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market is that all the housing is concentrated in a few hands like blackstone as a gift from the friends of the central banks and the result is medieval. today that will no longer grant any exemption we're going to zero washington says it will no longer exempt any countries from the sanctions on iranian or of oil imports suggesting its own crude and not produced by gulf allies as the alternative also. going to officials believe the deadly easter sunday bomb attacks which left almost three hundred dead were carried out with the help of an international network. and french police are accused of cracking down on press freedoms after arresting reporters during the weekend yellow bus protests.
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you're watching are two international coming to you live from the russian capital where it's just turned seven pm welcome to the program. oil prices shot to six month highs ahead of the u.s. announcement that it will scrap exemptions on the run crude imports secretary of state my pump duly confirmed that washington will not extend waivers it has granted to countries. today i'm announcing that we will no longer grant any exemptions we're going to zero going to zero across the board seems like washington d.c. is looking to escalate its campaign against iran to isolate iran now in his announcement pompei all bragged that iran has already lost about ten billion dollars and he said and his remarks that he emphasized basically that nobody should be doing any business with iran that any nation or entity interacting with iran
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should use its diligence and err on the side of caution the risks are simply not going to be worth the benefits if you don't abide by this they'll be sanctions now it's been about a year since the trumpet ministration unilaterally withdrew from the j c p o a the p five plus one nuclear conclusion that basically pulled the united states out of the nuclear deal that had been made with iran and now we see that there have been eight countries in the world they were granted waivers from the u.s. sanctions and allowed to continue buying iranian oil in exchange for the fact they were reducing it those countries were china india japan south korea taiwan turkey italy and greece those waivers are now being taken away the united states is announcing there will be no exceptions there will be no iranian oil they are saying no one should do business with iran and the countries who want to make up the difference should either buy crude from the united states or they should buy it from saudi arabia or the united arab emirates both the kingdom of saudi arabia and
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the united arab emirates have assured us they will ensure an appropriate supply for the markets and of course united states is now a significant producer as well. i can confirm that each of those suppliers are working directly with the runs former customers to make the transition away from iranian crude less disruptive now the people's republic of china which imports quite a bit of oil from iran was certainly not happy to hear this announcement showing the old ways opposes unilateral sanctions and low u.s. jurisdiction china's cool peroration with iran is open transparent and legitimate and should be respected now turkey has also voiced opposition to this announcement saying it rejects this unilateral move from the united states we're waiting to hear from the european union which has long been an advocate of the nuclear deal and a critic of the way trump unilaterally withdrew the united states from it so we're
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waiting to see further reactions that we've seen the reaction on the international oil markets this is a dramatic move from the united states. for more we're joined lived by independent journalist lucre may now why do you think that there are only two european states on the exemption list is it a favor or is it because all the others have already caved in. well they were on the list but they stopped importing oil from iran in november italy and greece because that special situations being in the south flank of europe it was easy for them to to import out of iran with darky the only contra link to europe that has problems and he's really in opposition is turkey because they also sell a lot of things to run through their border with the country and they bought quite a lot so now they can buy it about the same price for being there has been an increase of three percent over the weekend but they can buy the same prize from the wise soul of the united arab emirates so saudi arabia as you just said so. there
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shouldn't be a problem for european countries importing or but of course the the system that europe wanted to put in place to enable companies to sell to iran. you know on the secrecy. to the u.s. so that the u.s. would know exactly what companies would export that is of course threatened because one of the thoughts was to buy oil from iran in all the do you know many nations stunned the dollar and to use that money to finance the support of european companies that would sell to iran that wouldn't work probably and moreover all large companies would never try to to do something against america doubt too afraid of losing their market in the u.s. itself now it's true that some of those countries say they have already effectively stopped buying iranian oil but others like time in india have and how do you expect
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those to have a way to react. of course could worsen the situation between china india and the united states but if the americans have been clever enough to make sure that they have the reserves with saudi arabia and the united arab emirates to to feed the market then to avoid an explosion of oil prices and it seems to have caused the there was an increase of three percent to seventy three. battle over the weekend but it has increased dramatically so i suppose they they will manage and sell d. the equivalent of what the iranians were delivering to lease contras from saudi arabia or the us of because they want really to squeeze they want they want ramp up the. pressure on the iran are we seeing here
