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i don't see how that strategy would be successful very critical. to sit down and talk. mayday riots in france where police have been using tear gas arresting three hundred thirty people in paris alone. the u.s. attorney general testifies in front of the senate over his handling of the report's findings as democrats did long william ball's immediate resignation saying he misled the public. and wiki leaks founder julian assange is sentenced in britain to fifty weeks in prison for skipping bell and twenty twelve before spending the next seven years in the ecuadorian embassy.
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it's ten o'clock here in moscow watching all to international live from austin with meaning to welcome to the program. being monta around the world but in the french capital it means violence on the streets with one group of writers calling their protest on the get. reports from paris. i. thank you. i. i. i i. i. eat. well may day started driving school the protest efficient protest even began those protests is. formed by general printers up to woodstock last it's really one of the off hours before your
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fishing protest time as a result of that the police the what is the most awful moment to awake still to be firing tear gas and pushing people back and used to make a run. all the black clubs these the black folks that need to be in the still existing access to no moon divides coming in yesterday saying that they were going to be traveling to this protest she caused scenes of chaos to turn paris into the city of riots that's what we've seen for large parts of the protests all around us to each city which is the end of the official perception we have seen t.v. gas used to cannons use trying to put our vehicles that have been set on fire by some of the protesters and you can see a huge huge security force all around the perimeter over this area just in the last few minutes before we came on i we saw some of the protesters looking like they were trying to make a barricade here something that we've seen them do elsewhere in the route as it was
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all true that some of the move all police forces came in with that batons hitting them and taking them away and detaining people but there are bomb suit being injuries today including the old one the russian journalist who screwed up enough right at the very beginning of the protest that clearly labeled only that she was a t.v. journalist yet despite that due to the fact that she was in the middle of the pool right a police officer apparently hit quite badly with a baton and she is now receiving treatment for injuries one of many journalists change it in front in the last few months as the ship mission protests have been taking place this of course is not usually protests visualisations have come out in force and we've seen several of them unofficial leaders taking calls in the protests today so there's the file and we know about the injuries brooke i would like to tell you is about the security service seven thousand four hundred security
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personnel only g.t.e. today in paris to try and keep a lid on this violence and i can hear behind me i it sounds like we're getting some rightists. come up as more of the protesters who are here for this may day protests are making their way to the end of this procession once again violence here in paris water cannons being used tear gas the police out with their batons trying to push protesters away making those arrests and again we've seen injuries but let's not forget the protesters have also been damaging property in fact we saw a medical faculty with the university of so bone that had its do was smashed in the last half an hour and we've also seen other evidence of destruction by some of the protesters today so once again another protest in paris that's descended into violence and chaos elsewhere may day rallies saw people turn out over local causes italian pace had to intervene in children with scuffles broke out between
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supporters and opponents of a planned high speed rail in its banks and in turkey protesters were detained after they attempted to march to a government hand over security concerns police i directed barriers around a square in central istanbul and blocked access roads. u.s. attorney general limbaugh is defending his actions over the release of the report findings in front of the senate says the special counsel behind the russian investigation recently confronted bar over his assessment of the probe now democrats are calling for bars immediate resignation claiming he misled the american public over the results of the russian probe. attorney general baum misled the public and owes the american people on says it's time for d.o.j. to release the fool report and on the line docs and find in the end no myrna to testify americans deserve the facts bar must stop standing in the way for anyone
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out there who still down today it is let's it shows that attorney general has always been the chief propagandist for president trump he's full page let's a totally misled congress and the public he should resign immediately and many democrats were expecting that the special counsel report from robert muller would contain some kind of bombshell revelation that would bring down the trump administration however the report came out and that was not the case so it seems that the democrats are blaming william barr the attorney general for that now william barr has been basically defending himself against allegations that he misinterpreted the probes findings and that he undermined public confidence it's been a legend miller's letter that somehow he created confusion about critical aspects of the investigation that bar was pretty pretty stanton saying he didn't do anything wrong and this is william barr before the u.s. senate i asked him if he was suggesting that the march twenty fourth letter was inaccurate and he said no but that the press reporting had been inaccurate and that
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the press was reading too much into it and i asked him you know specifically what his concern was and he said that his concern focused on his explanation of why he did not reach a conclusion on obstruction. and he wanted more put out on that issue now william barr has been adamant that donald trump did not obstruct justice he has stood by that that his assessment of the report from bob muller the special counsel report indicates that donald trump did not obstruct justice or violate the law and he's responded to. quite a tough challenge when it comes to that point let's take a listen did you find that to be a persuasive act of obstructing justice. no. your figures for you are very destructive a former aide to tell the truth journal recuse themselves shut down the
