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tv   Sophie Co  RT  April 15, 2019 1:30pm-2:01pm EDT

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i think there should be a platform like facebook the only thing about facebook that is specially useful is that you can get in touch with lots of people. who have offered to be contacted perhaps the government should run a platform you can do that with just so everyone can be on it but once you contact the person you shouldn't be pushed to communicate through that same platform no quite the contrary that should only be for how to get in touch with someone and then you'll talk with each other any system of communication you choose so you see the business model of facebook is to pressure people to continue communicating through facebook and giving facebook personal information this is what makes facebook a surveillance monster so facebook does not have users facebook has used people that facebook uses i'm not one of them i have never had
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a facebook account and i'm never going to. face spies on people even who don't have a cat ok let me ask you this why should people be worried about data that the social networks collects about them i mean that the data are used is a bulk what that the amount of it is so huge a cop will it do anything but that it's not really personalized is it that's not true that's not true facebook personalizes people and makes that data available for manipulating them and it can discover things that people may not wish to have generally known to businesses such as if they're pregnant or if they're gay you know in some countries in the world you can get killed if the state figures out that you're gay. facebook is used to carry out discrimination racial discrimination in. job offers and housing and so it can
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hurt people in lots of ways and this is not to mention the fact that the u.s. government can collect all of that data at any time and find out a lot about people and not only that but the you know facebook has some data google has some data these companies don't have access to each other's data directly but they all get sold to data brokers and even if they're not sold without the person's name and address what happens is the data brokers figure out who it is they figure out that this is your record from facebook and that is your record from google and that's your record from twitter and that's your dasi a of travel from over and they put it all together to draw conclusions and the f.b.i. does the same thing as this starts to be dangerous there may be some governments in
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the world that don't sweat and people with the use of their personal data against them but. not the powerful governments they shouldn't get that kind of information about you mark zuckerberg has published them on a fast so cold privacy if the focus vision for social networking and there was he actually outlined the idea of creating a new communication platform which would be quote focused on privacy first and people's communications there will be private encrypted and safely stored seeis think facebook can create something a safe i mean would you trust it no it can't in fact australia just made a law claiming the power to punish anyone in the world that. refuses a secret to me and to sabotage the privacy of a communication system. and that would include any employee of facebook or any
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other company if the company allows users in australia so it's going to take courage to refuse this kind of insidious evil demand and a company like facebook would never even think of refusing would hardly resisted all because they're in it for the money and they're not going to get money by seriously defending anybody's rights but you know if we want to have privacy it's not enough to have rules about the use of the data that's collected about us we need to design systems so that they don't get data about us that's what privacy really means it means anonymity and that's the opposite of facebook's business model so it's hardly ever going to allow anonymity remember facebook is the company that started demanding people give their real names and have only one account
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which is a tremendous restriction and then the governments as we know now collect data and grows as well for security purposes well it is claimed last time and. they call it then the last time you just spoke you said you weren't against authorities using data to investigate people where the warrant to or at least on a valid suspicion but today's algorithms allow our official intelligence to flat potential threats by scanning data do you think it's a reason good enough to use it let's say a program scale social no no and no identifies a potential you could be interests that by their pasta line i mean wouldn't that way is i think it doesn't work. it what it doesn't work it's all it's known not to work the fact is a lot of people don't talk about what their well a large fraction of such killers don't actually talk about what they're going to do
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they're indistinguishable from thousands of other neo nazis who might conceivably commit violence but most of them don't so that message is bogus in any case. a government that doesn't respect our rights is even more dangerous than occasional terrorists that don't respect our rights of course they don't know the point is that you can't make people safe by setting up a tyranny of surveillance as in one thousand nine hundred four somehow we have to investigate when there is evidence of a specific threat and that means when when there's the evidence to suspect someone then you that can authorize starting to collect data about that suspects but to collect data about everyone in the world in case one of them is later suspect that
