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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  April 6, 2019 12:30pm-12:59pm EDT

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our. since i last brought you that report there has been a little more coverage of it the nation magazine did an article for and did another article in just a few weeks ago and that tell you wrote about it in-depth in rolling stone then in a few a few months ago i brought you another report about the huge number of whistleblowers the g.a.o. but you already know this i've covered it before so why am i bringing it up again well now the g.a.o. has come out with a new report showing the total defense sorry organized human murder machine and it's nearly a thousand. oh i'm sorry pearlie the wrong it's ten thousand whistleblowers come what what i'm trying to do what oh oh oh. oh oh nearly all hundred thousand come on that's just stupid is that is this robbie robbie you know you've got numbers you do come and i swear to god show me show me day show me to put up the quote from the government accountability office put it up
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that if you're so sure rob a god or somebody and i don't know how do you put on the cover. story go to cynically the department of defense inspector general identified eight substantiated violations of whistleblower confidentiality between fiscal years twenty thirteen and twenty eight and six hundred thirteen contacts handled by the inspector general during that time ninety five thousand over five years yes i know you were right something other shows are. in this thing is the government accountability office was trying to brag in that sense they were like yeah we only breach the confidentiality of point zero one percent of our ninety five thousand whistleblower give blades are only heroes. but of course everyone just walks away or ninety five and that's like saying hey man of the ten thousand dolphins killed not a single one has accidently been a human. well i'm glad to hear that but you killed ten thousand dolphins
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to try to get the ninety five thousand number to make a little sense the averages that averages out to a whistle blower every six minutes of every business day for five straight years that waiting room must be insane all right must be busier than ben and jerry's on free cone and. by the way don't ask for the cone first because you will spill it. but maybe this number shouldn't be that shocking when you have twenty one trillion dollars of unaccounted for adjustments it means a lot of money parts pieces and devices are flying around without any accountability likely creating loads of fraud which would probably create loads of whistleblowers for example there's a time in two thousand and three the u.s. sent twelve billion dollars in cash to iraq and watched it vanish nearly two
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hundred eighty one million one hundred dollars bills waiting three hundred sixty three tons of things that whistleblowers might have come forward. to say due to use of blocks of cash to squash mice at the air force base is that normal or is that weird. or here's another example of journalist david de graw highlights from the government accountability report according to a department of defense official during an initial audit the army found thirty nine blackhawk helicopters that had not been recorded in the properties just identified four hundred seventy eight buildings and structures twelve installations that were not in the real property is just a mess the army lost and then found thirty nine helicopters in the air force lost and then found four hundred seventy eight buildings ready to lose a goddamn building are they moving that fast did you have trouble keeping track of how quick. they were running unless you just had
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a bad break up with david copperfield there is no act what price. do it it must suck to divorce david copperfield do you think you're going to take the house. one house. yeah yeah i know the kids were in there i go don't worry everyone i've made disappear has come back by seventy percent of the time. you see this madness stems from the fact that the pentagon has its standard operating procedure of simply making up numbers to fill their books which for normal human beings is termed fraud. here's from a twenty thirteen a renter reuters a ford linda woodford spent the last fifteen years of her career inserting phony numbers in the department of defense's accounts one for and her colleagues were told by superiors to take unsubstantiated change actions in other words enter false numbers commonly called plugs to make the navy's totals match the
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treasuries no fair if not lying to the american involvement is just unsubstantiated change action. such change action i'm sure they'll love that. so the sum this up the pentagon gets fifty five percent of all the discretionary tax money we pay to our government fifty five percent they have no idea of where or how it's spent they make up the numbers resulting in tens of trillions of dollars of unaccounted for adjustments they lose helicopters buildings and in a few instances i'm not kidding even nuclear warheads proof what nuclear war. there is loads of fraud and corruption at every level and thousands of whistleblowers have tried to come forward every single one of the six minutes when they do over ninety percent of them are dismissed without even being investigated and i can't. i believe we're seeing this much corruption from our organized human
