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tv   News  RT  May 1, 2019 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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may day. two hundred. the u.s. attorney general. special. investigation. the
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world international from the team. may day is being marked on the world in the french capital it means more violence streets of rioters calling their protest. thank you.
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let's cross live now to our partners correspondent charlotte dubin ski charlotte clearly a lot of unrest there today with hundreds of arrests made talk us through may day. well may day started with violence before the protest the official protests even began those protesters tried to move from. us up to wood's plastic it's only one and a half hours before the official protest time as a result of that the police blocked them off about half a kilometer away started firing tear gas and pushing people back and use that opportunity to make arrests of the black blocks these are the black blocks that the interior minister christopher guest in a warns about coming yesterday saying that they were going to be traveling to this protest to cause scenes of chaos to turn paris into a city of riots that's what we've seen for a large part of the protests all around plastic italy which is the end of the
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official profession we have seen tear gas used water cannons use trying to put out vehicles that have been set on fire by some of the protesters and you can see a huge huge security force all around the perimeter all through this area just in the last few minutes before we came or now we saw some of the protesters looking like they were trying to make a barricade here something that we've seen them do elsewhere in the route as a result of that some of the mobile police forces came in with their batons hitting them and taking them away and detaining people as you said several hundred people who. been arrested but there have also been injuries today including of one russian journalist who was caught up in the fray at the very beginning of the protest clearly labeled on her that she was a t.v. journalist yet despite that due to the fact that she was in the middle of that for a police officer apparently hit quite badly with
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a baton and she is now receiving treatment for her injuries one of many journalists injured in france in the last few months as the protests have been taking place this of course is not to protest but they have come out in force and we've seen several of their unofficial leaders taking part in the protests today so there's the filings we know about the injuries i would like to tell you is about that security service seven thousand four hundred security personnel. today in paris to try and keep a lid on this violence and i can hear behind me it sounds like we're getting rightists come up as more of the protesters who are here for this may day protests are making their way to the end of this procession and also about the fact of the numbers today i mean the interior ministry the official figures that around two o'clock suggested it was over one hundred fifty thousand people across the whole country which can figure suggesting that forty thousand people were actually in
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paris today for that protest so that gives you a sense of just how many people have come out for this may day protests more than possibly we saw in previous years but again once again violence here in paris water cannons being used tear gas the police are out with their batons trying to push protesters away making those arrests and again we've seen injuries but let's not forget the protesters have also been damaging property in fact we saw a medical faculty with the university of so bone that had its do. it was smashed in the last half an hour and we've also seen other evidence of destruction by some of the protesters today so once again another protest in paris that descended into violence and chaos charlotte dubin ski live in paris with the thank you charlotte. wiki leaks founder julian assange has been sentenced in britain to fifty weeks in
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prison for skipping bail back in twenty twelve with today's developments here's are to use a park route speaking outside site war crimes court in central. julian assange was sentenced to fifty weeks in prison for breaching his bell conditions set in twenty twelve the judge there debra taylor she said that the case was particularly serious and merited almost the full sentence which would have been a year she rejected the claims by his defense that she should ask or give him leave me and say due to the fact he did already spent seven years in the ecuadorian embassy or while he was given the sentence julian assange or she was impassive standing there in the dark but his supporters up in the public gallery chanted shame on you as the sentence was passed julian assange his sentence for seeking and receiving asylum is twice as much as the sentencing guidelines the so-called speed boat killer convicted of manslaughter was only sentenced to six months for failing to appear in court during the song should be in the ecuadorian embassy here in
