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julia sarge now in jail for a known piece of the media conference outside to show their support for a man they see as a hero we look at the media shock you to know the whistleblower. human rights organizations cry foul after a palestinian activist is denied entry to the u.s. we spoke to omar barghouti about his experience. with the u.s. administration has been mobilized now to do israel's bidding trying to silence palestinian. national human rights defenders. the belgian government center for cyber security fails to find evidence of any threats from wall way despite the
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chinese tech giant being accused of spying by u.s. allies. this is joining us this evening this is r.t. international. we can lease co-founder julian assange is now in prison ahead of a hearing next month on extradition to the united states the lawmakers have spoken to the media outside the jail they've been told to me to sanction london's a coup dorrian embassy until last week's arrest as details. i'm outside belmarsh prison where julian assange is being held in custody it's a category a prison in south east london now earlier today members of the chairman and the european parliament's were in front of the prison holding a press conference park. testing against a sanchez arrest they believe it sets
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a dangerous precedent worldwide for journalists. journalists he's a whistle blower and needs international protection and not the criminal criminalization we recently he gave. truth he delivered to provide the truth to the public about the war crimes you rock and afghanistan and therefore he should be awarded to criminalise he says that most of the sins of the knights and. his accusers by being as he can be prison for all their lives i mean it's not fair because he only the now's the cases that corruption cases the right information to society to people in the wall now the spanish pay and a memorandum of the times talking to a lawyer or she received an official invitation from the ecuadorian embassy to
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visit on monday however this was of course not possible over the weekend we had there were many supporters head right outside belmarsh prison carrying banners with the phrase don't shoot the messenger and since julian the sanchez erasto we've seen an outcry from an international audience regarding the central extradition to the united states if anything though this is made people more aware about the revelations of wiki leaks and about questioning people and political power but the people i spoke to earlier the chairman m.p.'s and the spanish i mean paid well they believe some kind of this information campaign is starting against the songe and they're very concerned about the potential extradition haring to be held on may the second. or some politicians openly supports songs of the sort made dramatic about for many positive comments they've made about. me.
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wiki leaks wiki leaks we killing this point you says it's been amazing what's coming out on wiki leaks wiki leaks the wiki leaks achilles wiki leaks wiki leaks i love what you like i. clearly the phrase i was making a joke during the twenty sixth campaign. you know nothing about wiki leaks it's not my thing. and it seems trump is not the only one he's gone through a change of heart once hailed as a hero by much of the media outlets now appear largely to have turned on the sarge painting him as a villain but i guess they have looks at what's behind the fall from grace. you want to see just how radically the media you turned on a songe from champion of the press to a leper an outcast all you need to do is watch saturday night live it's comedy but
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boy does it hit home. thanks to wiki leaks you can see how corrupt governments operate in the shadows and then lie to those who elect them thanks to facebook you can finally figure out which sex and the city character you are i've attempted u.s. military. because i'm an actual james bond supervillain and i'm one step away from destroying the god. because reality is entirely less funny what a scientist faced a tidal wave of smear really ugly stuff a little over a decade ago the us military declared war on wiki leaks drop a plan which was radically neat a plan to discredit it and terrorize whistleblowers and it looks like they're winning. wiki leaks uses trust as a center of gravity by showing insiders leakers and whistleblowers who pass
