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tv   News  RT  April 27, 2019 4:00pm-4:31pm EDT

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the uncle. the father of a russian woman jailed for failing to register as a foreign agent says she is a pawn in russia hysteria while her lawyer says she was sentenced to simply being russian. were these activities were illegal. in and of themselves but she got caught up in this. she rushes to start. falling out for the twenty first century silk road in china road for him coming to a close in beijing with sixty billion dollars worth of investment. and french news outlets joined forces to condemn the country's intelligence service was jealous about a leaked document on. it's
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eleven o'clock am moscow you're watching all to international live from our studio with me welcome to the program russian national maria has been sentenced to eighteen months in prison in the united states after she pleaded guilty to conspiring to act as an unregistered foreign agent her father has exclusively told r.t. this family had been expecting a very different outcome. we weren't prepared for such a rough and unjust court decision. is a russian citizen and given all these investigations she's been caught up in it all even though the investigation had nothing to do with her nevertheless the us has found a culprit over the past few months she didn't have any complaints about the condition of her confinement unlike before when she was badly treated discriminated against
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all in solitary confinement with walks only allowed for two hours at night with a real lawyers we all expected a different outcome than a fair verdict but it's hard to say how life will be for maria now the most important thing for us is that she returns home taking into account this new jail term. thirty year old to marry a was found guilty of trying to influence the national rifle association and other conservative groups in the u.s. several americans involved in politics were suspected to be involved in the case as well. i have reasons to issues that the main goal of those circumstances she had to put in was to break the will and forces to clearly acknowledge something she might not have done.
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trying to save face to grab to seize to put her behind bones but there is nothing they can charge you with and to avoid looking ridiculous they sentenced her to eighteen months just to show she is guilty of something. we spent to marry impetus knowing about the case and the process. that. i think it's impossible to separate from from the politics i think that there is a an underlying crime that she pled guilty to which you can make out under u.s.
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law but i think the notion that this would have been investigated or an arrest would have been made for a typical foreign national who wasn't russian and wasn't in the car environment where in the u.s. i think that it's almost impossible to to believe that southern politics has a lot to do with the atmosphere of the case and it's one of those things where if the elements of the crime are there they were selectively enforced in this instance i think it's hard to argue. the charges unregistered agent it's not foreign it's not secret agent it's not intelligence agent it literally is just doing something for someone else as being their agent not of maria maria's activities in the us were illegal in and of themselves so there's no classified information there's no political sensitive kind of information given she was not paid by by the russian
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federation her she was supported by americans while she was here financially but she got caught up in this and she rushes hysteria. i would fear that other countries will start applying the same standards and saying that any american who went abroad to another country and it was involved in civil society organizations and social and met people and networks because really all we're talking about doing are anything more serious than that and reported back on those activities some in the u.s. so i think it's very dangerous because if other countries adopt the same as you're going to get a tit for tat situation with countries grabbing civilians of other countries as leverage or for other reasons i think it's a bad idea. comments made by president putin on britain's case were made in beijing he was there for a forum focusing on china's massive global trade as the belt and road and russia
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tive the project spans asia europe and africa and over the past few days alone agreements with sixty four billion dollars were signed off because your dollar reports from the chinese capital. all busy few days here in beijing as for the russian president he wrapped up his official participation quite traditionally with a media conference and judging by what he focused on for him these few days were heavily dominated by several things trade and the jeep and economy and this is quite well natural i should see given the very nature of the bolton road initiative which is centered i should say a rowdy around exploring new trade routes and global economy boosting global economy and so important position russia as the key energy players sort of an oil export in superpower he stressed that russia is not only a key player on the market but also most school is ready to increase its production
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and consecutively exports all exports any given time by any given moment russia is ready to meet the oil needs of china and many other partners around the world the only reason it has not done so yet according to vladimir putin is because there's an agreement in place between russia and opec by which moscow has promised not to do so at least until summer now also recently the american president donald trump said that he managed to get an agreement from another player saudi arabia to on the contrary increase their oil output and so i asked him a putin what he thinks of this and what impact this could have on the global market here's what he told me yes because we have an agreement with the opec plus i haven't heard any. when from saudi arabia or any other opec members who were about to turn to withdraw from the opec deal. now quite naturally i should say there was
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no way other international geo political agenda could be ignored within the frameworks of the forum here vladimir putin has met with a lot of his counterparts with the whom he discussed such problems as combating terrorism the situation in syria libya and so on and so forth so while he obviously did have his focus on energy economy and trade not a tool was it the only thing on his list let him a putin even joked about how he manages to keep his share jewels so jam packed. but it is possible to school cook. to put you on that i bought it last summer and you just called it was funny. but you're sort of on the board of the so far. which the government will support. so here's the second belton road forum for you as china strives to become a platform for all sort of business i'm reporting from beijing r.t.