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central london for almost seven years and it's sort of silent there to avoid being extradited to sweden where he was wanted for questioning in relation to sex offenses well his defense attorney today mark summers he presented a letter that julian assange had written trying to explain the extraordinary circumstances in which he faced and asked for mitigating circumstances he said that he apologized unreservedly for not handing yourself into the all forty's but that he had feared being extradited to the u.s. way he lived in fear of potentially being on death row or even ending up in guantanamo bay was my. impression that the judge had written the. decision and written it out before you heard the mitigate it was that there was absolutely no consideration given to the very very convincing that you couldn't factor in this case so it's an outrage and we are shocked. but there are other legal issues persons to see so this was just the first of two with the next one is tomorrow that's on thursday that's in westminster magistrates courts and that's an
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extradition hearing as part of his arrest on april the eleventh was also on behalf of the united states who once have charged in what they see as conspiracy with chelsea manning to download and distribute what they see as classified material this case even has always been about risk extradition to the united states and we now have a provisional extradition request from the united states the focus of our energies will now be on finding that extradition. and that fight starts tomorrow well the cool case on thursday x. is expected to be extremely short very brief judy messiah is expected to attend the viral video link but then the u.s. prosecutors are expected to provide more evidence more details and perhaps more charges later on in june. u.s. attorney general william barr has been defending his actions over the release of the mohler report in front of the senate votes as the special counsel behind the
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russia investigation recently confronted bar over his assessment of the probe less trying to artie's kill my friend who has been following developments for us i suppose more fractions coming to the forefront here between barr and miller what's being said so far give us your break. well ever since the bob muller report into the special counsel probe into allegations that trumpet polluted with russia there has been a storm of controversy about that report and it has been widely subject to interpretation now those who were waiting for some evidence of trump russia collusion were rather disappointed by the results and william barr the attorney general is now being seen basically as an enemy by those who were anticipating that the report would have some kind of bombshell that would bring down the trump administration now william barr has been basically defending himself against allegations that he misinterpreted the probe's findings and that he quote
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undermined public confidence. and that it's been alleged that in releasing miller's letter that basically that somehow created confusion about critical aspects of the investigation that bar was pretty pretty stanton saying he didn't do anything wrong and this is william barr before the u.s. senators. did you find that to be a persuasive act of obstructing justice. you know. your figures for who are very destructive a former aide to tell the truth journal and recuse himself shut down the investigation and declare the president did nothing wrong. i don't think well obviously since i didn't find out what it was obstruction of structure or are you well i don't know if that declares the president did nothing wrong although the president in terms of collusion did nothing wrong isn't that correct. now
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as viewers will recall the bob muller report did not reach a conclusion regarding the issue of obstruction of justice however it did point to ten instances in which a case could possibly be made that some obstruction may have taken place now when he's been testifying so far we've heard from william barr arguing that president trump did not break the law did not do anything wrong and he was fully cooperative with the investigators this is william barr. i asked him if he was suggesting that the march twenty fourth letter was inaccurate and he said no but that the press reporting had been inaccurate and that the press was reading too much into it and i asked him you know specifically what his concern was and he said that his concern focused on his explanation of why he did not reach a conclusion on obstruction. and he wanted more put out a man issuing now at this point we've got top democrats calling for william barr to
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step down nancy pelosi and adam schiff are among those calling for william barr the u.s. attorney general to leave his post out of outrage about his behavior surrounding the moeller report so it seems like even after the report of special counsel robert mueller saying there was no collusion the trump russia story continues to persist now with democrats determined that they want further answers and that they are unsatisfied with the results of that investigation. artie's killer martin live in new york thanks very much for the updates on the it's ok we now return to our top story the wiki leaks founder julian assange being sentenced in britain to fifty weeks in prison for skipping below in twenty well i'm very pleased to say we can bring in naomi called the director of the courage fund ation which raises legal