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information to wiki leaks personnel or who post information to the website that they will remain anonymous the identification exposure terminations of employment criminal prosecution legal action against current or former insider is leakers or whistleblowers could potentially damage or destroy this center of gravity and deter others from considering similar actions from using the wiki leaks website back then at the turn of the decade as sanj was a hero how the pundits cheered his leaks exposing bush era war crimes exposing the elites corporations politicians how they loved him for it those outstanding journalism their words he was given on or after on or including the economist's new media award back then we give eeks was news wiki leaks is an online news organization that specializes in publishing documents alleging
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government and corporate misconduct we invited judy and a song editor in chief of wiki leaks in pity. how times have changed what was news in two thousand and ten is enemy propaganda now journalistic hero or enemy agent asks the same economist neither reads the subtitle just a useful idiot who the economist awarded for his stellar journalism or take time magazine who gave their front cover to a songe in two thousand and ten now they run virtual hit pieces quoting and headlining anyone that doesn't like a songe it seems be it hillary clinton or a judge that met him once and labeled him a narcissist gets much dirtier uglier out. outlets that have historically supported and cheered america's wars such as the atlantic put out feces
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pact hate mails or the equivalent of and musingly enough the hack behind this story first calls out assad has promiscuity with facts and almost immediately after says this artist tagline his question more and indeed one might inquire how it came to pass that the spin off of a kremlin propaganda organ and now registered foreign agent in the united states first arrived on the scene i stand ready to answer your inquiry unlike other networks and publications who all learned at the same time that assigns might be leaving the embassy we could leaks told everyone unlike them we took it seriously we went and documented what happened this is called journalism journalism like what i songe did when he exposed various war crimes he's
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a publisher news he's a journalist he. and the material that he leaked we know from the pedestrian mails from the war logs is real and credible and was published by mainstream organizations once it was released by wiki leaks the very news organizations that over many decades over several decades of which the documents that we can meet provided almost instantaneously once those documents route turned on assigned him so ray prodding from the national security state so of course there was an effort to discredit wiki leaks and to carry out of very sustained and unfortunately quite effective. character assassination of the shah assigned to isolate him and demonize him in the eyes of the public. at the end of the day come on we all know the exact moment these people turned against their former hero.
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maybe you're kind of picking up where julian of songe was before he went bad because we used to like a bit of we used to really be doing a good service and then something happened i guess is a group really regret maybe as would turn jim basically into someone who was a russian. aide really yes yes of course as sanjay did hillary never did anything wrong she was perfect wasn't she. a prominent palestinian activist has been prevented from frying to the u.s. from israel despite having a valid visa m r t is the co-founder of a movement to boycott israel and then what it considers the jewish state's oppression of palestine we spoke to him to get his story. i was. prevented from boarding a flight. airport because under instructions from the u.s.
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consulate u.s. immigration have burned me from entering the u.s. despite having a valid visa and valid travel documents we see this as outsourcing it's mccarthy antidemocratic repression against the b.d.s. movement for human rights in palestine to the united states the us administration has been mobilized now to do israel's bidding in trying to silence palestinian israeli and international human rights defenders who are active in this extremely important and very effective nonviolent b.d.'s movement. human rights groups have expressed outrage at washington's decision calling it the politicization of borders so far u.s. authorities have refused to comment insisting all information relating to the case is confidential. book is he was traveling to the united states to take part in a speaking tour of several prominent universities including panel discussions with policymakers and journalists now barghouti co-founded the boycott divestment and sanctions movement known as b.d.s.
