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tv   Going Underground  RT  April 17, 2019 2:30pm-3:01pm EDT

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yes and this team at the moment bolton abramson trump himself and pence and all the rest of them are desperately trying to pitch the world the planet that we live on into the third world war sorry i'm drifting off julian who we should all be focusing on because he is who the whole world should be focusing on him now because if we let the u.k. get away with allowing him to be extradited to the united states and we allow the united states government at their whim to torture him and to detain him possibly for the rest of his life we would have allowed them several steps further down the road to absolute tyranny and probably the destruction of the planet that's my view it's hugely important the british people need to stop their government from allowing this up and let in marina who would say that there is nothing bribery
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about bribery here he would say is not the cia base it meant to be the i.m.f. in fact he had an exclusive in the guardian once wiki leaks media which claimed that actually julian is onto some kind of spy against marino in the embassy mary no the president of ecuador now would say anything to make ten shillings he this is a man of absolutely no substance and no moral center and no compass he's only interested in that and he clearly lies constantly and consistently there is a me told parliament here to welcome isn't just capture and apparently seventy m.p.'s in parliament of signed a letter saying this is about sex allegations in sweden not war crimes that's why he's in belmarsh prison in london he was really. bill gates donald trump won't
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sing that's absolute nonsense as we know those charges have all been dropped long ago there are no charges standing against him except some spurious ad very minor. barn door bail charge and u.k. law which is completely prepared to face under normal circumstances of jurisprudence in the u.k. the only reason he didn't was because he was frightened that as lackeys of the american empire the u.k. establishment would have him extradited to the usa which is what it looks as if they're trying to do theresa may comes from a long line of lackeys a long long line cameron before blair before him we we've all seen what's happened. since the second world war with the
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moving away from the welfare state that the attlee government put in place over the safe will towards more and more and more dependence upon the united states. with the nuclear submarine bases and scotland and so on and so on and so forth so we know that we are under the thumb while we the british people need to get out from under the thumb and say no this is wrong this is illegal this is a journalist and anybody who says no he's not a german yes he is all you need to be to be a journalist is somebody who has access to a press they used to be printing presses back in the day when the laws were written now it's access to the internet or anything where you give information to your fellow citizens of the world and information doesn't matter what it is but the most
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important information that we julian the sun she's fellow citizens of the globe nate is information about the secret malfeasance and wrongdoing of all governments which legend. and julian a song which along with chelsea manning and edward snowden and the other whistle blows down the years of the heroes who helped us to gain some of the knowledge that the powers that be would keep secret if they could this is in countries that call themselves democracy is where the government is supposed to be for the people not for the corporations not for donald trump not for the abrams not for my pants not for pompeo not for the rest of those rabbit down the moles who are in charge of everything but food we the people just to be clear
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obviously so we can leak doesn't sue was obviously that there were never any charges in sweden just allegations but they you call him a journalist why do you think so many journalists are attacking julian a surgeon is it a coincidence that those journalists often like the european union in the jump administration also say support the overthrow of the venezuelan government there's a intersection why journalists attacking shootin and saying he's not a journalist why does so many journalists buy the narrative if that in venezuela which you just mentioned for instance that my doro is a vicious dictator and the people are big and blah and by the story to keep their jobs that's why because if they express opinions that go against the narrative of the powers that they. no word filters down in
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one way or another they suddenly find that they're not getting the plum job they're not getting the promotion they know getting that your job is on the line if you stand up to them i'm guessing obviously i don't know some of them may just be so dumb that they can't figure out the truth. he could legs him from a ship in from sources which he protects he sometimes helps those sources to collect information or knowledge and then he publishes the information that gets if he believes it to be real and true and in the public interest for him to publish it and he's not a journalist what is he then what is jude in the sunshine he's not i'm a you're a journalist all of us this is journalism we are trying to find out the truth about things and. no explain it to the public but to make it