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prepares the way for repression and we have to make ourselves safe from repression as well as from the terrorists the richard you told rail so that we need a critical mass to fight against today's total surveillance but is it even possible to assemble this critical mass these days i mean it seems to me that the general public is quite complacent about online visibility and privacy i mean people were grama when n.s.a. or google raise their e-mail. they still use those emails anyways i mean use credit cards over library why it's. messengers how do you rally people around the privacy cause if they don't really feel like it's important enough to change their everyday habits for it the first step is don't be defeated straight don't say oh nobody cares anymore it's useless because that just guarantees defeat and we'll never have any kind of privacy and will not have democracy either if we
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tolerate constant surveillance and i reject a lot of systems of surveillance that most people do tolerate for instance i don't know if you can see my button but it says don't. be tracked take care. i never use credit cards for anything except airline flights and they're the only reason i use it is because they demand to see my id anyway so very a lot of things you can do the anonymous way if you're willing to make some effort so the question is will you make a sacrifice for your freedom and everyone else's one a implement i hate implement convenience us on let me as they will let me let me ask you this what is the critical mass i mean how does it manifest itself by what it privacy in march on washington help or will it take a bike out of some online service is what has to happen i don't know what i do know
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is that the more we did me in privacy the more we'll get it now cultivated contacts with the cambridge city council and with the council is considering now the licensing of scooters on the street well i'm proposing they should require that the school scooters permit anonymous usage so that they don't know who's using the scooter. they know somebody paid of course they want people to pay for using them but there are ways to do that where they don't find out who and that is what i'm saying the city council should require these systems to permit so you know how do you get a critical mass you get it by making small actions and occasionally winning something and this builds the awareness that there's something to fight for all
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right we're sure we're going to take a short break right now when we're back we'll continue talking to richard stallman the founder and leader of their free software a woman discussing our privacy can be in the digital world stay with us. and. seemed wrong all. just don't all. get to
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shape out disdain etiquette and in gains from it equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart when you choose to look for common ground . up. where did you work before you came here when you lived. in many us states capital punishment is still practiced convicted prisoners can spend years waiting for execution but most of the time the victims' families they are very much in favor the death penalty there are some people because of what they do have given up the right to live among us some of these unproven years on death row but how many more is it going to take before we as a society realize that this is not working and we actually do something about.
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our back was richard stallman the founder and leader of the free software movement talking about ways to resist a massive data collection by tech giants today welcome so the internet one day began was an arcade playground and now like in real life it's a doll in a by if you giants if the giants hold all the markets word as a user who needs a alternative go. well you talk about markets but what i do on the internet has
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nothing to do with markets so i'm actually less concerned with markets than i am with communicating with people let's look at what the sensitive data are about you or any person what is it that the state should not be allowed to know about everyone we're people go what they do while going there and who talks with whom these are the most sensitive data the things that we should do the most to prevent from being tracked massively it should require a court order to begin collecting data about any particular person and the court order should be justified by specific reasons that show a judge that that person must be investigated we have to set up all systems that contract people to follow that rule and this doesn't just mean the internet they're putting up cameras in the street to recognize car license plates
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and people's faces and listen to people there's a scandal now in the u.k. that chinese cameras have been put up and they be transmitting the video or the sound to china but you know what they could be transmitting to the british government too and that's even more dangerous for you if you're in britain and you're a dissident of any kind and we know that. the police of the investigated protesters nonviolent protesters politicians even members of parliament so you just can't trust and you have to make sure that they can't do that on their own accord should there be some trust busting down like roosevelt style against say monopolizing the internet and is it pop is it possible i click breaking google into many smaller googles like rockefeller sanders or i would mention
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a much. why not. that wouldn't change much because remember the data brokers put the data together and so do the so-called security agencies when they get the data from these companies they put it all together so it doesn't matter whether it's ten big pieces or twenty pieces or thirty pieces they'll still get all those pieces and hook them up into one coherent collection of data so the idea of breaking up these companies is a distraction from what we really need to do which is require the systems to be designed so that the data doesn't get collected in the first place. so the european union right now is finalizing the article thirteen of the copyright directives that are black has also show media and publishing platforms to install automated filters to scan our posts prior publication these automated block your postes if they
