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friends of the interior minister is accused of being a liar after claiming made a protesters attack staff and a paris hotel. plus it's a no show for the u.s. attorney general who refused to subject himself to further questions about his production of a report absolving trump of collusion with russia democrats are calling william barr a coward and rushing props to make their point. chicken bar should have shown up today and answered questions yesterday prove you're not sure but is it before anybody still in the circus continues over. an animal rights activist in the bahamas raise the alarm a swimming pigs become
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a tourist sensation on the archipelago. you're watching r t international bringing you your live news update from our studio here in moscow welcome to the program. france's interior minister is being branded a liar after claiming anti-capitalist attacked staff any paris hospital during may day rally that turned ugly but videos an eyewitness accounts of the incident suggest they were actually taking cover from riot police firing tear gas r.t. charlotte devinsky reports from the french capital. violence all may the first has been well documented in one of the most shocking stories that emerged from that violence was these allegations particularly by france's interior minister that actually some of the rioters in those protests were trying to attack a hospital trying to attack the stalls and trying to enter into that hospital this
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particular hospital was actually a surgical intensive care unit and there was descriptions of the patients inside saying that they were in quite carry situation many of them were intimidated some of ventilated and that the staff at heroically tried to fight off that attack of those protesters entering into the site this is what france's interior minister had to say about that event the some petrea hospital was attacked it's medical staff were attacked and the police officer sent to protect them was hurt unshakable faith in our security services there the pride of the republic well that's his version of events but in a twist going on here social media has been flooded with videos showing exactly what happened on the ground in that hospital and actually what we've seen from those videos and social media some of which were actually taken by members of staff inside the hospital don't show what the interior minister said happened in fact
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what they show is that the c.r.s. the security forces with charging at protesters those protesters were fleeing from the security services and as such they were seeking refuge inside the hospital not just for that charge but also because of the tear gas that had been deployed in the area so a very different version of events and as such opposition politicians here in france have described christopher kasten a as being a liar and some of them have even called for his resignation if it was a deliberate lie intended soley to deliver and turn issues social movement then the interior minister should be fired without delay. christophe crushed them shamelessly and manipulated the press to spread these lines you know who's you know given the facts he has no choice but to resign well in other developments coming out of that may day protests in france it's also that this video showing the
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police offices actually picking up paving stones from the road and throwing that to protest is now we know that this is a weapon it's awesome that the protesters have used for many months during the yellow vest protests and indeed on the may day but this is the first time in paris we've seen evidence of the police using what essentially is an sanctioned weapon against the protesters it begs the question whether the police are the ones who inciting the violence and it's trying to control the situation they're actually poor ring oil on the fire. farcical scenes in the u.s. congress after the man who controversy reductive the report into alleged collision between trump and russia failed to show up for a grilling attorney general william barr snub the hearings thank you to already told senators only house to say about his version of the report democratic
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lawmakers who want to see the document and for placed bars name card in front of an empty chair congressman steve cohen then put a ceramic chicken on the dust as a symbol of the attorney general's alleged cowardice and tucked into some k.f.c. only to democrats one bars had to roll there not knowing charges of contempt of congress are to scare up and house more. well a very short hearing on capitol hill as william barr the u.s. attorney general did not attend he did not show up for the hearing before the house judiciary committee that he was subpoenaed to testify before now representative gnabry who is the chair of the committee is now at this point considering bringing charges of contempt of congress against him. were failing to testify when subpoenaed however republican legislators had a different opinion and argued that his testimony yesterday in the grilling he received from democrats was basically a circus and a charade and that he should not be obligated to continue going through that he has
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failed the men and women of the department of justice by placing the needs of the president over the ferry administration of justice and yes we will have no choice but to move quickly to hold you through the general in contempt if you still feel is to negotiate in good faith mr barnes moment of accountability will come soon enough and i think that probably i can make one of the democrats scared of they don't know bill barr here today they've had the report they read it they don't like what's in it for the still in the circus continues over here the department of justice has made a less redacted version of bob miller's report of vailable to top democrats but these top congressional democrats navl are palosi and others have refused to read it and said that instead they want the entire report revealed to a wider audience the chairman willing to go look at what the attorney general offered him it's pretty amazing to me he wants to go in executive session ask questions about it but he won't go read it now things escalated from there members of congress basically tried to be somewhat the at trickle
