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tv   News  RT  April 29, 2019 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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saturday synagogue shooting in california was reportedly inspired by the mosque shootings in new zealand last month we look at the cycle of religious violence spreading across the world. stage really socialists claim victory in the election that also sees the far right propelled into parliament for the first time in over four decades. food and beverages joint pepsico comes under fire for picking a battle with indian farmers over potatoes.
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this monday the twenty ninth of april live from moscow it's r.t. h.q. kevin with me for this half world news update thanks for joining first the more details in about the deadly shooting at the weekend in the synagogue near the californian city of san diego it seems a lone victim reportedly died trying to save the local rabbi the police detained a nineteen year old man in connection with the instant which took place during a service on saturday to mark the jewish holiday of passover the suspect reportedly posted an anti semitic message online before the attack authorities are investigating whether or not the incident is indeed a hate crime this is authorities say the community should now stay united. someone filled with hate. when am. attacked the congregants at the hub out of our way an attack against our jewish brothers and sisters. fortunately that person was apprehended and now this community comes together a horrible loss of life. the suspect in california said to be motivated by last
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month's mosque shootings in new zealand but it's not the only had tucker it seems to have been inspired by the mosque attack there the easter sunday massacre of christian worshippers in sri lanka was also apparently called a retaliation for the new zealand atrocity or sri lanka's muslim community cause islam a phobic sentiment is spreading fast. the days that a fear amongst singhalese community is a lankans at all and then look at them the streams as all the streams are at. full deadlock no one to believe all day should not believe so if you leave you have emotion in the end psychological leave you have been effected. and.
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you are still sad. to disappoint. but that right now. to be honest as a muslim country be never. in the shoes for us to see. you . have considered this person doing the so-called muslim community but we do not represent. ideologies. by this particular ideology that this barbaric individuals have done this has nothing to do with islam and. that he doesn't. like. to.
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have to face many consequences. because of all. the mystery at least behavior. on not a lot of. muslims is terrorism and retaliation seemingly spreading way beyond local communities our senior correspondent or guys to have next looks into the escalating trend of religious violence. it's not about your color it's about your creed and it's as old as time faith was the alleged gunman made anti jewish comments the blasts took charges during the holiest day on the christian calendar a shooting incident at a synagogue mass shootings at two mosques police tonight are stepping up patrols around mosques nationwide we can almost pinpoint the moment it went big again. with the news reports that. al qaida opened the
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floodgates is the missed radicals at first but the idea spread. now anyone can grab a gun rant and rave in a manifesto optionally go live in facebook and kill and kill three major attacks in the last two months worst of all is that they're connected they're feeding each other. new zealand white supremacist slaughters dozens of muslims during friday prayers
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men women children and like their customs see religion. we new zealand. we were not a target because we are a safe harbor for those who hate. we were not true isn't for this act of violence because we can turn racism because we are an enclave for extremism we were chosen for the very fact that we are none of these things. sri lanka islam is zealots who it's a stretch to call the muslims slaughter hundreds of christians again men women and children prayer time as they celebrate easter revenge they claim for new zealand is going our this will be completely suppressed oakridge an environment of
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peace and freedom for the people of this country you know. san diego california a madman attacks jews in a synagogue on the last day of passover as a problem with judaism and its ways claims he was moved to beat it by the massacre in new zealand i have no illusions if it can happen in new zealand no where it's really safe. a lot of fear mongering and a lot of like. media soundbites that have created an atmosphere of despise for the other like that particular group out of out there want to take our land they want to kill us and as a result we have to stand up and defend ourselves there is an environment that literally was already breedings kind of mindset however now they've incorporated
