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tv   News  RT  April 27, 2019 9:00pm-9:30pm EDT

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the father of a russian woman imprisoned in the us for failing to register as a foreign agent says she is being treated as a pawn while her lawyer says the case was inexplicably linked to the political climate in the states. maria's activities in the us were illegal. in and of themselves but she got caught up in this and she rushes to start. signing up for the twenty first century silk road in china as belton road for him comes to a close in beijing with the sixty four billion dollars worth of investment agreed upon. christians around the world celebrated the holiest day in their calendar easter sunday.
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broadcasting logic from our studios moscow this is arjun international enchong thomas glad. my russian national maria boots and i has been sentenced to eighteen months in prison in the united states after she pleaded guilty to conspiring to act as an unregistered foreign agent her father told r.t. and his family had been expecting a very different outcome. but we weren't prepared for such a rough an unjust court decision maria is a russian citizen and given all these investigations she's been caught up in it all even though the investigation had nothing to do with her nevertheless the u.s. has found a culprit over the past few months she didn't have any complaints about the condition of her confinement unlike before when she was badly treated discriminated against all of them or all in solitary. confinement with walks out of the allowed
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the two hours a night with oaxaca maria lawyers we all expected a different outcome. but it's hard to say how life will be for maria now the most important thing for us is that she returns home and taking in so countless new. thirty year old russian is said to have been attempting to influence the national rifle association and other conservative groups in the u.s. several americans involved in politics were suspected to be involved in that case as well. i have reasons to she's not the main goal of the circumstances she had to put in was to break the will and forces to really acknowledge something she might not have done.
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say a. feeling this is a point of view to help you make it hard for me going to be dissenters if a few months just to show she was guilty of something. we spoke to my ability as a lawyer about the case and the president he believes it may set. i think it's impossible to separate from from the politics i think that there is a an underlying crime that he pled guilty to which you can make out under u.s.
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law but i think the notion of this would have been investigated or an arrest would have been made for a typical foreign national who wasn't russian and wasn't in the car environment where in the us i think that it's almost impossible to believe that southern politics has a lot to do with the atmosphere of the case and it's one of those things where if the elements of the crime are there they were selectively enforced in the sense and so i think it's hard to argue. the charges unregistered agent it's not foreign it's not secret agent it's not an intelligence agent it literally is just doing something for someone else as being their agent not of maria maria's activities in the u.s. were illegal in and of themselves so there's no classified information there's no political sensitive kind of information given she was not paid by by the russian federation she's in her shoes supported by americans while she was here financially
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but she got caught up in this and she rushes hysteria. i would fear that other countries will start applying the same standards and saying that any american who went abroad to another country and it was involved in civil society organizations and social and met people in networks that's really all we're talking about doing are anything more serious than that and reported back on those activities some in the u.s. so i think it's very dangerous because if other countries adopt the same as you're going to get a tit for tat situation with countries grabbing civilians of other countries as leverage or for other reasons and i think it's a bad idea. the earlier comments we heard by president putin on the boot in his case were made in beijing he was there for a forum of focusing on china's massive global trade network known as the belt and road initiative the project spans asia europe and africa and over the past few days
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alone agreements worth sixty four billion dollars were signed off you go it is done of reports from the chinese capital. a busy few days here in beijing as for the russian president he wrapped up his official participation quite traditionally with the media conference and judging by what he focused on for him these few days were heavily dominated by several things trade and a jeep and economy and this is quite well natural i should say given the very nature of the belton road initiative which is centered i should say a rowdy around exploring new trade routes and the global economy boosting global economy and so lattimer putin position russia as the key energy players sort of an oil exports in superpower he stressed that russia is not only a key player on the market but also moscow is ready to increase its production and consecutively exports oil exports any given time at any given moment russia
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is ready to meet the oil these are china and many other partners around the world the only reason it has not done so yet according to vladimir putin is because there's an agreement in place between russia and opec by which moscow has promised not to do so at least until someone now also recently the american president donald trump said that he managed to get an agreement from another player saudi arabia to on the contrary increase their oil output and so i asked putin what he thinks of this and what impact this could have on the global market here's what he told me yes because you have agreements within the opec plus in our agreement and we don't have any news and information from our saudi partners for them and any other opec member if they are ready to exit these agreements now quite naturally i should say there was no way other international geo political agenda could be ignored within
