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president putin's. jail sentence. feeling to register as a foreign agent as an attempt by washington to save face we've spoken to her lawyer . in the us were illegal. but. on the program french media joined forces to condemn the country's intelligence service journalists document.
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controversy in. a district attorney in the u.s. . army talking about not prosecuting. any clear. if there is a process. in this country. one minute past two pm here in moscow april the twenty seven hello and welcome to our to international. our top story russian national maria has been sentenced to eighteen months in prison in the united states after she pleaded
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guilty to conspiring to registered foreign agent president putin described a decision attempt by washington to save face. they are trying to save face to grab her seized her put her behind bars but there is nothing they can charge her with and to avoid looking ridiculous he sentenced her to eighteen months just to show that she is guilty of something. has already served nine months in jail the thirty year old was found guilty of trying to influence the national rifle association and other conservative groups in the u.s. several u.s. politicians were suspected to be involved in the case. but our correspondent killer martin reports on this from new york city. those who were in the courtroom heard maria buton give quite an emotional speech prior to her sentence being handed
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down she talked about how she came to the united states not as an agent or an operative but with purely good intentions and what a nightmare her family has been through this is some of what maria buton a said to the court my parents discovered my arrest on the morning news they're washed in their rural house in a savior and i love them dearly but i harm the morally and financially they're suffering from all of that i destroyed my own life as well i came to the united states not under any orders but with who and now nothing remains but penitence. now the prosecutors in the d.c. courtroom argued that somehow maria bootless activities with the national rifle association had somehow harmed the political process of the united states significantly they argued that by being an unregistered lobbyist and working behalf on behalf of the russian government inside the national rifle association that she was in severe violation of u.s. law and had somehow harmed to the u.s.
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political system and done a great deal of damage now the judge did then hand down a sentence of eighteen months in federal prison now nine months of that will be time served that will be the time that she's been held since she was initially arrested so only nine months remaining in federal prison and then after that time she will be deported from the united states back to russia now what's interesting is that maria bhutto was swept up in the aftermath of the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential elections in which talk of russian agents and russian meddling and russian subversion seemed to be quite widespread there was quite an atmosphere of fear and in that atmosphere she was swept up and it appears that now after months of being detained after quite a bit of time in which it was it was reported that she was held in solitary confinement rather harsh conditions that she now has nine more months to serve in u.s. federal custody before she will be allowed to return home to her family so people
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are seeing this is kind of a conclusion to the case as at this point her lawyers are saying they will not appeal this verdict yet in fact we actually spoke to maria putin's main lawyer about the case and the precedence believes it makes it. i think it's impossible to separate from from the politics and i think that there is a an underlying crime that he pled guilty to which you can make out under u.s. law but i think the notion of this would have been investigated or an arrest would have been made for a typical foreign national who wasn't russian and wasn't in the car environment where in the u.s. i think it's almost impossible to to believe that southern politics has a lot to do with the atmosphere of the case and it's one of those things where if the elements of the crime are there they were selectively enforced in the sense and so i think it's hard to argue. the charges unregistered agent it's not foreign
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it's not secret agent it's not an intelligence agent it literally is just doing something for someone else as being their agent not of maria maria's activities in the u.s. were illegal in and of themselves so there's no classified information there's no political sensitive kind of information given she was not paid by by the russian federation she's in her shoes supported by americans while she was here financially but she got caught up in this and she rushes hysteria. i would fear that other countries will start applying the same standards and saying that any american who went abroad to another country and was involved in civil society organizations and social and met people and networks because really all we're talking about doing are anything more serious than that and reported back on those activities some in the u.s.
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so i think it's very dangerous because if other countries adopt the same attitude going to get a tit for tat situation with countries grabbing civilians of other countries as leverage or for other reasons that i think it's a bad idea. ok to another story we're closely following today dozens of french media companies have box three journalists summoned by french intelligence over what's been described as a breach of national defense secrecy it comes out for a link document was published only nice of french weapons in the four year long civil war that's been tearing yemen apart. we express our full solidarity with our colleagues who have done only that job to bring to the attention of citizens information of public interest on the consequences of the sale of french arms says these revelations the government has remained silent on the facts they appear to have exposed a government line but now three journalists all the ones being investigated they've
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been summoned to appear before the french general directorate of internal security or the d.g.a. s.l.i. after appealing a confidential note from the country's intelligence services it showed the french government knew weapons that sold to saudi arabia and the united arab emirates were being used in the conflict in yemen a fact the government has repeatedly denied a war that's left thousands dead and pushed millions to war to the brink of starvation it's been described by the un the world's worst humanitarian disaster.
