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tv   News  RT  April 15, 2019 8:00pm-8:31pm EDT

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huge blazing. bring down the roof and. two towers have been saved investigators say it appears to have started when scaffolding cord fired sort of repair work letters of condolence and support for all the world as france reels from the shock. of the headlines with songs now in jail foreign politicians hold a media conference outside to show their support for a man they see as i look at the media's future over the whistle. and human rights organizations cry foul author of palestinian activist is denied entry to the united states we spoke. about his experience with the u.s.
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administration has been mobilized now. in trying to silence. international human rights defenders. you are thanks for joining us this hour. a massive fire has swept through the. paris the strong spire and roof investigators say it's believed to have started in scaffolding set up for us to work a huge operation is the main part of the structure has been saved including the two both which i was president has the the situation of national tragedy and to restore the building is a correspondent with more details. we know the firefighters have been working throughout the evening trying to dampen down those flames we even heard that they
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had decided not to use aerial water bows is because they wanted to ensure that that frame didn't collapse and it looks like those reports coming through now that they have been able to secure that so some incredible news that stephanie given people here some good some cheer in fact we've had people singing throughout the evening trying to keep their spirits up as they've been watching this fire unfold a jewel in the crown if not just paris but in wolf heritage went up in flames unfitting very. front which is burning reduces zero to france's desert of paris she's with the first king was krohn she's really. is from an even century from certain century everything is disappearing and defy you know to today in twenty one century. is
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a very beautiful symbolic of our country enough our city of paris it's like a monuments in literally a result victoria go and so that's a part of our culture and we are losing tonight and that's very sad for this dempsey's said look you have to battle. is the heart of paris it is grander it is monumental it is horrible to see everything we have learned growing up in small centuries of our heritage the whole structure but we still don't know what that damage is inside because when the fire is finally put out then we will see what's happening they'll start to assess that damage when news of this fire not spread out the church bells at certain churches across the city rang that bell tolls in solidarity to show that they will all thinking i'm not that dumb ol lady. as it is in english and when the standard number of works of art have been rescued from this
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fire they are not damaged that's incredibly good news in terms of the heritage to try and preserve that for not and we also understand that the crown of thorns this was probably one of the most iconic and important relics that was contained in not that has also been rescued that is a relic that dates back to at least the fourth century although catholics believe that it was actually the crown of thrones that jesus wore just before his crucifixion so an incredibly important relic to the catholic church here in france so that crown of thorns as well as many are works of art and of the relics have been saved by those firefighters who have been working tirelessly throughout the evening at this cathedral it's not just the building it's the heart of paris it was built all those years ago to represent paris being the economic the political and
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the cultural heartbeat of france and it remains just that twelve million people visit it every year it's the most visited site in paris possibly one of the most visited sites across the world but what we do know is that restoration work that was underway to try and stop it crumbling unfortunately hasn't done anything to stop this majestic crown jewel of france this french got sick architecture and architecture superbly example going up in ashes tonight but that good news coming through in very much welcomed by the people here that it looks like the construction itself has been saved as well as a number of works of art and important relics all have been rescued from the grips of that fire or since that took far broke out around six in the afternoon local time. crowds have been gathering near the rotterdam praying for the cathedral to be saved local church officials are among them to.