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decide that you used a copyright media music or an image are this filter is equal to censorship in some way. well ostensibly those order made it copyright censors are only about copying now i think that's an injustice by itself people copying and sharing is good and people should be free lawfully to share copies of any published work now not your personal data which is secret that's a different issue entirely but once something is published it's not a secret and we should all be free to share it on the internet so that law is not only harmful its its purpose is unjust but it's also going to serve the purpose of censorship now we know this from youtube we've seen cases where somebody posted say a political message and somebody who doesn't like it claims it's copyright
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infringement but this claim is a law i those false claims occur quite common commonly and they serve to censor the material that the lawyer wants to censor and after ten days if the poster appeals that it can go back up but censoring somebody for ten days through a cheap law i is very effective against political discussion and then there are the errors in the filters to you tube has been known to say about pieces of white noise but it's a copyright infringement of somebody else's different white noise or something or other it automatically gets things wrong and if google hasn't been able to do it right nobody's going to be able to do it right so the e.u. is moving on the mentally that was wrong because it's because what fundamentally that law is wrong because it's purpose is wrong and because sharing is good ok so
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let me ask you if the e.u. is moving towards with another measure or it's a link tax proposing that users pay for sharing links to the news articles published online considering that news mostly travel through social media these days how is it going to change the way we get information about what's happening around us. well what i understand is that large companies would be required to pay for posting links i don't have much i don't have a strong opinion about that i'm not sure whether it's good or bad. i don't think it's as dangerous as the mandatory copyright filters. zuckerberg that women think it's a big thing. it's a big thing for people to depend on social media platforms to get their news i know right now the regulations that exist on the internet globally do not satisfy the
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needs of one or other countries cultural codes so each country is trying to regulate internet inside it in some way or another or even super beric lately article that we mentioned has said that governments should be involved in regulating their internets more president emanuel mccrone last year came out and said i want to do something to regulate internet in france i don't like what america is doing i don't like what china is doing i don't like what we're doing but i'm going to do my own thing so everyone is trying to regulate internet inside their countries do you think it's a good thing should there be government regulation on internet. most of those countries are trying to block dissent so as not to have anything that resembles democracy not necessarily i would agree in it fresh it is exactly the most democratic country on earth right now so no not necessarily i wouldn't agree no no i wouldn't agree it's it's pretty clear that in that my call will also is thinking
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about laws that would enable what would authorize blocking dissent and a lot of kinds of dissent are illegal in france. somebody mocks president sarkozy once by repeating an insult that sounds cozy and said to a member of the public and this person was put on trial when just barely escaped being jailed for it there is actually a lot of censorship in france and probably even more in britain. so i am just as scared of government regulation as i am of some of the terrorist movies terrorist movements you know whether it's islam is. ok we apologize for interrupting our regular broadcast but we bring you breaking news here on oxy
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a major fire has broken out at the world famous not saddam cathedral in central paris and if we can show you the latest pitches huge plumes of smoke billowing into the this is clearly a very considerable blaze no reports of any injuries at the moment the authorities a warning people to avoid the area and anyone who's ever been surprised has probably been to visit the the very famous not to down eight hundred fifty years old famed for its french architecture. there were actually we understand renovations being performed on the building. present no or no suggestion whether they are linked to this place or not a conservative information just in prison on this council to a major policy speech he was set to perform this evening because of this blaze and to support we'll be hearing some official reaction from him in the near future will be cross this story anyone who loves paris loves architecture nobody's ever been to
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know to demo appreciate what great beauty it held or anybody who went to visit will bring you updates as they come. ok you're watching r t internationalists bring your top stories this hour with wiki leaks founder julian assange is now in prison out of a hearing next month on extradition to the u.s. the lawmakers have spoken to the media outside the jail. could or an embassy until last week's arrest parties and isha sesay has more. time outside belmarsh prison where gillian assigned is being held in custody it's a category
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a prison in south east london now earlier today members of the german bundestag and the european parliament's one front of the prison holding a press conference part testing against a scientist arrest they believe it sets a dangerous precedent worldwide search and less. john and this is a whistleblower and he needs international protection and not a criminal criminalization we we say he gave. the truth he delivered the truth to provide the truth to the public about the war crimes you rock and afghanis. and therefore he should be awarded more criminal like. this into the night. he's accused. he can be prison for all their lives and it's not fair because he only the now's the cases that corruption cases the right information to people in the wall now the spanish m.e.p.
