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tv   The Alex Salmond Show  RT  April 11, 2019 6:30pm-6:56pm EDT

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i think we're going to model his collapse was important to say that was any particular you talk about you went to a dark night was there any particular thing that happened one issue was that it made you realize i need to rethink my ninety's on that there were several issues the first one i think was the was the economics went and there's one particular symbolic moment when the james dyson is a great just really. only be the great campaigner for breaks isn't he. and he made he said he would work back to work economically when he took his businesses his h.q. and took them to singapore on the you know he was the poster boy of bricks and suddenly he's going abroad and the same thing happened didn't matter so much but jim ratcliffe the great chemicals manufacturer and when you see these manufacturers he said britain is going to be ok i sighed the european union and when they take their businesses overseas before that i thought that for me that hit me in the stomach and the other one is i'm like alex salmond but i have a great i've
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a great admirer of alex but i'm a unionists i really believe in the united kingdom and when it hit me that i think in due course practice it puts the whole united kingdom in jeopardy that also really hurt me i think and this is culpable but i wasn't alone you know not understanding the five hundred years of our history and how that has come back home i think the fact is he had a bit of issue with fast so that you know and i think the prime minister actually i've been told by diving street sources actually how the prime minister was really hurt when she went to northern ireland to free pre months ago and realise what she was what brecht it was doing and in terms of these so-called guiding she talks said he taking us any further forward as just perhaps something to let the of the e.u. twenty seven know that behind the scenes work is still very long still trying to some agreement to enable an extension to be granted well i think it's more than that i do see. mrs may has made
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a very profound decision until ten days ago she was trying to have brick sit on tory party terms he was trying to win over the support of the euro skeptics knowing that if she can't take the tory party in the united way to bricks it is going to cause this enormous cleavage she tried and she failed so now she's appealing to the labor brokers the reasons why the labor party support might not come but i think it's very serious and she's trying to get a united national a vision of bracks it has been no sign yet as far as i can see that it's working but i don't know no i do believe it's serious but it must say that she's now been talking for a week and nothing has come out of it do you think banks it's going to happen peter i think there's going to be a delay and i think that's it's very important what's going to happen the next forty eight hours it looks to me like britain is going to have to accept a pause i think that's the best thing i went into the house of commons the night
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before last and you meet these m.p.'s they're shattered they commented i want they want to do the right thing but they've got their constituents they've got their party members they've got the whip's office these are people and i have talking privately to them i realise the agony of the soul that they've been going through and i've gone through the same agony of the so it's a very serious matter and of course serious for the conservative party itself do you think banks it will lead to the eventually break up of their conservative party ingenue carbon and number ten i certainly think mrs may agree except this long pause which is being talked about as we speak there will be an eruption within the conservative party we've been theoretically the opposing party to split really because it does have two different versions of the world will that put corbin in number ten may be but remember the labor party is equally split and so we are entering very. very very turbulent transformative moments of british public service
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we are indeed peter where thank you very much indeed thank you. ira see these are northern allen says excited considerable comment and this is what you've had to see scorches says wonderful series of shows from alex so interesting to hear such engaged and formative people dealing with the shambles of a westminster imposed brix it all power to our irish cousins north and south jane says referring to something that was said and i'm sure last week inhalation to be small excess people look at him and just feel that the far right has gone too far quite says jane but the fact that the father of the rights got so much pride in the first place is an issue we need to confront and understand some says it's amazes me how anti-democratic these m.p.'s become if the people don't toe the party line i've never heard them complain about their votes when elected when it suited them i'm so that sad people are says i find this another foursome have proven by the political arrangements to go there is nobody within the island or within these islands
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as far as i can see with the capacity. to do the damage that has been done we need another george mitchell style sure person independently informed to come in here and to on do what went before and start building afresh and i doubt on the list as a reconfiguration within the democratic unionist party in terms of leadership and senior personnel i doubt if there is a capacity for nationalism to go back into government with the particular party that talking about george mitchell your term along with all the other major persona over the last generation that only if the people who came in to help will it be bill clinton or george mitchell burthen really understand nor moment i think george when i think george mitchell was the most consummate politician i've ever met he
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had a very very good brain and he very good man or a man or in terms of management of people of differing persuasions we need somebody like that somebody with that vast experience to take control again join us after the big rallies continues this interview with journalist him in malley receive them. us veterans who come back from war often tell the same stories. we're going after the people who were killing civilians they were not interested in the wellbeing of their own soldiers either they're already several generations of them so i just got this memo from the circular defense office says we're going to attack and destroy
