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tv   News  RT  April 23, 2019 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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so you do the pacific is this is what i was just up to the pushing of additional forces. breaking news this hour islamic state claims responsibility for sunday's deadly bomb attacks entry along. also this hour are to investigate the links between the us government and facebook i think social media giant introduces its new general counsel legal adviser at the u.s. state department. is ready to cope. with the ready to kill. and a famous bodyguard from germany it reveals how berlin has become an epicenter for criminal ethnic clans and why it's so difficult to deal with the issue.
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you're watching r t international bringing you your live news update from our studio here in moscow welcome to the program first we start with breaking news this hour islamic state has claimed responsibility for the easter sunday bombings and sri lanka comes after the country's government said two radical islamist groups were behind the attacks which killed more than three hundred people are now joined live in the studio by artist on a corner donald the islamic state has taken responsibility how does that fit in with what we heard yesterday of wider forces at play you know well jacki the interesting thing is they've claimed responsibility for it not long after sri lanka's deputy defense minister said that they may have that this might have been a reaction to the christ church shootings last month and after an initial investigation they said that these two terrorist groups that they boiled the suspicions down to may have been working within a larger international net. work in the first place now the series of bombings that
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took place on easter sunday the death toll is now at three hundred twenty one people with another five hundred injured and according to unicef forty five children were among the victims now sri lankan authorities were warned of a bomb threat actually two weeks full two weeks before the easter sunday attacks took place and the cabinet spokes person has already apologized for failing to act on that tip. and the intelligence agencies on the fourth of april international intelligence agencies informed us that such an incident could take place there detailed reports named christian churches and tourist destinations as the main targets as the government we are responsible for all of the story and we apologize to everybody. now let's focus on that claim that this attack was in retaliation for the new zealand shootings what exactly was the well the they said like i said before the dutch the deputy defense minister said it could have been
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a retaliation that they were working within a larger network as a result of what took place in christchurch new zealand on march fifteenth of this year now to give our viewers a bit of background about what happened a mosque and an islamic center were shot up in christchurch new zealand fifty fifty people were killed and another fifty were injured and the twenty eight year old shooter was a self to self described a white supremacist and his crimes are considered to be some of the deadliest mass shootings in new zealand's history. this is one of the new zealand's darkest days.
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now the role of social media has been highlighted over both the attacks and and new zealand tell us more about that yeah absolutely in the case of christ church actually the shooter put up a startling manifesto across the internet for the world to read before he went on his shooting spree and then at the beginning of his shooting spree he actually lifestream to part of that terrorist attack and it took authorities quite a while to take it down so now in the case of sri lanka authorities have actually blocked major social media platforms after declaring a state of emergency facebook whatsapp instagram you tube and several others have already been blocked by the government there and so this is really one of those situations where the dilemma between freedom of the internet and the possibility of terrorists using it for terrorist activities comes to the forefront i think artist on the quarter thank you for bringing us the latest. now we go live to political
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and social commentator for more analysts analysis on this story welcome to the program now islamic state has now claimed responsibility for the string of bombs on sunday are you surprised they didn't come forward sooner. no not at all i think the can security services did the best they could to investigate we know that they have some help from u.s. intelligence we know that the f.b.i. had been sent on a heading out and maybe already there helping them with investigation i think there are about forty suspects have been rounded up and that led them to a syrian and now that link pointed to the direction of isis inspired attacks but the main concern was to have seven targets hit by seven suicide bombers this is an attack of such complexity and such barbarity it's unlike anything we've seen in sri lanka before and that did point and had all the markers of a of an isis inspired or diet linked terror attack so there's no surprise but i
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think caution in moving forward or not calling out these things too rapidly was probably the best way to go you talk about how this was an unprecedented attack but there have been suggestions that they remain quiet islamic state remain quiet because there are actually more bombs in this city we know several detonators were found in the following hours after the actual bombings took place on sunday so what's your take on that was that a possibility. yeah i think so there were eighty seven detonators that were then dealt with after the attack so we are talking you know almost one hundred. detonators one hundred bombs attacks across america that would have torn absolutely torn this island nation apart off the coast of india now we've seen a growing radicalization of muslims in sri lanka and they are tiny tiny minority of the population but i think the leader of national jamaat his name is mohammad.