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the certainly bottom types that they reached out to i say and been inspired by the very same people that they hate the violent acts those so that's the way that i would personally explain the situation it's having a knock on effect and they're inspiring each other which is absolutely crazy but this is why we are where we are on weeds hatred it's a self sustaining cycle thing with killing and excusing it as being in the name of god is that it never ends it only gets worse. last evening spain's ruling socialist workers party has claimed victory in sunday's general election it failed to gain a parliamentary majority though will now have to secure the support of other parties in order form a government there's also been a major breakthrough for the far right now into congress for the first time in over four decades. yes that's going to but here
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we are with twenty four deputies it is truly a miracle it's incredible well we've got to. thank. he's only the beginning with almost all the ballots counted the anti mugger vox pop he's set to win two dozen seats in the two hundred fifty seat lower house to be the first time since the one nine hundred seventy s. in the end to spain's military dictatorship but the far right is being represented in parliament tensions of the cattle and the dependence of believes have been a major factor in the party's success. in the books is an instrument that works is the instrument and makes the population
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move forward. in equal spash a very dangerous polity. the far right frank is regime the stall ejects spanx is illegal as nations count on policies expulsion of immigrants against abortions to center around all the fact. that vox lot. of fascist hate to say it's like spain and spanish and now the horrible town after that it's. one of the most important. national. pride who. made many people who. are. on their boards not. really that's really what inspired my party back to
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the sheep who were it's clearly. east capturing the imagination of many european cities and barks just lock a chapter on the green movement for work work through. just under a month now to the new european parliament which will be elected by twenty eight nations to decide the direction the block's going to take. part of the world is actually a big deal but it seems a recent poll suggested only a third of europeans even know that the ballot is going to take place let alone how they'll vote over it our europe correspondent peter oliver reports on the situation
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from germany. there's less than a month to go the citizens will elect the next european parliament and while there's expectations of a slight increase in turnout the e.u. pollsters have published that less than five percent of citizens so they knew when they're supposed to vote if you win during it's between may twenty third for the twenty sixth if you break down the euro per day syrian to how those surveyed in member states of the question do you know when your country will vote in e.u. parliamentary elections well top of the class is multi where seventy three percent of those surveyed got it exactly right staying behind the extra lessons though while it's the netherlands where a paltry twelve percent of those polled knew which date they should be voting on almost forty percent of germans nailed the e.u. pollsters question however
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a separate poll taken domestically by hugo found that almost half of people didn't know who any of the nine leading candidates for seats in the european parliament were which isn't great when you think about the important job they do in the impact they can potentially have on everybody in the use life i'm a one out of four people could pick a month for adventure out of the lineup the c.s.u. man is only standing to be the european commission president one of the most powerful and important jobs in the whole of the european union in similar territory on twenty six percent we have nicolas of the free democrats doing a little better though we have alternative for germany's your miten on thirty five percent of those who were polled being able to pick him out of a lineup and then on thirty nine percent we have the social democratic party's catarina we can only presume that ms bali the current justice minister against them
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. extra recognition due to the fact that she showed willingness to appear on different media outlets to put across their argument europe as external and internal enemies these include all who seek to weaken at the cross the new of those polled said that they would definitely going to vote i asked people here on the streets of berlin what they made of the surveys and whether they intended to cast a ballot. will you take part in the european election. yes yes i have no clue when it comes to politics do you know when the parliamentary elections will be held but i don't know when exactly on the twenty sixth of may i think sometime in the spring a somewhere is even you know who this is no. and the next one. does that they're not really in the spotlight for the most part these are
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candidates no one's ever heard of three weeks ago until that european citizens will elect the next e.u. parliament or at least they will fall if they remember which date they're supposed to turn up to vote on peace for all of us. how they could morning say fifteen am moscow time coming up here about international apple and google a criticize for hosting an up that allegedly allows saudi men to control women's travel rights we've got more details on that plus the rest the news coming up. the needs of political. needs to come. from. the normandie for him to pass the house been. giving. process so basically what i'm waiting for he's an alter politically.