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a further case of extraterritorial application of u.s. law or do you think the us is so blunt in trying to force both allies and adversaries to toe the line. yes you know it might have been my call try to find solutions and so did the rest of the european leaders they tried in the in european council at the european commission to try to find ways to enable european companies to continue selling that is the european blocking statute that was revoked in two thousand and eighteen to try and give the possibility for companies european companies to sell to continue selling to iran but of course again of the car makers the oil importers the banks all of these would never dare go against or do you want us and especially since it's even as you say if you try to sell and use the dollar the american sport go after you
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and take you to court and take companies to court so they they wouldn't did they wouldn't accept small companies that could fly under the radar in europe and benefit from certain systems put in place by the european union if they sell food or agribusiness things but for the rest norway independent journalist lucrative a i think you for your time and your comments. these are sunday bomb attacks that left two hundred and ninety people dead and hundreds more injured in sri lanka or carried out with the help of an international network that's according to government officials we do not believe these attacks were carried out by a group of people who are confined to this country there was an international network without which these attacks could not have succeeded. special forces also blow up a van near one of the targeted churches today when it was reported that it had been parked there since the explosion on sunday.
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that was indeed anything we heard a loud bang and we fainted that solar remember we heard a loud explosion and everything collapsed we've managed to protect the children but when i came here i found out that my son in law and my son. i wish to express my heartfelt salute darts to christian communities affected one that was oppressed and with all the victims of such cruel for instance.
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we go live now to southeast asia regional director of the international association for counterterrorism and security professionals now what's your reaction to the claim that an international group was involved in the attacks. the national guard is actually admitting to into mass you know terry's organized stations as far back as. the mansion of. all creates we've been the asia region and has buildings could fuck the sun in the jungle i betcha as well as in the maldives. so you have a real yes there is claims and things to an international terrorist group. now the government reportedly had prior information that attacks might occur what do you make of that. usually security for social good intelligence for
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earlier in in the beginning but then again it all depends on how far off that information actually goes through the politicians on the decision makers who make a band of calls to make the country go into a security protocol more somewhere along the line they could have been at the lady in actually handing over this information from the inspector general of police to the relevant physicians make. the government instead to declare a nationwide emergency from midnight does not suggest that they're still a threat. usually when cotton operations are clear like this the mopping up process takes off the cotton operations have been clear and yes they could be i.e.d. still around but this is a normal procedure here for security forces to operate in anyone's attack. in
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consideration to what has transpired and sri lanka today just today there were reports that eighty seven detonators were actually found in a bus station in the capital how long do you think that this sort of situation could continue. well the situation is pretty much control right now is just that they are identifying the aspects of the arrests made this afternoon on the eleven suspects if i'm not mistaken and interrogation process will determine whether they are any other i.e.d. exploded is within the city or nearby within an attack. as you mentioned there have been several people arrested are you surprised that no one has claimed responsibility for the bombings that so far we're going to national programs your mama has like you said been linked to old kind for the last ten or years and recently two years there doesn't mean that if any international organization over
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terrorist group doesn't claim. national your ma. could be the one that claims responsibility for this it doesn't need to be claimed by an international terrorist organization. anti terror expert andra rob thank you for joining us on the program thank you. donald trump is suing a democratic led congressional committee for trying to obtain his financial records for the past decade claiming the demand is politically motivated that's after the democrats requested in an redacted version of the report to be passed on to congress by me the first party is now considering whether to start impeachment proceedings against trump it may be that we undertake an appeasement nonetheless i think what we are going to have to decide is a caucus is what is the best thing for the country waters wholly and castro have
