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tv   News  RT  May 2, 2019 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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democrats accuse the u.s. attorney general of running scared and cool head off to william refuses to subject himself to more scrutiny over his handling of the report. may day festivities in major european cities by violent clashes between protesters and riot police. and anti-government protests rocks the vote as. it's just a day off to what appears to have been a failed coup attempt that's as opposition leader and his u.s. backers denying trying to stage a military overthrow i guess debates what's really happening in the country.
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doesn't get him in power recognized by the international community six million people voted for nicolas maduro last may in a free and fair election that i observe you know how many people voted for one boy . good morning live from moscow what's your team so national i'm daniel. thanks for joining us on the program. and us democrats keeping up the pressure on attorney general william demanding he now testify before the house judiciary committee saw after he was grilled in the u.s. senate over his handling of the report boss says he will skip the hearing on thursday with the chair of the judiciary committee the attorney general is terrified. and why he wants to avoid that kind of. terror fight
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is terrified of having to face a skilled attorney. back in march bob released the four page summary of the report which states had been no collusion between donald trump and russia for obstruction of justice boss said that the special counsel had failed to reach a conclusion on the matter so in his senate grilling the attorney general claimed didn't think he was for present of the special counsel's report but some of the senators questioning him didn't buy that. very clear with me that he was not suggesting that we had misrepresented his report i feel. sir was purposely misleading and i think others do too now the american people know that you are no different from rudy giuliani or kellyanne conway or any of the other people who sacrificed their once decent reputation for the grifter and liar who sits in the oval office being attorney general of the united states is a sacred trust you have betrayed that trust america deserves better issue resign
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the democratic party is on the warpath and all who stand between them and their goal of ousting donald trump have a target on their forehead either join with them or step down this attorney general lacks all credibility you resigned earlier yes. he should step down or should resign and if he does not resign he should basing impeachment proceedings also he does need to resign and step up william barr he's the next target in between the democrats and their goal of impeaching donald trump why well he released the bob muller report showing no collusion with russian special counsel found no collusion by any americans in ira's illegal activities testifying before the senate bar was forced to answer questions about misleading the public and standing in the way and the democrats picked up on one key phrase in bob miller's letter that being public
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confusion about key aspects of the investigation the democrats thought they had him with. this one but not so fast i asked him if he was suggesting that the march twenty fourth letter was inaccurate and he said no but that the press reporting had been inaccurate feels like the seeds of a cover up are here there are still many questions tonight for instance why president trump and so many people in his orbit lied about their contacts with russia i don't need them over report to know he's a traitor i have the t.v. but hope springs eternal for the democrats next to the stand obstruction of justice president trump engaged in obstruction of justice and those of his kind of the president who. to my reading of the. mother report almost certainly obstructed justice or did you find that to be persuasive act of obstructing justice . you know but option still remain on the table for the democrats one perhaps being the fact that the report was redacted perhaps the bombshell the democrats
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wanted was simply cut out of the report the public version has been estimated to have. only ten percent redactions volume two has only about two percent redactions for the public version so ninety eight percent of to dealing with obstruction is available to the public think it's mostly backfiring on democrats right now because it's making them look absurd i mean again when you go from rush's interfering in american elections all the way down to well the tourney general didn't accurately summarise the finding the special counsel in a way that the special counsel liked enough i mean it's just becoming stupid now i don't think this is really damaging trump's credibility it's just turning this whole thing into even more of a joke than it already was they're actually going to continue this nonsense i think they've just backed this losing strategy and are going to keep on backing it just it's just about as long as they possibly can you know they've already lost this
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debate and they're still fighting it to me it's just kind of a joke you can't deny that the democrats have drive they've got a goal they've got persistence that is here in abundance and with their eyes on the prize in two thousand and twenty we can expect that the democratic party will keep chasing tails kaleb up and r.t. new york. may do you was celebrated around the world though in some major cities the occasion was mobbed with street violence and european cities from paris to st petersburg demonstrators clashed with police.
