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to fight for the middle for the troops the time is not for washing clothes for watching. with julian the song is now in jail for an m.p.'s hold a media conference outside to show their support for a man they see as a hero and we look at the media's dramatic u. turn of the whistleblower. offer this our human rights organizations quite follow after a palestinian activist is denied entry to the u.s. we spoke to omar barghouti about his experience. with the u.s. administration has been mobilized to do israel's bidding and trying to silence the listings it's really natural human rights defenders. and as euro skeptic parties thrive ahead of the e.u. elections of russian battling it is blamed for the rise.
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you're watching our chance of national coming to life from the russian capital where it's just turned four pm welcome to the program. wiki leaks co-founder joined us and is currently awaiting his extradition fate in prison in the u.k. ahead of a hearing next month to german politicians and the spanish have spoken to the media outside the jail they've been scheduled to have meetings with a song in london's ecuadorian embassy until last week's dramatic arrest changed all that and more on this now i'm joining joined live by the outside of the prison what exactly have they been saying. well i'm outside the prison where to the innocent is currently being held in custody is a category a prison in southeast london now today members of the german bundestag and the european parliament when for. into the prison holding
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a press conference protesting against a sundress arrest now they believe it sets a dangerous precedent for press freedom and protected speech well that's why it's now off to an ecuadorian officials revokes a songes asylum status they believe it's created a kind of slam to campaign against the sun to divert attention away from the breach of international law now the spanish m.e.p. i was talking to a lawyer and a memorandum well she showed me a letter and this letter it was an official invitation to visit his sons when he was in the embassy on monday in the meeting room but however this is the this is of course not possible now and she now house a pending request to visit so sancerre and belmarsh prison now it also came terra tension as well that julian assange just possessions have not been allowed to be bulls and with him pair into the prison and they still remain in that crude or an embassy let's listen festival to the back and say.
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he's a whistleblower and he needs international protection and not the criminal criminalization we recently he gave us the truth he delivered to provide the truth to the public about the war crimes you rock and afghanistan and therefore he should be awarded more to criminalize if he says that most of the sins of the knights and states his accusers by being as he can be in prison for all their life i mean it's not fair because the only than the cases that corruption cases the right to information to society to and to people in the wall. now over the weekends we have that many supporters head carrying banners such as the phrase don't shoot the messenger this monday in particular supporters of a songe have now. transferred location there was one supporter in particular that i
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was talking to a leader that has been outside the embassy for around six to seven years but he's now moved out right right outside of prison and they support to say we're very concerned about his welfare but since julian the songes arrest we've seen an outcry from an international audience regarding the potential extradition to the united states if anything this is really made people talk about the revelations of wiki leaks and question people in political power as well but from talking to the chairman and the spanish m.e.p. today they believe some kind of misinformation campaign is starting against julian this songe and they're very concerned about the extradition hearing that's going to be held on the second and i. think you for bringing us the latest. well i'm just getting that much support in the media once touted as a hero outlets now appear largely to have turned on him painting him as
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a villain you have looks at what's behind his fall from grace. you want to see just how radically the media you turned on a songe from champion of the press to a leper an outcast all you need to do is watch saturday night live it's comedy but boy does it hit home. thanks to wiki leaks you can see how corrupt governments operate in the shadows and then lie to those who elect them thanks to facebook you can finally figure out which sex and the city character you are i've attacked u.s. military. because i'm an actual james bond supervillain and i'm one step away from destroying the god. because reality is entirely less funny what i songes faced a tidal wave of smear really ugly stuff a little over a decade ago the us military declared war on wiki leaks drop
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a plan which was actually need a plan to discredit it and terrorize whistleblowers and it looks like they're winning. wiki leaks uses trust as a center of gravity by showing insiders leakers and whistleblowers who pass information to wiki leaks personnel or who post information to the websites that they will remain anonymous the identification exposure terminations employment criminal prosecution legal action against current or former insider is leakers or whistleblowers could potentially damage or destroy this center of gravity and deter others from considering similar actions from using the wiki leaks website back then at the turn of the decade as sanj was a hero of the pundits cheered his leaks exposing bush era war crimes exposing the elites corporations politicians how they loved him for it those outstanding
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journalism their words he was given on or after on or including the economist's new media award back then we get leaks was news wiki leaks is an online news organization that specializes in publishing documents alleging government entity. how times have changed what was news in two thousand and ten is enemy propaganda now journalistic hero or enemy agent asks the same economist nonna mr warded for his stellar journalism or take time magazine who gave their front cover to a songe in two thousand and ten now they run virtual hit pieces quoting an headlining anyone that doesn't like a songe it seems be it hillary clinton or a judge that met him once and labeled him a narcissist gets much dirtier uglier outlets that have historically