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investigation and declare the president did nothing wrong. i don't think well obviously since i didn't find it it was obstruction i struck off for you well i don't know if that declares the president did nothing wrong although the president in terms of collusion did nothing wrong isn't that correct so it seems like even after the report of special counsel robert mueller saying there was no collusion the trump russia story continues to persist now with democrats determined that they want further answers and that they are unsatisfied with the results of that investigation. wiki leaks founder julian assange has been sentenced to in britain to fifteen weeks in prison escaping pal in twenty twelve with today's developments his ati's kate potter and speaking outside something crown court in central london . julian assange was sentenced to fifty weeks in prison for breaching his bell
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conditions set in twenty twelve the judge there deborah taylor she said that the case was particularly serious and merited almost the full sentence which would have been a year she rejected the claims by his defense that she should also give him leave me and say due to the fact you don't read you spent seven years in the ecuadorian embassy or while he was given the sentence judy in a song or she was impassive standing there in the dock but his supporters up in the public gallery chanted show you when you as a sentence was passed his sentence for seeking and receiving asylum is twice as much as the sentencing guidelines the so-called speed boat killer convicted of manslaughter was only sentenced to six months for failing to appear in court today in a song should be in the ecuadorian embassy here in central london for almost seventy years not sought asylum there to avoid being extradited to sweden where he was wanted for questioning in relation to sex offenses well his defense attorney today mark some as he presented a letter that julian assange had written trying to explain the extraordinary
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circumstances in which he faced and also for mitigating circumstances he said that he apologized on reservedly for not handing him self into the old forty's but that he had feared being extradited to the u.s. way he lived in fear of potentially being on death row or even ending up in guantanamo bay it was my impression that the judge had written the. decision and written it out before you heard the medical device that there was absolutely no consideration given to the very very convincing mitigating factors in this case so it's an outrage and we are shocked. but there are other legal issues first signs to see so this was just the first of two with the next one is tomorrow that's on thursday that's in westminster magistrate's court and that's an extradition hearing as part of his arrest on april the eleventh was also on behalf of the united states who want to have charged in what they see as conspiracy with chelsea manning. to to download and distribute what they see as classified material this case even has
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always been about the risk of extradition to the united states and we now have a provisional extradition request from the united states the focus of our energies will now be on fighting medics tradition. and that fight starts tomorrow the cool case on thursday x. is expected to be extremely short very brief judy massage expected to attend the viral video link but then the u.s. prosecutors are expected to provide more evidence more details about more charges later on in june activists we heard from earlier told us the ecuadorian authorities could have had an ulterior motive for expelling a silence from its embassy. leaks from within. government official leaks have indicated that there was a deal that the trump administration offered a favorable trade deal of economic benefits including debt relief to ecuador if. it was handed over and that is what appears to happen but we haven't actually got
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that absolutely confirmed and obviously we're unlikely to because neither the top administration nor the ecuadorian government will want to admit it unless we have a whistleblower who leaked the memo we won't know for certain but i suspect that it's all about a deal with the u.s. that led to gina songe being evicted from their could or an embassy in london in the end the u.s. will get what they want they're the biggest bully and they're going to be the ones that will fight to bring him to the states there are so many powerful entities they're trying to take him down. to silence because they're afraid of the great journalism one hundred percent accurate journalism. for the past decade and that is a real threat to the powers that be. a prime minister has fired defense secretary gavin williamson following an investigation into
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a massive leak of sensitive information regarding the chinese telecom giant while by r.t. these alley has been following the story. all we know thus far is that the prime minister has fired mr williamson and she's written a letter to the former defense secretary and in the course of that letter she says to him i put it to you that the latest information from our investigation provides compelling evidence suggesting your responsibility for the unauthorized disclosure and it goes on to say that the prime minister no longer has confidence in mr williamson to serve as the defense secretary now all of this is to do with a leak that came out of the national security council meeting here in the u.k. around whether the company the chinese tech giant why why would be providing five g. network services to the u.k. and when the information was leaked that why why would be involved in the u.k.'s
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five g. network an investigation was launched to find out who the leak was now of course there are many leaks which take place during cabinet meetings ministers leaking and briefing journalists against other ministers or even against the prime minister but because this was a national security council meeting it was deemed to be a far more serious occurrence and so as a result there were security investigations taking place and it would appear that the blame is being laid at the feet of mr williams but he has since come out with an official response he's written a letter back to the prime minister denying that he was responsible for the leak so it would appear now that there's a possibility according to some reports of a criminal investigation to see who was responsible for that and if mr williamson is fount of been guilty of leaving of leaking that information that he could be facing serious police action. a us watchdog has stopped publishing its