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a vailable to the public school freedom of information and it is absolutely central to the working of any healthy form of government including democracies and is what they're trying to prevent because they don't want the secrets to come out they want to keep everything secret they go want us to know about their methods of torture or their incarceration of in some people all that's why they're going off to june in a son because he is a thorn in their side also what they're trying to do trump and the rest of them and to raise them a is they're trying to frighten would be chewed in the sun jeez who may provide this incredibly important service for the rest of us in society in the future they're trying to scare them off so they won't do it they're trying to make
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an example of shooting a sausage rather than doing what the us just done on told yesterday and give him awards for telling the truth for blowing the whistle judy julian as was the released unconventional regime change policy documents from the united states obvious the secret plans to destroy syria little in the more famous us will crimes in iraq a connection between all of these documents the wiki leaks distributed and how come you realize all of this when say as regards venezuela policy richard branson the live aid concert to support us in the you policy why do you know and people like branson dude bronson's not engine branson is not interested in the reality branson is interested in candyfloss and branson he doesn't care about politics in my view he. couldn't care less he's interested in making
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a splash for branson anybody who knows him will tell you that weighty actually he broadcasts it to be fair to him he doesn't hide the fact that he's a fluffy opportunist who really has no interest in anything real except his own eco but you are all you i was in touch with people in venezuela all the way through february who were with their reporting out of venezuela friends of mine and i was asking pertinent questions about what was actually going on and so if anybody did any research and didn't just listen to the narrative that was being repeated over and over again maduro is a dictator the people list of ng the us is trying to help them with humanitarian aid. we have to pull up and then suddenly out of the woodwork after a phone call. from who pence from pence
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wedo pops out of the woodwork and says hello i'm the new president my parents says. hold on a minute wouldn't the people of venezuela say so shouldn't they have a some part in this and by the way. maduro has not written rough showed of the constitution of the of venezuela the constitution of venezuela. is extremely important to madeira and to most of the people in venice why it's not important to guide oh because he plays fast and loose with it he lies about it each changes eight takes it out of context roger waters i'll stop you there more from roger waters as well as the un special rapporteur on torture reza kneels melt after the break.
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the activity known as journalism is under assault and it didn't start with the trials of julian assange and wiki leaks once it was a noble act report on the nefarious activities of those in power now it is being criminalized free speech is now the privilege few. would hope his hands to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or somehow want to. have to go on to be pro-choice which is what will befall three of them or can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters in the. first six.
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tax rises financial survival guide stacy let's learn us out fill out let's say i'm a troika. of the fight well street fraud thank you for. the story that's right. slavery. my body told me that you are belong with the board with my thoughts my mind with that i'm along with the girls. gots to be of any particular. football persons doctor. i was born a male had a sex change when i was thirty years old. i've now been living as a woman for twenty eight years and i fully regret this. problem should have gone away from. by now but they hadn't so these surgeries are nothing more than plastic
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surgery i've had several female to male friends and you look at it and you just go god you paid for that it's horrible nobody can change genders it's impossible. is delusional it's a mental illness. this is now where one of my function flesh of my flesh she shall be called woman pushy was taken out. after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the book different clubs on one hand it is logical to sort of go from fields where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and the fresh perspective i'm used to suppressing and i saw one on t.v. . i'm going to talk about
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football not three or else you can think i was going to do. by the way what is that that's like here. welcome back i'm still here with actress of pink floyd front man roger waters but the sun does the front runner of the d.n.c. to challenge trump in twenty twenty he complained about the door and said nothing about julian at all as far as i can tell politicians fearful of taking the kind of political positions you have of course the faithful i actually use twitter very little but also to the venezuelan comments on that song this way he made sweeping statements about my doro he was repeating than ours. i'm it doesn't matter what i tweet said he kind of discredited sim self and i'm
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really sorry to see it because in terms of domestic policy bernie sanders is done a great deal of good in the united states to push the argument to a more progressive position so i kind of feel for bernie sanders who i admire in some ways but of course he's scared. that he's going to make a mistake and that will be the end of his till to twenty twenty election you know you only have to see the way. some of the new progressive sing congress or even people who've been there for a few years get attacked for. making any kind of financial war statement well actually can only as healthy some of the new women you know about poverty as again i would a o c n a o c is now talking about palestine and is going out about bella's julian isn't just being called an m.d.c.