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defense for whistleblowers thanks for holding on the line there naomi some supporters say the sentence is excessive why do you think the judge saw fit to near the maximum punishment. well i think it was quite clear actually from that first hearing julian had after being dragged out of the ecuadorian embassy on the eleventh of april the u.k. judicial system was preparing to sort of throw the book at him for this bail offense for. going into the embassy in the first place i think they've taken it as sort of like sticking two fingers up at the so i think it was almost a foregone conclusion that he would get almost a year it was support it was a surprise that it was actually sort of given to the crown court instead of the magistrate's court for sentencing so we knew at that point that it would be a long time and in some ways i think we have to remember that it's it's not good this also kind of academic because of the circumstances in which he went to the embassy and it means that he's unlikely to be given bail during the extradition
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proceedings anyway so yes in some ways it's likely academic you know what do you see the points. did commit a crime skipping bill for almost seven years one example i suppose what it said to others if the judge had been lenient. i don't know about an example for others because julian's is such an exceptional case and this was laid out i think quite well in the midst of creation it was offered it i mean julian didn't say that he hadn't he pointed out some of the extraordinary circumstances around the wiki leaks publications in two thousand and ten and twenty eleven the very real fears he had of being rendered to the united states the examples of extraordinary renditions that happened in sweden and the facts and of course what happens of chelsea manning at that particular time who is being told to do it on a us marine very base and all of this is really quite persuasive evidence but i
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think we have to accept that. this was almost a foregone conclusion for the u.k. judicial system perhaps an even more pertinent day tomorrow the u.s. extradition hearing in london the fear is. is that the verdict could be politically driven here your take on is what will happen do you think. so my take on it is the shouldn't actually read too much into what's happened today as to how the actual fission hearing will be would be. conducted i. actually not director of the courage foundation any more by you was for a bit and i did work on larry loves battle against extradition which we won and the u.k. courts do have a sense of independence. on controversial cases not to say there's an easy fight that awaits julian but it's certainly not a hopeless case now what's going to happen tomorrow is going to be a short hearing julian appears by video link but they'll be no substantial discussion about the extradition itself i don't think we're more sort of setting
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dates for the lawyers to submit paperwork is actually going to be quite a while i think before we have like the actual extradition hearing in lowry's case it took about a year for the first proper extradition hearing to have to take place and i think that's a good guideline in some ways the issues in julian's case more complicated because they're not really come up for a long time we're talking about arguing up political extraditions which is you know in a way. the original objection to extradition institution but it's not one that comes up in court very much on the how does it affect the mix when when sweden enters the conversation because if stock reopens sexual assault case which there are no claims that it my way to get would that increase the possibility of extradition to the us a century with him being dragged through the courts of two european nations. right so this is where it all gets quite complicated but i'll try and keep it as simple
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as i can i far as i'm aware the idea that sweden is going to reopen an investigation and issue another european arrest warrant is pretty theoretical at the moment if it did it's actually up to the u.k. home secretary to decide which extradition request takes precedence stories remember extradition is only very partially a legal process it's also quite a political process and the politicians do you have important roles to play at certain points along the line which is why the support that julian has received from the labor front bench from jeremy corbyn and the shadow home secretary diane abbott is so critically important for him and while jeremy corbyn is not prime minister at the moment as i've indicated this extradition process is going to take years and it is not a tool unlikely that by the time this comes to a critical point you know there will be a friendly government and then downing street ok it will focus so much for taking us through the arts with your nose already the title former director of the courage
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fund dacian naomi portman the only thank you. ok the news continues here in r.t. internationally in the second stop. international memorial awards twenty nine c. the now open for entries. media professionals are eligible whether you are a freelance journalist work full terms of media or part of a global news conference to participate sunday published works in video. go to award dot com and then to now. you know world of big partners. and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time
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for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. with yet another big story on a busy news day calling for a final phase venezuela self declared interim president why dole is the monday another day of something government protests this wednesday afternoon a so-called military are pricing in the capital the opposition leader has the full support of the u.s.
