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even proven innocent years on death row but how many more exonerations is it going to take before we as a society realize that this is not working and we actually do something about. britain's prime minister secures a new bricks extension from the e.u. in october the thirty first now but is warned at the same time not to waste any more time. russia or the united states local to the u.n. security council with america's vice president giving a blunt assessment of the venezuelan envoy. with all due respect mr ambassador you should be sure. you should return to venezuela. and tell nicolas maduro that his time is up. and the new study shows anonymous twitter account speaking used to promote the ideas of the french president and his ruling party is despite the motto of across the pledge to fight
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fake news. good morning this is all to international live from russia a.t.m. here in moscow now one is kevin owen here with our thirty minute live news update for you the big news this morning on the brakes and again the european union's allowing britain's prime minister a new brics an extension this time till october thirty first after a ten c. u. summit held until the very small hours of thursday morning this morning the leaders came to an agreement but issued a warning to the u.k. not to misuse the time. this extension of the flexible expect it. expected but that's still enough. to find that first four solution is. to not waste. i have to leave. my joke of the first
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of. so my guess would be the true reason of the night session because if we have i have to leave to let you know i. will if briggs it wasn't already a horror show filled with gruesome ghouls and scary characters it does seem that the new deadline for article fifty p. breaks that deadline will be the thirty first of october how when this was how it out a deal into the well late evening the early hours of thursday morning we understand there was a an agreement to have a much longer extension being granted to the united kingdom however it was the french in a manual micron that were the ones saying that they wanted a shorter extension otherwise they wanted the u.k. to well make some pretty big concessions including giving up their seat on the
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european commission while they remained a member state they were told by john claude younger the current european commission president that was definitely not going to happen and what it means though is that the united kingdom will have to field candidates in the upcoming european elections what we do understand the reaction back in the united kingdom some of to reason may's own party are absolutely furious with her she arrived in brussels saying she wanted an extension only until june the thirtieth now it seems this with voting on into walked over and then having to put forward candidates for the european elections there's a lot of people in our own party calling for her head but as leaders were leaving the summit everybody pretty much was saying this was the best deal possible the best compromise that could become. i know that there is huge frustration from many people that i had to request this extension the u.k. should have left the e.u. by now and i sincerely regret the fact that i have not yet been able to persuade
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parliament to approve a deal which would allow the u.k. to leave in a smooth and orderly way but the choices we now face are stark and the time table is clear sense to this agreement we preserve the well functioning of zero european union i see we fix the deal and all those years of consequences before the first of november which will be zero rival of the new commission so for me this is a good solution. i think that in order to give greater leeway and room to the u.k. decision making process the decision we've taken today is a good one. so with a new deadline set there's a host of options on the table no for the divorce from the european union if it eventually happens parliament can still adopt some agreement and leave the e.u. at any time or it could do the complete opposite revoke article fifty and even cancel breaks it six months could also be enough time for
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a general election or another referendum or breaks it. to get made where the promise is next move is to brief thousand commons on thursday afternoon u.k. m.e.p. stephen wolfe believes the new delay is far from what people in britain voted for though. this is about the fundamental decisions of whether the people of our country should be asked to vote on something and our politicians take the exact opposite decision politicians over people not people over politicians i don't think it's what most people expected three years ago when they voted to leave and i think it's going to cause an awful lot of upset and anger and huge disappointment in the political process and our politicians or the key fundamentals of leaving the european union was that we would not be broken trolled by the european union laws and as a consequence we could even have our own laws which would divert your way from the european union a custom union doesn't do that secondly we'd be able to negotiate our own trade deals a custom union doesn't allow that so in all the key points that we argued that would
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independent nation be like that canada or australia or new zealand or india or brazil or all these countries in the world we will not be like them we will effectively be a state in the european union run by the european union but perhaps we just no representation at the table. u.s. vice president mike pence has called on the united nations to revoke the credentials of venezuela's ambassador that demand came with a rather embarrassing heated security council meeting is seen as another show of support for washington backed opposition leader one why i don't know who declared himself interim president of the south american country back in january this party should revoke the credentials of venezuela's representative to the united nations with all due respect mr ambassador you shouldn't be here. you should return to venezuela. and tell nicolas maduro that is time is up. it's time for him to go.
