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the dialogue is summarized here. the p.p.o. so deputy claims the two can constantly tells lies. he also asserts the dragon himself is to blame for having to leave his family because of what he has done. the sheriff's office denies any responsibility for do. michael dog the chief deputy in the palm beach county sheriff's office don't work for the sheriff's office and so i think the ninety seven. really long time gardner is actually very knowledgeable when it comes to police dog or is not some guy he's very well educated probably should be the sheriff at the end of the day and he's kind of created the entire culture of what i call the culture of corruption. at the sheriff's office i found my dog or. he was who ultimately pushed me out of the work i've stroked. my dog
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unfortunately i think. might think she's been attacked by mark. and maybe rightfully so. do you mean the pictures where the sheriff and chief deputy are defeated as nazi leaders. the officer replied that those pictures were a very minor transgression referring instead to opponent graphic images that he claimed to going to a doctor to include senior officers faces. some of the star i have. some of the photos of you know. bradshaw bending over the chief and vice versa a village if you're a car. you know sorry. it's not the. jury waiting. for helpful is a prankster as well i wouldn't have caught it on there and i didn't like that but there were some when you. a child this. takes attention away from the real corrupt
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activity and it makes the chief look too much like a victim. the senior deputy claim the john dougan frequently post pictures online and then denies doing so the the photo was posted on my website i'm not the originator of that. photograph but i kept it on the site at the top. and i kept it on. because. dog. is very representative of where they are was do can responsible for those posts i don't know there is no way to know. that under me and what i'd call the when i called our dog or i'd make sure that it came from my account but how do you know that it was. not somebody else. to see in your office or is quite
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a bit off to succeed of experiencing what he calls harassment. he's able to recognize to writing stuff. and dog or with all of their errors are nothing more than employees people. need to make fun of them their laughable. their laughable thinks or. so we were trying to get to asking for an interview the fewest you have is where you need to talk to first and. no. negative to see you tom or do.
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i realize they were falling back in two thousand and thirteen like seeing strange cars. topple. people in photographs and i knew i was under investigation when the cheap deputy. mike the dog or went to my wife please please tell my wife to have taken the lead like they really wanted mark fuken is what i believe and they still do they still want mark do good but these are already looking for him they want him to do the song because they just want to arrest. him they just can't find something good in you know but they just want to arrest him he gave them a reason they got twelve thousand. published them all it was the names of the local police for lauderdale west palm beach police p.b.s. still broward sheriff's office miami police and f.b.i. that probably is the day he went too far it's
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a felony yes published to the public i'm against it only because i don't want to endanger their lives or anybody else by a little bit and as nasty and disrespectful unprofessional. as look let's try my dog or if you are i'm not going to stoop to the level to deal with the reason i did it right. for me well lou. playing by their rules whenever we. want to. hear more. about one of you know what they're like mark. and there are definitely. there are a lot of. weird normal for some of them are you. going anywhere on. detective kenneth marquis lewis
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he's a one year twenty five year veteran of the sheriff's office he retired back i think in two thousand and five but they brought him back on a part time basis specifically to start. to investigate the sheriff's. political enemies so he was sort of like. harvey keitel in pulp fiction. for this year and. i don't think it worked out a way because he admitted to everything when. the male voice called him on the form so if someone attacks. you might have given. life. that's right. you want to know how i got mark lewis to believe that i was
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a woman let me show you how. my name is jessica beautiful woman and i'm moving to your area let's meet. a little mark lewis i mean just. beautiful woman and i'm moving to your area soon. told him i was a woman moving down with my boyfriend and i began flirting with him if i ever wanted to trespass tried to preach. try to. act on. apparently he likes this woman and they start talking hours and he starts telling her. all the stuff he would be including back
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in i pretended like i was just this amazed young girl who was in all over his skills and capabilities factory that has. got a down market. he went to russia any part of you than this and that a picture of me as the figures before you ever and we knew where he was. cheating. you know. i could even tell you whatever they used on a scam and. this is really bad stuff i mean if the government can do this it's it's unbelievable so many federal crimes here. you know but nobody ever held this guy accountable it's weird that we have a journalist from. a russian news media. that's more
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interested. in this than our own. people you know i was very entertaining it was exactly what i said from the start of this dad the sheriff has a political machine that is designed to keep him. finally the officer is adamant that he himself has not heard the thirty second recording. even so he's certain that lewis would have been well aware that he was talking to. and not to a woman. and for that reason he didn't deliberately trash. i think that he may add one point past that he would doubt that he was getting set up but probably not for the first four five six hours of their conversation if if mark lewis knew he was talking to do why did he tell him all this stuff.
