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tv   News  RT  April 19, 2019 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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a source of optimism because i can control my own financial. coming to consensus it's a game changer in this columbus discovering a new world paradigm shifting to. find it hard. to. see. the. poor old. u.s. president with the democrats finding a new angle. no collusion no obstruction president trumping. justice certainly obstructed justice multiple attempts by the president to mislead the country. also ahead on the program the. government accuses
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supporting rebel forces cooperation with. or a groundbreaking opportunity. to turn the night sky into huge billboard for birds. from space. twenty four hour news live from the russian capital this is your r.t. international my names you know. your company top story after a two year investigation an almost nonstop media coverage of the so named russia gate scandal the heavily redacted moeller report has finally sorted it out the documents revealed there was no cooperation between donald trump or any american in
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fact with russians in the twenty sixth presidential election. the special counsel's report states that his quote investigation did not establish that members of the trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the russian government in its election interference activities but didn't exonerate donald trump in the eyes of democrats on the media the focus has now shifted on the section of the report that investigates possible obstructions to the investigation our senior correspondent murat gusty of explaining. two years america waited for this hoped and prayed it would unmake trump or exonerate him that the new report would end this two year long drama about collusion hacking and conspiracy
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people would get closure what america got was this page off the redacted page censored into illegibility obviously some of this stuff could pass for modern ott and as with aat everyone interprets this report how they want and they're having a good day i'm having a good day q it was called. no collusion no obstruction if it is incomplete or they were going to blow report outlines disturbing evidence that president tripping gauged in obstruction of justice and so there is kind of confused so was mueller trump may have been cleared of collusion but obstruction of justice scalia and in the air mueller writes that it's so complicated he couldn't decide whether trump tried to obstruct justice or not the guilty no innocent the conclusion the
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congress may apply the obstruction laws to the president's corrupt exercise of the powers of office accords with our constitutional system of checks and balances and the principle that no person is above the law specifically mueller found in never been instances where trump potentially tried to obstruct justice and democrats have jumped on it the miller report paints a disturbing picture of a president who has been weaving new weapons deceit lies and improper behavior and acting as if the law doesn't apply to him it's a very interesting and very disturbing read that does not exonerate this president the whole repercussions for the country of having a president. who lies to the country who misleads the country you urges others to do so a president who. to my reading of the. mother report almost certainly obstructed justice certainly intended and attempted to obstruct justice and if true this alleged trump tantrum is only making it so much sweeter the
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president slumped back in his chair and said oh my god this is terrible this is the end of my presidency i'm. units report has trump political the democrats smell blood they have trump now and like blood hounds still mercilessly dog him for obstruction and anyone that gets in the way the messenger included they ministration has a new face in any math or and one with a lot more stature he's the country's attorney general he said half a dozen times no collision no question no lawyer no legal presentation presenting its conclusion six times the attorney general getting out there and getting his narrative his take on it as vigorously as possible because attorney general barr wants to represent our trouble i think he should resign they are calling for bud to resign a traitor a sellout they scream and they want mueller himself the darling just
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a few months ago to be hauled before congress the mueller report and did nothing those who hated trump hate him more and vice versa if anything this report is going to tear america and americans further apart but hey i got to tell you at least incapacity a factor is a happy. we asked a number of experts to discuss the release of the report and offer their thoughts. they still can't get to a point where the president did with russia in fact they say quite categorically it did not happen so then why would the president knowing he is innocent obs struct put that in as a matter of pure politics as a sop to the democrats who are on the commission twenty five attorneys all of them democrats most of them hillary supporters a large number of them hillary donors and we have to do something in the report to
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make them happy we're going to start looking at then why did this investigation even begin i mean was there wrongdoing there was there you know falsification of documents to get pfizer warrants there's a lot of embarrassment here we're talking about millions upon millions of dollars of taxpayer dollars of time wasted if things happened for something that legitimately had no basis in fact and any evidence that might have been presented to start this miller investigation all last night we had chuck schumer saying that well how dare william barr you know come out and speak before we get the report what kind of report with this be after that we're going to start hearing about how the redactions are at a way a way to hide the real truth and it's really never going to end despite we're going to continue to see one thing after another with trump but they went immediately from russia collusion to trump taxes trying financial statements and william bars obstruction so i mean the arguments haven't stopped yet they're not going to stop but we do have what seems to be a very conclusive case of absolutely no collusion most of the attorneys i talked to