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murder machine all right you know was a big. thing thank the lord thank you because it was probably going to dollars a year of taxpayer money and would be the department of an authorized highly secretive man your company was it easy to buy the fish yet. they were. going to. come on they can only take the news from behind where you start off with the snowden the massive trove of top secret documents that edward snowden leaked in two thousand
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and thirteen it revealed to all of us that the n.s.a. is watching all of us the intercept is the only outlet with the full archive and they have done some wonderful reporting on that information packet them around a blog giving others a rather was a was. in the boldest move of all they have decided to stop that reporting just yesterday intercept has shuttered the snowden archive gnomes and those ten percent prove that we live in a dystopian horror show in which we're all suspects held at the whim of a terrifying at all in compassing anonymous by on tuesdays and oh well i guess this means there's only one choice edward snowden you need to sneak back into the n.s.a. so you can relate the documents this time to someone better. to get to it than come on snowden coast and brain. for once they intercept has
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said they can't keep reporting on the snowden archive because of the cost tell me about it reporting on stuff takes all this. and then. the last time the fact this israel's largest banks had to pay over one billion dollars in fines for a u.s. tax evasion scheme in this book in order to show full respect to another country's cultures and customs you try to behave in the same way they do so that's all the israeli banks were doing they looked at our culture and they were way better commit some tax fraud. on a huge scale. or else it was a group. to be impolite. i mean i mean you gotta feel bad for the big banks they're trying to cling on but they serve no purpose except to exploit people most of their profits come from government subsidies aka welfare so they're only dominant until the masses of average people
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realize the truth and move their money elsewhere big. axon tiger mart all right it used to be you were on the road we would all be you know we all bought our coffee there until we found out there were other places to buy coffee that didn't taste like the inside of a carburetor. it's also the same for a dirty fuel like coal you know we keep using it because we haven't realized there's something else to use the new report shows about three quarters of power produced by the nation's remaining coal plants is more expensive for american households than renewables including wind solar and hydro power come on we want to push the willow blowing in the reviews. and hydro power water we dikes holding back the water all the. solar wind away flaming hot sun getting power. on nuclear fusion. oh we are
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big men or women or non-binary and we get our power by digging into the earth and burning the rocks from the cold war until the c o two stuff i had thought i'd have . a strong they did the right thing wrong. it makes perfect sense to keep using the unsustainable more expensive more dangerous extinction causing fuel rather than the cheaper sustainable unlimited readily available fuel right and a perfect sense i mean to say the coal industry is very powerful. and although we don't have show sponsors here reject it tonight big call has agreed to pay us a lot of money if we give them a product placement but we would never do that here. hold on my desk is a little dirty here i don't know what happens but this is. the world over.
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well yeah round up. that's my choice any time i want to get cancer. in fact if you go around might be lying about how great it is giving you cancer this week a u.s. jury says a bear must pay eighty million dollars to a man who got cancer from roundup and that is just one of thousands over the similar lawsuits going through the courts right now bare bought monsanto like last year because they were in the market for billions of dollars of litigation and. monsanto was willing to sell to bear because their brand likability ranked just below the bog of eternal stench. actually looks like round up done and. the plaintiffs in the suit edwin hardiman worked with roundup for years before developing non hodgkins lymphoma and see that's the problem though that's the problem is. not just round up the ball here it's also working very good and right
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now congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez said recently we should not be haunted by the specter of being automated out of work we should be excited by that but the reason we're not excited is because we live in a society where if you don't have a job you are left to die. thank god thank you thank god of all she talks the third rail of american politics you know composing the ideal that working or dissolve until we collapse into a heap at the end of our life might not be the meaning of life. you can't say that as an american politician you can cause others or you can send a people should die because they can't afford health care but you can't question analysts weren't you can say that people in other countries are dumb and but you can't question analyze weren't you can say that we should be surveilled that there