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correspondents and he goes down if we're in paris and berlin witnessing the unrest firsthand. well may day started with violence can fool the protests the official protests even began those protesters tried to move from the mall point us up towards plastic italy as a result of that the police blocked them off about half a kilometer away started firing tear gas and pushing people back and used that opportunity to make arrests of the black blocks we have seen tear gas used huta cannons use trying to put out vehicles that have been set on fire by some of the protesters and you can see a huge huge security force all around the perimeter all over this area we saw some of the protesters looking like they were trying to make a barricade here something that we've seen them do elsewhere in the route as a result of that some of the mobile police forces came in with their batons hitting them and taking them away and detaining people. i.
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so there's the file and we know about the injuries what i would like to tell you is about the security service seven thousand four hundred security personnel only duty in paris to try and keep a lid on this violence and i can hear behind me it sounds like we're getting from reuters come up as more of the protesters who are here full this may day protests are making their way to the end of this procession but let's not forget the protesters have also been damaging property in fact we saw a medical faculty with the university of so bone that had its dual smashed once again another protest in paris that's descended into violence and chaos this is the ante for a rally yearly something of a yearly event where tens of thousands of left leaning activists come to central bilin and march through the streets people they just don't want to go away and we see the police detaining the instigators and basically trying to clear out this
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square and they. sri they had a helicopter flying overhead that helped the police pinpoint who are the wrongdoers the demonstrators are unhappy with the actions of the police was. was thousands of people tens of thousands of people have shown today on t.v. for activists and they've been chanting lots of anti capitalist slogans and. of course the police is telling people here to disperse us basically what they're trying to do is they're trying to clear the square because the march is over officially. but it wasn't just europe that saw unrest on my day the venezuelan capital soaring to government protests turned ugly that's just
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a day off to an alleged coup attempt by the opposition was put down some eighty people were injured in the latest clashes. the venezuelan president nicolas maduro spoke was a may day rally calling for a day of dialogue to be held and also confirmed a legal coup except the moon put down u.s. security advisor john bolton however claims there was never any coup attempt. to lies and intrigue that the try to use against the failed coup attempt has been defeated just if this is a trial for truth and. clearly not
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a coup we recognize one goh i do know as the legitimate interim president of venezuela and just as it's not a coup one the president of the united states gives an order to the department of defense it's not a coup for wind why don't you try and take command of the band as well and military well the united states might object to the coup however if we look in the dictionary we do see that what is the fine as a sudden violent and illegal seizure of power from a government i guess debated whether that's what's being attempted in venezuela. the u.s. supports coup d'etat is all the time this is another example that one has no power under the constitution of venezuela the fact the u.s. recognize him recognizes him is of no import the u.s. recognizes him because he has already agreed to privatizing venezuela's oil in the interest of u.s. companies that's why the u.s. recognizes him and that does not make him. a painting of united states is not the
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only opinion for all other fifty countries are nice why go as illegitimate. president ninety percent of venezuelans do support also while you go there are legitimate president this is an unfolding coup that the u.s. wants to push forward and we have to remember by the way the us supported the coup in two thousand and two against hugo chavez and we're reluctant to call it a coup back then the fact that the u.s. wants to use semantics to cover up what it's doing doesn't change the fact that this is a coup when people say you know a seizure of power illegal seizure of power the basic definition of a coup does that key element there is not illegal because while you go has a legitimate power recognized by the international community overwhelmingly the international community and by the venezuelan people who goes out in masses of
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people are on the streets supporting me during that's undeniable there are people there that support him i have friends there contacts that support him you never hear their side worst or use never you never hear from them in the press and so you get one side of the story and that is tantamount to misrepresenting destroyed their recent science or do not justify the line in common the basic commie and the three million plus in this one it's gaping venezuela for other countries did not start when this actually started this started way before that six million people voted for nicolas maduro last may in a free and fair election that i observed you know how many people voted for want. none. u.k. prime minister has sacked the defense secretary williamson the here literally leaked secret plans involving chinese telecom giant hallway williamson strongly
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denies it was him. frankly brochure should go away it should churchill brought by to pay tribute to the help said this but i'm sorry did you answer my mother no no no no no i knew you would get using that kind of touching like the world united behind forget it as one time if you please up to the question we came together with our allies and why it was optional you wish to interview china nature because you want to answer the question good luck with the you know things of project. so i can no longer have to conference a new state for the front and a minister in my cabinet and ask you to leave her majesty's government.
