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join me every thursday on the knowledge so i will be sure and i'll be speaking to us of the world of politics or business i'm sure business i'll see you there. also almost seven years confined to the ecuadorian embassy in london u.k. police drank wiki leaks set it to julian assange from his one safe haven and placed him under a. lot to above the law and it's no hero while the british prime minister and officials praise ecuador ending the songes asylum the whistleblowing community bronzer to daunt day for journalism. its precision means that any journalist can be extradited for prosecution in the united states for having
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published truthful information about the united states this is what god gave julie said. and the u.s. department of justice says the song is wanted on computer hacking charges and could face up to five years in prison. hello and welcome to r.t. international coming here live from moscow we've been bringing you rolling coverage of our main story today which is after seven nearly seven years holed up in the ecuadorian embassy in london wiki leaks founder julian assange was suddenly arrested on thursday morning he's since been convicted of breaching his bail in twenty twelve and could now face extradition to the u.s. on video agency captured the moment a dish and distressed looking of songs was dragged out of the building. i
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. have been arrested on a warrant issued by westminster magistrates court in june twenty twelve and following a u.s. extradition request he spends up to six years holed up in the ecuadorian embassy on base story live to the u.k. . the court was taken. to. a little bit of.
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interest. in some of the. serious offenses. sentenced to three. sentences. of the charges that he's facing us that. the. charges of computer hacking against julian assange and there's an expected to
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be an extradition hearing in relation to that in may as well now as soon as the court proceedings here what julian a songes noir general been said and we keep spice spokes person christian rock concert in mud stand it was a big media scrum there are many demonstrators here as well challenging support for sounds but a songes legal team on the wiki leaks about to press and came out take a listen to what they had to say. this sets a dangerous precedent for all media organizations and journalists in europe and elsewhere around the world this precint means that any journalist can be extradited for prosecution in the united states for having published truthful information about the united states this is what god gave to journalists in our studios jennifer said he said to the president we don't want to this to go forward this has to sleep has to be there to the u.k.
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government needs to make up for sure that a journalist will never be extradited to united states for publishing activities. for me one of the most significant things that general been said the saudis lawyer said was that when she spoke to him he said three words to her i told she said i say that it's been vindication really for assad chief to seven years while he's been holed up in the ecuadorian embassy had been saying that he most fear this potential threat of extradition to the usa for the diplomatic cables that he released as editor of wiki leaks back in two thousand and ten nine years ago but joining us on charity case going to ma my character some people called him a conspiracy theory a statement that saying that there was no evidence that the u.s. was cooking up any sort of charges against him they. he should just come out and face the music well today those fears of
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a staunch being extradited being wanted in the us and face charges they turned into a reality and ten fifteen this morning he was forcibly removed from the ag the dorrian embassy waiting spent the last seven years the ecuadorian also r.t.c. had allowed the metropolitan police to go inside the embassy where a party julius on tried to resist arrest and then he was physically bundled up and put in to a police baton and taken into police custody now very soon afterwards we learned that julian assange just political asylum to citizenship had been revoked by the ecuadorian authorities take a listen to what lenin morello the president of ecuador had to say about it told. by an ops that the discourteous and aggressive behavior of mr julian are shown to give the hostile and freshening declarations of his annoyed organization. on
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especially the transgression of international treaties to have led the situation to a point where the stardom of mr assad regime is unsustainable are no longer viable . so. now can the relationship between julian assange anjanette and his hosts really soured to moscow to blend in miranda who was elected as a dorian president he has a much more cautious stance a tougher stance towards the wiki leaks editor and it really kind of boils down to two different issues but you sort of came together over the past eighteen months one is that the ecuadorian authorities didn't like the fact that they said julian assange too is interfering in the international affairs in the affairs of other countries through his online activities through his activities as editor of wiki leaks but also there was this kind of domestic dispute by. laying beneath the surface as well last year julian assange was given
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a list of conditions that he needed to adhered to if he wanted to stay on the good side of his neck for dorrian hosts he was told they needed to tidy up often self clean his ball three and pay for his own food to pay for his own one tree cleanup after his talent which they threatened term leave and subsequently did to remove it embassy counter many of you may have seen it has its own twisted feet and hitting a song in turn then sued his own hosts that said that they were infringing his human rights they revoked his ability to use the internet as well so this relationship really broke down and that's what led to the culmination of this situation at this boiling point this morning when the ecuadorian authorities allowed the met police to walk in and arrest julian assange on british officials are pretty pleased about what's happened take a listen to want the prime minister to resign they had to say on the foreign
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secretary jeremy hunt as well. i am sure that the whole house will welcome the news this morning that the metropolitan police have arrested judy in a song. mr speaker this goes to show that in the united kingdom no one is above the law. but what we've shown today is that no one is above the law julian assange is no hero he's hidden from the truth for he is he is but also a very courageous decision by president arroyo in ecuador to resolve the situation . i think one of the aspects of what's transpired today that some people have found most surprising is the way ecuador the country that had provided julian assange on different political asylum in the first place had to revoked his political asylum and. his citizenship even though there had been attempts to resolve this issue in the background for many years it all came to a head with sort of the u.k.
