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closely watching. after almost seven years confined to the ecuadorian embassy in london the u.k. police dragged. from one safe haven and place him in custody. not above the law no hero while the british prime minister and officials. community brands it's a dog day for journalism. it's precision means there any journalist can be extradited for prosecution in the united states for having published truthful information about the united states this is
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a dark day for journalism. songs in our faces extradition to the u.s. where the justice department has revealed he's wanted for allegedly conspiring to hike computer. for moscow you're watching international i'm daniel hawkins review was today thanks for joining us on the program. and a dramatic turn of events after nearly seven years holed up in the ecuadorian embassy in london wiki leaks founder julian assange was arrested on thursday morning whistleblower is now in police custody he's potentially facing extradition to the u.s. where he's wanted on charges of conspiring to hack government computer systems video agency ruptly captured the moment and distressed looking a song that was dragged out of the diplomatic compound. place
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was. probably was the only video agency to film in june a song being removed from the embassy a number of media outlets initially claimed the whistleblower had left on his own accord sian was arrested outside they were forced to change their stories off the images released following his arrest julian a song was taken to us once the magistrates courts where he was found guilty of breaching bail in twenty twelve more in the case police reports from central london . well julian assange just found guilty by
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a court to be scathing judge inside westminster magistrates court here a little bit earlier on the judge told just saw nj a narcissist to call him that constitutes a self interest and a song just told me he would be sentenced to a later date set up by a video link to the u.k. charges to julian a song for skipping bail back to twenty twelve they carry a month maximum sentence of about twelve months so relatively speaking it's a pretty small fry compared to the looming threat of potential charges that he's facing in the u.s. that some more concerning to his legal team we know that the u.s. justice department has unveiled charges of computer hacking against julian assange and there's an expected to be an extradition hearing in relation to that in may as well now as soon as the court proceedings here what a songes legal team on the wiki expects of us and came out take
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a listen to what they had to say this sets a dangerous precedent for all media organizations and journalists in europe and elsewhere around the world this precision means that any journalist can be at the united states this is what god gave to journalists in our studios jennifer said he said there's a good. we don't want to this to go forward this has to sleep it has to be there to the u.k. government needs to make up for sure that a journalist will never be extradited to united states for publishing activities staci to seven years while he's been holed up in the edward dorian embassy had been saying that he most fear this potential threat of extradition to the usa for the diplomatic cables that he released as editor of wiki leaks back in two thousand and ten nine years. as it goes today those today is of a staunch being extradited being wanted in the us based charges they turned into
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a reality at ten fifteen this morning he was forcibly removed from the ag the dorian embassy waiting spread the last seven years the ecuadorian also artie's has allowed the metropolitan police to go inside the embassy where a party julius on tried to resist arrest and then he was physically bundled up put in to a police baton and taken into police custody now very soon afterwards we learned that julian assange just political asylum to citizenship had been revoked by the ecuadorian authorities take a listen to what lenin morello the president and of ecuador had to say about it told. us that the discourteous and aggressive behavior of mr julian are shown to give the hostile and threatening declarations of his annoyed organization. on especially the transgression of international treaties who have led the situation
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to a point where the astronomy of mr assad regime is unsustainable there are no longer the horrible really kind of boils down to two different issues but you sort of came together over the past eighteen months one is that the ecuadorian authorities didn't like the fact that they said julian assange once was interfering in the international affairs in the uk as of all the countries through his online activity through his activities as editor of wiki leaks but also there was this kind of domestic dispute bubbling beneath the surface as well last year julian assange was given a list of conditions that he needed to adhered to if he wanted to stay on the good side of his leg for dorian hosts he was told they needed to tidy up offer him self between his policy and pay for his own food to pay for certain one three cleanup after his talents which they threaten. term leave and subsequently did this relationship really break down and that's what led to the culmination