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assessments of the situation on the ground in afghanistan and particularly who controls the territory is there a special inspect. in general for afghan reconstruction or segal for short has dropped providing the data calling it's of little value in the fight against the taliban here when i was asian has been gradually reducing the amount of information it makes public over the last two years in october twenty seventh at the request of the afghan government it seized the publishing data on casualties and other key conflict areas and since last july it stopped assessing the afghan forces general performance this comes as washington steps up talks with the taliban after years of mixed signals over the best path to peace. the arrow the taleban willing to come to the negotiating table there's no talking to the taliban we don't want to talk to the taliban we're going to finish what we have to finish i want to reinforce to the taliban that the only path to peace and political legitimacy for them is through
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a negotiated settlement the taliban has a view of the you. know of their side even for a new order called the property of the taliban when their choices are to reconcile women or relevance for dar an agreement is yet to be finalized between the u.s. and the taliban with iran fourteen thousand american troops still stationed in the country the seventeen year long military intervention has cost washington more than one trillion dollars and claimed the lives of at least two thousand four hundred american service personnel but afghan presidential candidate mohamed haneef things that americans should be held accountable for the civilian lives they themselves took. any criminal act by really or military personnel of the united states on the tor. should be brought to justice through their competent legal authority was
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strong. justice process should not be politicized africans have been sick terms of human rights violations over the past almost four decades. live with me now to discuss this further is nicholas davis who's a journalist and author focused on u.s. military interventions thanks nicholas for coming on to the program now if we look at what u.s. watchdogs said why do you think they would just stop monitoring who controls the territories in afghanistan because if we if we look at what the intentions were i mean that was quite a big deal wasn't looking at who was monitoring enough and whether they could get rid of the taliban in certain areas. well so much of this war has been conducted in secret or
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if not in secret at least on the quiet. the taliban have clearly been gaining ground over the last few years and that the u.s. doesn't really want the public to be aware of that or to debate that and so yeah it's this is what trump administration has been doing in its wars and military operations all over the world. you know that the true measures of what is happening in afghanistan are. you know more and more of the country is in fact either under control of the taliban or. contested i mean apart from these figures we get from the u.s. government. bill roggio who writes in the long war journal and works for the foundation for defense of democracies he's been writing about. all this for
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a long time and by his analysis about half of the country is is contested territory this point which is i would rather learn it nicholas is more or less government control. is incredible that yes well you know. well it's it shouldn't really that shouldn't really come as a surprise to people i mean the us invaded a very distant very you know wild remote country that has. defeated over the last few hundred years the iranian empire the persian empire and then the british empire and the russians in the one nine hundred eighty s. and and you know i mean an afghan cab driver once said to me said you know we've defeated all or all these other empires and now with nato we're fighting twenty you
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know twenty nine or thirty countries and you know world we'll defeat them too and this this this occupation has gone on for seventeen years you know the idea the it was ever sustainable or that or that the u.s. could ever win in afghanistan or fully you know impose a government of its liking in afghanistan was always a pipe dream and it's now coming home to roost you know in the most bloody horrific fashion. you know the. the afghan forces that the u.s. has trained while we hear figures that there are. three hundred thousand of them we also hear that the ones who are doing the real seventy to eighty percent of the real fighting are the afghan commandos and they've never managed to increase their
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forces between maybe twenty one twenty two thousand so then when you hear figures that forty five thousand afghan security forces have been killed in the last five years and yet this force of twenty twenty something thousand troops is really doing nearly all the fighting i mean that is just an incredible attrition rate u.s. commanders in afghanistan said a long time ago that the losses the afghan their afghan forces were taking were unsustainable but they have only got worse since they said that a couple of years ago so this is you know if the u.s. does not you know make some kind of face saving peace deal with the taliban and get out very soon it is simply going to be defeated and the country will be overrun by ok nicholas davis journalist and also focus on u.s. military interventions thanks for coming on to the program and it's good to hear
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your thoughts on this thanks. my top top story and the may day demonstrations that have been unfolding in europe today tens of thousands have been rallying in germany's capital with scenes turning violent our correspondent don up is there for us now. eagle eve on this team in follow what's going on in how would you describe the scene where you all. well i'd say tense it is quite tense right now because just to give you an idea as to where we are right now this is the ante from march the somewhat infamous yet traditional event when on the first of may thousands and tens of thousands of. left leaning activists and anarchists just gathered in central berlin and they marched through the central streets and chants various various slogans mostly anti capitalist and
