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form but don't let the numbers will be. the only number you need remember one you know you're going to miss one and only. hello and welcome i'm mickey aaron and you're watching r t international on what is a quite an extraordinary day the wiki leaks founder julian assange has been arrested in the ecuadorian embassy in london this morning off to almost seven years holed up in the diplomatic compound he was brought in front of westminster magistrates court and found guilty of breaching bail in two thousand and twelve that was in the last few hours or so british police have revealed that the arrest was made in part at the request of us all parties well our video agency camp to the moment of the whistleblower was arrested about ten fifty am this morning.
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i . was being arrested on a warrant issued by westminster magistrates court in june twenty twelve. the extradition request with. wet. state simply thing i come from the judge that is up to.
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twenty twelve when he was wanted for questioning. that. said then he is in there now hearing that he sentenced. to. twelve months in jail. for his sake just said. yeah. sure.
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embassy now two outside the westminster magistrate's court here in central london and everybody now waiting for members of the songes legal team to come out and give us a few clarifications and tell us about really about more about what happened while we were inside we did hear that the judge had some rather scathing comments about julian assange on just character calling him a narcissist and. we know that the backdrop of this of course is that the u.s. justice department has now charged today in a sauna john. charges of computer hacking conspiracy and throughout the seven years that we've he said to spend inside the dorian embassy he had repeated to me and his legal team always to me is that he was in fear of a potential extradition request over from the u.s. we now know that the u.k. authorities along with the ecuadorian austerities on the u.s. have played that high and today together against him and he was forcibly removed
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from the door in embassy after metropolitan police officers were invited inside earlier on today and take a listen to what the president of ecuador let in miranda had to say about the reasons behind the rather dramatic move that the ecuadorian officer it seems to have taken in relation to g.-d. and us on. the discourteous and aggressive behavior of mr julian all seans give the hostile and freshening decorations of his annoyed organization. on especially the transgression of international treaties who have led the situation to a point where the asylum of mr assad regime is unsustainable on no longer horrible or. not in another part of that statement the president of ecuador said that it had been a soldier and decision to withdraw or treat us on just the side. citizenship often
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repeated violations of lenin were and i said to international conventions and daily life protocols now that statement that to me really summarizes the sort of two pronged issues that julian assange ended up hopping with his home in in terms of the ecuadorian all stories he is trustable he was accused of meddling in the affairs of other countries through his activities and online activities as the added to all of which he said he had his internet cut off as a result by the act during austerities while he was still living inside there last year and the relationship really deteriorated with the election of president lenin more n.o.b. to the much cautious stance towards julian assange there was also a very sort of domestic dispute while he was living in there as well that transpired over the past year where my son has been given rather stringent conditions that he needed to add here to while it living on the roof of the embassy
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it's a tiny embassy as well there's no outside space so quite cramped conditions but last year he was told they needed to pay for his a pay freeze their normal three bills they needed to tidy up off trees. they threatened to take it away think it was actually removed later his pet cat needs to clean his bathroom so a sound to them went on to suit his hosts saying that they were infringing his freedom to asylum and his human rights. when it comes to the british authorities here in the u.k. the u.k. foreign secretary theresa may they have welcomed julian a saudi just arrest take a listen to what jeremy hunt and theresa may had to say a little bit earlier on. i am sure that the whole house will welcome the news this morning that the metropolitan police have arrested judy in a song. mr speaker this goes to show that in the united kingdom. no
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one is above the law. but what we've shown today is that no one is above the law julian assange is no hero he's hidden from the truth for years and years but also a very courageous decision by president arroyo in ecuador to resolve the situation now so understand. that a tiny victorian embassy only on this. central london. look at how this. has played out.