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supported and cheered america's wars such as the atlantic put out cc's pact hate mails. or the equivalent of musingly enough the hack behind this story first calls out the sagas promiscuity with facts and almost immediately after says this artist tagline his question more and indeed one might inquire how it came to pass that the spin off of a kremlin propaganda organ and now registered for an agent in the united states first arrived on the scene i stand ready to our answer your inquiry unlike other networks and publications who all learned at the same time that might be leaving the embassy we could leaks told everyone unlike them we took it seriously we went and documented what happened this is called journalism journalism
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like what our sanjay did when he exposed various war crimes at the end of the day come on we all know the exact moment these people turned against their former hero. maybe you're kind of picking up where julian assange was before he went bad because we used to like you know we used to really be doing a good service and then something happened i guess his hatred for hillary clinton maybe is would turn him basically into someone who was a russian. aid really yes yes of course as hated hillary never did anything wrong she was perfect wasn't she. a prominent palestinian activist has been prevented from flying to the u.s. from israel despite having a valid visa a mark barghouti is co-founder of a movement to boycott israel and what it considers the jewish state oppression of palestine we spoke to him about his story. i was. prevented from
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boarding a flight. airport because under instructions from the u.s. consulate u.s. immigration have been to me from entering the u.s. despite having a valid visa and valid travel documents we see this out sourcing it's my car to democratic repression against the b.d.s. movement for human rights in palestine to the united states the us administration has been mobilized now to do israel's bidding and trying to silence palestinian israeli and international human rights defenders who are active in this extremely important and very effective nonviolent b.d.s. movement human rights groups have expressed outrage at washington's decision calling it the politicization of borders so far american authorities have refused to comment insisting all information relating to the case is confidential barghouti was traveling to the u.s. to take part in a speaking tour at several prominent universities including panel discussions with
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policymakers and journalists are going to co-founded the boycott divestment and sanctions movement known as b.d.s. in two thousand and five it calls on the international community to stop supporting israel and its companies and it also seeks to return west bank territory to palestinians in turn israel accuses the movement of being anti-semitic vandyke or director of the truce them center for public affairs says the decision to deny barghouti entry was not arbitrary think that is the that's the argument that we're hearing all over the place is that this is what they call the shutting of mouse in the and the closing of free and the prohibition of free speech but this is not the issue of omar barghouti omar barghouti from the united states point of view as a foreign agent with terror links to the islamic jihad p f l p hamas and other designated terror get as asians by the united states and europe so they don't like to have those types of terror linked individuals coming into the united states.
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today over half of all u.s. states have introduced laws penalizing boycotts against israel earlier this year the senate passed a bill allowing states to terminate contracts with entities who support the movement. again says this legislation comes from fear of the movement growing and popularity the u.s. supreme court took ruled that boycotts for political social and economic change are considered free speech protected by the first amendment of the us constitution so all those twenty seven states are following orders basically but they're violating their own u.s. constitution we will challenge that we are challenging that in u.s. courts a.c.l.u. is challenging at least three states on the antidemocratic. laws and we think we will prevail. struggle israel is trying to suppress b.d.s. from above by passing laws because it has miserably failed to stop the immense growth of the movement at the grassroots level among the trade unions churches
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women's groups groups and so on and so forth u.s. presidential hopeful bernie sanders takes a swipe at a democratic think tank for inciting divisions he thinks might cost the party the white house that after the break. the business model of facebook is to pressure people to continue communicating through facebook giving facebook personal information this is what makes facebook a surveillance monster show facebook does not have users facebook has used people that facebook users. manufactured sentenced to public wealth. when the ruling classes
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protect themselves. with the famous merry go round. the world. nor middle of the room. welcome back the european elections are looming that will support for anti e.u. parties on the rise but also on the increase are claims of russia's influence so it didn't get reports. anti establishment parties already set records in the twenty
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fourteen election winning one hundred and sixty seats more than twenty percent of the parliament if the current polls are anything to go by and they'll smersh these figures at the expense of the traditional big block alliances with new comers from both the left and the right embracing social media they're out pacing their established mainstream rivals but that was caught some questioning whether there is a secret driving force behind it all it's russian meddling of course what else were you thinking there is no doubt that russia will be a major malign actor we have twenty seven countries participating in that election and they are not equally well prepared to avoid and prevent foreign meddling russia is very likely to try to intervene in the european parliament elections to secure as many seats as possible for the pro russian or euro skeptical political forces
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the media are lapping it up with just over a month before the european elections the starting guns have been fired a new tag teams are forming particularly amongst anti establishment parties in italy to use ovine as the league has announced a joint venture with parties from at least five other countries well his alliance has hopes of winning big by taking a hundred and fifty seats in the parliament but he has competition from his own new coalition government part the five star its leader luigi to my zero is also looking to make a new alliances with four other parties outside italy and let's not forget that unexpected twist to the course the u.k. . a witch wasn't even supposed to be a member of the e.u.