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a bucket of fried chicken was displayed in order to illustrate the argument that that he was that william barr was chicken or cowardly for not attending furthermore they made a point of looking under the desk to make sure that william barr was not hiding under the desk in fear chicken bar should have shown up today and answered questions of black socks look plain compared to this team it's a sad day and where democrats are considering contempt of congress charges against barr but republicans are saying he did the right thing and that this is simply a politically motivated investigation intended to undermine the u.s. president of the trump russia story persists with more hearings more testimony and possible contempt charges for the u.s. attorney general. the congress in its capacity here is not really investigating malfeasance by the attorney general which is their job as oversight they're actually having some perry mason like. moeller to investigation which will gain
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them nothing and the bar i think just basically said look six hours of this is enough i'm done they didn't want him to show up they made it impossible for him to come so that they could have the theater they had today it's about politics it's not about finding any wrongdoing that part is over now we have the political discussion the tiny tiny tiny portion that's not grand jury testimony that was actually rejected that's been made available to the committee and they don't want to look at it because as i said they want the theater that they don't want cooperation they're not looking for something bad they've decided there's something bad they make the bald assertion and that's good enough for them the controversy over the miller report has seen hillary clinton the defeated two thousand and sixteen democratic presidential candidate speak her mind in an interview with m s n b c the former secretary of state appears unimpressed by its finding that the term campaign didn't collude with russia and harking back to that campaign clinton joke jokingly called on a foreign power to hack the president. since russia is clearly backing republicans
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why don't we asked china to back us i hereby tonight ask china that's right and not only that china if you're listening why don't you get trump's tax returns i'm sure our media would richly rewards you now according to the mother report that is not conspiracy because it's done right out in the open this woman just can't accept that she lost her case of pay and all by yourself and just she's grasping and she just she's trying to be humorous she just doesn't understand humor but what she did wittingly or unwittingly is the knowledge that trump was joking she used to joke that to mimic the joke that he made. nobody believed was serious and that somehow calling for russia to do it i mean what what next we're going to we're going to call out from the from the podium hey russia why don't you go up this country that's annoying to us and like that's going to actually happen i mean this is they
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can try these bogeyman and that russia inclusion has worn out they won't let it go. a weapon of misinformation and a broadcaster of lies that's how our team has been portrayed by the u.k.'s foreign secretary during an event meant to celebrate no less freedom of press jeremy hunt also gave his views on where people should be getting their news from playboy reports. the u.k.'s foreign secretary jeremy hunt has recently been championing press freedoms and to mark unesco's world press freedom day he's delivered a speech in which he talks about the future event independent media and he mentioned r.t. spoiler alert he wasn't exactly complimentary about the channel's walk. to believe truth is relative. to the kremlin official narrative jeremy
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hunt went on to cite the poisoning of the script pals that took place in seoul's bray last year saying that the kremlin came up with forty different versions of what happened and then it's weapons of this information presumably that's russian media then went on to broadcast those narratives to the world their weapons or this information for the best defense against those who deliberately say. independent. using he also announced that in july london will host the world's first summit on media freedom something tells me that r.t. isn't on the guest list. are two stands by its reporting standards report responding to hunt's remarks this channel pointed out the irony of championing press freedom attacking the media we spoke to journalist martin summers who told us that freedom of speech is an oft abuse notion. level they claim to be in favor of
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freedom of speech the level they complain when people say things they don't want to hear it's the usual hypocrisy really isn't it i mean lots of people believe in free speech as long as they hear the things they want to hear is freedom of speech just to mean that everybody's allowed to say what they want to say that people can watch what they want and make up their own minds about what these things happening the idea that you can control what other people say in this day and age is simply wrong and you know ultimately they're not going to get. the fall with the british government will probably conclude that there's not a lot they can do about this if the material you produce is whole quality that people are going to want to watch it. and allege long time collaborator of wiki leaks founder julian assange or remain in pretrial detention and accord or a court in the country has dismissed an appeal by the cyber security expert who was arrested in cuba last month on the very same day assad was taken into custody in the u.k. all of beenie is a well known free software developer and privacy activists he's reportedly worked