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ideally. from the moment you feel. the people that are now doing those manufacturing jobs also start to innovate because that's where the innovation happens on the factory floor so the factory floor is been moved to china as you point out the cio let china in we've moved all of our jobs manufacturing over china now all the innovations in china so we don't it's not it's not created in california built in china is going to be created in china built in china. this is all it's international live from moscow around the world good morning the
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next story than two sisters from saudi arabia have lashed out against the use of a smart phone up that they say allows men to monitor and control women's travel. so many get all this the link is enclosed in there and the live in the east side and down the road and they are our society across the i phone is going to trust me while her son was the one to help the girls the. same as among other features the polos men to update all withdraw all women's right to travel abroad it also notifies if female relatives passports are used in airports it's provided by the country's interior ministry and saudi arabia has the so-called guardianship system under which saudi women must have permission from a male relative to work to marry ordered travel the two sisters you saw there say that they had to use their father's phone to leave the country their passports are
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no suspended in saudi arabia the saudi interior ministry had this to say about it. the ministry strongly condemns the systematic campaign aimed at questioning the purpose of rapturous services at the same time confirms this rejection of the attempts to politicize the systematic use of technical instruments which represent legitimate rights to the users. both full and google have been criticized for hosting the op a spin installed on smartphones more than one million times in fact but the un's human rights chief is questioning the use of up locations like this. technology can and should be all about progress but the hugely invasive powers that be unleashed major incalculable damage if there are not sufficient checks in place to respect human rights. as we said google and apple have promised to review the case shouldn't we got the opinions of custard shop from the a by incentive for planning and studies and also jeff
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a drama an expert on political and social issues facing muslims. these applications are essentially meant nor about the look you should of the from new members to nor board to grow on the family members there seems to be a lack of understanding of muslim going to europe where reproduction of removing is the top most and if this were to grow up nigger should is being used to track a moon before some negative reasons that is an all too good or different aboot it forces women into turning into commodities and allowing their gods in so what might they be their father their son their cousin or the uncle or whoever else to have control of everything that happens to them not only the movement but the actually they have rights to travel that right to be that right you see if we ever they wish to see and their rights actually make their own choices for muslim code your grammar doesn't need to go far some sort of she gets all going go for mention her from a blog from out of barbro from from husband suburban very much regret
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a bolted. to the breast is more understanding because i am a muslim myself and i lived in yemen and i've experienced what it is to be treated differently because you are a woman to be treated like a second class citizen to be treated as a commodity and being told what to do and how to live and how to be and i can tell you that as a woman it is profoundly repressive and i reject it and i actually think that it's completely hateful on your part. she said that it's somehow rational to hold this kind of narrative the twenty first century but if you are basically a question of distorting your smart question often draw them darkies or just the lens of trying to turn this debate under any slimy debate to trying to tear movies to the religious or layman it has nothing to do with anything and you trying to tell us that in saudi arabia women out. free to do whatever they want is simply not true and are trying to say that their god only knows that in the house we know that by so doing they are because they love their women so much as they have to protect
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them against themselves it is ridiculous humans are free but do we have a choice them rigged or choice in the stomach or that is an issue remember make their choice in the best i'm going to see that doesn't become an issue it's not a question of. it is a question obviously going to be a broad thinking would be rich we tried to evaluate everything the rich would try to see everything not i think we're the one she's not making and driving is there in islam be it is generally. there is some sort of advisory that the me i'm sure you would love him over but remember. that is just for the sake of production it has absolutely nothing to do with islam and people need to stop making it about every just issue when he has nothing to do with anything it is a human rights issue it has everything to do with the way they conduct his affair with his country against women. next a small american food and beverages joint pepsi co's facing a butt shaft is suing for small time potato suppliers in india and with the local
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government now vowing to support the farmers it seems a multinational might face a battle on its hands the case marks a low point than in a relationship the dates way back to the one nine hundred eighty s. when the first pepsico potato planted india was opened and it's a partnership the company's been keen to advertise since. pepsico feels proud to partner with farmers all across india through various agricultural initiatives as they shared their experience of working alongside pepsico. pepsico claims the four farmers grew a variety of potato which the company says it's got exclusive rights over for their own chris brown and it says the potatoes will grow without the company's knowledge or permission and therefore is now reportedly seeking damages of what four times under forty thousand six hundred thousand dollars in total from these fault for farmers the company of a now says it's willing to drop the charges but there are conditions attached let's look at those conditions the american corporation suggested the farmers become part of a collaborative potato farming program for a start that would mean that they buy seeds and then sell the potatoes back at