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by now is also looking to field candidates no i don't for all she thought he'd already hung up his research is dipping his toes back again this time with a brand new party actually named breaks it i can't imagine what it scans but this party is not here. just to fight the repeal actions and the twenty third of may this year this party is not here to ask people simply to express their anger by going to the ballot box and voting present day night the twenty third of may. is the first step of the blacks it is the art house and thank you. that's a straight to the problem for the euro and there's nothing to do with a person's the left and the democrat the democratic hide them in their own the people are not on the so-called further you have been committed to that project
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because the political project that their fantasies now they're going to make the people of you have disappeared and become one great people you know. the utopian people will need your claim of the investigation is that they were going to prove a collision between the time camping and her. home which means a neck and neck to behavior on the part of the time campaign and then that is as to the collapse it is being refuted by the media hopeful for months and years the mainstream media the liberal media the so-called democratic media in the united states but also in europe also in france at least has been repeating things business that can be seen effect the putin agent of a is in the pocket book at the the coming which is totally for one of these mean cleanest collapsed the reason is why should we believe the other claims. twenty twenty us presidential hopeful bernie sanders has lashed out at a think tank belonging to his own party has accused the center of american progress
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of stirring up infighting which is damaging the democrats' hopes of taking back the white house. other democratic candidates are running campaigns based on principles and ideas and nursing gaging in mudslinging or personal attacks on each other meanwhile the center for american progress is using its resources to smear the senate's a book senator warren and myself among others this is hardly the way to build unity or to win the general election the center for american progress promotes non left candidates within the democrats in two thousand and sixteen and through its weight behind hillary clinton presidential hopeful are involved from the libertarian party thinks the center as a stylish went through and throw. in all parties are going to see something tanks there are basically designed to promote the establishment values center for american progress certainly does that they're very cautious about pushing the agendas that are going to be frightening to powerful lobbyist to moneyed interests
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because that damages their own funding and they're going to keep on trying to do everything they can to push the establishment interest and so it's not necessarily about hillary clinton specifically but rather promoting establishment candidates generally it's not the first time sanders has complained about the way the democratic party nominates its presidential candidate his criticisms of so-called superdelegates led to reforms last year although as kilmartin explained they're likely to have much impact. it's campaign season once again in the united states and with trump as the presumptive nominee for reelection on the republican ticket it's the democratic primary that is the focus so far there are eighteen different candidates running for president as a democrat and at this point it's expected that the number may increase. as i'm running for president and i'm running to serve you as the next president of the united states of america i am a candidate for i announce my candidacy i now it's night canada same i'm running
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for president i'm filing an exploratory committee for us in the united states. last time the democratic primary was a bit of a circus with bernie sanders supporters declaring that the process was rigged against them there will be threatened bernie sanders supporters clashing in nevada angry bernie sanders supporters fighting over delegates in nevada tonight coming to represent a nasty shaking up the democratic party now not every vote counts the same when it comes to nominating the democratic party's candidate the infamous super delegates appointed by party bigwigs have the ability to overturn the popular vote over four hundred of these superdelegates indicated their support for secretary clinton before everyone else was in the race but now the democratic party has changed the rules to make everything fair well sort of we passed major reforms that will not only put our next presidential nominee in the strongest position possible but will
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help us elect democrats up and down the bonnets across the country these reforms will help grow our policy unites democrats and restore voters trust by making our twenty twenty nominating process the most inclusive and transparent in our history now this time around the superdelegates won't get to vote at the convention unless there is no clear majority in the first ballot however at this point with eighteen different candidates in the race none of which are polling about. thirty two percent it's pretty likely that will happen and that might actually be part of the plan for twenty twenty democrats jampacked field is already on track to surpass the republican seventeen way rumble of twenty sixteen and lacks an obvious front runner at the dizzying pace small and large dollar donors are bankrolling their favorite hopefuls many democrats could have the financial wherewithal and even pressure from their backers to campaign deep into the primary calendar dramatically increasing