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see paul new at the legal or somebody did you need for us catholics it is a symbol of unity of the church it is a place that has seen the great historical events of our country since the thirteenth century and it houses holy relic states in fact a fifth century we were about to start or he said to celebrations there as well the sharing in francis shock the russian orthodox church called the fire a tragedy for the whole christian world leaders of numerous countries have also expressed their condolences to the french nation these horrible images of not to dawn on fire painful not true damas a symbol of france and of all european culture all thought so with all french friends not your darm in flames a motion of the whole nation thought for all catholic and french people like our
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compassionate same sad tonight to see this part of us burn so horrible towards the massive fire at the not today and cathedral in paris perhaps flying water tankers could be used to put out my stack quickly i'm following the not tradition for minute by minute not today on the perry belongs to all humanity what a spectacle what horror i share the emotion of the french nation which is ours as well the incident to notre dame as a catastrophe for france as well as for spain and europe frames that emotion eight hundred fifty years of history i could see a chip beans in and sculpture it through a card to forget it france can count a mouse in order to recover the greatness of its heritage. my thoughts so with the people of france tonight and with the emergency services who are fighting the terrible blaze it not undone cathedral. or the not to dam cathedral was built in the twelfth century and has seen multiple restoration projects over the years the latest one started just this year after officials warn that the entire structure
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was crumbling and in danger of collapse the cathedral is one of the most popular tourist attractions in europe putting in thirteen million visitors every year but across live elf the jewel casket professor but evil art at the university of toronto professor thanks for joining us of the program today good to have you all and we don't know the full extent of the damage yet obviously we know it's been a very very serious for the towers obviously the spire collapsing earlier just give us some of the sort of historical perspective on just how important this is in terms of you know the relics the countless works of art the side that presumably now destroyed. it is a spectacular and important building in part because it's weiner's gothic cathedrals in france it was built. with the design it is. challenging all of the. traditions of architecture which it was able to go really
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really high to build high to bring in light through all of those stained glass windows in part because of the languorous that's on the outside of the church that supported. the walls at exactly that point where they needed additional support to stand so in my mind one of the most heartbreaking aspects of this fire is is the glass we don't know the extent of the loss of the stained glass but judging from the photographs it's. really pretty terrible i think we've lost probably most of it and glass of course melts. temperature and the lead that holds all of the small pieces together to create those beautiful designs would also melt under the extreme heat of the buyer so i'm afraid that's pretty much gone it was just an extra. sort of drop we would just have speaking of the glass windows we
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have heard the north rose window does appear to have been saved at this stage i was the north tower still standing as well would you say that significant in terms of you know retaining at least some of this beautiful architecture that you mention absolutely any of the glass can be saved that's really great we have to we have to remember that this very bold and experimental form of architecture emerged in part to the silicate the construction of all the stained glass and to create large panels a light where near to us and other ornamental imagery could take place so if anyone has your guy that's fantastic news. and. the worst has been avoided he said we're going to build rebuild together he's about the international fund raising campaign calling on the world's greatest talents to help you know there have been historical monuments restored and rebuilt previously off the walls and that's where disasters etc do you think that trade on communities are something
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rebuilt to at least a shadow of its former glory. yes i think i think so in part one key bit of information that we don't have yet is about the the state of the vaults the stone. vaults that create that ceiling that you see in the interior what we know burned catastrophic lee is the wooden edifice on top of that that creates the point that you see at the top of the church right to create that silhouette but the vault so your feet are incredibly strong and it could very well be that some of them have survived the fire we know from the second world war and other fires and buildings of this type that that often parts of that to continue to stand. so it is there there that can also really help with any reconstructed reconstruction efforts and obvious that the very early stages of that yet it will be probably many years until
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we see any work carried out but hopefully there will be a success eventually in restoring that casket professor of medieval arts at the university of toronto thanks for your expert insight here today on the program thank you. and wiki leaks co-founder judum assads is now in prison the head of a hearing next month for extradition to the u.s. e.u. lawmakers have spoken to the media outside the jail they've been shows will to meet a silence in london that could door an embassy until last week's arrest at least. got the latest. i'm outside belmarsh prison where julian assange is being held in custody it's a category a prison in south east london now earlier today members of the german bundestag and the european parliament were in front of the prison holding a press conference protesting against a songes arrest they believe it sets a dangerous precedent worldwide for journalists. journalists he's