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at the center of all that this storm is a classified by france's military agency the d r i'm real the by these journalists it should be forty eight french sees a terrorist guns were being used along the sound the yemen that tanks and fighters sold to the u.a.e. in action and its missile guiding technology may have been deployed as well in the end of seize a truck mounted how was this had been deployed the year. on the border on the saudi side as of the twenty fifth of september twenty eighth seen about forty u.a.e. leclerc tanks are observed in a fixed defensive position and advance positions in the west the french government has continued to repeat the line that weapons and so to saudi and u.a.e. only being used for defensive purposes to our knowledge the french weapons
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available to the members of the coalition are mostly in a defensive position outside yemeni territory or on coalition rights of way but not on the front line and we are not aware of any civilian casualties resulting from their use and the yemeni theater france is not among the leading arms suppliers of countries in gauged in yemen the concern now is that this investigation by french authorities is about putting pressure on these journalists to break their professions and most so love. to reveal their sources show that even ski altie paris yeah i miss charlotte went through their french authorities in turn of constantly insisted it's weaponry is being used for defensive purposes only while the saudi led coalition denies any deliberate targeting of civilians in yemen there are words for the journalist elizabeth take give us her thoughts on the leak
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and why it's cause such concern for the french government. i don't think there's any kind of secret that french weapons are being used in yemen and you could very well argue the government has been saying this and preaching about this that since the civil war in yemen was started by rebels against a legally installed government with the support of a foreign power iran this is indeed in defense of the state it's a member of the us it's the position of a number of people from you know america britain saudi arabia etc i think what's different in this specific instance is the detailed nature of the report which is fascinating reading but it also ate meat makes it easier to place possible french agents on the ground so the french government feels that this has harmed it's not helping and earth it's their position that's what they're defending themselves the question is you know is this a crime graffiti
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a state secrets on the one hand on the other is their prerogative is it the brother to the journalist to reveal something in the public interest. conference appears to be growing in china is must serve global trade and infrastructure network known as the belt road and mission of the figures really are staggering it's a one point three trillion dollar project at spawn's asia europe and africa now at a forum which has just wrapped up in beijing over two hundred eighty billion dollars worth of agreements were signed off in the city for a secret are there enough. well busy few days here in beijing as for the russian president he wrapped up his official participation quite traditionally with the media conference and judging by what he focused on for him these few days were heavily dominated by several things trade and the jeep and economy and this is quite well natural i should say given the very nature of the belton road initiative
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which is centered i should say a routing around exploring new trade routes and the global economy boosting global economy and so lattimer putin position russia as a key energy players sort of an oil exports superpower he stressed that russia is not only a key player on the market but also who is ready to increase its production and consecutively exports oil exports any given time at any given moment that russia is ready to meet the oil needs of china and many other partners around the world the only reason it has not done so yet according to vladimir putin is because there's an agreement in place between russia and opec by which moscow has promised not to do so at least until summer now also recently the american president donald trump said that he managed to get an agreement from another player saudi arabia to
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on the contrary increase their oil output and so i asked him a putin what he thinks of this and what impact this could have on the global market here's what he told me just because we have an agreement with the opec plus i haven't heard anything from saudi arabia or any other opec members about the intention to withdraw from the opec deal. now quite naturally i should say there was no way other international geo political agenda could be ignored within the frameworks of the forum here vladimir putin has met with a lot of his counterparts with those whom you. such problems as combating terrorism the situation in syria libya and so on and so forth so while he obviously did have his focus on energy economy and trade not a tool was it the only thing on his list of a lot of putin even joked about how he manages to keep his show jewels jampacked