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me and local muslim leaders have been complaining. for the last two or three years that this man was becoming increasingly radical posting videos online talking about attacking all non muslims now obviously this is nothing to do that islam islam forbids this kind of behavior as a terrorism is completely forbidden and as are types of christians in fact according to islamic scriptures christians are to be protected by muslims by their own wealth their own time and their own resources so this goes completely out of kilter with what the islamic texts and the islam make community feel so they've been reporting this now i think one of the problems we had interlink is that president the president fired the prime minister last year and had to be reinstated by the supreme court in trying to as a result you have this almost non functioning security apparatus in the intro lanka where now even the deputy defense postman the defense minister himself and the prime minister also they received no warnings about this now if the is true that muslim communities have been reporting on people within their own who have been
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posting radical statements online potentially making links they have missed so much time and so many opportunity to deal with this counter to counter the radicalization the terror threat in toronto you're talking about the terror threat there what's your view on the argument that sri lankan government failed to act on important intelligence prior to this attack possibly being able to avoid the at least damage that was seen on sunday. you know i think sadly that's what all of the information and all the attention seems to just at the minute we don't there were credible reports from the community we know there were intelligence reports my understanding is that officials actually went out outside of. foreign agencies and to get international support to help to track and deal with the counter terror issue now obviously we've got senior ministers defense ministers prime minister saying they heard nothing about this there was no credible
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intelligence given to them for them to be able to lead on something has broken down within the operators so we have online radicalisation we have communities effectively policing themselves to some extent making the reports doing everything we need community to do which is to be vigilant remain united states calm make the reports the authorities now if the authorities have they're not taken on board seriously enough or not tackle the serious enough these are things that they're going to have to look into why did the state apparatus break down if there was foreign help and foreign intervention to help them identify these suspects and these radicals why weren't they being dealt with and sadly on the outskirts if you like of india where there has been a large push against muslims by the end of modi and the hard far right anti muslim agenda he has there this. anti muslim christchurch attacks things in india is is causing a real blowback from places like sri lanka and other places where people are going
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to be getting wound up and caught up in these issues it's absolutely vital that the security services and the counter radicalisation operators is in place to crack down on these issues. political and social commentator mo and so i thank you for your time and your comments today. thank you. questions are being raised over the growing links between facebook and the u.s. government that's as the social media giant announced it's hired the state department's legal advisor as its general counsel and vice president of communications according to the company's statement jennifer newstead will oversee facebook's global legal functions she has already enjoyed a long career in the u.s. administration serving in the state and justice departments and was also part of the team which drafted the controversial patriot act which expanded government surveillance powers after the nine eleven attacks the new appointment comes amid unprecedented pressure on facebook to tackle the spread of misinformation and fake
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news on its platform. takes a closer look at the firm's fact checking and fears over its trustworthiness. for the past two years facebook has been trying to convince the public it is taking a stand against fake news the program has been battered by controversies from criticism over how it's implemented to claims the impact it makes is little to none so how does facebook fact check new spokes well it doesn't instead of defectively has outsourced this function to a seemingly obscure journalism school. the pointer institute is a nonprofit based in florida it's nondescript anonymous in almost every way except for the fact that any fact checking service willing to partner with facebook has to get pointers approval and this is the type of testimonies they applauded on their
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you tube channel journalists to this important point or does for journalists is invaluable it's just so hard to separate. who i am as a reporter from. your point it was done for me. the. world spends so much time. training researching and informing journalists that look at journalism as a true wow i wonder how many more journalism students out there talking about their school like it's a sect they joined but so far pointer has licensed around sixty partners from all over the world good to go to fact check for facebook and many of them have a bit more in common than appetite for truth the thing they share is who they get their money from fact checkers from the u.s. the u.k. africa latin america the philippines and the pointer itself have been funded by the
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open society foundation and a media network either. one of them or both together they've donated millions to fact check is so what are they and why are they so eager to invest. now the open society foundation was founded and is run by none other than george soros who invested more than thirty two billion dollars into the foundation and this open society foundation is known to do exactly that open societies or meddle in the affairs of countries all over the world having proven to be a political weapon or source as for the the media network it belongs to another billionaire pierre media the creator of e-bay and just like soros is brainchild the