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at the beginning of this said when they start investigations like this they always find something on their target it came back that he was squeaky clean and i think that turns the conversation from what's inside of this investigation to what prompted what was the impetus who paid for this investigation the rule in the united states the constitutional law is you're innocent until proven guilty that right actually was not given our. president he was absolutely considered guilty by much of the leftist regressive media in the united states and so i don't know exactly how they're going to explain themselves more time the democrats do spend on this the more they're damaging their own party going into elections. another big story of the day be european commission as fund no evidence that cybersecurity giant kus perske lob spied for russia despite earlier claims by the united states on the e.u. . the commission is not some possession of any evidence regarding potential issues
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related to the use of conspiracy products this is another evidence not to let the geo political agenda fool you with fake news. the european commission was responding to a request by a belgian m.e.p. who wanted to know why it was labeled dangerous the e.u. branded software the militias south the time of robert mosher investigation into trouble russia collusion it was accused of spying on us intelligence agencies the department of homeland security beyond all federal agencies from using the software in twenty seven to without any evidence provided further as the e.u. moved to bomb the company's words customers should be froze its cooperation with europe's law enforcement agency europol. well kaspersky lab is a multinational cyber security company it was founded two decades ago headquartered in moscow it's one of the world's leading virus providers. because perske is just
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one of a number of companies that the american authorities of accused of getting up to nefarious activities again the americans have been seeking to use its influence to . get countries across the world not to use kaspersky stickgold in this is that a very drastic effect on a kaspersky business when the americans came out and advised all of their allies to spurn huawei and its five g. technology the british were very quickly on the front foot sort of doing their own research and australia new zealand have been very outspoken that they will make their own decision the same is now happening with kaspersky and always to the european union has come forward with a report that essentially finds the no evidence whatsoever against a lot of things are now being pointed at the us to try and get more information for them but why they being so damning in kaspersky of russian companies why they be so
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dummy against while way johnnie's company is this truly a fear on their part that they're going to be snooped on their real security concerns or is this some form of international competition by some other form. russian company start rocket is to launch a mini satellites to project advertisements right into the night sky the startup has already find its first client beverage giant pepsico how's it going to test it r t z corrosion on a flux now into whether reaching for the stars is such a stellar idea. from over cars to steampunk style cyborgs the futuristic new are of side fighters still peers have imagined scores of disturbing futures and in some
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cases fiction turns out to be a grim prophecy in a few years' time the shimmer of stars in the night sky might be out shined by the glow of billboards flashing with ads a russian company starts rocket is looking for clients to be move their advertisement from space yes you heard it right space here is how the russians say it will work with the book so the display itself consists of two hundred small satellites called cube sats which we're going to live to an altitude of nearly five hundred kilometers satellite reflectors you sunlight directing it towards the earth so the cube sat back like pixels that we turn on and off when we need to be entire display moves into orbit showing messages or images all the satellites are equipped with engines which allows us to remove them from orbit once they've served their time and then have them burn out in the atmosphere. well naturally not everyone shares the excitement over such prospects imagine being overwhelmed with ads you
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can't skip you can't hide with block they're just floored up there and reachable almost like in that episode of the dark side. black mirror when the main character couldn't afford to skip a commercial. another concern what if it's hacked do i have to remind of all those cases when people hacked into billboards to broadcast the not so child friendly content and after all this is not my. romans and gazing at a constellation of bronze but start rockets says that they are the new stars as. the ancient greeks constellations several thousand years ago and based their myths on the stones and today are myths abrams' we live by them of course space in the
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near future will become a kind of continuation of our living environment and as humanity goes their brands will go there too it's just a matter of time if so will inevitably be followed by other companies to place their ads in space perhaps he's got a point there's not much money to be made from stars but the risen marketing their commercial possibilities are endless bonus it's going to be popular absolutely it'll be so popular and so many people will want to do it it will drive people crazy and they will then be clamoring for it to be removed because it will be an eyesore people will hate it it will be a product of excess what if it's libelous what if it's scandalous what if it's considered against the religion of an adjoining area of a country can they complain who owns space if i'm somewhere and i look up and there's some obnoxious advertise but first something and i object to it
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you know i haven't a right of objection can you imagine war is being started by this and of course star broke it has yet to prove it can deliver its first space but who knows maybe the first real star wars episode will see will be the battle of the brands. france faces a backlash from libya's internationally recognized government over support for rebel forces we'll have a live update on not immediately after this break. you know world's big partisan movie lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bath and shouting
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past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. will make this manufactured insensitive to the public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. when the final merry go round lifts only the one percent. we can all middle of the room signal. the real news is.