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said we should begin proceedings to impeach the president are you there yeah i can foresee that possibly coming that there's enough information there not only on obstruction of justice but also on collusion or conspiracy whatever you want to call it to move forward with impeachment on this president the report says there was no trump russia collusion during the two thousand and sixteen election campaign but couldn't determine whether there was obstruction of justice by the president artie's mccarran has been assessing how the lengthy investigation saga has ended with calls to a big trump from the oval office. for the past two years robert muller and his special reports have been the darling of news fodder mother's celeb status skyrocketed after he was tasked with answering one simple question have donald trump cheated his way into the white house with a little help from his friends in the kremlin what followed was two years of soap opera sized scandal and intrigue with bizarre rumors salacious gossip plot twists
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and an enviable cast list the anticipation for the premiere of the final report was like waiting for the latest tarantino whatever grisly tallit was about to divulge it was going to be all kinds of golden globe style good the thing is what dropped was a box office flop the people wanted scandal and humiliation they wanted shock and horror they wanted house of cards what they got was mr bean the first official trailer of the much anticipated report was released by the general prosecutor william barr in march and it was savaged instead of the explosive finale promised what they got was the equivalent of they woke up and it was all a dream in one thousand nine hundred nine a.g. barr refused to release the department of justice legal opinion choosing to release a summary report and it was later revealed the characterized parts of the summary
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and pay as they like wait we paid thirty million dollars for that on a quest to seek out the scandal the democrats uncensored version of the report if there is juice in that report the dems are going to squeeze it out imagine what kind of sauce could be concealed under all those redacted pages but is it possible to breathe new life into a dead duck well maybe it is the director's cut of the mother report will include deleted scenes along with murders and bars comments and under the sexed up new title and obstruction of justice. it's the same report same investigation just with some expert editing thoughtful repackaging angling for at least a couple of sequels before the twenty twenty a lecture is taiko if i have called on the house to initiate impeachment proceedings this is an invitation to congress to say you can do it using the
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impeachment power we want to remove him from office by gaining back our democracy and electing a democrat president you know i wouldn't support it. you know i don't i think with the elections coming that we'll have an opportunity to get to voice what i want and what we want to have in the next four years would not mind him to be impeached because it would destroy the people. and it wouldn't do any good i don't think it would necessarily be good for keeping the country more unified there's a big partisan divide more news after a short break. trump said many times that you know we got beer or let's say advantages you know with
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moving the embassy to jerusalem the mission of jerusalem is our capital and he said that there will be some painful things that israel will not like either so this is why i think the palestinians should come with open. minds to the to the negotiations. when else should seem wrong why don't we just don't call. me. yet to seep out just to come after me. and indeed for me because betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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welcome back journalist organizations have condemned french police after reporters were detained on saturday during the twenty third consecutive weekend appeal of us protests artist charlotte devinsky looks into the story. well the two independent journalists were among the more than two hundred individuals who were detained by police arrested this act twenty three the names guess by the golan heights and also alexis and we know that the paris prosecutor has said that they were arrested for participation in a group to commit violence or to quit dacian now the interior ministry has been talking about the arrests these journalists it said that the police say arrest these offices are out every. week they're out to try and make sure that there is safety for the demonstrators and the journalists to carry out these protests and
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also to cover these protests that have been happening since november every week since november here in france but that statement from the interior ministry then goes on to say that if journalists are deemed to have committed an offense then they are likely to also be detained and arrested by the officers on the ground now the national union of journalists in france sees that as being a threat and it has gone even further saying it believes that some journalists are being specifically targeted. there is the question the merging is their determination to intimidate journalists we have an impression some of them are being targeted since the other vast movement appeared the number of incidents targeting john that's when they're filming photographing how has the walk the press and nimitz the coverage of events which represent crucial public interest it's now five months since this protest movement began twenty three consecutive weeks of protests and every week sounds elizabeth says the right street sticks flying
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control this protests last saturday i twenty three there were some sixty thousand officers deployed across france trying to control those protests and we've also seen the protesters turning on the police in recent weeks pacifically on saturday where there were protesters that filmed screaming at the police go kill yourselves let's take a look at the violence that marred yet another protest. so what can put out the fire of these protests that have been going on for so long in france president michael in hopes that the speech he's due to make on thursday to outline his response to the big debate this is the debate that they started to ask