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to feel that you have the power in your hands to expel your enemies from the united nations those that you do not like indicates to me that you don't understand the charter of the united nations and the purposes and principles of the united nations so stop interfering in the affairs of other states you will only gain respect from that which was you but you don't like it when others interfere in your affairs no one likes that meantime in battle venezuelan president nicolas maduro still has power and still has control despite u.s. economic and diplomatic pressure to oust him russia's ambassador to the u.n. says events at the security council were just another attempt by washington at regime change caleb maupin full of the session mike pence the u.s. vice president represented the usa and gave remarks harshly critical of the venezuelan government he told a heart wrenching story of an interaction he adds with a venezuelan father and his sons and i'll never forget when our father looked at me
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with his two young boys standing at his side and said how hard it was as a father to come home at the end of the day and say. we're not eating today. and as he said it is two little boys looked of the. and nodded there was a response from the russian ambassador who pointed out that the usa has quite a habit of telling heart wrenching stories in order to justify its interventions. of the you could you in the commuter we have already seen in other regions these chilling stories about the suffering of people in iraq syria and libya from witnesses are based in the west on the what is after that the real suffering began in those countries and still hasn't stopped do you want the same in venezuela mike pence's remarks went on to invoke the second world war saying that the usa and the rest of the world failed to take action against dictatorship in germany when a brutal dictatorship arose in europe. the world failed to respond and so the
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united states is calling on the united nations to. live up to its very purpose. reject the failed leadership of nicolas maduro russian ambassador made the point that essentially the situation in venezuela can't simply be blamed on the government that interference by the united states and efforts by countries around the world to interfere in venezuela's affairs and create a crisis in the country had a lot to do with the current situation we would use it with one hand you are grabbing venezuela by the throat introducing new sanctions and destructions that prevent the country from developing normally with the other hand you are picking the pockets of venezuela you want to shamelessly expropriating venezuelan assets in western banks the venezuelan government criticized forces around the world for recognizing the individual declared to be president by the united states the
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self-proclaimed president of venezuela who is not recognized by the majority of countries in the world pointing out that one great oh and his his self appointed government doesn't control a single street within venezuela itself when it comes to the situation in venezuela and who is responsible for it some forces simply blame the venezuelan government and are calling for its elected president maduro to step down however other forces look at the united states and other countries and look at their efforts to create a crisis in the country and undermine the elected government sara flounders of the international action center believe sanctions are washington's weapon of choice to destroy the venezuelan economy. there are people leaving venezuela absolutely that's true because u.s. economic destabilization and sanctions have laid wreck to the economy billions of dollars literally confiscated and sanctions we should remember sanctions are a weapon or literally because of sanctions venezuela is receiving now
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they it's been reduced eighty percent their essential medicines that means even basic things like insulin are now in short supply because then as well their purchase what they did purchase for years on the world market and it's become a routine weapon on the part of all street washington to force for peace that comply with completely unjust economic demands. mike pence was the only one to use the word tyranny towards foreign state sue a secular state might pump a a branded north korea's leader a tyrant who when pressed stop short though using that label for egypt's president our senior correspondent of tries to figure out who is who these days in the eyes of the u.s. . when it comes to evil i'm sure you'll agree there are various degrees is pure or hateful evil isis for example is sort of evil like
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cigarette manufacturers or you'll fall ex-husband and then there is political evil which is really confusing there's a difference the monk leaders you might call them tie or you might call them authoritarian but but there's a fundamental difference and therefore a fundamental difference in the way the united states should respond there you have it dictators worldwide now is a good time to order someone to take notes it isn't about how many innocents you kill how repressive you are or how much you steal you'll be relieved to hear nuna it's all about how many favors you do for america it's a great honor to have the crown prince with us of saudi arabia has been. a very great friend and a big purchaser of equipment and lots of other things and one of the biggest investments of the united states is there are i guess it's your big investment is
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buying stock in companies and various other things in the united states and creating jobs and all known to be in the world's behaving capital arguably the most massaging istic nation on earth led by kings to win elects a nation maya in alleged war crimes and atrocities in neighboring yemen all forgiven if you buy enough american guns contrast saudi arabia with cuba for example a whole lot less sexism war but also not enough trade deals with the us verdict tyrants for decades cuba has tried to create client states across our region. while normal countries export goods. cuba exports tyranny and strong arm tactics it's the same story for every government foolish enough to ignore america's interests those who would otherwise be called strong leaders become
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tyrants because madeira is a dictator with no legitimate claim power rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime the level of corruption welcomer a leader shows that iran is run by something that resembles the mafia more than a government here's another friend the united arab emirates ruled by monarchs with the opposition kept on the verge of extinction thanks to a local phenomenon where activists tend to magically disappear says human rights watch the u.a.e. is a good friend of america the u.a.e. is only one of three countries and the only arab nation to participate with the u.s. in six coalition actions over the last twenty years afghanistan libya somalia bosnia kosovo the one nine hundred ninety gulf war and the fight against isis. rwanda
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another pow ruled by paul kagame me for twenty years now an experienced talented dictator and whom says h r w any opposition figures have gotten themselves killed incarcerated exiled or tortured very effective it shutting people up mr president to you mr vice president you have shown great vision in your efforts to create a single nation in which all citizens can live freely securely the thing with american interests is that their american interests america benefits and the other guy well at least he doesn't get labeled as a tyrant and gets a pass on all the dictator wish things he wants to do ask the people of zealot where the us propped up a brutal murder mbutu says a second who was in power for more than thirty years you.