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ecuador and the u.s. playing this card against you in asuncion together and rafael correa the former president of ecuador who was president when julian assange has prompted political asylum back in twenty twelve he referred to lenin miranda who has none other than a trace and who was stopped and did it really is dividing opinion but the focus of this case really now is shifting from sort of the nitty gritty of various legal procedures and on to a bigger question of whether i mean call him what you like a journalist or a half but he can be prosecuted for the documents that he publishes and for wiki leaks most people say legitimate publishing activities and work as a journalist but i think today really we missed the end at the very least of the embassy chapter of the julian assange one stop the saga and women living on to
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perhaps a rather poor trumpeted chapter of an illegal extradition battle. now we need to wait and see what that chap just as polly boy because he was in london for us outside about magistrates court where staunch was sentenced was all sentence but he was very rarely at a poly for now thank you. but also how spoken to the former president of ecuador rafael correia who he was just talking about he was the one who granted a song just sort of in the first place where he thinks the current keyset leadership is out for revenge against the wiki leaks that it's a. i think marino deserves the title of the greatest traitor of history that he could compete with judas the state of ecuador in accordance with international law and guided by its own national pride it was simply a ploy to protect the person to whom it is granted asylum and instead they simply gave him arbitron and allowed the british police to enter our embassy just imagine
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for a moment if it was the ecuadorian police entering the us embassy it was a decision by him or a no no he wants revenge for having been accused of corruption not because wiki leaks released documents proving it not to mention other evidence like correspondence bills etc all now online so marina is taking revenge on a sandwich so i think the consequences will be even harder because although i don't want to look ahead the possibility that the u.k. will not extradite julian assange to the united states is very unlikely. the u.s. has requested the extradition of judah thongs he's wanted on computer hacking charges alongside whistleblower chelsea manning the justice department says he could face up to five years in prison well as cross live to the u.s. now and new york an r.t.s. case of morphine caleb what information is being forthcoming from the u.s. side on the songes possible extradition and charges. what we now have the u.s. attorney general's office the eastern district of virginia saying that they are
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seeking the extradition of julian a songe on charges of conspiracy to commit computer intrusion the indictment alleges that julian a songe conspired with chelsea manning in order to crack passwords and get into u.s. department of defense databases in order to get information classified information and make it available to the public but they worked together they coordinated their activities according to this indictment in order to get this information out if convicted on this charge of conspiracy to commit computer intrusion that would face up to five years in prison now i think it's important to review what kind of information became public as a result of wiki leaks publishing the information that was provided by chelsea manning let's review what what the information really was that that enabled the wiki leaks allowed to be made public let's review.
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what are you going to do.