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the odds no candidate will capture a majority by the convention if the superdelegates do end up voting it's not clear who they would support however it's pretty clear who they would not support at this point bernie sanders is favored and leading in many polls among rank and file democrats however he's pretty hated by the party elite a socialist candidate is more dangerous to this company country as far as the strength and well being of our country the donald trump i would vote for donald trump a despicable human being twenty sixteen was not the first time that things got messy at the democratic national convention back in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight when the democratic party selected a candidate who supported the vietnam war things got ugly outside the convention on the streets of chicago. so what the democratic party still stinging from tribes upset victory and with a lot of internal strife and divisions it's starting to look like primary season might become a little bit chaotic for the oldest party in america the changes that we're seeing in the democratic primary are basically joke changes it this is purely an empty
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p.r. move in two thousand and sixteen the democratic party had to resort to pretty extreme maneuvers take hand the election to the establishment candidate but note the way that they did that was not just about superdelegates they also gave for example clinton the debate questions beforehand the democratic party will be able to do this just as long as democratic voters let them. get away with it. popular american fast food chain chick fil a has been banned from a number of u.s. airports after its owner expressed support for the quote biblical definition of the family unit something that didn't fly with the l g b t community.
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everyone has a place here and everyone should feel welcome when they walk through our airport. the views of chick fil a number present our state and business is to support discrimination have no place operating in taxpayer funded public facilities. we know that this is a strong an inclusive community we need to make sure that business is that respect these values. sure i'm aware of their beliefs but i personally get a kick out of thinking how each time i walk in there they've served my gate. it's good chicken if they aren't willing to give up a burger they aren't going to give their tickets to gays who go they probably already know so why do you think you can change their mind this is childish.
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that's a global news update for this hour but don't forget you can always had to our website . the details on all the stories and many more. we came here where did you work before you came here when you live. in many us states capital punishment is still practiced convicted prisoners can spend years waiting for execution but most of the time the victims' families they are very much in favor the death penalty there are some people because of what they did have given up their rights as live among us somebody even proven innocent of two years on death row and how many more exonerations is it going to take before we as
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a society realize that this is not working and we actually do something about. what politicians do. they put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. i want to. have to try to be pressed to supply them before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters in the. first sip. it. is about if you don't.
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think. people. will come to the end cone sophie shevardnadze our world today may be a high tech wonderland but where the users no nothing in it with our personal data being the new oil for big tech how do we break it's great but our whole lives will ask richard stallman the founder and leader of the free software movement. today's internet opens up possibilities like never before it's present in every aspect of
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our lives but facilitate survey limbs and control on the unprecedented scale with governments tightening the screws on rules and regulations online can the web ever go back to the wild west days of the world wide web will global connectivity bring about giant leaps in human progress and wellbeing will become the real world is big brother in a brave new world richard stallman the sounder and later all say free software woman welcome to the show great to have you back one more time it's been a while so richard is the in turn it off today is all about collecting and using people's data for instance you call ses surveillance engine because all. all of the data mining it does do you think it is possible to make an enormous platform like facebook without this large scale data collection a social network that one spy on you or is collecting and monetary inherent to the business model of today's internet products well i don't know if
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it's either one and i don't think there should be a platform like facebook the only thing about facebook that is special useful is that you can get in touch with lots of people. who have offered to be contacted perhaps the government should run a platform you can do that with just so everyone can be on it but once you contact the person you shouldn't be pushed to communicate through that same platform no quite the contrary that should only be for how to get in touch with someone.


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