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why would he be telling all this stuff because all the stuff he was telling me i checked into it they are all true when he gets arrested what jail do you think he's going to be one hour. i'm going to. now. that's why you don't stay in the county jail it's our to know that the. fix on. here that you are just there in charge. from congo i came. around. the big huge blast at a file. there how do you remember me telling you this as a little. going to be somebody's girlfriend whether you like that or not you hear recordings of police officers talking about how they're going to make sure he dies in prison and then they're going to put him down below with the child molesters i mean we've heard recordings of that by known police officers that's
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creepy. my only choice i think would be to call i. mean what would you do if you know you're facing imminent death ok just because they don't want you to talk anymore what would you do really. it's it's. plain slate. i've been saying the numbers
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mean something they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime families each day. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to be rich eight point six percent world market rose thirty percent some with one hundred to five hundred three per second per second and this one rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars. but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only number you need to remember one one business showed you know the mid one and only boom box. live. this is. the first one to. one hundred pounds
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live. at the. it's a look which are going to push me. there but will support school board if these projects one of the list was a good thing you believe because the. showing of the why for the smear. poll has. the post someone namely the president also wants to tell you what to do.
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in my house he's raided. by the. i realized it was time to flee to leave the country my kids. just went off to school when i walked into the front door. i noticed that there was a black ford pickup truck parked in front of my home i figured. i put on the i went back and i put on the key shirt and i walked out and halfway through the truck door opened and there was a guy plaid in a black vest he jumps out with his gun and i had people jumping out of the trees and coming from behind the how this woman in all directions on the ground on the ground. me into the back of an f.b.i.
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vehicle i received a phone call. said mr nugent. presidio so this is a just so so of the f.b.i. . mark and we need you to come and pick him up on. you know we'll set up a meeting i'll tell you whatever you want to know. and the hand they let me out of the handcuffs and he told me to leave while the thrift my house was in the car ran off there. and there were police course all over the bush f.b.i. a sheriff's office. they the f.b.i. said they had forty five people go through their apartment oh my dad team. and an f.b.i. vehicle followed up. to my dad would point out how i just knew that i had to lead them to chill and. crazy he was serious terrified. he said don't kill
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me it's a casual he asked me if i would see about trying to get his passport back they could have very well have said no we are not giving the passport back and that would have been the end of it however they say they gave it back to me when i heard mark was over in russia i decided i needed a new way to escape. and i went to my attorney's place and i gave him a package sent to my children. in the old going to happen to me to be honest with you in the package with the letter and a new tablet that i had gotten because you know the f.b.i. they took the took everything they took bunny tablet the the cook every computer that was in my home. you know if my kids didn't have any way to do homework so i bought them a tablet as a gift. that i had to leave. really
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terrible because. they were six and eight at that time and. father just. the father that they see every morning that loves them so much. you know even even. situation because they're two young. children. are really into the bedroom and we took a little together and i gave her
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a hug and she was laying there she knew something was wrong. and it might be a very long time before i can see you again. and we just sat there on the bed. you know both of both of us. i was thirty five years in jail if i didn't get murdered. and you know how do i explain to them. well. you'll never see me because i'll be put in a prison somewhere if they don't have killed. at this point i had a truck that i had registered seven years i had to leave it on the north side of.
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i went to the. mall a. lot of women from stores i went to one of the dressing rooms i think it was like dillard's or macy's. i took a different way out of the mall to try to lose a spark there waiting for me to start to drive north with the. very. i couldn't fly out of my past or walk. through that the only way to get past p.s.a. was to get into canada without me being in the normal channels. i
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called around to. different places airplanes and i found a guy with a cessna one seventy two who was willing to fly me around i told him i was writing a book on plate tectonics and then i just had to fly over canadian territory to photograph and g.p.s. coordinates for the book and then we would live in the united states again doesn't require any clearance from the t.s.a. and as soon as i got over certain g.p.s. coordinates which i knew that there was a smaller strip i would fake a medical emergency the art of that we landed i jumped out of the airplane i grabbed my bag threw the guy some cash and i took off i went to the coast took a bus to toronto drano i took an airplane.