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of this situation at this boiling point this morning when the ecuadorian authorities allowed the met police to walk in and arrest julian assange which british officials are pretty pleased about what's happened we'll welcome the news this morning that the metropolitan police have arrested judy in a song. mr speaker this goes to show that in the united kingdom no one is above the law. but what we've shown today is that no one is above the law julian assange is no hero he's hidden from the truth for years and years but also a very courageous decision by president around zero in ecuador to resolve the situation even though there had been attempts to resolve this issue in the background for many years it all came to a head with sort of the u.k. ecuador and the u.s. playing this card against julian assange together i think today we missed the end
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at the very least of the embassy chapter of the julian assange i'm sorry and we're moving on to perhaps a rather poor truncated chapter of an illegal extradition battle. just a moment ago where we had impalas report from wiki leaks editor kristinn hrafnsson and also jennifer saunders a lawyer will also talk to them about the wider implications of a song and what exactly to expect in the coming days ahead. it might possibly have a chilling effect or dualist all over the world if they have to face the possibility of being persecuted thrown into a prison plane to be flown to be. put on trial in a country in the early states the. way. we. propose to so this is a threat to journalism journalists freedom of the media overall what has happened
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always is what he expected to happen he will take on the fight and fight for victory and we will help him out while we were prepared after the lake that we received for safe last week from the ecuador high of high up official in the ecuadorian government last week there was an agreement between ukraine ecuador around his arrest as we've been predicting ecuador has revoked his incredibly well given the circumstances he asked me to pass on i thank you to all of his supporters for their ongoing support which will be needed in the months and years that i think they've come ahead as we face is extradition requests to move fight it but it is a great concern he's concerned obviously about the prospect of being asked right to the united states and about the president that that sets for the media everywhere we will of course fight any extradition requests made ited states is a provisional warrant for his arrest they have the next month also to provide a full request and we will of course fight it this is a massive free speech issue this is
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a coming publish truthful information about the united states and that is as a matter of principle wrong and ought to be resisted and we will be fighting it. has spoken to the former president of ecuador who granted asylum just saw him rafael thinks the country's current leadership is out for revenge. yes you know maybe. i think marino deserves the title of the greatest traitor of history that he could compete with. the state of ecuador cordons with international law regarded by his own national pride was simply a ploy to protect the person to whom it is granted asylum and instead they simply gave him are going to allow the british police to enter our embassy just imagine for a moment if it was the ecuadorian police entering the u.s. embassy it was a decision. you know he wants revenge for having been accused of corruption because wiki leaks released documents proving it not to mention other evidence like correspondence bills etc now online so marina is taking revenge on a sound i think the consequences will be even harder because although i don't want
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to look ahead to the possibility that the u.k. will not extradite julian assange to the united states it is very unlikely. you know it it states has confirmed the request of the extradition of sudan a son she's accused of conspiring to hack a government computer along with whistleblowers shall see manning just as the barman says he could face up to five years in prison. and has more. interestingly we have heard from the u.s. president u.s. president donald trump has been asked about the arrest of julian assange and wiki leaks and he gave an interesting answer and that answer is a little bit different than the answer he gave on the campaign trail let's take a listen i know nothing about wiki leaks it's not my thing and i know there is something having to do with julian assange i've been seeing what happened with a song that will be a determination i would imagine mostly by the attorney general who is doing an
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excellent job so he'll be making a determination i know nothing really about him it's not my it's not my deal in life wiki leaks wiki leaks wiki leaks. it's been amazing what's coming out on wiki leaks wiki leaks the wiki leaks akili. wiki leaks wiki leaks wiki leaks wiki leaks documents wiki leaks i love wiki leaks. it's important to note that essentially you know there is an effort to extradite him now from the u.s. department of justice we have a statement from the eastern district of virginia where they are essentially calling for for the extradition of julian assange for on charges of conspiracy to commit computer intrusion the indictment alleges that a songe coordinated with chelsea manning and together they tried to crack a password in order to get a defense department information that was classified which wiki leaks eventually published chelsea manning is in the hands of u.s.
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officials at this time being held and it's important to review what this information that chelsea manning was able to provide to wiki leaks actually contained let's review some of that information. out on. the market on friday you're going to.