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people what their issues were in france that will actually call the protests will it well i'm not so sure because so far nothing has been able to stop these protests . a political outsider known for playing a president in a t.v. show or stop acting for the real thing after winning ukraine's presidential election with almost all votes now counted what amir's alinsky how secured a little flood went over the incumbent. we got reaction in the capital here. for. you because you. don't ski is the same crew a bit of a less a status but if you're real is known as the guy to let him try but it will be very hard i do not envy him. which is unusual when suddenly a person who works in a completely different field becomes a president of a country it is unusual but at the same time it's natural zelinsky rightly said
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that he was created by our show that's an example of everyone's discontent with the policies which were carried out people are waiting for change especially the youth many voters said they hope zelinsky it would offer a radical solution to ukraine's economic woes it must pay fifteen billion dollars to domestic and foreign lenders this year alone with the international monetary fund warning it's now the poorest country in europe. we go live now to professor from our marine the eastern europe expert at italy's university of genoa welcome to the program now in his election campaign selenski said he would continue cooperation with the international monetary fund so is he definitely going to be that different from his predecessor yes it must be i mean because he's election campaign rules described as something different from the former president so he must act completely different because he knows that voters have
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a profound discomfort and or the previous politics so it's a challenge i mean because he must show he must implement political reforms to thirty different from the us form of the president but a shingle so it's very challenging to him issues. and is there any evidence that he has the solution for ukraine's i can on the crisis. at the moment we don't know because he's an electoral campaign and especially he demonstrated that he thought he had no clear idea a mean and a clear political agenda or what to do after he is a victory so at the moment and we are waiting for some. more concrete decisions about politics and economy as well now ukraine's sick and tired of foreign influence that's according to a former presidential candidate let's listen to how he had put it yes it's true than seventy percent voted not just for change of president this score is not
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specifically for the name selenski this is the number of ukrainians who are against the war. the destruction of the economy against external control so that's exactly what he had to say does he have a point and was alinsky be less dependent on the west. here in showed he will be not dependent by anybody to express himself as a and independent of politician and for the future i mean of ukraine or for him to do the best of for crean so probably we will see these will be able to. act in such a way independent of that to being able also to make a balance between the s. and these them specially with russian affairs. and when it comes to russia does the voters rejection of what could be called person goes at risk the phobic campaign suggests that ukrainians want better ties with moscow. with
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a c because at the moment we sold to continue the fuses to make any kind of congress today sions with a new president a descent time a. able maybe. russian he was able to get votes also from the eastern part of the country maybe he's the right man at the right moment to start a negotiation and you go she may still obviously on you issues and that we will see it's challenging also in this way and especially in this in the respect of today russian affairs so that he has a good chance just to do it i mean professor i'm armory in eastern europe expert at italy's university of genoa i thank you so much for joining us on the program thank you. that's a news break down for this hour and that's all for me as well but we're not you know harvey will be taking over and about thirty minutes thanks for tuning in wherever you may be.
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when lawmakers manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the famous merry go round in the one percent. going all middle of the room. is.
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only proof. of. need up with two because if. there are. seventeen the bolsheviks led by vladimir lenin seized power and set out to build the most equitable society on earth before long the other countries followed russia's example so far the recipe for universal happiness remains of use if people are still searching to this day. you could be.
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fair. by did. can we even remember the events of a century ago and if so why is it we went out in search of people who view russia's nine hundred seventeen revolution as a global event. festival we went to visit leftwing ideologist and famous french philosopher. so i was all surprised maybe it's not a surprise you know that your books focused on the bust of teeth. is difficult for me to address. what is your idiot but jiko pretty cheeky feet as
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if to post. your post go on the net i'll moan that required but. did you know you do know the. two don't. need. to do use it. only if i am that. oak fahey foot on the menu when you get it i thought or a phony display the thing. less a dating is but it's a committed communist and a millionaire he's from the swedish town of barrack where he's a local celebrity. in a city i have been.


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