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i was just thankful to be here but honestly i was i landed in russia. what water of relief. off my shoulders to know that you know i was at least going to be safe here but i've given up given up to be. a fetus growing up now going off to be a result of the. that i've given else depends on. thought i probably ended with six or seven hundred dollars. and. you know a point i was even thinking about. work or worth trying to get money. i just knew that when i got here i'd be ok i never felt unsafe in russia actually for me personally being in russia. feel safer than the union will seek student in the united states we're going to the factory where my tables are manufactured in
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solution or. i just started a company called my company builds computer tables and i design them and build them and when i see computer tables they are tables with computer components integrated into the tables. this is the factory where my tables are made. this is a very cool laser cutter it takes this sheet. very fine leader of the minute all around the metal gamers happened to love these computer games and you did so many prestigious events like promised secure in russia. and i've shipped a couple of them internationally kids so you know that's what i'm doing. i'm writing a book at the moment. if you look. this is all lead. and
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even. my logo is laser cut into the metal. metal. and. so these are the studs. these are the legs for it. so. those just fits on. the. chart. like that and it's difficult because they can you know i can't have a normal job like i can't work for an american company. because. you know once a company finds out that you know i fled the united states for political asylum they're not going to hire me really work for a russian company because i don't speak russian. very well so the fine is for is finding a stable job it's incredibly difficult. i've had people contact
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me off for me to come back i had one person offer me you know to tell information that i have i might have about russia. in exchange for you know amnesty back home and do it you know. russia was incredibly generous and give me asylum here and. for me you know it's my country now. that's great or really a. goal doing it on that mat in the grass it could catch your ankle awaits you stepped in dog poop. marks mother and last december. christmas eve when my mother died but my brother was devastated. but it couldn't be you know. they
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didn't always talk a lot and sometimes they go back and forth it's bought a lot. but in the end you know we're family. and you know because what my government is i wasn't able to go home and say my goodbyes so. i had to tell her goodbye over the telephone which was difficult. and she died fifteen c. i had a very rare cancer called mantle shell in foam which is a blood cancer you know with the sickness i've got right now i can't drive i don't think i'll ever see my father again. he probably has ten years left in. him never make the journey over here probably never see my aunt again. lost my family. it's easy to say it wasn't worth it it's very easy to say that. that's true you know because somebody's got to take
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a stand so. nobody ever takes a stand against anything that's bad. our world is going to go very bad my family doesn't understand the decisions that i made sometimes i don't understand the decisions that i made but i think what i did was the right thing no matter if it made a difference or not it could have made a difference. it's not the kind of the world you want to live and. not want the world that i want all these children what i do it over again knowing what i've lost . i don't know if i would. but if you ask me if i think i did the right thing. yeah i did do the right thing. marco. i can't wait to have a beer with. hopefully sooner than later. montes
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khalid al hotep international memorial awards twenty nineteen are now open for entries. media professionals are eligible whether you are a freelance journalist work for alternative media or part of a global news conference to participate in sunday published works and video all written phlox go to award dot altie dot com and enter now.
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i remain very much opposed to military intervention i am opposed to it because i fundamentally do not believe it is in u.s. interest there are several issues at play in venezuela one is the terrible terrible humanitarian state into which venezuela has fallen under the regime of the first of which i wish to now nicolas maduro that alone in my opinion is not a justification for an american invasion. bests drugs were cocaine as were four bucks for the under fifty it's the everybody use cocaine. cocaine you can smoke it this is worth like fifteen thirty. twenty. car came to this is about a fifteen dollars bet and people smoked this one bigger second sweetie you can find
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these drugs in any city any united states was a long as you want to get it about the. make money. and that's one of the day. we came here where did you work before you came here when you live. in many us states capital punishment is still practiced convicted prisoners can spend years waiting for execution but most of the time the victims' families they are very much in favor the death penalty there are some people because of what they did have given up their right to live among us some even proven. true and how many more years is it going to take before we as a society realize that this is not working and we actually do something about.
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the. crisis talks at the u.n. security council see russia and the u.s. a lot of corns over venezuela as america's vice president gives a blunt assessment to the process envoy. with all due respect mr ambassador you shouldn't be here. you should return to venezuela. and tell nicolas maduro that his time is up and it's time for him to go. it is not do. stop interfering in the affairs of other states you will gain respect from that you don't like it when others interfere in your affairs no one likes that.


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