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a whistle blower and needs international protection and not the criminal criminalization we recently he gave. truth he did leave for good to see provide the truth to the public about the war crimes you rock and afghanistan and therefore he should be awarded to criminalize if he says that most of the sins of the knights and. his accusers by subpoena as he can be in prison for all their life i mean it's not fair because you're only the now's the cases that corruption cases the right information to society to people in the wall now the spanish m.e.p. and a memorandum of the times talking to area where she received an official invitation from the ecuadorian embassy to visit a songe on monday however this was of course not possible over the weekends we had there were many supporters head right outside belmarsh prison carrying banners with
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the phrase don't shoot the messenger and since julian the sanchez arrest we've seen an outcry from an international audience regarding the potential extradition to the united states if anything though this is made people more aware about the revelations of wiki leaks and about questioning people and political power but the people i spoke to earlier the german m.p.'s and the spanish i mean paid well they believe some kind of this information campaign is starting against the songe and they're very concerned about the. attentional extradition haring to be held on may the second. a debate over whether the wiki leaks co-founder julian of songs is a criminal or a journalist is continuing to heat up in the u.s. in fact r.t. america's done kohen him self out of bitter exchange with some politicians here's his firsthand account. well the house foreign affairs committee tweeted democrat elliott angle statement in support of joining us on just prosecution saying he is
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in fact a tool of lattimer putin and the russian intelligence service now there's never been any evidence that proves let alone suggest a connection between weiqi leaks and the russian state or russian intelligence furthermore we can leak has actually published embarrassing information not only about the united states and its allies but also about russia that we can make spies file series revealed more than two hundred documents about russian surveillance contractors so i responded with a tweet saying angle statement is an endorsement of president trump attack on press freedom and i called it absolutely reprehensible now the house foreign affairs committee came back at me tweeting quote the first amendment protects free expression even for russian propaganda outlets like the one you work for it doesn't protect criminals who weaponized stolen information and i thought this was revealing for a number of reasons a son just charged with allegedly helping chelsea manning logon to
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a department of defense computer under an alternate identity computer that manning already had access to not weaponize ing stolen information and that's a reference to publishing stolen or perhaps a leak e-mails from the hillary clinton campaign to prove that democratic primary was rigged in favor of hillary clinton and against bernie sanders but it also shows what many have argued that this charge is a thin veil for in the words of a guardian op ed to punish those who expose and barest things secret about its actions about the united states actions and on top of that assad has not yet been extradited if he even will let alone tried in the united states and there are two and. in mint in the us constitution to talk about due process and there is a concept called innocent until proven guilty for the house foreign affairs
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committee has declared a sponge is guilty for a crime that he's not even been tried for so this many would argue that this really reveals the true nature of his prosecution now we've seen many american politicians celebrating his arrest senator joe manchin even went as far as saying he's our property the property of the united states though a few like democratic presidential candidates tulsi gathered have come out in his defense as has the american civil liberties union they've also criticize songes arrest but they have been in the minority on a song just getting that much support in the media and the once hailed as a hero out of the snow will play a large lead to turn against him painting him as a villain or against the if looks at what's behind his fall from grace. you want to see just how radically the media you turned on a songe from champion of the press to
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a leper an outcast all you need to do is watch saturday night live it's comedy but boy does it hit home. thanks to wiki leaks you can see how corrupt governments operate in the shadows and then lie to those who elect them thanks to facebook you can finally figure out which sex in the city character you are i've attacked u.s. military. because i'm an actor james bond supervillain and i'm one step away from destroying the god. because reality is entirely less funny what i songes faced a tidal wave of smear really ugly stuff a little over a decade ago the us military declared war on wiki leaks drop a plan which was actually need a plan to discredit it and terrorize whistleblowers and it looks like they're winning. wiki leaks uses trust as
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a center of gravity by showing insiders leakers and whistle blowers who pass information to wiki leaks personnel or who post information to the website that they will remain anonymous the identification exposure terminations employment criminal prosecution legal action against current or former insider is leakers all whistleblowers could potentially damage or destroy this center of gravity and deter others from considering similar actions from using the wiki leaks website back then at the turn of the decade as sanj was a hero how the pundits cheered his leaks exposing bush era war crimes exposing the elites corporations politicians how they loved him for it is outstanding journalism their words he was given on or off the on or including the economist's new media award back then we get leaks was news wiki leaks is