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. we heard from economist and financial analyst alexander khattab on what close ties between russia and china could mean for the global markets. are already very tightly connected on the multiple levels and they think this initiative is only highlighted the strong bond between the two countries are especially this. environment where you have this troubled mystery show in the is. putting the status. that is showing. in the protectionist stance so i think in this environment. the other is between china and russia. show. and the authority of to this go in the of elation east policies and also over the long term i think it
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sends a strong message that there is a shift from these world that is led by the you were. on all levels and that eventually we will see a redrawing of these situations and of the markets and i think especially for oil for example this is also something that we should take into account. doesn't the french media companies have back three journalists summoned by french intelligence officials for what's been described as a breach of national defense secrecy it comes after a leaked document was published on these a french weapons in the four year long civil war that's been tearing yemen apart. we express our full solidarity with our colleagues who have done only that job to bring to the attention of citizens information of public interest on the consequences of the sale of french arms says these revelations the government has remained silent on the facts they appear to have exposed a government line but now three journalists all the ones being investigated they've
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been summoned to appear before the french general directorate of internal security or the d.g.a. s.l.i. after appealing a confidential note from the country's intelligence services it showed the french government knew weapons that sold to saudi arabia and the united arab emirates were being used in the conflict in yemen a fact the government has repeatedly denied a war that's left thousands died and pushed millions to war to the brink of starvation it's been described by the u.n. as the world's worst humanitarian disaster.
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at the center of all that this storm is a classified by france's military agency the d r i'm real to these journalists it should be forty eight french sees a terrorist guns were being used along the sound the yemen that tanks and fighters sold to the u.a.e. in action and its missile guiding technology may have been deployed as well in the end of seize a truck mounted how was this had been deployed. so the yemeni border on the saudi side as of the twenty fifth of september twenty eighth seen about forty u.a.e. leclerc tanks are observed in a fixed defensive position and advance positions in the west the french government has continued to repeat the line that weapons and so to saudi and u.a.e.
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were only being used for defensive purposes to our knowledge the french weapons available to the members of the coalition are mostly in a defensive position outside yemeni territory or on call issued rights of way but not on the front line and we are not aware of any civilian casualties resulting from their use in the yemeni theater france is not among the leading arms suppliers of countries in gauged in yemen the concern now is that this investigation by french authorities is about putting pressure on these journalists to break their professions most so love. to reveal their sources challenged even ski ulti paris. charlotte mentioned the french authorities in turn have constantly insisted its weaponry is being used for defensive purposes only while the saudi led coalition denies any deliberate targeting of civilians in yemen political
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journalist and elizabeth take gave us her thoughts on the leak and why it's course such concern for the french government. i don't think there's any kind of secret that french weapons are being used in yemen and you could very well argue the government has been saying this a briefing about this that since the civil war in yemen was started by rebels against a legally installed government but with the support of a foreign power you're wrong this is indeed in defense of the state it's a member of the us it's the position of a number of people from to america britain saudi arabia etc so i think what's different in this specific instance is the detailed nature of the report which is fascinating reading but it also made makes it easier to least possible french agents on the ground so the french government feels that this is hard for a lot it's not helping and it's their position that's what they're that's how they're defending themselves the question is is this surprising because eating the
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state secrets on the one hand on the other is there the broader tip of the brother to the journalist to reveal something in the public interest. some news just in there there's been a shooting at a synagogue in san diego county in the west coast us state of california there are reports of casualties but no information yet as to whether there are any fatalities the sheriff's office has confirmed that one person has been detained in connection with the shooting and they say the synagogue was conducting a service to mark until his holiday of passover and we will of course bring routine tells as soon as we kept them. now orthodox easter sunday is just around the corner and we're live outside for us his main cathedral after this break.