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is no right to privacy that bombing innocent civilians is ok but you can't question that way for three hours you can see actually are asked numerous women you can blurt out raises and have a history of war crimes all of that totally rad but you can't question i love one thank you. american way your work at a job yet every day to be able to afford a vacation from the job you hate. you know we have to fight automation because this system right now is perfect it's a system built on the idea that will do anything for money i mean not me i have the utmost integrity and on an unrelated note i highly recommend coal. is the only way to power this planet also makes for a great snack. i know. that's
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a good phrase like i'm trying to get going for the really don't want to go get it right but i've lived up to the rest of. your department to do our job. right out oh it's all the other stuff. like there was a crime scenes to do crack when i was a little kid my dad he was like. just so you know like what i needed when i was a baby boy i had a bad childhood. there's always been single mothers in african-american communities ever since slavery. i think it's more of these teenagers having kids. you
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can expect a fourteen or fifteen year old first daughter now order for him to be a far there and he said check out. the last place and. my car end up breaking down and i was unable to get to work on time so they let me get my paycheck that i bring home i have merely enough to pay my car insurance. gas in my car. but the number. they've mastered us is over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten point zero or more and empty this. eighty five percent of global will you want to be with the six percent. world market. since some
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with one hundred would prefer second person in this way rose to twenty thousand. china's building two point one billion dollars you don't feel part but don't let the numbers over. the only number you need remember one one you know for. one and only. in the world of political much making the european union has long put values before wealth as its most desirable and tribute. to the time it takes for the e.u. to make a policy decision china can set up a whole new industry values that's attractive to potential.
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you know christian foundation or n c f is the nation's eighth largest public charity that gives money to christian organizations but a look at some of the groups receiving donations from them seems to reveal that n.c.f. doesn't care much for the part of the bible that says love thy neighbor as thyself for more on this we go to our senior sacrilegious correspondent now let me. tell you it sounds like it sounds like the n.c.f. is donating to some gnarly groups here and they hold a lot of power right here and being that they're the eighth largest public charity they're making that that much harder for my charity the national christian bale foundation. in complicity. what kind of charitable causes he promoting what do you mean this charity is this beautiful face look at it that.
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another group needs to work on their giving strategy here ok well we can do one hell of a lot better than the national christian foundations all we have to do is not give tens of thousands of dollars to hate groups like the david horowitz freedom center whose founder called muslims islamic nazis and then hire an anti muslim bigot robert spencer who according to the council on american islamic relations operates the blog of jihad watch which depicts islam as an inherently violent faith a man who went on a killing spree in norway back in two thousand and eleven cited spencer's blog sixty four times in his manifesto i have a blog. or even a movie characters he played wouldn't have a jihad watch plot not batman not that boxer in the fighter not dick cheney. dick cheney would definitely do that but not the others so the national grist of others is donating to groups who inspired people to do hateful things call me crazy
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but some of the little un-christian leave it leave the n.c.f. is just following what's actually the motto for the national christian bale foundation which is christian in name not in practice. especially since in c. after nations. muslim and anti immigrant groups rose to over nineteen million dollars and twenty seventeen plus the n.c. up as a donor advised fund which means a person can make an account with and see out then ask them to give their money to whatever groups they want and clients donate to donor advised funds anonymously so even the i.r.s. won't know their identities that way they can hide their donation the same way i hide from group photos at an imagined dragons concert. which to be honest is understandable because in both cases if we're found out we'll be ridiculed for the rest of our lives. well these donors should be ridiculed ridiculed i mean given how many islamic charities and muslim n.g.o.s live in fear that they'll be accused of having ties to terrorism all. a christian organization doles out millions to groups
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that think gay people and muslims are solved human and should exist not every charity is so deceptive there's one called the amalgamated foundation which actually launched the hate is not charitable campaign and march in response the n.c.a.a.'s the nation's amber have a group of twenty foundations who make sure they are funding divisive groups like people who think ben affleck was the best batman certainly not the flag for hate speech right right. right we were right for you because there's that i'm sure it'll be only good news coming from the world famous chocolatiers that bring more tears than chocolate redacted correspondent only carafano brings us to the raging controversy. as the largest food company in the world is under fire for