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does the n.s.a. collect any data a million of those sort of. wiki leaks walks like a hostile intelligence or talks like a hostile takeover or. at this point it's important to note that a number of u.s. intelligence officials have declared that wiki leaks is a basically they referring to it as a russian the asset and this comes in response to these accusations came in response to wiki leaks publishing the e-mails from the democratic national committee and from hillary clinton's
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a job podesta those e-mails were published now it was widely alleged in the united states that came from hacking that those emails were acquired mails from a leaker a leaker provide these for a lot of these e-mails they did not hack in order to acquire that now in addition to being accused of being a russian asset julian assad has been referred to as being an enemy by a number of u.s. officials the united states do something to stop mr sausage we're looking into that right now he should be treated as an enemy combatant which he really should be closed down permanently indecisively this guy is a traitor a treasonous and he has broken every law the united states the guy ought to be and i'm not for the death penalty so if i'm not for the death penalty want to do it illegally shoot the son of a this is a man of this combo young anything i'm aware of ignorance or misplaced idealism is no longer an acceptable excuse for lionizing these demons at this point julia songes not any more in the ecuadorian embassy and london at this point he has been
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turned over to u.k. officials he is in their custody now the question remains will he be extradited to the united states many observers speculate that if you come to see ited states he could be facing a lot more than simply this conspiracy of computer intrusion charge that. charge only holds the potential for five years in prison but remains to be seen whether or not julian assad will be extradited to the united states where many speculate he could things much more serious charges than simply the computer hacking charge i would suspect that this statute was chosen by that role of u.s. prosecutors to simplify the acts but by. it is extradition from u.k. to the u.s. i would be surprised if the u.s. doesn't the on a man and the indictment wants us on u.s. soil amend the indictment and tack on additional charges one of which may very well be espionage. if the u.s. gives assurances to u.k.
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that the u.s. will not seek the death penalty that will that will calm the u.k. on the song is proving to be polarizing and more polarizing than have an egoless none of takes a look into the outpouring of reaction to the latest developments in the case. there is a rest i should say has clearly showcased how much of a divisive figure songe has become he's got an army of supporters on one hand he's got an army of haters on the other one but really whether you like him or not he's won multiple awards for his journalism and that's why some of the most the most vocal bunch i should say were journalists activists and the whistleblowers who have stepped forward and voiced his support to julian and one of the loudest voices in this quiet was edward snowden a fellow whistleblower who is was granted asylum and who is still in russia who
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doesn't seem to be well moving him anywhere anytime soon but he has been very vocal along with some other journalists and whistleblowers have a listen images of what those ambassador invoicing the case secret police into the embassy to drag a publisher of like you to know it was waiting john days most of the building are going to end up in the history books it sounds critics may cheer but this is a dark moment for press freedom the u.s. did not waste any time putting in extradition requests for a son terrible press than if journalist publisher ends up in u.s. jail for iraq war logs and state department cables we queue leaks is a publisher charges now brought in connection with its material or any attempt to extradite assange to united states for prosecution under deeply flawed could tell of the espionage act nine hundred seventeen is an attack on all of us the d.-o. g. sis part of what a science did to just to fight his prosecution be young allegedly helping manning get the documents is that he encouraged manning to get more documents for him to
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publish journalists do this with sources constantly as you criminalization of journalism this is what jewel in the sands and wiki leaks like guilty of exposing the murderous outcome of the us military assault on iraq states don't have the right to kill will initially whistleblowers do us all a service we only need to look at child. to man and to see what a way to silence she is indefinitely detained for refusing to expose whistle blower and u.s. officials have already deemed the sons guilty judge me on the brink of my is a former federal prosecutor. all national security cases for herself she hears my case as you judge them bastards. has ever wanted. it but i asked was separate documents that i needed to defend myself. all the arguments i suspect you'll say you'll just not be allowed.