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strong and a half hours six hours that's ok for me so here's the second belton road for him for you as china strives to become a platform for all sort of business and we've done of reporting from beijing r.t. . now in a bid to bottle the effects of poverty a district attorney in dallas county in texas will no longer prosecute the theft of essential items the cost less than seven hundred fifty dollars so long as the crime was not for economic gain criminalizing poverty is counterproductive for our communities health and safety for that reason this office will not prosecute theft of personal items less than seven hundred fifty dollars and less evidence shows that the alleged theft was for economic gain ok so the essential items are leonardo's goods like food not be baby formula but hard to define whether the theft
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is for economic gain or not remains unclear and most low level marwan offenses will also no longer be prosecuted either there is nothing in official figures to suggest why the move came up by the theft rate shows that dallas really doesn't differ much from the rest of the us let's take a look in dallas it's approaching seventeen hundred cases per one hundred thousand residents that's in fact lower than the national average many in the state there were stunned by that decision they're calling for the district attorney to step down. those county district attorney stokes crime by refusing to prosecute theft of personal items worth less than seven hundred fifty dollars if someone is hungry they can just steal some food if cold steal a coat where does it end its wealth redistribution but i think if we discuss the initiative with political activists something roger is right first let's hear from conservative blogger brian logan. well i understand is trying to have some reform
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and a justice system but it's been a little bit too far i mean talking about not prosecuting seth i mean clearly if if anything below like what i thousand dollars seven hundred dollars is a little bit too far because audrey doing a damn point is making cry and some areas of dallas texas which has a lot of client problems making the crime worse because you can a message out there to say i say if you're still a lesbian if in a certain items it's good you won't go to jail that's that how you go about fixing the justice issue by totally ignoring these crimes i definitely understand those concerns are there with me might i certainly wouldn't put them in prison or jail maybe get them community service but the over arching issue is that there is a process of criminalizing operating in this country and once that happens people are stuck in a circle for an opinion so even after you serve your time and can't get a job after you get out what are those people supposed to do we have been president right now who continues to cut programs meant to help these people so that they can
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paper is one point five trillion dollars deficit induced tax cuts for wealthy people there so many programs out there and he's low income areas especially in these big cities all kind of resources you have people live in poverty and a lot of times they have easier access to certain things people who don't live in poverty do because of all the things and here to help them there's no excuse to just go into a store and studio and then beyond that first of all what we've already seen with trans budget cuts to education by seventy million dollars cuts to snap as well went to get the paper that's one five trillion dollars one point five trillion dollars deficit these stores do happen sure and so it's not like they're going to go out of business to bring up if they're not going to be dismissed if they can't sell anymore if you can't get a case on a lot of that they can't get stolen from every day yet they will go out of business why was he being a place where you're not making any money the insurance won't cover you if you continuously stay in a place you keep getting robbed every day that it is interesting that you believe
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that the insurance. doesn't work for the stores but for some reason you believe that snapping or working for these people it has not lifted them out of poverty has no success it's a particularly right now and it's absolutely shameful that someone who claims to come from these communities doesn't have any other ideas on how to run out of poverty except telling them to go to churches which are underfunded and which are under supply that is not a viable option so the solution is not to doable down our policies get new training don't just say ok if you could make fry we're not going to sing you to jail you could just do whatever you want to do that will make things worse so don't go down change course right ahead this afternoon here on our team to national donald trump has promised to poll the united states out of a global arms trade treaty what does that all mean what's been the reaction to it as well that's coming.