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the government and seven countries in five years americans pay for the wars with them money others without lives if we were willing to go into harm's way and willing to risk being killed for a war surely we can risk some discomfort or uneasiness for. politicians to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or something i want to press. you to go right to the press this is what i'm a four three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested in the waters in the house. they should. do before you came here where did you work before you came here when you live well
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death row i'm in many u.s. states capital punishment is still practiced convicted prisoners can spend years waiting for execution and most of the time the victims' families they are very much in favor the death penalty there are some people because of what they did have given up their rights as live among us some even proven innocent after years on death row and how many more exonerations is it going to take before we as a society realize that this is not working and we actually do something about. welcome back not at allis most experienced political commentator is even molly let's rejoin his interview with alex in belfast talk to me about blacks that i mean i know you've been cheering suppose he'll across the across the province or
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discussing northern ireland's position of in europe if there is one how is that affecting the political discourse we are obsessing with breaks it here and. certainly short of a resolution of brecht's it. there is no hope of the british government becoming seriously engaged in talks in terms of restoring devolution or only administration and all iran and the government realizes that they haven't got the resources they haven't got the energy and the time to dedicate to attempting even to restore par evolution and of our and we have a secularist it who is deemed right across the community in terms of current bradley by nationalists and by union as to be seen to be a limb doc secrest it really unfamiliar with the workings of this place so i
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wouldn't be hopeful in the context of the bracks it that we're going to move forward politically here let's talk about the split constructional see how. firmly base that some in the democrat unionist party by what slee every account of observer dominating politics at westminster if that probably hasn't been done since of the edward carson and yet may be causing strains among the voting base so they have the strong position in the west was the parliament extracting a high price for the vote. and yet some murmurings among the business community the farming community the perhaps the u.p.a. in the strength i'm not operating in normal its interests i would genuinely be concerned about the attitude a mood within loyalism and i think we want to be very kerfoot not to do anything here collectively in terms of actions and use of language which might motivate a provoke people to bring guns back onto the street which brings us to the fame
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position achieved dominance in the national security a deal of respectability in terms of the separation of the of the ballot box from the from the bulletin the way that they were one hundred been done before. and yet our duty to inform our board of poor is that the the sort of movers necessary for the own supporters but it's good to keep the unionist community in the slugger we lummi done was taken over the party recently as president she's made several major mystics to be seen walking the streets of new york behind a banner with the slogan england get out of that a banner from one hundred years ago an anachronism of this. rightly so the irish for mr simon covertly said you do represent modern art and speaking
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like that the republic of ireland's a sophisticated european country. on the world stage. and then you're faced with that hubris that in chile. from mary lou mcdonnell and yet the first symphony leader for one hundred years of the leader of ever actually who could legitimately claim to have a separation. of career from from the violent struggle and thus to be admired but that's where leadership arises you've got to rise above that and maximize that. now she will learn but it might be too late it might be too late already and she's a bright lady trinity college graduate like myself capable postgraduate she's all the resources within her judgment is work comes at the judgement as absence i'm not giving up on her but she needs a lot of counseling and good advice advice and
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a lot of great her around i have think that the best brains in dublin civil service and in the civil service in london should be putting their heads together this at this very moment. pre-planning for the changing demographics an emerging situation in northern arm to obviate a situation down the road where we were rerun of one thousand and twelve where we will we will have loyola so the emergence of a caution type figure seeking term port arms into or than arm to become involved than operating we should obviate that situation and that's why change here has to be handled in my opinion sucre fairly so meticulously cognizant of the sensitivities of both communities i would be more concerned about the protestant unionists community the loyalist community rather than the republican community i think there's a greater sense of confidence within the republican national some than obtains
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within some and currently the democratic unionist party are putting their sense of unionism their sense of the union ahead of the economic well being of the people of northern ireland the deal promoted by trees i'm a trip to europe and coming back home was a crock of go at the end of the rainbow for people in northern ireland we would have benefited in ments least from that the because we would have been within the customs union and will continue a spart of the e.u. and i couldn't visit against up by drop the we could easily attracted facebook twitter intel all of these big multinational national companies into places like west belfast into protestant catholic us we have a good learned work for sure most of which are living here.