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to the point is that they have if they're talking about and saying they have classified information collected by n.s.a. or cia then they can keep that out of sight of the public and even the defense lawyers and handle it with the judge in secret and convict him in secret that way the real issue is that he's exposing the the crimes that these governments are committing and the real truth about what's what's going on in there was governments that they don't want their own populations to know that they need the government position is the shadow government i would say here in the u.s. . once the population of the united states to be uninformed and manipulable so they can manipulate them any way they want these are techniques that have been used in the intelligence agencies for over one hundred years but if you think it's just journalists or whistle blowers who have been supporting his sons will know one of these storing cheapest and most vocal supporters of a songe throughout the years of his asylum and now to what were the united nations
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about when he was holed up in the asylum they demanded and they condemned the u.k. for not allowing for not granting a songe of the freedom of movement they've been saying that he should definitely be should have definitely been allowed that now they've stepped forward and said that extradition could amount to a human rights violation so if the. to extradite the son to this would constitute a human rights violation italy and bolivia have already also condemned the handling of the a sanch case the sort of the man handling the of the leak of the founder of we q leaks and well maybe on a more personal note i should say pamela anderson who i should suppose i should describe as his long distance girlfriend of sorts she also went on a massive twitter round and she did not mince words when it came to her describing a world well what she what she hopes that the fate will bring to everyone responsible for what happened to julian astonished today now these are the just
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some of the supporters of julian assange but of course you have them on the one side of the argument and you have all the bureaucratic and you know the government machine or the u.k. of the united states of some other states as well who have cheered who have cheered on her praised what happened to us today but i guess the day to look out to look forward to is may the second now journalist and wiki leaks supporter cassandra fairbanks told us she believes that a songes a vixen was planned well in advance. i think that this is. a really really dark day for press freedom. julian assange and has done more for sri press and the right to know and free information than any other journalist in history. is extraditing him and terje him for doing journalism is shocking and disgusting it's all obviously court made and i think this has been
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planned for a long time and went to their good rate embassy and there was a car that was sitting outside for twenty hours they had shipped to people rotating through every six or so hours and now their car. was sitting with their spotlight on the embassy so i had confronted both of them they said they weren't media and then they wouldn't answer whether or not they were a line for smith but they claimed not to do what we even was and they are seen arresting him today and i could ring government was just looking and making excuses to put him into the hands of the united states government where he's definitely not going to get a fair trial or a minor off the top story don't anything on news coverage we can expound on judy and i saw it was arrested on thursday morning and dragged out of the ecuadorian embassy in london where he'd been taken refuge for nearly seven years the video agency captured exclusive video of the moment he was taken from the building. it
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was us was. was. was. that's it for the salad you and i see and for the latest in thirty minutes what's your audience a national. breaks
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it. is an outstanding person because he took on the most powerful agency in this county for you lead a state if you look at it from the analogy. marc was the day that when he was fighting the. duke and has been the most contentious critics say he is the first time i noticed something wasn't right in fleece work pretty much when i first
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started the corruption in palm beach county is not something that you can smell or thing like that it's a nod and a wink it wasn't what i wanted to do. more in this county then something about his family the sheriff by then. squash you like a bug you know i wish you'd stop the news and then i'm left with stuff i believe what i'm doing ok you know it's your funeral. critic house. i snuck out of the united states. into russia political stunt. men they know bad wolf. most people have this picture of the. day people change rather
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remote part of the world it is probably the pomp of the planet where we have seen geopolitical economic and shined. the most. transformative. picture of. the future and much more than most of the european continent on all the post and. greetings and salutations well after seven long years julian assan just finally out of the ecuadorian embassy and right in the hands of british authorities in fact he was quite literally dragged out of the ecuadorian embassy by london metropolitan police at ten am london time thursday morning while holding
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a copy of gore vidal's book history of the national security state the founder of wiki leaks had his asylum status revoked this week by current ecuadorian president lenin miranda who tweeted in a sovereign decision ecuador withdrew the asylum status to julian assange after his repeated violations to international conventions and daily life protocols after to after he was taken into custody assad was almost immediately then found guilty by a magistrates court in westminster for a two thousand and twelve charge of failing to surrender to the court and right on cue proving that assad and his supporters were not conspiracy theorists or just being paranoid these last seven years the united states justice department unsealed their charges against the wiki leaks founder announcing that assad was arrested by u.k. authorities so that he could be extradited to the united states to face a federal charge of conspiracy to commit. intrusion for agreeing to break a password to a classified u.s. government computer the charges you see stem from massages role and whistleblower
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chelsea manning's massive leak of thousands upon thousands of iraq and afghanistan war reports along with two over two hundred thousand state department cables in response to the arrest whistleblower edward snowden tweeted a sun just critics may cheer but this is a dark moment for press freedom i couldn't agree more with mr snowden and i'd like to add that as a taxpaying citizen of the united states i am deeply ashamed of my government's actions against mr assad who like him or not is ultimately practicing the art of good journalism but in these times when our most important rights like freedom of press are being threatened. we need to be watching the hawks. that that's. what they like that i got.
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