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an american service i was talking to a lawyer where she received an official invitation from the ecuadorian embassy to visit songe on monday however this was of course not possible over the weekend we had there were many supporters hair right outside belmarsh prison carrying banners with the phrase don't shoot the messenger and since clearly in the sun she is erasto we've seen an outcry from an international audience regarding the central extradition to the united states if anything this made people more aware about the revelations of wiki leaks and about questioning people and political power but the people i spoke to earlier the german m.p.'s and the spanish i mean paid well they believe some kind of this information campaign is starting against the signage and they're very concerned about the potential extradition haring to be held on may the second. ok let's go back to the breaking news story breaking just the last few
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minutes here on r.t. a major fire is broken out at the world famous not traditional cathedral in central paris this will be a very sad sight for anyone who's ever been there and behold it's magnificence and beauty no reports of injuries the moment the thirty's are warning people to avoid the area as you can see and this is from from points and this is this is a huge blow he's. clearly going to do extreme damage to the eight hundred fifty year old. monumentally famous architect to building twelve million visitors go year. the great attractions for people who go to visit paris in fact it's the most visited of all their tourist attractions it was subject to renovations at the moment. and as you can see. this is a devastating. scene for anybody who has ever been there. world
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famous piece of architecture up in flames. and of course firefighters are trying to tackle a place as we speak in fact this information coming in the spire has actually collapsed at the top of not a damn cathedral. you know we've had reaction from officials the paris marius commented on me the obvious that we can see now that this is a devastating blaze. they are the authorities are asking everybody in the vicinity to keep away as he said twelve million visitors a year and though this time of year will be will be no different that spring weather will have attracted a lot of people to go and see the cathedral famous for its beauty for the music
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this performed regularly in inside that draws a lot of people in if not for the gulf the carcass but also for the magnificent music that's played. everybody has been evacuated from the cathedral we are hearing police don't yet know what the cause of this blaze was . and of course the timing while it is the first. easter easter celebrations of course under way now. that terrible scene anybody who will be hoping to go there will be there today. we believe that around six pm local time that's when the blaze began just looking
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at the time differences so it's been under way for an hour or two already and that shows you just how significant this fire is the fact that it is they will raging despite the attempts of firefighters to tackle it over the last hour or so. clearly the they are struggling to stop this blaze. and i think it's clear to see that this it is likely to be a devastating fire for for the structure there. crowds of people have gathered of course it's one of those things that draws people. but they are being kept at a distance at a perimeter because of course the dangers are obvious everybody is reported to have been evacuated. to remind you this structure which is world famous it is extremely popular because of its great beauty and history completed in twelve sixty but it's the best part of one hundred years to build it fortunately. the blaze is making
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very short work of it in the moment it was as i said earlier undergoing some renovation work. and well this is. it's a horrible thing i think to watch for anybody who's ever been there and appreciates what it has to offer donald trump the u.s. president on twitter horrible to watch the massive fire not to turn cathedral in paris. and even he can see. the horrific sight. of france and for anyone who's ever been to paris which of course it is the most visited tourist attraction in paris of all the great places to go this is one of the most memorable. and an icon of architecture and religion. and this is a sad sight i have seen in the person having been there myself it was. remarked
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that the times of the people i was with the most beautiful place. i have been in france certainly the most memorable. and we can see some recorded images here and these these are clearly been recorded by bystanders or the plays already at the top of the cathedral there on the spot where the reports coming in say the spire has subsequently collapsed and of course one of the issues with such a large building of course is extremely difficult to get the firefighters up to certain parts of the blaze i'm sure is playing a part in why it's burning out of control almost it seems at this point in your matter on the french president is anticipated to make an address to the nation surely was to show she the scale of. how this will impact the nation. because tensions. been witnessed across france in recent months.


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