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a pre-agreed price if they don't agree seems the farmers would have to grow other potatoes varieties but the farmers say pepsico is violating their freedoms and actually fabricating laws. i don't know why pepsi co claims that it's in the right according to indian law nowhere in india or in the world for that matter do you find a law that prohibits farmers from growing potatoes where did pepsico get this law from have to go has violated our basic freedoms with this lawsuit they see that we have broken their patent rights how can they dictate what we can or cannot grow and let every year we buy seeds from within the farming community and never buy them from any specific company and have no agreement with any company came and told us they wanted to do business because they promised us a higher price and then filmed our farm they came as traders and were inquiring about the varieties we grow i told them we weren't sure of the variety but it's
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just white collar potatoes it's only when we receive the court notice that we realize who those people really were. letters sent to the government from a farmers association says the farmers have been victims of intimidation and harassment but an activist from the alliance for sustainable and holistic culture told us that as far as become aware of their rights multinationals won't be able to use such tactics in future. the farmers now clearly nor read the indian legislation is on dave's a promise that allow two who saw extremes. to save seat from a crop that is been good ordered from appropriate tree seed but just from a company and they are even allowed to sell set seed let's separate single seed in this case provided they don't package it live billet and sell it doesn't that i need seed and these farmers were certainly not doing it this should have the
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freedom to choose what they want to goo as they are and beside it's come up to a twenty five in the morning moscow time of the roundup so far this morning thank you for watching my name is kevin o. in but we have just about half an hour's time just over tell us what you think by the way by liking us on facebook or following r.t. on twitter from over with the rest they want you to team here this early morning have a great monday. montes khalid al hotep international memorial awards twenty nineteen are now open for entries the media professionals are eligible whether you are a freelance journalist work for all terms of media or part of a global news conference talk to supreme sunday show published works and video all written for. go to award dot altie dot com and enter now. join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the
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world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see of that. business if i'll go through a period of sort of gold i suppose if bush lied if. there would be a will while the money would be needed it was my dog of the. moon losing is its ability. to get rid of that all you want the solicitor got it would put me on the limit of that it's a team. that you think you'll know paul. enough well it was pretty good way to lose a. kind of what you stand to which could be oh i would only be done long ago but i come in. here do you leave. your money to your own good use or store on the lead here so my look go from mood subversion to doing the clue trick of crafters smirk or. what.
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else seemed wrong but all in all just don't call. me old yet to shape our disdain comes to the ticket and indeed from an equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. when lawmakers manufacture consent in student of public wealth. when the ruling classes project themselves. in the final merry go round certainly the one.
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doing all middle of the room signals. the real news is really the world. to sophie and co i'm sophie shevardnadze a change of leadership in ukraine has spurred hope for a dialogue between moscow and kiev can this crisis be stopped from becoming a frozen conflict or is it too late to talk about this here today with me is thomas graham heard the secretary general of. the new multi-polar world is fraught with
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danger and potential conflict creoles looks even in we'll see i'm stable europe will the diverging interests of twenty first century powers trigger wars in regions where it never seems possible before what makes international organizations like the us see the influence existing conflicts and just deal with c e come on the results his own response needed to prevent more in the future. secretary general of it's really great to have on our show as the first time you're on my show so then very happy to have you as a guest and have lots to discuss let's start of with the ukraine i know that you've been saying they are. bergen is a should know a secret service an honest broker between russia and ukraine but the two countries have been at odds for like five years now why do you think that your organization has enough clout to actually push moscow in kids to a great three. look we've been pretty good in managing the crisis in
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iraq over the last five years i think he managed to prevent further escalation of the conflict and banks especially monitoring mission to ukraine i think he also made a major difference for the people on the ground in terms of fossil. of silence for human turn. and make sure that medians of people have walter electricity electricity gas and cetera but obviously. monitoring of the conflict is not enough to move closer to resolving the conflict and there i think you always see haass some tools for instance the group that meets on a body clean basis in minsk. of all five signatories often means. around the table nothing is a platform. much more.


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