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my german cool been who kind of supported his son's didn't want him to be extradited doesn't want to be extradited to the u.s. has been called in and he's in music racist how do you see palestine playing in on these issues we could have a long conversation about how smearing may and cobain and the sun and anybody else who criticizes the israeli government as anti semites is upset clearly and does such a blatant and cheap. tactic and we know why they do it we know why the ministry of strategic affairs in tel aviv. does it they do it because they have no aunts. to the accusations of human rights violations and war crimes and so on and so forth so it's just a smokescreen to divert a. and sharon from the fact that our criticisms those of us who criticize the
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israeli government's policies in the occupied territories and in israel itself and support b.d.s. maybe it's a smokescreen to divert attention from the fact that we're right and they're wrong i was sickened by the way that was happening in the u.k. at the labor party conference and the attempted smearing of jeremy cole been coping he's a man of great principle he also has humanity he cares about people he empathizes with others cool cool women as the and diane abbott the shout of exactly is that assigns must not be extra di did i just quickly actually i better ask you about how julia is looming aged issues like palestine and yemen and britain now sending record levels of weapons to israel somebody like julian assange which willy nilly will be a progressive think thoughts why he chose to do the job that he chose to do that's
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why he's an activist that's why we mention him in the same breath as john pilger because he cares about other people. he has some of the same qualities that jeremy kolb in as i'm going to ask you what you would say to the british prime minister and what you think about what will happen to julian is and here in london and whether indeed as some people say he might be killed what i would say to the british prime minister. i suspect that i mean i could say and i think first i'd say resign but after that oh before that i said before you resigned think carefully about handing julian assange over to the americans except i think that would be a waste of my breath i think i need to speak directly to the british people i
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cannot use to raise a mag as a conduit to them caray to resumes beyond redemption and beyond help of any kind certainly for me in my view. tory she's a dyed in the wool posts that tory in i have no respect for talk she's also provided oh presided over the greatest disaster is probably in the history of those set to dials and i'm talking about bricks it obviously would you say the subject the stakes here with that he might be killed or would you say that what we should learn from this whole episode is the emboldens of information and facts they are killing a son the same when he came out of the embassy he's been living he hasn't seen hardly seeing daylight for six years having committed no crime just
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because donald trump the commander in chief wants him dead he may very well end up dead that is why the british people he called them as he was taken by those special broncho for. says into that van and driven away he called upon the people of great britain to resist i heard him i watched on the t.v. they resist them and they should there should be a general strike in england to prevent them being extradited there should be millions in this street like they were before the invasion of iraq though the powers that be probably wouldn't take any notice they didn't of that so a sarge we were store to everything that we can to protect him roger waters thank you well ahead of the forcible removal of julian assange by british authorities professor neil the melt the un special rapporteur on torture was due to visit the
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wiki leaks founder in order to assess whether his conditions amounted to cruel inhuman or degrading treatment he joins me now via skype from geneva neal thanks so much for coming on so the u.k. prime minister tourism a minority government leader said in parliament we should welcome the arrest of julian a son jus a political refugee identity card and obviously she knew of the u.s. extradition request should we welcome it. and expressed extreme plans to expel an. embassy. because i'm worried it would be arrested and possibly that actually it's united states so i don't think that is a good development and should be extremely concerned about it you wanted to see him when he was inside the ecuadorian embassy just like your colleague the special rapporteur on previously just tell me why you weren't able to see him and now whether you're going to perhaps visit him in belmarsh prison in south east london known to some as the kind of guantanamo of britain. well wolf first
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mostly visit to the embassy and to assign it in. there is full of tourists were hundreds of april now salute along the way for now and it was the surprise thems a shock. rest and before we could actually be there yes i heard another process of merging an official request of the british authorities to be able to visit his characters of detention but so far you can't say there's been any obstruction of un special rapporteur ters to witness the conditions in which an innocent has been kept in what i cannot do it was to make your case and i salute many requests and i have not been able to visit him at his place of attention and the concerns of the appeal that i launch and the fifth of april to suspend any of visits to the steps of expelling him have not been respected and you intend on applying then to come and see him out of belmarsh prison where to look at yes
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because his doctor or a medical doctor examined him in there the ecuadorian embassy said the humanity any humanity of his treatment and the flagrant denial of his universal rights by a quid or the u.k. are unconscionable. well you know i'd encourage leo's the maybe her concern was not about past conditions or an embassy but it is to fall it's first of all his current medical conditions and where there is apparently a traditional liberal is proportional to support that lot of his clinical condition and secondly the risks that he might expose true to the united states are different a different country because we now have revelations about what was going on when jeremy corbin's now breakfast secretary shadow brecht secretary once the head of the crown prosecution service we have messages showing that they apparently attempted to persuade swedish authorities not to drop sexual assault allegations
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saying don't you get cold feet. you know certainly it is obviously difficult to make that statement on hold a precise connection between areas you know the scenes there seems to be some material there and some questions that are literally asked what we certainly cannot who are is that this is an extremely cold a serious case and therefore also there is a great risk to market a fair trial that there may be a public prejudice against you of course the papers are full of allegations here that this was about cleanliness in the embassy and the former media partner wiki leaks the guardian saying that lenin merino the buying from the embassy as a political refugee with a refugee card under the one hundred fifty one convention can can an embassy just chuck someone out after previously giving them asylum. while others a family sleeze or rights is based on the risk of persecution also the.