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american politics the song again intensity and the notion that somebody playing games at the margins of the election could dictate believe it or influence the outcome is frankly this frankly absurd new food. russia was the stage to notice age has been following. in influencing the domestic politics of other countries. than russia. to. be neat a political impulse and needs to come. from. but ideally to normandy for him to pass the house been. giving political guidance to the process and so basically what i'm waiting for he's an author political
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impulse ideally stemming from the moment you. welcome back to the program christians around the world are about some all the most important holy day of the year to sunday night services are getting underway nationwide. see the santa. correspondent donal courtrai is less than an hour to midnight here in moscow but a very busy time for worshippers can you explain why you wall and what's happening around. hey there well right behind me you can see that's christ the savior cathedral here. in moscow and it's truly a beautiful sight inside people from around moscow all around russia and even the world are celebrating russian orthodox easter what they call here is pasco now the
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midnight mass has already begun under way and patriarch correll of the church is leading the service with high profile people such as prime minister dmitri medvedev also in attendance now traditionally this mass is held in many different languages as although it's very you know as orthodox christians are many from russia but also from countries like greece and egypt and ex soviet countries now earlier we were informed of the arrival of what's called the holy fire now basically orthodox tradition holds that fire spontaneously appears in jerusalem every orthodox easter where jesus christ was resurrected on the stone slab where he was resurrected and that fire is then brought via candles on planes to different orthodox countries around the world and we've gotten word that it's already arrived here in moscow now it's believed that the fire doesn't burn people and that worshipers around the
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world go to this cathedral to go to cathedrals all over the world to get a piece of the fire now around midnight we're going to see the cross procession around the cathedral and basically what that signifies is the ending of their lent it means after the procession comes back around the church they can have the things that they were fasting meat dairy and it's followed by a long week of partying and fun and indulging basically so we're going to see what happens at midnight today and the procession and we'll bring you all that live ok thanks to that we put him outside tries to save a cathedral in central moscow and we will be talking to frank. in defense of american sovereignty that's how donald trump announced that the united states will no longer be part of the landmark global arms control treaty his remarks came as he addressed the annual meeting of the country's national rifle
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association. my readers. will never ratified the hallway arms trade treaty and i am officially announcing today that the united states will be revoking . the effect. of america's signature from this badly misguided treatment we're taking in our signature back the united nations arms trade treaty aims to promote global peace and stability and requires that signatories ensure the weapons they're exporting do not end up in the wrong hands more than one hundred countries have ratified the deal the us signed up to it under barack obama but never formally joined here's the un's response to the trumpet ministrations decision to drop support for the deal the arms trade treaty is the only global instrument aimed at improving transparency and accountability in the international arms trade it is a landmark achievement in the efforts to ensure responsibility in international
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arms transfers this is particularly important in present times when we witness growing international tensions and renewed interest in expanding and modernizing arsenals president trump also said he would never let foreign bureaucrats quote trample on the us second amendment the right to bear arms investigative reporter david lindorff believes mr trump took the decision in order to galvanize his support base. the biggest supplier of arms in the world is the us and it isn't just a signatory so the fact that trump is cancelling that signature is a grandstanding actually to his his when he considers his electoral and a specific industry because the senate never ratified the treaty and so it's not in effect the united states doesn't have big the world court it doesn't accept the jurisdiction of the world court it doesn't feel obliged to follow the geneva convention relating to war and genocide so tearing up
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the is this presidential signature which obama put on it really doesn't have any significant change in the u.s. position. the russian embassy student in fried an attempt to join the ranks of the stomach state has been released on parole officers in more than her for her sometimes she ought to have press for what's on going back to normal. hundred. thousand on a. sign her sentence of imprisonment for a term of four years and six months with the sentence being set in a general regime pain calling.