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with wiki leaks in the past he was arrested by ordering authorities on charges of trying to hack computer systems in the country however his lawyers have dismissed the claims as politically motivated. now and not ever investigations of you have been demonstrated what seems to be. when he did it. where. what's the information we're going to show to the world that the decision made here was a political one though you see there were aspects of the hearings that i did not like for example the difference in time allocated we were granted just fifty minutes to talk with the prosecutors spoke for almost one hour and fifteen minutes well critically some of our arguments were dismissed by the judges. julian assange himself is in a british prison after being sentenced to fifty weeks for violating his bail terms he's also awaiting trial over a request for his extradition to the united states where he is wanted for allegedly
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conspiring to hack into classified government files told a london court on thursday that he wouldn't surrender voluntarily to the americans activist laureate love who was also accused of hacking into u.s. government computers songes well being would not be guaranteed if he's extradited. i think he's going to have an uphill struggle everyone has an uphill struggle under us that should or should request because it's a very balanced treaty so the u.s. doesn't have to provide any evidence they just have to have the paperwork in which the presumption is only towards extradition we managed to win because of a lot of campaigning and a lot of political support for him and he. is going to have a harder time because he's already out of this politically he's upset the establishment in the u.k. the establishment i would say he's complicit in his persecution we need to do everything we can as members of the public and sequel to this list of people involved in journalism to ensure that we do you know i allow the injustice and
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isolation to happen in. the bahamas is a favorite offshore banking location among fat cats but apparently pigs also love the archipelago not for the tax breaks but for the clear blue waters wild hogs with a penchant for summing has become its latest tourist attraction. did they excrete off of a ship wreck where they brought here hundreds of years ago by pirates explorers they are truly one of nature's most amusing accident. but as cute as all that is animal rights activists have raised the alarm they claim local businesses are mistreating the pigs exploiting them for profit for example by throwing them into the water for the amusement of tourists kemah are on it from the bahamas humane society says it all comes down to a variance. i think the stupidity with the animals is fairly ignorant so we see the same form of stupidity jake lace all over the world we have seen many
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many video clips of tourists trying to feed them. but we've seen pictures of people trying to ride on their backs throwing sand teasing the tour operators offering the chance to swim with pigs how defended their business saying the animals are not harmed the popularity of the original feral colony has seen a host of other pick related attractions spring up with the authorities now promising to regulate this side of the tourism industry come out again at once greater oversight people need to know how to behave around them and they need to be careful and then needs to be someone who is what should and who can stop people from behaving in appropriately and unless there is adequate surveillance. there are no regulations here in the bahamas to protect the pigs from the stupidity of humans still to come the u.s. senate has failed to end u.s.
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support for the saudi and corrosion into yemen or bring you up to speed on that development after this short break. most people think just stand out in this business you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest race in truth to stand the news business is just the dance the right questions demand the right answer. question. seemed wrong why don't we all just don't all. get to see
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palin just become active. and engaged because the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. welcome back the u.s. is set to continue its support for the saudi intervention in yemen that's after the senate failed to overturn president trumps a veto of a housewares resolution on ending u.s. and danger meant in the conflict saudi arabia is eight despotic dictatorship. that works over time to prevent any movement in that country toward democracy this
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is also about squaring us policy with national security interests and getting the blood off of our hands we ought not give unflinching unwavering unquestioning. devotion to a regime that treats its own people that way the house passed a resolution back in april with sixteen republicans among those voting in favor of it however it was vetoed by donald trump who dubbed it as a dangerous attempt to weaken his constitutional authority saudi arabia launched its bombing campaign in yemen back in two thousand and fifteen against what the rebels which riyadh used as terrorist incursions resulted in what the u.n. describes as the worst manmade humanitarian crisis on earth.