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a brand of water it owns it turns out poland spring is not from natural springs nor from any springs nor from the poland spring of maine nor from poland poland that would be now. you know what it would probably be more offensive if i attempted to pronounce it no one drop of poland spring water actually qualifies as spring water a class action lawsuit says. bring speaks for herself in this sad i don't. come from street. tree. one percent. on the one hand that is authentic because if water could talk she would obviously sound like a phone sex operator gasping for air but in the words of the plaintive she's actually a colossal front perpetrated against american consumers one hundred
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percent. so what is in every bottle is it the nestlings piss well close it's actually common ground water that has been illegally mislabeled in order to reap massive sales. water i think i could make it sound refreshing if i just say with enough wind. ground water. from the ground go outside and look at a pastor of animals grazing. now think about that. spokespeople from nestle claim the f.d.a. state and federal officials already approved the sale of the water as spring water the lawsuit says the company built and maintained six phony manmade springs to comply with the law regulators got suspicious when nestle's employees started to
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congregate by blue spot or no it's worse one or more of the company's wells are near a present or former human waste dump land one hundred. round border. you know for water source here. what's more disturbing is that nestle has forty nine separate brands of bottled water in thirty four countries and the company has been accused in the past of going to weak regions and buying water sources for next to nothing. is growing over where the world's top bottled water or to serve gets its supplies nestle collects millions of gallons a year from springs in southern california an area that's actually prone to drought well this was all legal as nestle adhered to my age old legal principle of find
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just keep the patent pending then in michigan many say nestle is partially to blame for the flood crisis where water is on drink people nestle pumps one hundred thirty billion gallons a year of water nearby but it does pay the state of michigan two hundred dollars oh year for that water allstream c.e.o. who wants to control all of the world's water comforted us in his native german that water should not be a human right there's a cost to everything even the slave labor nestle faces lawsuits for using to source its cocoa the company said slavery reporting requirements could cost customers breaking news not using slavery will cost more money for you not for nestle. to thank you drink this coffee this is naomi caravan in reporting from nestle headquarters. tonight.
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we're going to come to you if you're in july you'll learn. pentagon pressuring congress for extra ten billion dollars to build a high tech pit to hold all their money. and in three themself out of his job. and now i was kind of a sad laugh i like the. area finally one week from now. after losing court battle bear exact point to all of run of the good work clearing world of butterflies and beaver airport that's our job but you get content like fair.
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young elephants but also be caught up unfortunate. i do believe the elephant smile i see it in the salons the home of the expression changes. believe. it bernie made a fatter army and said if you don't buy into my ponzi scheme on going to shoot my gun to you even though the ponzi scheme was well known to be a ponzi scheme m.d.s. you see it investigated bernie madoff police twice before they found the boss of them and they it was a well known ponzi scheme invested by well the us dollar is a ponzi scheme why do people want the u.s. dollar because if they don't the u.s.
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military said and they're obliterated whether it's a rack or libya or some other place like this around and so that's what we're going to set a new york times right he said the u.s. dollar is worthless it's backed by law. and you should look into. this if you believe. that choice if you just want to do a good. deal think it was national guard coming off. the top of the plate you talk a little. bit some locals are going to pull from. their capital support school board of these critics one of the biggest musical getting you to leave because the. shingle might have to be smeared. all over the city if you. oppose someone.
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because of the style if you believe that e.g. . i'm going to. tell you this what it says is a press strategy agreed by a court order in the united kingdom to be used in the event wiki leaks founder julian assange is extradited to the u.s. so the fueling rumors that whistleblower is about to be expelled and this refuge in london. police in paris used to gas and arrest will the twenty people this protest is that gather for the twenty first consecutive weekend of antigovernment yellow vests rallies. and supporters and opponents of the venezuelan president are
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preparing for a new wave of protests and all the opposition leader announces a new plan to topple nicholas.
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