabia will have to buy guidance from his military industrial complex i said it was obsolete it's no longer absolutely happy birthday nato and we see a path behaviors consistent cyber attacks on nato allies and partners targeting everything from parliament to poverty rates. sophisticated this information
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campaigns and attempts to interfere in democracy itself. oh you'll be all right for a very long time reexamination is cold or for the existence of nato so is the. union in nineteen only one made has been wondering around without a purpose it's been looking for a purpose in the us it's gone out of the year or it's gone the try and. needs to find itself and what its relevancy is and it needs to remain as a military alliance. absent the absent politics absent. economic considerations because it's not the job of nato nato a strictly military the united states is trying to drum up the notion that moscow
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remains that threat in order to justify not only the continued existence of nato but actually to increase spending of their tours to france russia's foreign ministry says it's open to dialogue with nato but claims the alliance hasn't shown willingness moscow also says it's ready to deescalate tensions between russia and bloc members. france is leading the fight against fake news adopting a lot of battle misinformation however it does seem some social media giants are confused over just how to implement it charlotte has this report. ahead of the e.u. elections the french government information service or g.i.s. launched a campaign aimed at boosting voter registration but twitter found that the we use a vote campaign is in violation of france's own anti fake news law and through acts it and the storm broke twitter is actions were called out all for
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decided to have a completely extreme paul was sick counseling and is supposedly a political campaign they were. illegal i thought it was an april fool's joke to do blocks public company for voter registration so as not to respect the un two feet can use transparency rules appalling and illegal too it is priority should be to fight content glorifying terrorism not campaigns to register on electoral rolls of a democratic republic. after a lot of pressure twitter quickly relented it after numerous discussions we have decided to allow ads encouraging electoral put the spacious but such burns don't always end on a high note the social media platform is known for banning and suspending accounts often without reason including those it considers russian bought. even
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movie accounts have been suspended for no obvious reason take the pro-life element planned off the raking in six million dollars at the box office on opening weekend it found its twitter account was banned or dropped and it doesn't stop that from the left to the right of politics twitter often acts as the judge and the jury so enraged a users that many are leaving the platform altogether the problems become so embarrassing for twitter that it's now going to stop and now saying how many uses it keeps using twitter may have appeased the french government for now but all the birds circling overhead charlotte. r.t. paris political journalist and commentator elizabeth moret believes it'll be a huge task for the government to find fake news. the danger in many ways both for them for breaking the rule and for the government also for breaking the law and
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they decided not to take the risk to be hard to regulate fake news because it's a difficult subject it's got to be tackled because the debate has become much tried and vibrant with the social media taking up so much space and the course the need of the debate is pushing everybody told extremism and just something which basically has got to be a stranger into into sort of more rational discourse so i think that it's perfectly understandable that it's not easy to decide the reasons in which you could make mistakes and when was. it was you know. is it contained to good food and just the fact that it was initiated by the government was the government as in it as an administration more than a sufficient specific political party didn't say you should vote for soon so. the c.e.o. of boeing dennis has issued a public apology for two deadly crashes involving the same model within the last six months. we had boeing our sorry for the lives lost in the recent seven thirty
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seven max accident the history of our industry shows most accidents are caused by a chain of events field in march and then in these in-flight nosedived into the sea last october two tragedies involved the boeing seven three seven max eight time frame a total of three hundred forty six lives are believed to have been caused by a stabilization system which repeatedly forced the nose down to prevent stalling. and the open airlines plane was traveling from out a suburb out to nairobi carrying one hundred fifty seven people from thirty five countries the pilots had reported difficulties within the aircraft and were granted to return to airports but not able to regain control before it went down investigation is still ongoing. we can now cross live he was injured a commercial airline pilot thanks for joining us so good to have in the program today regarding this statement from boeing first of all the c.e.o. obviously offering his apology the boeing saying the company's still confident in