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once again with secretary of state mike pump saying that washington isn't ruling out sending in troops. military action is possible if that's what's required that's what the united states will do when earlier pompei you suggested that the venezuelan president being ready to flee the country but nicolas maduro was told to stay put by russia literally had. getting prepared to get on this airplane and out of the country before the start stop really at the direction of the russians he was ready to leave this morning as we understand the russians indicated he should stay he said during his the plane ready to go to cuba. and the russians took him off the plane i'm forbidden to leave the country. please be serious. when the venezuelan foreign ministry head back to branding pompei a statement fake news russian responded as well accusing washington of launching dissin from a shin campaign to demoralize the venezuelan well later today at some stage pay
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a will speak to his russian counterpart sergei lavrov about the prices in caracas meantime the united states has bombed american airlines from flying over venezuela saying is due to political instability but with washington having slapped the series of sanctions on the country morocco's dia has been looking at what the u.s. means when it say as it stands with the venezuelan people. what a day why do so brazen attempted coup the violence on both sides the people even guy do hanging and especially strange was what the united states had to say about it we need venezuela ruled by the people of venezuela not by extra forces do you think he may have missed the irony this the bolton who's done his damnedest to ensure regime change in venezuela whose country has championed regime change sanctioned venezuela frozen billions in state funds threatened it
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with invasion now he's saying no one should meddle that it's up to the days wayland's to decide course not what he meant is no one but america all options remain on the table he said that would be a big mistake for me dora and those supporting him to use force against innocent civilians mr bolton's deficient of innocent i think defers from the classic meaning look at these demonstrators with guns shooting at troops and police i suppose the bullets of full of love to if you dare hold these innocents accountable says mr bolton we might invade between the lines as thomas call a status where with you america will stand with you until freedom and democracy are restored by and can do yes. today interim president who i'm going to announce
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starts of a person that the u.s. government foolish supports the venezuelan people who in the quest for freedom and democracy democracy cannot be defeated what do you know they stand with the people never mind the sanctions and the misery for millions that they've caused i question is which people exactly did you say you stand with the few hundred machete gun wielding fellows that tried to stage a violent coup or the thousands upon thousands who concurrently marched in support of the venezuelan president maduro against this coup this is clearly not a coup we recognize one go i don't know as the legitimate interim president of venezuela and just as it's not a coup when the president of the united states gives an order to the department of defense it's not a coup for wind why don't you try and take command of the venezuelan military your
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own father mr bolton one by do who was never elected doesn't control the military or ministries or anything he is the president but nicolas maduro the actual president supported by millions the military the ministries he's not the president see what i mean by strange it's almost like the bitter and banal things didn't go according to plan. all the violent scenes that erupted in venice when i left around one hundred people injured journalist norris our guts reported on tuesday sloshes for us please be aware some of the footage at the very start of this report is disturbing.
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i. don't let my gut feel like. the people that are here. when pleydell opposition leader call this image of military legal legal people. like mark t. keep up. today brave soldiers brave patriots brave people who are following our constitution i'm sure in the cool today the armed forces are standing behind the people and the constitution. for. the real people out. there selling. the prestige of party class material and president maduro has now launched
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a probe into what he calls on a legal attempt saying several people are being questioned he singled out a ringleader of the uprising who we actually just saw there moments ago in norris's piece opposition figure head leo polvo lopez the is a polish government has confirmed that he is now at the country's embassy in caracas open as is the founder of volunteer popular the party that wind only leads he's seen as one of the key figures behind why doe's move to claim the presidency in the sentence to thirteen years in prison in twenty fifteen for inciting public unrest but don't choose the lopez was a partly freed from house arrest by his guards. langar of the united states pressure in venezuela is also in evidence in washington where protesters have surrounded the venezuelan embassy staff left the building last week complying with the state department deadline no activists say they are blocking the embassy to
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stop the probe why do stuff from getting in. so we are here twenty four seven living in here sleeping here working here from the day during the day in order to maintain our presence here in the building as a interim protective president billet government to venezuela can find another protector for this building or intil the tribe the ministry she stops trying to orchestrate this coup so i want this is about the us government this is about state known to us imperialism saying no to us intervention in the affairs of other countries saying that the us has no right to overthrow the government of another country we've seen it before and we are not going to tolerate it again live from moscow i'm you know neal and this is r.t. international more great program starts ahead in moments.
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greetings and salutations well hawk watchers it appears the regime change vultures are circling venezuela once again yes on tuesday morning the us backed self-proclaimed venezuelan president one weibo took a break from all of the g q photo shoots to announce to the world that the final phase of operation liberty is now underway after you claim members of the venezuelan military and now jumped ship to his side this announcement led to much rejoicing in the mainstream political circles here in washington d.c. most notably from chief why don't your leader senator marco rubio took to twitter to explain that this half hearted who kind of sort of was not really a coup and that the uprising was not ideological but the result of desperation after years of hunger disease and mass migration caused by the monroe jeem corruption incompetence and abuses they they see no other options left.


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