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an online news organization that specializes in publishing documents alleging government and corporate misconduct we invited judy in a song editor in chief of wiki leaks in pretty. how times have changed what was news in two thousand and ten is enemy propaganda now journalistic hero or enemy agent asks the same economist neither reads the subtitle just a useful idiot who the economist awarded for his stellar journalism or take time magazine who gave their front cover to a songe in two thousand and ten now they run virtual hit pieces quoting and headlining anyone that doesn't like a songe it seems be it hillary clinton or a judge that met him once and labeled him a narcissist gets much dirtier uglier where outlets that have historically
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supported and cheered america's wars such as the atlantic put out c.c.'s pact hate mails or the equivalent of musingly enough the hack behind this story first calls out a songes promiscuity with facts and almost immediately after says this artist and linus question more and indeed one might inquire how it came to pass that the spin off of a kremlin propaganda organ and now registered for an agent in the united states first arrived on the scene i stand ready to our answer your inquiry unlike other networks and publications who all learned at the same time that might be leaving the embassy we could leaks told everyone unlike them we took it seriously we went and documented what happened this is called journalism journalism
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like what i did when he exposed various war crimes he's a publisher news journalist he. and the material that he we know just. emails from the warlords is real and credible was published by mainstream organizations once it was released by wiki leaks that very news organizations that over many did over several days outlets the documents that wiki leaks provided a list instantaneously once those documents route turned on assigned himself with great prodding from the national security state so of course there was an effort to discredit weiqi leaks and to carry out of very sustained and unfortunately quite effective. character assassination of the shah a songe to isolate him and demonize him in the eyes of the public at the end of the
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day come on we all know the exact moment these people turned against their former hero. maybe you're kind of picking up where julian a songe was before he went bad because we used to like i'm you know he used to really be doing a good service and then something happened i guess his hatred for hillary clinton maybe is would turn him basically into someone who was a russian. aid really yes yes of course as. hillary never did anything wrong she was perfect wasn't she. a prominent palestinian activist has been prevented from flying to the united states from israel despite having a valid visa omar buggers he's the co-founder of movement to boycott israel and what it considers the jewish state's oppression of palestine we spoke to him to hear his side of the story. i was. prevented from boarding a flight tel aviv airport because under instructions from the u.s. consulate u.s.
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immigration have banned me from entering the u.s. despite having a valid visa and valid travel documents we see this as outsourcing it's my car antidemocratic repression against the b.d.s. movement for human rights in palestine to the united states the us administration has been mobilized now to do israel's bidding in trying to silence palestinian israeli and international human rights defenders who are active in this extremely important and very effective nonviolent b.d.s. movement or human rights groups have expressed outrage at washington's decision calling it the politicised of borders so far american authorities have refused to comment insisting that all information relating to the case is confidential and bogus he was travelling to the us to take part in a speaking tour at several prominent universities including panel discussions with journal journalists and policy makers to. co-founded the boycott divestment and
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sanctions movement known as b.d.s. back in two thousand and six because only international community to stop supporting israel and its companies also seeks to return west bank to the palestinians now in turn israel accuses the movement of being anti semitic dica director of the jerusalem center for public affairs says the decision to deny barghouti entry wasn't arbitrary. i think that is the that's the argument that we're hearing all over the place is that this is what they call the shutting of mouse in the and the closing of free and the prohibition of free speech but this is not the issue of omar barghouti omar barghouti from the united states point of view as a foreign agent with terror links the islamic jihad p f l p hamas and other designated terror get as asians by the united states and europe so they don't like to have those types of terror linked individuals coming into the united states to date
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overhaul of all u.s. states have introduced laws penalizing boycotts against israel earlier this year the senate passed the bill allowing states to terminate contracts with entities which support the boycott movement. again says this legislation comes from fear of the movement growing in popularity the u.s. supreme court ruled that boycotts for political social and economic change are considered free speech protected by the first amendment of the u.s. constitution so all those twenty seven states are following orders basically but they're violating their own u.s. constitution we will challenge that we are challenging that in u.s. courts a.c.l.u. is challenging at least if three states on their anti-democratic. laws and we think we will prevail in that struggle israel is trying to suppress b.d.s. from above by passing laws because it has miserably failed to stop the immense growth of the movement at the grassroots level among the unions churches women's
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groups energy beauty groups and so on and so forth are the headlines for the south thanks for staying soon with us and all the international back in thirty minutes time with the latest global news updates. when gold make this manufacture do sentenced to of public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the famous merry go round lifts only the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. i mean real news is.
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a. you know world of big parts of the lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up. to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks.
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