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courtroom have to say that there is an absolute right to be protected against any risk of torture or treatment so if due to the extent of his expulsion or transfer could. risk of a cultural treatment and there is absolutely no possibility for us under all circumstances even national security concerns are not sufficient to allow to deny expelling a solution absolute duty to offer more through a more specific law and when you bring up the torture context i.e. building on that work of your predecessor mendez who said the chelsea manning was treated inhumanely and cruelly by the u.s. military when she was in detention of course he's now in solitary again for refusing to give information to a grand jury about julian assange. well obviously we're not you know the united states has not proven to be. a provision of quarter in the past two decades
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since that whole war on terror and the cia. policy on torture but in arsal detention practices it was indefinite solitary confinement and other types of extremely harsh detention conditions not complaints of the international law so that certainly it would raise my concerns when we were dealing with the case that is clearly politically very very relevant but why do you think with all that context the prime minister and m.p.'s and journalists as they say in britain are all saying this is all about justice being served not the risk of just as not being served. well i think that's a question you would have to consider the prime minister i cannot speak for her it certainly raises my view on. a government insists very much on on screen just as you certainly are to someone judge will for a case that hasn't been suspended as it's known but there's not much just as being
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served with regard to you know torture that has happened in you notice there is no prosecutions happen to all who you know there has been a systematic policy of quarter of four to the prime minister the so far answer of course to come on the show and we understand obviously the u.s. must have given some kind of confirmation that the death penalty could not be used in in any case against you he has as part of britain's extradition with the united states is it your understanding of the united states could change the charges in the united states if he was extradited to the u.s. . will obviously what is going to happen if that were to happen and if then charges would be held that wall for potentially could. be extremely constrained and usually i think he'd be united as they would give a political assurance that he would not. poles i don't expect him to lucky respect . but that's not the only concern but if someone gets the t.v.
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out of his liberty for the rest of his life or for really years under very harsh conditions. for basically having done mystically less journalists do around the world. that certainly. would be extremely alarming and undermining for treating the press around the world even clearly because if your guest has his own human rights resident of the mouth a thank you and that's it for this final episode of the season in the meantime keep in touch by social media will be replaying your favorite episodes while we're away have a happy easter and see you when we get back on international workers day wednesday the festival. one else seemed wrong. but all wrong just don't call. me. yet to say proud disdain for the county council. and in detroit because the trail.
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when something find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. what do you do before you came here where did you work before you came here when you lived well death row in many us states capital punishment is still practiced convicted prisoners can spend years waiting for execution but most of the time the victims' families they are very much in favor the death penalty there are some people because of what they do have given up the right to live among us somebody even proven innocent doctor years on death row and how many more exonerations is it going to take before we as a society realize that this is not working and we actually do something about.
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protesters clashed with police and i quit all of capital following the arrest of the wiki leaks founder in london president rayno accuses the whistleblower of turning in the ecuadorian embassy a way he had been seven years into a how the fuck is. a sign of faces possible extradition to the u.s. where he could be tried on allegations of hacking and conspiring with fellow with a club like chelsea manning freedom of speech activists say the charges are an attack on journalism. french made weapons may have been used against civilians in yemen according to reports at least from french into.


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