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the frameworks of the forum here vladimir putin has met with a lot of his counterparts with those whom you discussed said. problems as combating terrorism the situation in syria libya and so on and so forth so while he obviously did have his focus on energy economy and trade not a tool was it the only thing on his list let him of putin even joked about how he manages to keep his show jewels so jam packed was. that it is proceeded to school kirk. to put you on that i bought it and all. but you're sort of on the want opposite of the so far. which the government will support. so here's the second belton road for him as china strives to become a platform for all sort of business and we've done of reporting from beijing. we
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heard from economist and financial analyst alexander a tab on what he calls for ties between russia and china could mean for the global markets bosko and b.g. already very tightly connected on the bones and they think this initiative is only highlight of the strong bond between the two countries and especially this. environment where you have this robot ministration is. putting the status to higher and that is showing. in the protectionist stairs so i think in this environment. the other way is between showing the russia. show. and the authority of to this go and of. least policies and also over the long term i think it's earns
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a strong message that there is a shift from this word that is led by the you were. on all of those and that eventually we would see redrawing of these situations and of the markets and i think especially for oil for example this is also something that we should take into account. one person was killed and three injured in a shooting at a synagogue in the californian city of power way on saturday according to local officials now police say they have detained in one thousand year old man in connection with the attack which took place during a service to mark the jewish holiday of passover has been reported that the service backed made an anti-semitic post on a far right online messaging board just hours before the attack the incident comes exactly six months after eleven people were killed in a shooting at a synagogue in pittsburgh human rights lawyer daniel quality believes it's
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a dangerous time to be a member of a minority. group in america. i'm from pittsburgh i'm in pittsburgh now i was here when the synagogue was attacked here in pittsburgh this looks like a very similar incident and it's very clear that these people were attacked because they were jewish and so i believe this is a racism in general which includes and i semitism. has a very large presence in america i think you know it's something america has struggled with for you know a long time it's a very dangerous time in this country to be in any racial or ethnic minority to mean that's just a fact i mean you see a world that's very much on fire at the moment in which racial and religious and ethnic tensions are high. already u.s. military veteran has been charged with eight counts of attempted murder after he
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plowed his car into pedestrians on a sidewalk in sunnyvale california on tuesday police claim he believed he was targeting a group of muslims no one was killed in the incident but one of those injured is currently in a coma police are still investigating the apparent attack and prosecutors say they may add hate crime charges at a later date the suspect is said to have been on his way to a bible study class at the time of the alleged ramming witnesses have claimed that the driver's actions indicated the crash was deliberate an allegation his lawyer denies. and his door was open and he was just sitting there and he was saying thank you jesus thank you jesus absolutely we are disputing that this was an intentional act this act clearly was a product of some mental disorder or mental defect that caused this to happen so there's no explanation for this other than his service the things he saw and what
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happened to him mentally. while serving our country. the suspect joel peoples is a former u.s. military sergeant he served in iraq in two thousand and five in two thousand and six and was later on arab league discharged his relatives say that he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder former u.s. soldier lee dunn's and gave us his thoughts on the case when you come back from over there are many of your soldiers and fellow comrades were killed so you attribute it to the faith into the people so he made it came back with that kind of trait in his heart and that kind of you know. in his part and now today we live in a society in america as you know with heightened tensions around religions robbi with the christie do it you explore them just very intense around religion you have to blame a lot it is on the media and of the way that you know these countries and these
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people have been portrayed as the enemy of the united states while u.s. authorities have recorded a year on year increase in hate crimes since two thousand and sixteen between two thousand and sixteen and two thousand and seventeen there was a seventeen percent spike in such incidents a former marine sniper who served in iraq told us that veterans often don't get the help they need after returning from conflicts he believes that could potentially have been a factor in peoples's case. it's a big difference when you come out and when you come back and when you get out of the military and you go back home and now you're surrounded by the culture that kind of praises. to illegal and horrendous and extremely violent in beijing as an occupation yeah it did lead me to in that sound to commit suicide but it also let me after that after you didn't after it failed it
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actually helped me out to understand that i need to do something about it i just think it is the has an impact but also i think it has to do more with socio cultural aspects when we're in iraq i mean a lot of a lot of people who are christians they consider to be like a crusade. the french president's long awaited olive branch to the yellow vest protesters appears to have fallen flat they've been out for twenty fourth weekend protesting against a falling living standards despite emmanuel micron's promise to cut taxes raise pensions and reform of the civil service on thursday president micron gave a televised address in which he said france needs more decentralized government as well as an easing of the rules on organizing public referendums and followed his ambitious three month public feedback exercise known as the great national debate saturday's yellow vest march in paris remained largely peaceful but in other french cities the demonstrations turned five.