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i strenuously deny that i was in any way involved in this leak and i'm confident of the fire a full moon would have been the case if. wiki leaks founder julian assange has been sentenced to fifty weeks of prison in the u.k. that more often a short break. oh
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any head of state. is a. sherpa looks funny you can see this well you know. just like he was drinking in the. south where we will use it even though we mostly focus on the political aspects logs discuss subjects i don't like no interest to us because they're still playing sisters you know therefore we tried to do something floyd landis' you play the joker suit. welcome back to the program. julian assange has been sentenced in britain to fifty
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weeks in prison for skipping by in two thousand and twelve that's when a song sought refuge inside the ecuadorian embassy in london in an effort to avoid extradition to sweden where he was facing sexual assault allegations at the sentencing the judge slammed the we can for his deliberate attempts to delay just this week leaks editor in chief kristinn hrafnsson criticized the ruling suggesting it was disproportionate given the nature of the case. it was my impression that the judge had written the. decision and written it out before you heard the mitigated as if there was absolutely no consideration given to the very very convincing if you could in fact which in this case so it's. you know and we are sure the song was arrested last month follow that could always decision to revoke his asylum status after he spent nearly seven years holed up inside the country's embassy in london a soldier is also a wanted man in the us where he's been charged with conspiracy to obtain a survivor. hearing on a u.s.
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extradition request is due to be held on thursday our guests debated what might be next for a son. the idea that sweden is going to reopen an investigation and issue another european arrest warrant is speed pretty theoretical at the moment if it did it's actually up to the u.k. home secretary to decide which extradition request takes precedence leaks from within the ecuadorian government official deeks have indicated that there was a deal at the trump administration offered a favorable trade deal of economic benefits including debt relief to ecuador if jonas owned was handed over and that is what appears to have happened but we haven't actually got that absolutely confirmed and obviously we're unlikely to because neither the top administration nor the ecuadorian government will want to admit it unless we have a whistleblower who will you know the memo we won't know for certain but i suspect
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that it's all about a deal with the u.s. that led to the song being evicted from their could or an embassy in london in the u.s. will get what they want their the biggest bully and they're going to be the ones that will fight to bring him to the states there are so many powerful entities they're trying to take him down. to silence because they're afraid of the great journalism under. journalism. for the past. and that is a real threat to the powers that be. the u.s. military has stopped publishing its regular reports on the amount of territory controlled by different forces in afghanistan the head of the watchdog responsible for monitoring this says u.s. citizens will now know less about their country's successes and failures in the region and the reports are made by the special inspector general for afghanistan
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reconstruction otherwise known as cigar this special post created by congress was responsible for monitoring u.s. activities in the country cigar also conduct criminal probe now the work of a special inspector was criticized heavily by donald trump who slammed the idea of making it public. kind of started as we're fighting wars and they're doing reports and releasing it to the public now the public believes the enemy the enemy retards reports a study every line or they should be private reports and be locked up and if a member of congress wants to see going to read over the last two years the u.s. has gradually been reducing the amount of information it makes public on afghanistan in twenty seventeen it stopped publishing its data on casualties last year i ended assessments of the role of the afghan government forces now the latest rollback makes it harder to track exactly what territories currently under the control of the afghan government now the trend of reducing information are going to
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start to come as against the backdrop of u.s. talks with the taliban as well as a worsening security situation in the country and the u.s. war in afghanistan has cost more than a trillion dollars that since the invasion took place back in two thousand and one is claimed thousands of american and afghan lives and afghan presidential candidate is now calling for the united states forces to be held accountable for the devastating toll of the conflict. any criminal act by any civilian or military personnel of the united states on a toll would have to be brought to justice through their competent legal or part it is we strongly argued that this justice process should not be politicized afghans have been victims of human rights violations over the past almost four decades.