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does the n.s.a. collects data for millions of. wiki leaks walks like a hostile intelligence service and talks like a hostage the colors are. now at this point it's important to note the chelsea manning remains in the custody of u.s. officials out now and it's also important to note that many people are expecting that this initial charge on which julian assigns extradition is being sought may not be the only thing facing him if he is extradited to the united states there have been many u.s. intelligence officials that have labeled him as a russian asset this is in response to the fact that he published e-mails from the
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democratic national committee that was widely alleged that he hacked these e-mails or somehow these e-mails were received through the results of hacking however wiki leaks has long maintained they got the information from a source inside the democratic national good national committee there was a leaker that provided this information but regardless the number of u.s. officials have referred to julian assad as an enemy or the enemy let's review what u.s. officials have said about the founder of wiki leaks. the united states do something to stop mr sausage we're looking into that right now he should be treated as an enemy combatant we should be closed down permanently indecisively this guy is a traitor a treasonous and he has broken every law the united states the guy ought to be and i'm not for the death penalty so if i'm not for the death penalty want to do it illegally shoot the son of a this is a man of this comb beyond anything i am aware on ignorance or misplaced idealism is no longer an acceptable excuse for lionizing these demons. and now at this point we
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have julian a songe in the hands of the u.k. officials and we have the u.s. attorney general's office the u.s. department of justice seeking his extradition to the united states on charges of conspiracy to commit computer intrusion and the person he is alleged to have conspired with chelsea manning remains in the hands of u.s. officials as well so all eyes are on britain at the moment to see what happens next and wondering whether or not julian assad will end. up coming to the united states indeed more pain speaking to us live from new york thank you for bringing the perspective from the u.s. well now joined in the studio by our by correspondent our correspondent dan off thanks for coming in ego also by our guest manson dina's professor at the university of oslo and institute of legal studies at the school of advanced studies great to have you with us first of all what's your reaction to thursday's events.
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it's a very sad event a series of events. taking place today first of all of course curators are being arrested in the hood or an embassy but also the first court hearing you heard the prime minister to the chair of their house of commons stating that. had been arrested and the judge also today added some very personal characterizations all mr you know all of this is highly improper uses to be judicial process and shouldn't be driven by these kind of political initiatives. the world is calling this and that as you know the united nations or in two thousand and fifty in hell that the united kingdom was in my lotion or its international obligations when it. came to or made
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kept if you like mr jones aren't there in the door and. so the un how this was the motivation of the i.c.c. the international covenant on seven political rights article nineteen on. opportunity tension and the un how they're the u.k. how did you get to give him pre-move meant and that still stands the u.k. still has these due to. mads hi this is igor in the studio i just wanted to talk with you about the possibility as to where santa might end up next because very few people i don't know anyone anyone who actually sees london as the final destination of the nobody really believes that assad is going to stay in london but sweden is in fact are looking into opening its reopening i should say that sex assault case against a songe back in twenty seventeen when they closed their case they still maintain that they do see probable. because in that case also the united states have made it
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public or their thing wanted to have to close disclosed why they want to sandra and they've even went as far as saying that they may add additional charges and that they are likely to be added to the case do you expect a sanj to leave for sweden and face in a court or d.l. are there over the sex assault case do you expect him to go straight to the united states how do you see this thing playing out has been rather onerous swedish court proceedings as well not with the supreme court decision. pretty tight requirements for any request to seek extradition on the sort of charge and as far as i can see there's no way they can do that and successfully it. will comply with the requirements of the swedish supremes court the this would she supreme court there was also a dissenting judge who held that the then request was unlawful but
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the majority then they said there was this proportionate at that stage and then they laid out such tough requirements the that really calls the prosecutor in these previous run ins with drop their requests so hopefully nothing new will come from there in the u.k. well you handsome. charges except instead of jumping bail so as one should be able to live in the u.k. ysaye one of those trailer you should be able to return to australia and live there . i hope that will be the outcome and that is the logical consequence or the very. the u.n. work group an arbitrary detention and that took some of five years ago it's very important that these international standards are absurd and. both swedish and
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the governments should do their very best to comply with national law negations and and i must say that the whole thing has gone a bit there haywire with these statements by the prime minister and his majesty to there in open court comes with a negative coterie of sticks about the personality of mr sonner the point is is not whether we are like researchers are not or whether we really like his work he has a right to do what he has done and he should not be persecuted for political reasons and it's for courts for judges to withstand this enormous political pressure they're under and i have confidence in the english legal system i just mentioned that when the case was up in the supreme court many years ago the extradition to sweden there was so grave that the majority was very dark hole about