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can see. the. story. we can go on and on but you get the gist it's simple and effective message to everyone with to radical tastes you do what's good for america you serve american interests buy guns stocks political favor and you can quite believe truly get away with murder or against it reporting for us we spoke to joe long he's a united national antiwar coalition coordinator who thinks double standards are the baseline u.s. foreign policy right now. one of the major tyrants of the world is the united states military bases all over the world has done regime after regime has had black sites where they've done torture and so to make a statement like that. all the dictators and.
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so forth that the united states allies itself with or excluded from that category and that's just not right it doesn't really matter with the do it only matters as to whether or not they support the united states and that's pretty much the definition of a double standard united states defines whatever it wants so the united states makes its own definition has nothing has nothing to do with reality. next look at a photo huge vote starting today india's general election starts thursday with the number of eligible voters making up almost one seventh of the entire population of the world is going to brief on that some nine hundred million voters in more than a million polling stations across the entire set to vote in seven states it's a complicated whole process is going to take over a month to get all the thousands of parties registered to compete in the elections the main battle seems to be between two alliances one of the incumbent prime minister narendra modi and another of raul gandhi at this said the date of the
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first my chronic pm in india has been a tough task for candidates to target all social groups including the illiterate ones so it is a little idea of how they did it. end . please i i i i feel. feel.
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her. big vokey posted in the morning last time coming up right here right after the break. the mother report on russian collusion is an attempted coup. and i would good morning you're watching r.t. international. you know world big part of. lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than
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ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the bath shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. i remain very much opposed to military intervention i am opposed to it because i fundamentally do not believe it is in us interest there are several issues at play in venezuela one is the terrible terrible humanitarian state into which venezuela has fallen under the regime of the first of which i was told that alone in my opinion is not a justification for an american invasion. story
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from france now or a new study shows nebula of anonymous twitter accounts being used to forward the ideas of the french president and his ruling party including the promotion of candidates for european elections that's all despite strict legislation against fake news anonymous accounts announced by money at the beginning of the year a correspondent in france charlotte dubin ski's got the story. president maccarone hates fake news and the manipulation of social networks to protect our democracy we have to fight against the ever growing virus of fake news that it's a referendum that has been manipulated manipulated from the exterior by a lot of what we call fake news you have an account in the bahamas no i don't have an account in the bahamas i may regret it but that is an example of what we've talked about it is typical of what we call fake news because i've decided that we
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will change our legal arsenal to protect a democratic life from fake news and new buildings soon be drafted to that effect in particular he likes to point the finger at russia russian boats and anyone considered to be a russell file his government is even passed strict laws to combat the manipulation of information but now it seems his party lover public amash has been cool with his hand in the cookie jar and investigation discovered that love the public on march attempted to manipulate twitter traffic ahead of its meeting of its top candidates in next month's european elections it points to cost of accounts tweeting and retreating well above the average take this account opened in february two thousand and seventeen it only has around a hundred and sixty subscribers that is broadcast nearly fifty four thousand tweets
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also me a fairly doesn't even seem to remember her name that could suggest that the account isn't only one person but is actually run by multiple people the study found that this could also be the case with many other accounts in the uk or in this sphere saying they're being used seven days a week from seven am until midnight did someone mention a troll factory. there are according to research is over four and a half thousand accounts of this kind and they generated sixty eight percent at the retreats ahead of that meeting by law the public on march candidate the study described that as a demonstration of strength the goal being in the logic of pure propaganda the creation of a must in fact if we believe the research sparty is doing more than just clamping down or nasty social media content he's manipulating it for