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a number of yellow vest protesters in paris told us they are unhappy with how their movement is being portrayed in the media circles because once again like many others i'm here today because we think there's a small problem with the media violence is always presented in a same way and it's always presented as coming from the l.a. versus people who have infiltrated the group they don't talk about the police fire that. was a lot more could get if it was really patrolling the media is full of they want to
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make us look homophobic anti semitic just to discredit all movements with citizens you can't smear the citizens but the government and the media are doing it. through . our book like you did just asking the media for equal treatment they cover our demonstrations but when they're peaceful they don't show that. dozens of french media companies have back to three journalists summoned by french intelligence officials over what has been described as a breach of national defense secrecy comes after a leaked document was published on the use of french weapons in the four year long civil war that has been tearing yemen apart. we express our full solidarity with our colleagues who have done only that job to bring to the attention of citizens information of public interest on the consequences of the sale of french arms says these revelations the government has remained silent on the facts they appear to
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have exposed a government line but now three journalists all the ones being investigated they've been summoned to appear before the french general directorate of internal security or the d.g.a. s.l.i. after appealing a confidential note from the country's intelligence services it showed the french government knew weapons that sold to saudi arabia and the united arab emirates were being used in the conflict in yemen a fact the government has repeatedly denied a war that's left thousands dead and pushed millions to war to the brink of starvation it's been described by the un as the world's worst humanitarian disaster.
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at the center of all that this storm is a classified by france's military agency the d r i'm real to these journalists it should be forty eight french sees a terrorist guns were being used along the sound the game in that tanks and fight is sold to the u.a.e. in action and its missile guiding technology may have been deployed as well in the end of see the truck mounted how was this had been deployed the year. many border on the saudi side as of the twenty fifth of september twenty eighth seen about forty u.a.e. leclerc tanks are observed in a fixed defensive position and advance positions in the west the french government
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has continued to repeat the line that weapons itself to sound the angry way only being used for defensive purposes to our knowledge the french weapons available to the members of the coalition are mostly in a defensive position outside yemeni territory or on call issued rights of way but not on the front line and we are not aware of any civilian casualties resulting from their use and the yemeni theater france is not among the leading arms suppliers of countries in gauged in yemen the concern now is that this investigation by french authorities is about putting pressure on these journalists to break their professions and most don't let out to reveal their sources challenged even ski altie paris right just mentioned french authorities in tomb have constantly insisted its weapons are being used for defensive purposes
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only while the saudi led coalition denies any deliberate targeting of civilians in yemen political journalist and elizabeth gave us her thoughts on the leak and why it's caused such concern for the french government. i don't think there's any kind of secret that french weapons are being used in yemen and you could very well argue the government has been saying this and preaching about this that since the civil war in yemen was started by rebels against illegally installed government with the support of the foreign power you're on this is indeed in defense of the state it's a member of the us it's the position of the number of people from you know america britain saudi arabia etc but the. what's different in this specific instance is the detailed nature of the ripple which is fascinating region but it also. makes it easy at least possible french agents on the ground so the french government feels
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that this is. it's not helping and it's deposition that's what that's how they're defending themselves the question is is this a crime proceeding a state secrets on the one hand and the other is that the broader to the brother to the journalist to reveal something in the public interest. very sad news now bart chilton the host of artie's financial show boom bust has passed away suddenly at the age of fifty eight parts dynamic. persona and passion for business and greatly enriched of the program which is one of the most popular shows on r t america before he joined our organization from two thousand and seven to two thousand and fourteen bard chilton was commissioner of the u.s. commodity futures trading commission he also worked on multiple local federal and presidential campaigns bartz friends and colleagues have described him as
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a strong and dignified and they say he treated everybody with respect. this is bone boss broadcasting around the world and covering the world of business and finance of the impact upon all of us i'm part children washington the belly of the beast we are so glad that you're on board i can't tell you how jam packed the show we have already get to it the russian university student who fled and attempted to join the ranks of islamic state has been released on parole after serving more than half of her sentence she shared with her first thoughts on going back to normal life. i'm assigned her sentence of imprisonment for a term of four years and six months with the sentence being served in a general regime penal colony.