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i was going to bit of activity outside the pool that was christian practice in the wiki leaks spokes person has just walked out of the pool you can see the media all gathering around him he's about to be speaking i'm going to be listening out for what he says but one of the most shocking aspect which i think he's going to elaborate on is the way that the ecuadorian off the road season ended up sort of working with the u.k. also or it's easy to revoke julian assange on just a political asylum and to kind of work behind the scenes oh ok we've got a picture of christian prophecy and let's go and take a listen to what he's going to take me so i think. since two thousand and ten we've joined us on twitter face prosecution extradition to the united states for his publishing activities if unfortunately today we are right mr simon was arrested this morning at about ten o'clock pm or interests. after the asset have formally
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notified saddam. that he was arrested by british late. today received a warrant and a visual explanation place in out of state alleging that he has been spying for chelsea manning immolations the materials published by wiki leaks internet and. this sets a dangerous precedent for all media organizations and gentlemen in europe and elsewhere around the world this president means that any journalist can be extradited for prosecution in the united states for having published traceable information about you. i just mean with mr sanj in the police cells he wants to thank all of the support is for their ongoing support and he said i told you so. well known is in georgia this is a fact the this is a dark day for journalism jennifer said the sets of president we don't want to this
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to go forward this has to do has to be averted the u.k. government needs to make a full assurance that uk journalists will never be extradited to the united states for publishing or to vittie this pertains to publishing work of nine years ago publishing of documents of videos of the killing of innocent civilians exposure of war crimes this is journalists if it's cold conspiracy it's conspiracy to commit journalism so this has to end and we urge everybody to support julio so in two thousand fighting this extradition thank you. miles but that is. what. we will be back in testing and fighting extradition we've requested that he now say get medical treatment he's been refused medical treatment for the past seven and a half weeks. have
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a nice thing inside the embassy. we will be fighting extradition and your people will do what it can within the next. hour. we're not going to be taking any more questions today thank you very much. you're asking about the elements in the extradition request it is quite obvious that the u.s. authorities have picked just one element of what they've been working on for a long time including the espionage act. to. have decades in prison there is no assurance that there would not be additional charges when he is on u.s. soil and i think and i believe that this was an angle in the approach to increase the likelihood of him being extradited to assume that it's all going to be an issue i you know anything thank you.
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very much. we will see that julian assigned to a legal team they have left they've refused to give any more comments or try to catch general vincent the lawyer for a chat but they're pretty swift in the party from the for there being the biggest takeaway there from what they said was julian assange and his message to supporters so it was quite old she said and there had been over the past seven years when a sound voice sound bad that the rest of extradition to the u.s. and pinions are divided about whether or not he was a conspiracy theorist and actually said that the rads that looming threat has now become today a reality that this is all a that believing in diplomatic cables from nine years ago back in. two thousand and
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ten saying that the extradition request mentions a conspiracy with chelsea manning and what they're saying is that this is now a. issue for the rights and the freedoms of just the list publishing anything so you could be anywhere and if you publish anything to do with the u.s. government this is a threat that could tip over any journalist head now i think what we're seeing today is the beginning of the next chapter of the julian assange saugor and that is going to be other than this. relatively small charge in the u.k. courts a battle over whether or not she's in a song which is to be extradited to the u.s. . holly thank you for bringing us the latest details from outside to a chaotic scene there outside the magistrate's court off to the songes lawyer general been sent on the wiki leaks editor in chief kristin have for us. just
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one question and gave a statement on what will come next when asked what will be the next chapter his lawyer said that they will be contesting and fighting extradition and of course they requested medical attention for judas sanji who hasn't been able to visit a doctor or a medical facility in almost seven years since then for his part said this is a dark day for journalism. hollywood becoming back to you shortly i'm sure but thank you for bringing us the latest. glossy how spoken to the former president of ecuador rafael correia who grow into the songs of siloam they famously had a very close relationship he thinks the current leadership is out for revenge against the wiki leaks that is. i think marino deserves the title of the greatest traitor of history that he could compete with judas the state of ecuador in accordance with international law and guided by his own national pride
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it was simply a ploy to protect the person to whom it is granted asylum and instead they simply gave him arbitron and allowed the british police to enter our embassy just imagine for a moment if it was the ecuadorian police entering the us embassy that it was a decision by him or a no no he wants revenge for having been accused of corruption not because wiki leaks released documents proving it not to mention other evidence like correspondence bills etc all now online so marina is taking revenge on a sandwich i think the consequences will be even harder because although i don't want to look ahead the possibility that the u.k. will not extradite julian assange to the united states is very unlikely. let's get some u.s. perspective on today now let's go to let's go to new york and see what he has caleb maupin caleb what information has been forthcoming from the u.s. side on julian authorities possible extradition on charges. well
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at this point we have the eastern district of virginia that's the wing of the united states attorney's office that's the u.s. department of justice basically announcing that they intend to extradite julian assange for conspiracy to commit computer intrusion they are alleging that he conspired with chelsea manning in order to get information regarding the u.s. military u.s. military activities and make that available to the public to to essentially leak classified information they go on to say that essentially they work together in trying to crack a password of the department of defense computers now it's important to note what exactly the material was that ended up being made public by wiki leaks as a result of chelsea manning still eking of it let's let's review what this material that now wiki leaks and julian assange is accused of having conspired to make public and to release let's review what some of that material is.