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hello again libya is a un government has ended cooperation with fronts accusing par is self supporting rebel forces. all relations between the interior ministry and the french side have been halted because of the french government support of the criminal halftime. let's cross live to paris to charlotte dubin ski for more on this charlotte a lot of possible ramifications in already troubled land what do we know here. yes from the conditions from those accusations those accusations that from has been accused of giving its support to the other government in tripoli this is the government that is run by general police. and that accusation has come from the head of the u.n. backed government in libya that's prime minister right now he made that accusation
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the france has absolutely denied that that's the case saying that france only backs the u.n. backed government that separateness that. government and the only into kaluta that president michel speaks with is him in fact saying that he spoke with him just on monday of this week no of course it's not the first time that france has come under scrutiny for its role in libya and pressure has come recently off that announcement by the e.u. that they wanted to hold peace talks between these two royal governments peace talks that italy is accused france of scuppering. he would be very serious difference for economic or commercial reasons dropped an e.u. initiative to bring peace to libya and would support a policy that he's fighting as minister of the interior i will not stand by and watch. well libya has been divided for
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a number of years going back to about two thousand and fourteen now and it's divided by these two governments the government in tripoli which is recognized by the u.n. and the government. that is led by general hospital now this conflict has been going on for much longer than that starting back in two thousand and eleven let's take a look back now at the early years of that conflict in libya. moammar gadhafi has lost legitimacy to lead and you must leave looking. to take. a quick look you we came we saw the guy the benefit of the world you would get rid of a guy john and you would choose freedom the thank you he gave ninety feet. back to you ok oh i didn't think.
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well this latest escalation started at the thinking of april as it appeared that general custer looked like he was marching towards tripoli with accusations that he's looking to take hold of the city we do know that so far in the fighting this month more than two hundred people have been killed including civilians and we know that move the nine hundred people have been injured those statistics coming from the world health organization this conflict is now being going on for around about eight music looks as if there's nothing in sight almost about those ramifications of the ramifications the warning that we had from the u.n. fact government is that unless something is done in libya pretty soon they say that they could see myself actually taking control of a large parts of the country and that is a very serious warning yet another big issue charlotte dubin ski in part of us live
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this hour thank you. greece is set to step up its demand for germany to pay world war two rep. to the sum of nearly three hundred billion euro athens has long been seeking compensation for the nutty iraqi patient but berlin says that it's been set off or europe correspondent peter oliver has the latest details on this long running saga. europe could be set for the reopening of some painful historical wounds the greek parliament has asked germany for billions of euro for the nazi occupation of the country during world war two the demand for german war reparations is a historical and moral debt for us it will help us build a better future in our relations with germany today therefore we have a duty to give our two peoples the opportunity to close this chapter athens as next step is to send what's known as a verbal note to berlin that will be seen as the starting point for negotiations to
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kick off from now back in twenty sixteen agreed parliamentary committee put the figure that should pay is reparations it well at least two hundred and ninety billion euro that's as compensation for the deaths of tens of thousands of greeks at the hands of the nazis as well as the extortion of the bank of greece by hitler to finance his war machine however some greeks aren't confident that this appeal will lead to anything the germans are of the opinion that it has compensated the issue with the payment of one hundred sixty million dollars marks to the victims on the admission of about four hundred twenty thousand guest workers as far as the german government a constant that payment back in one nine hundred sixty of roughly around two hundred fifty million euro in today's money settled the matter once and for all. we are aware of the great guilt the attitude of the federal government is unchanged
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the question of german reparations is settled legally and politically in the treaty which we unify germany in one thousand nine feet it's no for the reparations were planned but what do the people the berlin and athens think should happen next. we have a very very big. responsibility to two world war two but how long generations of generations having to pay for things that they didn't do as a country we have a responsibility to react now to some business should have come a little bit earlier now would still ate their broke and trying to see where they can get money. from a of course we should claim some things not only because many years have passed but because of german intolerance to. do you think we have governments that can claim in