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for difficult for me to believe but i think this is just. going to do absolutely everything seems very different now it was so weird i don't even know how to describe it but it is different. it's very difficult today just a toll would it just falls right in your mind about. this make some appreciate your relatives appreciate what you have in life even if it seems insignificant it is very significant but sometimes i understand and this costs you a lot of my debates. or mind now of all breaking news story that we brought to a few minutes ago a man's been arrested in california following a shooting inside
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a synagogue in san diego county four people a county being treated in hospital there are no reports yet of any fatalities and the incident happened at around eleven thirty am local time during a service to mark the jewish holiday of passover and we will bring you more details on that story as they develop now that's all news for i will be back at the top of the next hour with more updates stay with us though here on r.t. international for creepy line of all on t.v. u.k. it's going on the ground. but numbers. they matter. one trillion dollars they're more than ten white collar crime. eighty five percent of them will be long should be.
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eight percent. market. some with one hundred forty three for sure can push it and get to twenty thousand dollars. china is building two point one billion dollars. but don't let the numbers hold. the only number you need remember in one business you know you miss. one can only film but. they can come and blow our brains out at any given time and we can't really do anything actually america is the only country in the world where you can kill people outside of war and legally get away with. all the fire crawls stillbirth all the trouble here is pretty fail the point it's hollow ploy to k.k.k.
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exists because america wants it to exist they have the biggest terrorist group to ever operate in this country and they're dead to me they're worse off than the people who destroyed the world trade centers of the scroll why. my seven years doing drugs my nephews was still in drugs my sister just with doing drugs it was like an epidemic of drug abuse america's public enemy number one in the united states is drug abuse we started going after the users in the prison population who are we started treating sick people people who are addicted to these
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drugs like criminals while i was on the hill i increasingly became convinced that the war on drugs was a mistake there are countless numbers of people who are in prison for conceivably long sentences for minor minor offenders in the drug trade it's a lot watching your children grow up and miss. you him wave and say by day as you're walking out of this is just it doesn't get easier. is this a realistic prospect in ten years and you understand why it kind of creeps people. especially i think there's there's what i call the creepy line and the policy about a lot of these things is to get right up to the creepy line but not cross it i would argue that implanting things in your brain is a is beyond the creepy line of. at least for the moment.
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at the end of the twentieth century silicon valley industry titans like steve jobs
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and bill gates made a promise that would forever alter how we perceive the world it spans the globe like a superhighway and it's called internet and suddenly you're part of a new mash of people programs archives ideas the personal computer and the internet are sure to manatee into the information age laying the groundwork for i'm limited . innovation at the dawn of the twenty first century there would be a new revolution a new generation of young geniuses made a new promise beyond our wildest dream use the ideas that we take all the world's information and make. everyone limitless information artificial intelligence machines that would know what we wanted and would tend to our every need the technology would be beyond our imagination it's almost like magic yet the concept would be as simple as a single word search. this was the beginning of google and less than
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a decade later facebook they would make a new promise to humanity what i think so interesting about google and facebook is they were founded at american universities stanford university you had two students larry page and sergey brin decide they wanted to create the ultimate search engine for the internet across the country you had in the case of facebook mark zuckerberg who was a student at harvard decided he wanted to create a social media platform basically to meet girls and to make friends and hence we got facebook you never think that you could build this company or anything like that right because i did it just. building stuff because we thought it was cool it was all about promise it was all about the shiny future it was all about the free flow of information but there was also a certain idealism behind it i think that a company like google we have the time.


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