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network has been deeply involved in geopolitics providing a steady flow of money for america's soft power ventures from funding opposition in other countries to creating puppet media outlets and there are plenty of other donors bestowing their wealth upon point and co not excluding the us state department i expect to be there will be a very close interplay between the facebook checkers and the state department and that they will be really very respectful of the state department's point of view after all they're one of their paymasters so i think they will go out of their way not to contradict anything the state department says and to basically try to then discredit anybody who might be criticizing them so fortunately this is the antithesis of what most people think of when they think of freedom of media or freedom freedom of information now point and it's platoon or fact checkers say that one of their binding values is impartiality but sometimes that veil is quite easy
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to see through and i mean let me bring up one chart for you it was showcased at a separating fact. from fake news panel by point and i mean by different nisshin here the mainstream media and mainstream news are presented here as a victim and it's presented as an inherently one hundred percent truthful entity just cannot be fake news here and that's despite the fact that mainstream outlets have repeatedly embarrassed themselves with faulty reporting from c.n.n. to buzz feed ironically the outlet behind this graph but after all these story suggests neither the u.s. government nor the sorest like bunch spend their billions out of pure philanthropy and what this is clearly aimed at is to restrict the availability of alternative sources of information what they do is defend the establishment narrative and try to discredit alternative
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a dissident point of views which then they will declare to be non-factual or fake news according to their own fact checkers which are very very biased. meanwhile reports claim government enforcement agencies have been using facebook to their advantage a leading digital rights group called the electronic frontier foundation is urging facebook to crack down on u.s. immigration and customs enforcement which has been creating false accounts. facebook's practice of taking down these individual accounts when they learn about them from the press or from is insufficient to discern what would believe is a much logs iceberg beneath the surface we often only discovered the existence of law enforcement fake profiles months if not years soft investigation has concluded . it comes after the law enforcement body reportedly used facebook in a sting operation to catch illegal migrants agents created a fictional college called the university of farmington which promoted the
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enrollment of foreign students after checking the background of those that applied they ended up arresting around one hundred and thirty people. u.s. agencies argue the use of social media can be essential for investigations of facebook disagree with. law enforcement or like everyone else are required to use their real names on facebook and we make this policy clear on our public facing law enforcement guidelines page or brits in fake accounts is not allowed and we swiftly act on any violating accounts we discuss the issue with a social activist who says human rights have been violated. the united states. does not only buy only face book laws it in it violates our own federal state local municipal laws the federal government the local governments even vigilante groups on the on the in the border states continuous. human rights
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who are undocumented people in people seeking asylum here in this country i think it's become a period the united states of america wants to be the owner controller of the internet but when you have an organization such great magnitude it's facebook it seems to be complying secretly with u.s. spy agencies and law enforcement agencies you are going to get in a bad out there are no good big in there there's only the. still to come artist been hearing from a prominent bodyguard and germany who are veils why berlin's become an epicenter for criminal ethnic clans people aims immigration and integration policy is pushing migrants towards collectivity on this right after the break. the housing crisis was the result of securitizing mortgages that were resold to
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dozens of times and the like goldman sachs was betting as are all clients and they were engaged in massive fraud again bailed out by timothy geithner and his friends and now they echo of that controlled demolition of the housing market is that all housing is concentrated in a few as like blackstone as a gift from their friends of the central banks and the result is maybe the lesson. seems wrong. but i. just don't. if you get to shape out just days after. and in detroit equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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welcome back roland has become home to some of the biggest criminal clans in the world that's according to one of the city's most famous bodyguards michael currie is a world kick boxing champion and while he claims to favor of multiculturalism he's worried the current margaret policies have allowed things to thrive in the capital our sister channel in germany spent a day with him in berlin. ready to cut and kill if they have a gun ready to shoot and kill. you could be the reason more everyone has to. like. remote.
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possibilities of big families. in the crew of the worlds but you call them all of them all criminals and many have nothing to do with it. oh. it will be. because i was. because i was present love. i've been in this is in the since nine hundred eighty two there's one though almost every family even if i don't know someone they've heard about me work if they know i'm a fan of multiculturalism i always being very positively about it wasn't because many found themselves in the criminal world in here as a result. we have to give these guys some credit the german government hadn't done enough to integrate and then many of them couldn't get a job license for years and that's why they resorted to criminality.