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on the.
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ul does the n.s.a. collects any data for millions of americans no sir elixir walks like a hostile intelligence service and talks like a hostage the colors are. now there have been many voices that have speculated that this initial charge of conspiracy to commit computer intrusion is just the beginning it's just the tip of the iceberg and this charge only carries a sentence of a possible sentence of five years in prison if convicted however there's been a number of u.s. officials that have declared julian assange to be the enemy furthermore we had a number of u.s. intelligence agencies and officials declaring that wiki leaks is
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a russian asset. you know this is in response to the d.n.c. in the making public of e-mails between clinton's aide john podesta that was declared to have somehow been the result of hacking however wiki leaks has long maintained that was leaked by someone within the democratic national committee some some some forces within leaked that information they did not hack it but regardless a number of u.s. officials have declared that wiki leaks is the enemy and many expect that it will be much harsher much harsher charges their way. to reach the united states let's review some of what has been said by u.s. officials. the united states do something to stop mr sausage we're looking at right now he should be treated as an enemy combatant should be closed down permanently and decisively this guy is a traitor a treasonous and he has broken every law the united states the guy ought to be and
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i'm not for the death penalty so if i'm not for the death penalty i want to do it it legally shoot the son of a this is a man of this comb beyond anything i am aware on ignorance or misplaced idealism is no longer an acceptable excuse for lionizing these demons. now with julian a songe now in the hands of u.k. officials many speculate that next he could be extradited to the united states where it's possible that much harsher charges could await him than simply the charge he currently faces which is conspiracy to commit computer intrusion. caleb maupin thank you for bringing us those details meanwhile washington has revealed the charges facing a songe in america hacking conspiracy and computer intrusion that would mean a maximum sentence of five years in prison if he is found guilty while i am joined in the studio by ecostar all of our correspondents and we are not going to go live felt the wrath of the u.s. himself. joe and that what's been your reaction to
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a songes arrest festival oh i have been surely disappointed in julian's arrest clearly is journalist leaks is it journalistic organization. or school who are. american this is that. something. has a very. well john i just want to ask you about your personal experience with the u.s. justice system because now julian assange is being told it's a maximum of five years he's a lawyer he's a lawyer team is saying while there is no guarantee that additional charges won't be slapped you've felt the full force of the u.s. justice system when it comes to whistleblowing or what's your perspective on this. i think that there are many more charges to be considered right now i would expect to see. possibly two. charges i don't think julian is looking at five years
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in prison is probably a good thing it could be years in prison and that's why we have to continue with our own career did their best and should not have been charged with a crime. i saw a lawyer would have been able to advise the songs on the possible lengths of sentencing should he have faced the music at the stasi would be free already if he had instead of that seven year long stints which was also like a prison sentence inside the ecuadorian embassy to the detriment of his health so what's what happened here. well way back seven years ago he was great being extradited to the united states there were charges against him in sweden that were spurious they were dismissed or worse they were dropped but he was afraid that the critics were arrested and sent him to sweden and then the swedes would send him to the united states to face that's going to turn your right setting
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here. with the peer to solitary confinement. torture and those are my words the words of. his health is terrible we are also in the video this morning what he looks like after seven years of essentially solitary confinement he looks like he's eighty years old and he's not even good health and that's because of what the united states were to go through john just a few hours ago on twitter you wrote and i quote a fair trial in the eastern district of virginia and you judge me only britain is utterly impossible they don't call. espionage quarter for nothing could you please elaborate on this. yes judge leonie brinkema is a former federal prosecutor she's probably get appointed to the federal bench and she was promoted to district court judge by bill clinton in the ninety's.