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against a big corporations and so on and so forth and largely it has been very peaceful very cheery with a bit of an edge to it of course but now or at the end now this is the final destination of the rally all of the march and so with a lot of boos here involved and with people chanting these so many anti police slogans now these words are being put into action by some people we've seen people picking up bottles and although ruled you can see people are happy as well i mean this is this is like the way used to be before like about half an hour ago and so people would be picking up bottles and some throwing at the police to but the police in the riot gear here they would be apprehending the instigators pretty quickly we've seen a number of people taken into custody deep say and obviously. many of them under the under the influence and of course the police is telling people here to disperse
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basically what they're trying to do is they're trying to clear the square because. the march used over officially but people they intend to stay so this is how it's been so far hopefully normal violence here hopefully artie's eagle as you're done of there reporting from burlington find siegel. calling for a final phase of venezuela's celtic interim president is demanding another day of anti-government protests this wednesday after initiating a so-called military uprising in the capital the opposition leader has the full support of the u.s. once again with the secretary of state might pompei are saying that washington isn't ruling out sending in troops. military action is possible if that's what's required that's what the united states will do earlier pompei or suggested that the venezuelan president had been ready to flee the country but nicolas maduro was told to stay put by russia. literally. getting prepared to go on this airplane and
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out of the country before you start stop really at the direction of the rush he was ready to leave this morning as we understand the russians indicated he should stay he said. as a plane ready to go to cuba to flee and the russians took him off the plane and forbade him to leave the country. please be serious. russia responded as well accusing washington of launching a disintegration campaign to demoralize venezuelans pompei or has spoken to his russian counterpart about the crisis in caracas saturday lavrov says that the united states interference goes against international law and could have serious consequences in the meantime in the united states has banned american airlines from flying over venezuela saying it's due to political instability but with washington having slapped a series of sanctions on the country. been looking at what the u.s. means when it says it stands with the venezuelan people. what are they why
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do so brazen attempted coup the violence on both sides the people leaving why do hanging and the specially strange was what the united states had to say about it we need venezuela ruled by the people of venezuela not by extra little forces do you think he may have missed the irony this the bolton who's done his damnedest to ensure regime change in venezuela whose country has championed regime change sanctioned venezuela proves it billions in state funds threatened with invasion now he's saying no one should meddle that it's up to the days whelan's to decide course not what he meant is no one would america all options remain on the table. we said it would be
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a big mistake for me doro and those supporting him to use force against innocent civilians mr bolton's definition of innocent i think defers from the classic meaning look at these demonstrators with guns shooting at troops and police i suppose the bullets of full of love to if you dare hold these innocents accountable says mr bolton we might invade between the lines as thomas call a status where with you america will stand with you until freedom and democracy are restored by and can do yes. today interim president who i'm going to announce starts of a person. the government foolish supports the venezuelan people who in the quest for freedom and democracy democracy cannot be defeated what do you know they stand with the people never mind the sanctions and the misery for millions that they've caused i question is which people exactly did you say you stand with the few
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hundred machete gun wielding fellows that tried to stage a violent coup or the thousands upon thousands who concurrently marched in support of the venezuelan president maduro against this coup this is clearly not a coup we recognize one goh i don't know as the legitimate interim president of venezuela and just as it's not a coup when the president of the united states gives an order to the department of defense it's not a coup for wind why don't you try and take command of the venezuelan military your own father mr bolton one by do who was never elected doesn't control the military or ministries or anything he is the president but nicolas maduro the actual president supported by millions the military the ministries he's not
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the president see what i mean by strange it's almost like the bitter and banal things didn't go according to plan. thousands of people attended pro and anti-government rallies on wednesday with clashes erupting on the outskirts of the capital and y. day was now calling for the largest protest and violence while in history to happen in the coming days and choose day violent scenes left around a hundred people injured janice norris i got was covering it for us in caracas and please be aware some of the footage at the very start of her report is disturbing. was i thought. i. look. like. i. i
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live one of the trendiest like. he said he heard other cheer. when plato opposition leader a little bit. during the illegal people. like him are even. today brave soldiers brave patriots brave people who are following our constitution i'm sure in the cool today the armed forces are standing behind the people and the constitution live our lives the oil. others. live. the. working class material president under one has now launched a probe into what he calls an illegal a coup attempt saying several people and being questioned he singled out a ring leader of the uprising who we saw moments ago prominent opposition figure
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leopoldo lopez this by the.


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