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back in two thousand and five calls on the international community to stop supporting israel and its companies it also seeks to return west bank territory to palestinians in turn israel accuses the movement of being anti-semitic than dyke a director of the jerusalem center for public affairs says that the decision to to not deny about who to and she was not arbitrary. think that is the that's the argument that we're hearing all over the place is that this is what they call the shutting of mal's in the and the closing of free and the prohibit a prohibition of free speech but this is not the issue of omar barghouti omar barghouti from the united states point of view as a foreign agent with terror links the islamic jihad p f l p a mass and other designated terror get as asians by the united states and europe so they don't like to have those types of terror linked individuals coming into the united states. to date over half of all u.s. states have introduced laws that penalize boycotts against israel earlier this year
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the senate passed a bill allowing states to terminate contracts with entities which support the boycott movement omar barghouti again says that this legislation comes from fear of the movement growing in popularity. the u.s. supreme court ruled that boycotts for political social and economic change are considered free speech protected by the first amendment of the us constitution so all those twenty seven states are following israel's orders basically but they're violating their own u.s. constitution we will challenge that we are challenging that in u.s. courts a.c.l.u. is challenging at least three states on their antidemocratic. laws and we think we will prevail in this struggle israel is trying to suppress b.d.s. from above by passing laws because it has miserably failed to stop the immense growth of the movement at the grassroots level among the unions churches women's groups energy beauty groups and so on and so forth. the chinese
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take charge while ways been making headlines for all the wrong reasons in recent months but claims its products helped spy on countries for beijing but now the belgian center for cyber security says that it's found no evidence that companies technologies pose any sort of threat peter has details. the belgium center for cyber security the c c b of completed well the main part of their investigation into chinese telecommunications giant who are way they say that they pose no threat to the security in belgium to cyber security in belgium they say they will continue monitoring the situation however this whole investigation was started amid allegations that hu while way products could be used for spying to date we do not have sufficient evidence to establish a new thread coming from quiet way a final report on the issue will not be produced as yet because this edition is
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still going more neutered. prime minister sharon's michel hasn't made any statement as of yet he had said he would hold back comment until he heard from the c c b not comment seemingly at the bottom has to do pile right now but the one group that have been very vocal against her way and continue to be very vocal is the united states now allegations coming from the u.s. leveled at the chinese telecommunications giant include that they are spying on governments for beijing that they're stealing intellectual property that they used in money laundering and in bank wire fraud as it stands across the e.u. there's no unifying attitude towards who are way products here in germany there was draft legislation put forward that would make. a increased standards on telecommunication companies operating within germany and as it stands that could push out of the market that prompted applause from the united states saying we need
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more like this police it's hard to see how chinese technology would meet that standard at this point we're looking for governments to adopt security standards like we're seeing in germany however the standards laid out in the draft proposal by the german government aren't that difficult for the way to live up to and then of course there was also the incident that followed the u.s. telling germany that they shouldn't use a product that prompted angle americal the german chancellor to say you don't tell us whose products we should be using for our own security methods what we're hearing though from the chinese side from to our way themselves is they deny all of the allegations and charges that are being brought against the. british and this is. just.
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the. yes. i. know. this is going to continue for some time yet though the big question that's being asked is all these concerns that are being raised by the united states a genuine concern for the security of the european allies or is it more along the lines of they want to cut the chinese telecommunications giant out of the market it convince the european partners that for security services they should buy u.s. products. chang thinks that the findings by the cybersecurity center could mean the doesn't now follow the u.s. ban. and put the three he held in the. country. the american boy court of
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law way at the moment. more. than in person and it's a no and a lie of an agreement. on a pivot even. allowing your in union we. have. nothing no treatment the united states government will continue. despite the fact that no american agreement. who told the president of the war is very likely. it's a thing with the seeding more new stuff to the break. the
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business model of facebook is to pressure people to continue communicating through facebook and giving facebook personal information this is what makes facebook a surveillance monster show facebook does not have users facebook has used it's people that facebook users. you know world big partisan movies. and conspiracies it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bad and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks.