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all national security cases for herself she had got my case. in case she really gives a judge she's reserved the ed snowden case first cell number x. the security defendant has ever won the case in the eastern district of virginia. i asked. if i wasn't by seventy documents that i needed to defend myself. all seventy documents and so i have literally tens for myself and was forced to take a three i suspect to leave is going to get the same treatment just might not be allowed . to. own that there are a lot of other people who aspire to be like tuna songs and think im is some kind of icon yourself with wow and how could this impact the whistleblower community. obviously i think this is going to spur people into action you know this was only theoretical until this morning and now it's
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a reality that we have to face this is an assault on our civil liberties here in the united states this is an assault on our constitutionally guaranteed rights. and freedom of speech. part people are going to be outraged by this arrest it's going to hurt people especially. ok john i just wanted to talk about how many called to see dangerous precedent to journalists because of course the surely the united states the do have it is a crime to leak secret documents we have to admit that as an e under the country's law really something is classified it's illegal to leak that but julian his son she published these documents so without him there we wouldn't have had the largest military leak the largest leak of military documents in u.s. history so do you see do you see a point when somebody says when he's opponents say that he is complicit in that.
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well there's a difference between being a leaker and b. going to lower a leak or just leaks to the state of leeching for his benefit maybe to make himself feel important a whistleblower report evidence of waste fraud abuse illegality or risk to the public health or public safety we would have no idea about the crimes of war crimes that the us military was committing in iraq without truly innocent and we would have no idea of statements by our every american citizen without to lead a son and more importantly. give julian a sound as a publisher as interior minister he was prosecuted then there is little or nothing to stop her from prosecuting journalists at the washington post and the wall street journal and the new york times and anywhere else those are should be jumping up and down to support your leader sounds right now they haven't done it yet but i think
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this is still important and so critical julian is prosecuted that means any journalist in america could be prosecuted not a single day goes by that the times or the post published classified information. if a sound just found guilty of assisting chelsea manning want does that have to do with media freedom it's a crime isn't it. it's an exciting to feel the information it's not a crime to publish the information what you read is accused of doing now is conspiring with chelsea manning to tape his arse end of the explanation and there's no evidence at all that's been publicly available at least the indicate that tells him that he was put up to this by. john kiriakou cia whistleblower thank you so much for joining us a nazi international today we appreciate it. thanks for having me. well back in
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twenty twelve aussie run a political interview series hosted by judy in a song coming up next is part two of the well tomorrow with that with flynn and fellow. american writer david horowitz. time julian assange. editor of wiki leaks expose the world secrets these documents belong the united states government being attacked by the powerful united states strongly condemned by you broke the law illegally shoot the son of a full five hundred days now by being detained without charge but that hasn't stopped at the park. today on a quest for revolutionary ideas that can change the world tomorrow. today i am joined by an intellectual superstar the slovenian philosopher. a former anti
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communist dissident now turned so described communist together we call david horowitz a former left wing radical black panther ally now a fiery right wing zionist i want to know what they think about the future of europe and the united states the conversation becomes heated it has to be physically restrained we shout rant and talk calmly about nothing and palestinians black panthers and israelis about a bomb or romney and stalin. david you describe yourself as a conservative and suddenly you describe yourself as a communist but nonetheless both of you have had a picture of stalin. still hasn't caused it is going to talk to me very funny don't mess with me and. i'm in the middle of this you know it's going to be about an hour. yet right i can't talk to you and that's an international shot.
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all right go ahead david can you tell me what do you mean by conservative and why do you have a picture of stalin well the picture of stalin that was on my office wall with his death and i'm a conservative because the leftists utopians have no idea what human nature is. and therefore when they get the power they're faced with a big problem which is that people don't go along with their program and so they kill them and put them in gulags.


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