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peace activist kathy kelly believes the u.s. government doesn't want people to know the truth about what's happening in afghanistan. united states pentagon certainly doesn't want the advise of the united states popular as it doesn't really care about consent or assent to the war what they want is the money and if you are just people are truly understand what a disastrous failure and catastrophe is now going on eighteen year war in october to be the eighteenth year what this has represented in terms of failure and destruction i think people wouldn't choose to pay these extraordinary sounds and money that people need the information and here in the united states isn't that well not that people are supposed to have exactly this kind of information. the preparations for victory day are in full swing in russia this yr high and russian a car manufacturer are a small debut its latest model the senate cabaret at the military parade in red
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square is expected to carry the defense minister in front of the troops he's morag as the of the car for a test drive. soon a lot of pretty things i could just start those. everywhere. but her my god she's beautiful. neat for us just look at her she's a little heavier to three and a half tons but with almost six hundred horsepower. nice. but it's honestly she's got all that ice and it's public knowledge that russian arms weapons are renowned worldwide with this car our automobile industry rises to
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stand shoulder to shoulder with our defense industry. where. i'm not throwing down the challenge but this calm proves that we can make not only. to do a bit of good news they let us go for a ride i don't fortunately and i try only as passengers. this is different versions of this guy that's me. which is specifically designed for the parade. victories a brain then there's a sit down with shahzad many of whom. see the number of times they're also making an off road vehicle s.u.v. potentially also available to the public later on this too this is an image of the
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cost of the prize is going to be pretty steep. global news updates. i. was. told. what point.
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does this is a stick from a water bottle found in the stomach of a fish the brand is part of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers there are the bad ones there the litter box are throwing this away industry should be blamed for all this waste the company has long promised to reuse the plastic. soon as we speak. in maine. their plastic. tank when you special projects funding me. on i'm your best bet is the end of a footy team fun now the mountains of waste only grow why should this be different . oh good this is a good start well we have our three banks all set up for moving something in europe something in america something overseas in the cayman islands it will do little these banks are complicit in the tough talk or say we just have to give my phone and say hey i'm ready to do some serious money laundering ok let's see how we did
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while we've got a nice luxury watch for max and for stacy oh beautiful jewelry how about. home luxury automobile again for max you know what money laundering is highly illegal don't be a crook watch kaiser of course. the welcome to worlds apart judging from opinion polls around the world many people view this as an pollsters aiming for holier than though image in public and living
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as if the rules don't apply to down in private such hypocrisy may be upset in but doesn't justify a little bit of lying to be revealed to discuss that i'm now joined by alex ace the lead off and i'm glad you know because it's all better known as russian pranksters laxness and van ness it's good to talk to you thank you very much for your time and willingness to talk to us thanks for your time i really like the design of your t. shirt and how you respond to the question posed here well my answer is. i can't answer because if i will say that. nobody will believe me i will see that there were those so i will say not true so it's a bit of prying this time when they are yes of course it's like a kind of trolling ok for you or for your viewers well the most high profile and the latest trolling that you engaged in lately was on
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president french president demanding elmer on who actually called the all number thinking that he had reached the new president elect like him is the lansky how did it happen and did you just call human live in the masses how did you know who to call with that idea long ago maybe your own two or two years. we didn't have a strong reason to reach. and so when we so on news. president mark ron had a meeting with mr selenski we decide it's a good great reason to call him and try to reach him for his diplomatic lines and we'll left our number as a number of mr the lansky and so we received a phone call from his administration and they asked so would you if president marc wrong will congratulate you on the next sunday so we were prepared when we and i pledged to marry soon president drawn has his own security service and probably
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some kind of secure communication channels how could they believe you just like that i am guessing you used or maybe they were supposed to use special technology and would track the source of the phone call. not. only oh yes of course he has a security service but mr zillion skee is not the president of ukraine yet so he doesn't have access to the presidential communication lines. he can't use the ukrainian embassy in paris to set up an official phone call with another head of state because there was so when zillion skee was invited to meet with president mccrone in paris they contacted him through his campaign staff. the french could not have contacted their candidate through any official channels for answers god's will.


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