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these clans are closely tied together they're like a hole you won't see anything like that in germany. they can bring together forty to fifty people in just half an hour before they are. found a business in one thousand nine hundred ninety four that's when the klan started expanding on their influence pushing aside local german groups and taking. under control the us called farmers now totally controlling us or including drugs prostitution and she has a lot of money. because
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if. elise has an investigative group that deals primarily with organized crime among families. or individual members of these families as well as a group conducting intelligence activities including coming into contact with potentially dangerous criminal elements. government policy completely failed thirties totally. the situation they're trying to minimize the damage but it's not an easy thing to do. by cooperate with the police you give them the opportunity to be independent and i don't depend on any clan my class of. oil
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prices have soared to a six month high it comes as the u.s. announced it will scrap all exemptions on iran or oil imports and sanction those who fail to abide by the new rules slamming the sanctions as illegal iran threatened to block the strait of hormuz the world's key oil route which transports if it all international oil it out about if threatened it would not hesitate to protect and defend the strait this comes after u.s. secretary of state mike pump air confirmed washington would not extend its current waiver program today i'm announcing that we will no longer grant any exemptions we're going to zero going to zero across the board any nation or entity interacting with iran should use its diligence and err on the side of caution the risks are simply not going to be worth the benefits if you don't abide by this they'll be sanctions both the kingdom of saudi arabia and the united arab emirates have assured us they will ensure an appropriate supply for the markets and of course the united states is now a significant producer as well. i can confirm that each of those suppliers are
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working directly with the runs for more customers to make the transition away from iranian crude less destructive until now eight countries had been allowed to continue to buy oil from iran without the threat of sanctions from washington it was previously claimed these exemptions would be a way of avoiding volatility in the oil market but pumping now says that ending these waivers is designed to deny the islamic republic its principal source of revenue turkey has come out strongly against the us decision it says the move will only jeopardize regional stability and bring harm to local iranians china has also criticized the unilateral sanctions maintaining that its dealings with iran had always been open and transparent meanwhile japan says it's not overly concerned and doesn't believe it will impact its economy. iranian foreign affairs expert. believes washington is forcing tehran to adopt a more aggressive stance. the u.s.
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is seriously escalating this unilateral economic warfare against iran jeopardizing economic wellbeing and eating young people. putting iran against the wall and therefore one should naturally expect a stiff a reaction from you ron which me in the form of implementing death threats industry talk of who are more so the us is edging closer to war we did ron using all kinds of excuses. back to our breaking news islamic state has claimed responsibility for the easter sunday bombings in sri lanka it comes after the country's government said too radical islamist groups were behind the attacks and weekend atrocity claimed the lives of three hundred and twenty one people including thirty four nationals and left up to five hundred more injured. that's our global news update for this hour but i'll be back at the top of the hour with the latest.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy on foundation let it be an arms race is on all sides very dramatic development the only really i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. what is a bit coy and. magic in a. new type of digital currency decentralized digital scarcity chancellor bring a second bailout for banks call the genesis blog for reason they're calling it civil disobedience a source of optimism because i can control my. financial destiny it's just
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a new way of coming to consensus it's a game changer in the human history and this is columbus discovering a new world this paradigm shifting knowledge that transforms economics and finance it hard to apollo eleven landing on the to the left stacy. facebook and google started with a great idea and great ideals unfortunately it was also a very dark so. they are constructing a profile of you and that profile is real it's detailed and it never goes away turns out that google is manipulating your opinions from the very first character that you type into the search bar it will always favor one dog food over another one comparative shopping service over another and one candidate over another they can suppress certain types of results deiced on what they think you should be
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seeing if they have this kind of power then democracy is it an illusion the free and fair election doesn't exist the more road we give them the sooner we are all. this been eyeing burger lender. craftwork hey what's up yes well of course you are quoting john f. kennedy when he went to berlin and said bin berliner to the people of berlin right after the wall was erected back in one nine hundred sixty s. early one nine hundred sixty s. and he went there to declare that the west berlin you know this is the area of the
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free world right and basically rejecting the wall there well i want to point out what is going on today in berlin because of the wall of bad debts especially on the central bank's balance sheet or less a metaphor exactly so i remember at the end of the last episode we mentioned the e.c.b. assets and so that's that wall of bad debts on the central bank balance sheet in the european union that's the e.c.b. balance sheet. all this wall of bad debt this this wall this is the wall that we have to be concerned about because why that wall that wall of forty one percent of g.d.p. is on the balance sheet of the e.c.b. it's all source of junk junk debt corporate that all these bonds on their balance sheet and this is supposedly meant to cause inflation and mario draggy when he's.


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