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join me every thursday on the alex simon chill and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics this i'm show business i'll see you then. imagine that you run a blood bank. in one room are dead patients they've been dead since two thousand and eight that would be j.p. morgan goldman sachs deutsche bank b.n.p. societies generali just b. c. etc and in the other room you have living middle class people and the point of blood bank is to take blood from the living middle class people and to transfuse that blood to the dead banks next door that they've been dead now for more than ten years the people that are in the middle class are going to start to suffer and suffer horribly and many of them will die and by the way they won't be getting any
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of the blood from the other middle class people to keep them alive all the blood all the plasma goes to the dead. twenty one minutes into the program hello again in defense of american sovereignty not so donald trump but nonstop the united states will no longer be part of the lung market global arms control treaty the us president making the remarks during an address at the un your meeting of the national rifle association. and ministrations will never ratified the u.s. arms trade treaty and i am officially announcing today that the united states will be revoking. the effect. of america's signature from this badly
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misguided treatment when taking our city. you're back. the united nations arms trade treaty aims to promote global peace and stability requires that signatories ensure the weapons they are exporting do not end up in the wrong hands more than one hundred countries have ratified the deal the us signed up to it obama but never formally joined the united nations has responded to the trump administration's decision to drop its support for the deal. the arms trade treaty is the only global instrument aimed at improving transparency and accountability in the international arms trade it is a landmark achievement in the efforts to ensure responsibility in international arms transfers this is particularly important in present times when we witness growing international tensions and renewed interest in expanding and modernizing austin. was
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a pretty raucous speech by donald trump the us president also saying that he would never let foreign bureaucrats quote trample on the american second amendment investigative reporter dave lindorff believes mr trump took that decision in order to galvanize his support base. the biggest supplier of arms in the world is the u.s. and it isn't just a signatory so the fact that trump is canceling that signature is a korean standing actually to his his what he considers his electoral of a minister he could sit in the senate never ratified the treaty so it's not in effect the united states doesn't to be the world court it doesn't accept the jurisdiction of the world court it doesn't feel obliged to follow the geneva convention relating to war and genocide so tearing up the is this presidential signature which obama put on it really doesn't have any
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significant change in the u.s. position. the blaze earlier this month not that dumb the cathedral in parlous may have been caused by an electrical short circuit or a discarded cigarette the two theories are now being considered by authorities after they were finally able to access at the building no dispute is brewing over the restoration of the eight hundred fifty year old landmark. in all but yet we will be. the cathedral all but you're on the bottom we will rebuild notre dumb because it's good if i said that because this is what the french expect soon at least well because this is what our history deserves because this is our destiny. should we rebuild aspire shouldn't be the same adapted to the techniques and challenges of
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our age and international architectural competition for the reconstruction of the cathedral spire will be organized. don't touch not to die. halleluiah french president says not saddam should be rebuilt consistent with the modern diverse france and architect suggest
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a minaret macron says not or a dam should be rebuilt in line with diversity architects suggested minaret glass roof steel spire the west is sick and france as the dying man a few rows. you know that argument sure to continue for quite some time all right if you're sitting comfortably why not stick around for some more great program starting in moments this is twenty four seven r.t. international. after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the ball different clubs on one hand it is logical to sit in the home fields where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and
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a fresh perspective i'm used to surprising and i saw why not if you think. i'm going to talk about football not the or else you can think i was going to go. by the way ways of the slide here. i didn't think the numbers mean something they've mattered us was over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime families in this. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to be ultra rich a foot six percent world market most thirty percent some with four hundred to five hundred three first second first second and fifth when rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but
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don't let the numbers over. the only number you need to remember in one one business show you know bored to miss one and only boom but. be neat to. impulse needs to come. from. the normandie for. giving political guidance to the process so basically what i'm waiting for he's an author politically. ideally extending from the moment you feel. so welcome to redacted and the comedy show we're americans in america covering american news called foreign agents welcome to the sexy time version of redacted
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the night they got rid of the live audience so you and me could be alone it's right just you and me baby now as you can tell i only have half a voice which is why we don't have an audience we weren't even sure we're going to tape a show but you know what the show must go on there's a lot of important news so we're going to get through it like this sounds good good glad you glad you're in it with me it's been over a week since the mullah report came out and a lot of us thought that after it showed most of the mainstream media had been packed full of shit for two years they might back off and focus on oh i don't know the other hundred ways trump is corrupt rather than sticking with a cold war era conspiracy theory but nope they are devoted to this lie so i want to show you a little of m s n b c's morning joe and how they continue to deal with the mother report and i didn't pick up this i didn't pick this clip because it was something
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special or unusual i picked it because it's standard this is the standard pathetic bullshit but watch mika brzezinski opening exasperated statement before he even gets to the first question kathleen hall jamieson the. president's attorney proceeding to go on television and in the wake of the mahler important saying it's ok to talk to russian oh my god it's ok to talk to russians no it is not they breathe fire and ray or skin diseases talk to russians are you nuts next terms lawyer is going to say it's ok to have sex with the zombies years old during a full moon no one speaks to russians and that's why the washington capitals star player alex ovechkin is forced to wear the silence of the lambs mask when he plays .


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