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the fundamental safety of that particular model do you think that's enough though to save boeing's reputation in this case i mean do you think people will now be worried about getting on this aircraft. i believe in the short term there might be concerned some concern among the public about writing on the seven three seven max but i think once it's been gone through by boeing all the problems with the corrected sort of occasion redone by the f.a.a. e.s.a. and other regulatory agencies i think in the long term the airplane will be fine and obviously both of these tragedies of believed to have been cause than it least in the mission of us to buy that safety mechanism which pushes the nose dive down when the plane goes into a school i just from upon its point of view could you describe to us what that would have looked like from the cockpit what would those pilots have faced well what the pilots faced were airspeed and stall warnings going off in the cockpit
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as well as the nose down motion that this system was kicking in to dive the airplane supposed to do it gently to help you recover from a nose high angle that would help you prevent the stall when in this case it pushes the nose down farther lower than it should be it's quite a effort for the crew to overcome that now there was an earlier instruction for the pilots worldwide to disconnect the stabilizer trim so that that system would not activate but in this case and in the previous case the system repeatedly kicked in and the pilots were forced to fight against it so the system instead of aiding the pilots was. working against them now that stability augmentation system was fed from the angle of attack sensors which have also been the focus of this investigation. there was
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a difference between the left angle of attack sensor and the right angle of attack sensor feeding into this system. the question that i would ask is why was it feeding that information to the system is there something wrong with the angle of attack sensors the way they were installed the way they were connected to the aircraft systems was their manufacturing defect i think those sensors were not. manufactured by boeing but perhaps by a third party supplier but i think everybody is focusing on the software that caused the nose down motion when i think the initial question should be why is this system which is supposed to be the most reliable and foolproof system on the airplane that gives air speed and altitude information to the computers why is that giving that information according to these reports i'm seeing the plot it's actually followed procedures recommended by boeing in this event and you mentioned
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that there was a sort of battle going on between the this was my to system and the pilots does this raise questions about just how reliable this alternate its technology is that even planes but also other vehicles whereby if some senses are going wrong if there is some sort of issue in the software in the system humans can no longer actually control these machines i mean that's quite a terrifying concept. right and that is a as you say a terrifying concept we should always be able to override any electronic system software system protection system on the airplane. what they did in this case was incorrectly to deactivate the stabilizer trim system but when you do that the system becomes in operative and the electrically so the pilots can trim back to the nose up position so in effect if they were and i haven't read the full report yet but if they were flying around with the trim stuck in
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a nose down position they would be fighting that constantly without being able to effectively undo that in any way. far as i know and i'm not an. expert but i don't have crashes are caused by pot arrow as opposed to things going wrong with the plane itself. with planes becoming more with technology you know developing with planes becoming more intelligent computers on board doing everything we see some sort of us trend here almost with you know with that added responsibility on this technology that more hours could go wrong with that as opposed to actual human error. i don't believe that would be the case i think that the technology on all the airliners that are out there today are at appropriate level and they do help protect the flight crew from inadvertent errors that being said in this case in this case in particular the systems were not helping the pilots so
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i think that that needs to be looked into more and i'm certain that it's being looked into by boeing and the regulatory agencies so that these kinds of things will not happen again and if they do that the pilots will be able to disable the system without. too much extra training the training that was put out was. i would say fairly minimal but. if the pilots followed the recommendations and the training guidelines and the airplane was still not controllable then that's a bigger problem yeah of course we'll have to wait to see what that full report says of course to come to any full conclusions about what happened keith commercial and i'm part of thanks for your take that i had on the international. dozens of people have been killed in flash floods in southwest the rod will have more on that story and others still to come.