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order difficult for me to believe but i think this is just. a little upset of everything seems very different now it was so weird i don't even know how describe it here it is different it's very difficult today just a toll would it just falls right in you like that. just look at me you can see three she's your relatives appreciate what you have in life even if it seems insignificant it is very significant but sometimes i understand and this costs here lots of the. orthodox christians
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around the world are marking the holiest day and their calendar easter sunday here in russia in the main service was held at moscow's iconic christ the savior cathedral quarter reports on celebrations. well that's christ the savior cathedral right behind me and inside as well as in other cathedrals all across russia russian orthodox worshippers are celebrating the holiday of russian orthodox easter and russian and midnight masses have been going on the one behind me just wrapped up and it's a really important occasion for all orthodox worshippers all over the world but especially in russia because russian orthodoxy is the predominant religion here now and traditionally it is masses are held in old slavonic but parts of the masses are also whole held in different languages from all over the world as there are orthodox worshippers in different countries such as greece and egypt and when
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people were walking into the mass of the church behind me we spoke to people about what the holiday meant to them and why they celebrate it and usually it was me they put it on this is a happy holiday to. celebrate it is honduras on the ass so that the heiress has good from recently is that it is the bride just a fool the christian holidays the family hornady and that it's a good holiday and i said think if i have such a good feeling in my heart east is coming we saw the traditional orthodox cross procession it's when the worshippers walk around the cathedral and back inside to symbolize the end of lent the forty day fast of meat and dairy products now this night actually marks the beginning of a week long celebration that starts tomorrow where people can again eat meats drink milk and eat dairy products and spend time with their family now earlier we saw another pasta tradition take place which was the arrival of the holy fire now this
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tradition orthodox tradition holds that this fire spontaneously lights in jerusalem where jesus christ allegedly rose from the dead every russian orthodox easter so this fire is transported. two different orthodox countries all over the world via airplanes on candles and different orthodox worshippers in every country can light their own candles with the holy fire and tradition says that that fire won't burn them so you'd see a lot we're seeing a lot of people tonight with candles all over the world in celebration of different traditions back with more news in about thirty two and a half minutes now with. welcome
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to max keiser financial survival guide. looking forward to your pension account. yanks this is what happens to pensions in britain. you watch kaiser report. and he proved all of. us that would lead need to lubow more he needn't put to it because it. could. have been one hundred seventeen the bolsheviks led by vladimir lenin seized power and set out to build the most equitable society on of the fall on the other
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countries followed russia's example but so far the recipe for universal happiness remains of use if people are still searching to this day. you could be. fairly easy a lot of whoosh only by did it got up when we were shown. can we even remember the events of a century ago and if so why is that we went out in search of people who view russia's nine hundred seventeen revolution as a global event. first of all we went to visit
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a leftwing ideologist and famous french philosopher. so. maybe it's not supposed to know that your books focused on the bust of teeth. and the. difficult for me to address. the word as you idiot but jiko pretty cheeky feet as if to pose. yeah let's go on the top of. your post ben clearly proved beyond that imo not required but a little present in a push to be did you know you do do you know. it existed does it. live i am that. yemeni kit. for fatty food.


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