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my sons generation. went to state schools grammar schools. hemorrhage from this place we're losing we're losing these young people nonstop for thirty five years we have to get a remedy to bring those people back home and stop the ongoing hemorrhaging from what does it do to opinion no matter what we would look at westminster porticoes and see a government and kill some confusion a prime minister in the leadership probably more knowing what the mix their peers on the did for nor about who's the best on certain the history northerner voted to remain in europe we have a lady who calls herself first minister a woman who scurrilous through use of language refers to human beings as crocodiles two words in my generation have changed the course of history in northern ireland
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crocodile and breck's it crocodile a word which fell from the lips of all in foster the former first minister of northern ardent who brand that those who were aspiring to have an irish language acting like you're scottish gallic. she branded the aspirants of that act those who espouse that act as crocodiles she said feed a crock of diet and it will keep coming back for more. that has irretrievably incontrovertibly changed the psyche of nationalism that remark that has done more damage than any art or ince or any act of behavior of unionism historically secondly breadth breck's it has compounded the difficulties here it has driven the communities apart the catholic nationalist community very sympathetic to remaining in europe nolen and those done well over europe the infrastructure which obtains
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peace money all of that farmers are saying where are we going to get her money if europe leaves heavy chief flowing in here from europe nonstop who's going to provide the heavy trees if we leave europe so we're inter milan here is a term we have from it's from a space if you have to judge given political leadership given events given the changes of taking place where is that likely to be or do you argue that will happen is you'll be a rival united i would almost by osmosis as opposed to by a single event if that were to happen it should happen organically i come from a background which shows that this you know in just remain or perceived merit it one life being taken period i'm a father a husband a grandfather and a citizen and we all have
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a responsibility to act with dignity and be concerned about our brother by those policies and. whatever we constitutionally is the similarities between the run up to the the irish revolution or we are appalling which things could move either way depending on the citizens are made but we would just say we are tales of this history coming rove because i am of the opinion that there is sufficient confidence within the broad nationalist republican community that they will not revert to any manifestation of violence they can read the tea leaves they can see the way the wind is blowing they can see they can read the demographics the downside of that is that the protestant unionists community it continues to see is declining new maritally. the
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best brains have left northern ireland there in dubai there in scotland there in london and that generation they just don't want to be identified with the vulgarity of much of unionism so that's the reason why i am concerned about the young protestant loyalist who feels left behind who doesn't really see much to which to aspire i am concerned about that young impatient individual who might ill advisedly recourse to the use of arms. twi we can't be so careful in the use of language to him and thank you very much no i can't forecast when i'm ethel be a maid in ireland but what i can do is present you with the early salmon queer you
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know they have far whiskey or music about half of. it it's the quick only scots under the bush mill stuff and alan adams a whole lot of left in alex now barclays in with a cloud over that it would go to my other or my ex but never there. the whole map of europe has been changed but as the delage subsides in the water fall short we see the early steeples of for man and tyrone imagine once again that was winston churchill's really caught from one thousand twenty two he was hardly a disinterested party and he was about to lose his parliamentary seat undone de largely because he was no longer regarded as a trusted friend of violent to lisa may should have taken careful north at the outset of this but exit buddha she was after all one of the few u.k. politicians to actually campaign in ireland during the twenty six thousand referendum however she didn't and the rest is to make history and all about all of
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this we've seen during the series the nature of the blacks it debate itself has accelerated forces a social and economic change which will likely bring the prime minister's pressures union and to question much earlier than would otherwise have been the case meanwhile the public finds solace in the solidarity if it should have been partners they are trusted friends of violence the should bania made clear in dublin this week even the aftermath of a new deal bret's that would only be negotiated of ireland's interests in mind. however the likelihood is that the prime minister will get asked the political humiliation of the along but is that extension rob the economic dislocation of a. gallon a still london government and to grant the time necessary to save england from its own folly of love cornwallis who became global fan of violent after he saw the end of today medical yorkton if he was still around he might well have his regimental
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band play an uncle of the what'll toughened up say. if there's an irony which will be appreciated by students of history for some will be grief for many other leaf it will be the political end of this prime minister and i've been to spain and be in all of the show is good bye for now. but i can. use the first one to open your eyes to just been spoken to with hundreds of. photos
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of me just sort of doing that. here thing i was national. at the. talk a little. bit some of which are from composers. who thought of these critics one of biggest musical get a new belief because there's been. a shooting in july for the smear. opponents someone to be lenient because it doesn't look stylish you know it's pretty easy. most people have this picture of the i'll take each shot each day people change
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rather remold part of the world it is probably the part of the planet where we have seen in geo political terms in economic terms in shine different terms and the more russian transformative. picture of. the future much more than what has happened on the european continent on undoing all the past of what. you know world of big. lot and conspiracies it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses. to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the troops the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks.
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almost seven years confined to the ecuadorian embassy in london the u.k. police dragged we could extend it to julian assange is from is one safe haven and placed him under arrest. not so above the law i'm no hero while the british prime minister and officials praise their code all for ending a song just saddam the whistle blowing community brian's it's a dog day for journalists. it's preceded mainstay any journalist can be extradited for prosecution in the united states for having published truthful information about the united states.


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