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what politicians do. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when one of the first entry. points somehow want. to be like the pros this is what before three of the more people. interested always in the water. should. they search and you can in the politics of this issues and the what's in the hollywood movie because in contrast to hollywood movies you do not know what the next step on the major developments you know because it's just like us at all that's a must but you know i also have alum of the film idea like the comedian even elections
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and you have the violence a lot of developments which would not be possible to have in what you would movies this is why you politics is so interesting. the program the number of people killed in flash floods in the southwest of iran has risen to sixty two the huge which started two weeks ago has swept away key infrastructure local aid organizations say sanctions are preventing vital help from getting through. to the helicopter as we try to move people from the dangerous area to the safe areas actually be set up the camps and we distribute the tents for the four temporarily sheltering of the people and as well as distribution
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of relief items actually it is a living basically attempts were affected if they run their course on society they have their partner one hundred ninety one national society that our partner and somehow we receive some confluences from them and in some cases like gen margaret wells we are going to receive relief in their relief items and that we have some some others just feel that there's that they announced their readiness to dispatch to really fight we have not received any one any any in in our accounts you to decide actions against and so there are a lot of people in our brought that wants to help us and want to donate their money especially iranian people who are living abroad but they cannot use our foreign currency at the iranian foreign ministry confirmed that sanctions were hampering relief efforts since all the accounts of iran red crescent have been frozen by u.s.
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sanctions no one can send the financial aid from overseas. that statement by the way in foreign ministry came on monday the u.s. government though says iran only has itself to blame for its failure to cope with the flooding and rather than helping it's currently drafting new sanctions. these floods once again show the level of the iranian regime mismanagement in urban planning and emergency preparedness the regime blames outside entities when in fact it is their mismanagement this led to this disaster they even jail environmentalist
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for attempting to help iran prepare for these very issues. washington's latest attempts to ramp up the pressure on venezuela raising concerns
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in some european countries madrid slammed the decision to allow u.s. citizens to sue foreign firms working cuba a nation which is third by venezuela's leader nicolas maduro spain's foreign minister lined his objections in a meeting with u.s. officials. spain read to rate its firm rejection as a matter of principle to the extraterritorial application of national sanction boards considering it contrary to international law or us secretary of state a sense that our it's the law change won't come into effect until may the first that had been expected in mid april low reason was given for the change the us decision to allow the lawsuits for rates to cuba's confiscation of american property following the nine hundred fifty nine revolution it's all part of donald trump's pressure campaign on how violent over his decision to back where they were . controlled by the cuban military and protected by a private army of children so. well in.
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cuba that's one reader of spite of history at the university of newcastle of how little could all go thinks there's a high charge the u.s. will worsen its trade relations with the e.u. over its decision. britain interest line. and the united states are going to be probably probably cultures that if we actually have. to fix if we can with you know. who are and then another creation in. international law because foreign policy you know it's been hard to wrap take in the last and last years and the shooting found a way to really seriously whether it's war. action and risk. a commercial war a war without. end union. is this our facts are things that are the international or back in thirty minutes with the latest global news update.
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everyone wondered what i was going to do next the ball different clubs on one hand it is logical to circle from fields where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and a fresh perspective i'm used to surprising. or not if you think. i'm going to talk about football narvi or else you can think i was going to go.
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by the way ways of the fly here. china has arrived in europe in a very big way and not everyone in the west welcomes this italy support of china's belgian road initiative is a game changer the washington consensus that has dominated the world for the past seven decades is being challenged to turn to the east continues. u.s. veterans who come back from war often tell the same stories. were going after the people who were killing civilians they were not interested in the wellbeing of their own soldiers either they're already several generations of them so i just got this memo from the circulated ventured off that says we're going to attack and destroy the government and seven countries in five years americans pay for the wars with their money others with their lives if we were willing to go into harm's way
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and willing to risk being killed for a war then surely we can risk some discomfort or uneasiness for. this is a story of one of africa's giants. know his teeth that shot. down his neck isn't that a long. list giant is rather modest and keeps a low profile that's not him either. people are often scared of this particular giant but he is nowhere near as dangerous as that one. is a friendly giant every day with the possible exception of weekends he saves human
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lives day is. his name is isaac a giant pouched rat. and i like his brothers and sisters he was born with a passion for travel. isaac's birthplace was a special training center in tanzania. it's called up open which stands for development of land mine detection equipment that's what isaac is these are mine sniffing rat. rats are everywhere there are sociable
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up to all circumstances in the fifteen same deal as this with humanity since ever.


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