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a show that even ski altie paris. slammed the investigation into russian interference in the twenty sixteen presidential election describing it as an attempted coup against him. it was it illegal investigation it was started illegally everything about it which for a few years the single thing about it they were dirty cuff these were bad people you look at me been told me you look at least peters struck these people and this was a and it can't fit this is a sin to take them out of the president from statement comes the same day as attorney general william testify before the u.s. senate but claim during the hearings that spying by u.s. intelligence agencies was carried out against drugs campaign. well for the same
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reason we're worried about foreign influence in elections we want to make sure that . during the election i think spying on a political campaign is a big deal so you're not you're not suggesting now that spine occurred because you could i think there was a spying did occur yes i think spying that occur in the president told us president good reason to think that was launched to undermine it. but there's some basis to what he said i mean there was a century there was without doubt now an attempt to undermine and weaken and if not overthrow even for preachments an elected president who we may not to still may not like and that is something more dangerous them perhaps even trump so he has a basis to say although he does he did he does trend towards hyperbole that there was an attempt to undermine him and to overthrow him in a sense if they had succeeded but unfortunately for them for the f.b.i. and the others involved in this the miller vest
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a geisha turned up empty there was no there there and as peter struck that one of the f.b.i. agents involved in this mass said in one of his text messages to sixty two elisa page was working for a department as well so of the agency so there was an attempt to do this trump is going to make what he can out of this obviously for political reasons so i wouldn't go into that kickstand of rhetoric but i think he has some he has some basis to say this yes. only this so serious no a lot more than a hundred war cry and counseling strainers red cross has taken a serious look at fantasy t.v. series game of thrones and added up all the rights violations.
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for their thoughts the way some of the main world news. and some other stories are looking so far this thursday here moscow is given the inside info so what's the use of the eye but with more than thirty minutes and a twenty seven hour morse code time dot com has got all the latest for you twenty four seven and a great day. also relies on competition competition means that if you're willing ideas are winning companies to survive if you don't yell to buy that's the survival of the fittest
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this competition. a corrupt social bank is willing to finance dodgy deals then it crowds out the good company and the end up with a lot of bad companies and it crowds out competition and you end up with a with a with a saudi cap of. u.s. veterans who come back from war often tell those same stories. we're going after the people who were killing civilians they were not interested in the wellbeing of their own soldiers either they're already several generations of them so i just got this memo from the circular defense officer says we're going to attack and destroy the government in seven countries in five years americans pay for the wars with them money others with their lives if we were willing to go into harm's way and willing to risk being killed for
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a war surely we can risk some discomfort for uneasiness for. ratings and salyut a ship. since nine eleven here in the united states of america there as been one be all and all catch all boogeyman for all our government spears or funding justifications. terrorism. need that bill passed connected to something terror related need some extra funding for your department just mention terrorism in your budget request need to violate some of those pesky old constitutional amendments and bill of rights rights just tell them you're fighting terrorism need to justify it starting a war with iran just declare their revolutionary guard terrorists but my friends if
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we think back to the bygone days before nine eleven the terrorism charge card the united states had a different bogeyman for all of their ills and it was drugs yes the war on drugs for those of us who grew up hawk watching back in the one nine hundred eighty s. and ninety's it was the war on drugs that justified the wasteful spending militarized policing and violations of our constitutional rights but now my friends it appears that the trumpet ministration is looking to combine the two boogie men in what would probably be the worst crossover since aliens vs predator in a recent interview with breitbart when asked the prince of ministration is considering designating drug cartels as terrorist groups u.s. president donald trump declared we are we are in fact we've been thinking about it for a long time it's psychological but it's also economic as terrorists as as terrorist organizations the answer is.


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