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a same i think there is no political will from any government to claim german restorations. germany looks after its own interests what are we looking after one of the darkest periods in european history still echoes today and ideas about what to do when it comes to reparations for wartime atrocities still displaced peter all over r.t. . another messy masterclass on the rise of the underdogs it's been an action packed week in the champions league running the rule over the quarterfinals of football's biggest club competition of a man who's won a twice before joe same arena you can watch the full episode of on the touchline on this channel. i've never seen a game like it if you. choose offsides. for . football there's
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a law that. says. only the via is the controversy i think they got it right i think in the world cup final they got it wrong the view should be to take some pressure from the referee in the us to the keys they put in his hands a big decision i look also to the coaching perspective always it possible a champions league level so many mistakes together in the should in a short period of time so many mistakes come on they cannot feel pressure and that's the level we are speaking about the best players in the world the best clubs in in the world a player they're paying absolute the love i think is phenomenal eriksson makes a mistake that he would never forget in his life you should play against. in the way they want to play you have the risk that they're better than you i think until
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this moment nobody really i don't like the words piers but nobody really respect them all the teams in the semifinals they have the creativity here they have the score there but they have a top top class center the fender and the disc in the league. very very good here here here not here here here here not here feet mean or saw them on there they scored and they scored and they score it's also possible that you are going to say is this is not my football this is my football and the sea is the way i want my teams to play this season they are in the semifinals weed in my opinion fifty percent chances of being in the final i would say so we've got messi old city liverpool favorite i never say messi is the special one here because everything it does does all the time when messi has the ball one one one. you are that i
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am here working with you but i am still a man as a. i have to defend them is the man with all display as you wouldn't be the man but. i am. the one else seems wrong wrong wrong just don't call. me. yet to say proud disdain become educated and it gains from it equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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what house did last week sort of in the crease the level of chaos across libya even if you win strictly that chaos will continue because there will be pockets of very very intensive existence for him across the country and i think i'm afraid like everybody else that this chaos for longs for a while is going to attract more extremists from around africa that lead to. a hard blow to cuba in retaliation for the nation's support of venezuelan president natal girl. critics warn that it's bad business for the u.s. added european allies we'll have analysis on this edition of politic.
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rather on the politicking on larry king in a maze of blow for us cuba relations the trouble of a stray ssion announced monday tough new changes to some of its economic policies regarding that island nation including limits on travel and allowing cuban nationals living in the united states to sue cuba's government you'd ministrations hard lines in retaliation for how van a supporter venezuelan president when dural but critics of last of the plan is dangerous to u.s. allies in europe. in france moved to the u.s. economy as well for not listens we turn to our mcgrew slue former deputy secretary of labor and former white house cabinet secretary during the obama administration joins us from seattle washington. well look the goal of trying to pressure the venezuelan government makes complete
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sense i'm not sure this is the exact way to do it our it will have a negative impact on our trading alliances with both your up in canada it could potentially spur retaliation against u.s. companies both in terms of their relations their trade relations with those areas as well as u.s. companies that are already doing business in cuba so to me this feels like get another effort by this administration to try to on wind up an important policy that was done by the obama administration and it's also a way to ratchet up trade pressures and so this doesn't strike me as the best way to accomplish their larger policy goal he seemed to be against cuba from the start don't you think so yeah well you know it's hard to tell whether that's based on a philosophical opposition to the government there and certainly that is there are many reasons to be concerned about what that government has done or whether this is simply about playing the politics of the cuban american population in florida and
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whether he's this is simply a plate an appeal to.


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