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and you heard of the sudanese military council has been named just a day after its previous chief stepped down it comes amid a major political upheaval in the country seen a military coup toppled the long time leader. abdel fatah who's now effectively in charge as a veteran soldier is a former chief of the country's ground forces go to the reports he oversaw sending troops to yemen as part of the saudi led coalition saudi arabia meanwhile has declared its support for the transitional military council headed by the new chief . the kingdom declares its support for the steps announced by the council in preserving lives and prosperity and stands by the sudanese people and hopes that
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this will achieve security and stability for brotherly sudan. according to local and yemeni media saddam has at least three thousand ground troops and several falling to jets fighting in yemen as part of the saudi led alliance dozens of soldiers are being killed on the coastal battlefronts the war in yemen which has been ongoing since twenty fifteen to the world's worst humanitarian crisis according to the united nations coalition which is blamed for killing and injuring more than seventeen thousand civilians says they don't the targets military. expect as he came in editor of the african very good evening to me. just in talking about it known for being a veteran soldier some questioning his political skills i would expect from the new leader. while they're in a very precarious situation at this point there are thousands of people who are still sitting in. the army headquarters as it relates to the
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sudanese military as involvement in yemen this was a colossal mistake on the former president president. bashir it represented a foreign policy shift from alliance with the islamic republic of iran. and other. countries towards the west and i think that they have in fact suffered the consequences of this involvement in yemen this is a genocidal war it's been going on for some four years right now and the only motivation that i can think for the former president getting involved in human was purely monitor. bigamy in yemen and. reportedly said sudanese troops to yemen while he was in charge of the country's ground forces suggest that he will maintain that level of support if not increasing
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. it depends on what happens over the next. days and next several weeks. don professional association the alliance for freedom and changes demanding an immediate handover to civilian rule absolute. most at party international supervised elections i see this is being problematic from the standpoint that it is not clear exactly if they have a mandate potentially electoral mandate to govern the country this is why in my opinion they do not want immediate elections because the national congress party it appears still has a lot of support within the country now if they do turn over control to a civilian government is going to require considerable amount of goshi ations and through these negotiations it will be determined what the actual foreign policy
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these are the yemen the new sudanese dispensation so this is uncharted territory however i will be resolved over the next few weeks. why do you think the saudis. the u.a.e. was so quick to declare their support for this new appointment. well clearly with the intervention of the soldiers from sudan this is been a key component of this war which in fact is coordinated by the pentagon against the people of yemen this is purely designed to prevent the answer a lot of these so-called who the movement from gaining total consolidation of the political framework in yemen it's also considered a proxy war against the islamic republic of iran sudan unfortunately as joined i believe on the wrong side of this conflict and of course the u.a.e.
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as well as saudi arabia do not want their alliance to fall apart on withdraws then of course this will have grave implications for other countries who have also committed themselves to be a part of this of western coordinated military onslaught against yemen which has been devastating for the country thousands of people have died hundreds of thousands have been displaced we have the largest humanitarian crisis known today in the world of the largest outbreak of cholera is a direct result of this war they have bombed housing complexes hospitals schools ports and other massive infrastructure in yemen that is an outrageous situation that has to end as soon as possible my thanks to my guest they sound editor of the pan african news while you know me as a kiwi. right up to date so i'll be back with more news for you in just over half.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics. i'm showbusiness i'll see that. the international memorial awards twenty nineteen are now open for entries. media professionals are eligible whether you are a freelance journalist media or part of a global news conference to participate in some published works and video and. go
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toward. them to now. what politicians do. they put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. some want. to go right to be press was like them before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters of our. first sit.
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welcome to the uncombed sophie shevardnadze our world today may be a high tech wonderland but with the users oh nothing in it with our personal data being the new oil for big tech how do we break it's great but our whole lives will ask richard stallman the founder and leader of the free software movement. today's internet opens up possibilities like never before it's present in every aspect of our lives that facilitates surveillance and control on the unprecedented scale with
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governments tightening the screws on rules and regulations online can the web ever go back to the wild west days of the world wide web will global connectivity bring about giant leaps in human progress and wellbeing will become the real world is big brother in a brave new world richard stallman the founder and leader of the free software while many welcome to the show great to have you back one more time it's been a while so richard is the internet off today is all about collecting and using people's data for instance you call says' book at surveillance engine because all. all of the data mining it does do you think it is possible to make an enormous platform like facebook without this large scale data collection a social network that one spy on you or is collecting and monetary inheritance to the business model of today's internet products well i don't know if it's either one and i don't think there should be
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a platform like facebook the only thing about facebook that is specially useful is that you can get in touch with lots of people. who have offered to be contacted perhaps the government should run a platform you can do that with just so everyone can be on it but once you contact the person you shouldn't be pushed to communicate through that same platform no quite the contrary that should only be for how to get in touch with someone and then you will talk with each other through any system of communication you choose so you see the business model of facebook is to pressure people to continue communicating through facebook and giving facebook personal information this is what makes facebook a surveillance monster show facebook does not have users facebook has used people.


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