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the legality of. extradition and two of the judges including the current president ordered this and this and held that it will not hold full court request you could call those by the u.k. or for it so i think we have to trust the courts here and that they will be able to withstand this terrible terrible political onslaught today which is in procreate completely inappropriate in a case like this and nancy as one space quite a harsh dressing down today really i mean first thing this morning here with carried out by six men from the ecuadorian embassy and they want to face the judge and the magistrates courts the a judge michael snyder said he was a narcissistic cannot get beyond his own selfish interest do you think this is setting the tone for how things are going to play out for a stange. well. i hope not and of course the
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first instance judges sometimes say things they shouldn't have said then and of course in the heat of the movement the judge opens. and says this i think on reflection you would understand that that was the wrong thing to do because the world is calling this case and that means that you are not supposed to give these kind of characterizations that make people like us like me doubt the hand as all the judicial process and that's the last thing the judge want to job so that it was inappropriate nothing more to say about that also the way that prime minister announced this in parliament two chairs in the house of commons that was also i think not the right thing to do in a case with a very important really u.k. to leave the impression that is the judicial credit says. absolutely it hit me not
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to put it difficult is that karen and i hope they'll apply the law. in the way that the un has said the law should be applied by something i said distinguished legal experts and former un special rapporteur on arbitrary detention thank you so much taylor time. ok want to discuss the implications of us launches the rest even further now i'm joined by of course don of in the studio igor let us let's retrace some of the steps that brought us to this fateful day i mean not so long ago he was on very good terms with the ecuadorian president of course that he was replaced by a rhino and everything is just going downhill since then well indeed and the flip flop from you know career to moran i would really see it as a symbol of our sons how big of a divisive figure a son is he has an army of supporters he has an army of eight as raffle career indorsed. hoping that he would push for
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a more independent politics hoping that he'd allow some to stay now what was i think the most one of the most impacted group of these of these developments that would be journalists and other like investigative activists who. because for them it is like a watershed moment for them it is like a priesthood and a lot of them have been saying that no one is safe now i mean you have one of the most vocal critics of the decision edward snowden who's also a whistleblower also he's been granted asylum in russia he called this a dark day for all journalists have a listen. images of record those ambassador inviting the secret police into the embassy to drag a publisher of like you to know it was winning journalism out of the building are going to end up in the history books critics may cheer but this is a dark moment for press freedom the u.s. did not waste any time putting in extradition requests for
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a son terrible precedent if journalist publisher ends up in u.s. jail for iraq war logs and state department cables. we queue leaks is a publisher charges now brought in connection with its material or any attempt to extradite assange to united states for prosecution under the deeply flawed could you know of the espionage act nine hundred seventeen is an attack on all of us the d.-o. g. sis part of what a science did to just to fight his prosecution beyond allegedly helping manning get the documents is that he encouraged manning to get more documents for him to publish journalists do this with sources constantly is a criminalization of journalism so you can see that from journalists to organizations a lot of people have been condemning this decision and in fact just last hour you and me talked to john kerry who felt the full force of the u.s. judicial you know machine when it comes to whistleblowing and i asked him you're
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remember of course i asked him what he thinks will happen to a songe why he believes a songe will not get a fair trial if he goes if he ends up in the united states here's what he had to say. the united states do something to stop mr savage who are looking into that right now and he should be treated as an enemy combatant which he should be closed down permanently indecisively this guy is a traitor a treasonous which he says for herself she hears my case he really gives a judge no mass that. has ever want to use. it but i asked by several documents that i needed to defend myself. all seventy arguments i suspect to lead is going to get the same treatment you're just not be allowed to. well journalists whistleblowers and activists the only
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groups that make up this massive support for a song which is the one of the most staunchest supporters of whom was the united nations who i have been repeatedly calling to on the u.k. to allow us to the freedom of movement in the united states saying that his detention they were calling this a detention inside the door and embassy so we've really been very supportive of asuncion we've also already had italy and bolivia officially condemning the decision to arrest and if you will to drag literally drag out of his asylum and now also on a more a lighter note maybe he's well i think girlfriend is the right word for it pamela anderson also she wants on a massive twitter around saying that she hopes that everybody rots and so on and so forth she didn't mince words really when it came to how condemning this decision really so a lot of support flocking in for a songs are made of course a very very big wave of condom in condemnation and well appraisal of the decision
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made by the u.k. authorities when they go out today has been an extraordinary day the news that you the sun is out for us as well trying to get on top of everything thanks for coming in. wow we hope you've enjoyed as saying where there's an aussie international today my colleague colleen bray will be with you at the top of the hour with all the latest on our breaking news story can see it concerning joining us on stay with us.


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