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this is it is a business decision and if he has to do with the murderous regime he will continue to do so. he has no. compunction about morally or with any regard to human rights to in their relationship he sees it strictly as a transactional relationship to keep us cannibalism going to fuel us industry and the u.s. military bar he has no human rights concerns yemen of course is not the only country where civilian lives have been ravaged by war in syria many orphans have been forced to adapt to life on the street are to visit damascus and met
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a group of homeless children now being exploited by criminal gangs. it's remarkable how much. of. a loony left one must have done with when this was but there still isn't a. city. in thought that he. talked about to do it or did you hear it if you do it sends out the tunnel and the might be there from the normal ultimate ave to. make up the last. word but it would just. take the money going to
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the world to. get it. to share the bill but it's back to home. i don't know. what the semifinals of the champions league at the halfway stage are star pundit football coach joe said marino gives his thoughts on the first and second legs he also tells us how children nowadays dream of being a football manager not just a player you can watch the four episode up on the touchline here on our team throughout the day and any time at r.t. dot com.
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before it was very rare for a key to dream of being a football manager. every key that was in love with football wanted to be a football. the process was changing it was changing. i think i have a little bit of responsibility young on that you can study to be the c.e.o. . of a company that people can believe you were a person can be and you think a person can also be to become a football manager one scene ease. in front of a screen and allies in the again live and saying. i will pick this one and that will put that one can you on the line and have the same state of mind to be calm to
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be on the used to read the game everybody in the world knows more about football than us is the only job where. the people knows more than the specialists and thank god is like that because that's the reason my food will get these award these i'll can i see it to my son. and the key in the world don't do it if you love it and if you feel you can you can do it so. if you have. a dream like i have. that's go. that's a global news update for this hour but don't forget you can always had to our website dot com for the details on all those stories and many more.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy to confront let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic development only loosely i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful a very critical time to sit down and talk.
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shows seem wrong why don't we all just don't call. me. yet to shape our disdain comes to the ticket and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. the democratic presidential candidate who's pushing a universal basic income and warns that robots are coming to take millions of american jobs a one on one with white house hopeful andrew yang on this edition of. welcome to politicking i'm matthew cook in for larry king coming up later in the program
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the always outspoken ron paul former congressman and three time presidential contender but we begin with andrew yang entrepreneur and democratic white house hopeful he's the founder of venture for america and author of the book the war on normal people the truth about america's disappearing jobs and why universal basic income is our future there's a lot to unpack in that title alone let's get started as andrew joins me from new york andrew welcome to the program. thanks for having me matthew it's a pleasure to be here and all the best to tell larry in his recovery i felt terrible when i heard the news thank you thank you so much let's jump right in how come you want to be president. on running for president to help us get through the greatest economic and technological transformation in our nation's history donald trump is our president today because we'd automated away four million manufacturing jobs in michigan ohio pennsylvania wisconsin missouri and iowa all the states the
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swing states needed to win and my friends and tell acknowledging in silicon valley no that what we did to manufacturing jobs we are now going to do to retail jobs call center jobs fast food jobs truck driving jobs and on and on through the economy so i'm running for president to let america know it is not immigrants that are causing these problems it is technology and the evolution of our economy and then we need to advance in our own understanding of our place in the economy which should be at the center and that's why i'm proposing a universal basic income of one thousand dollars per month per adult so i want to get into the universal basic income but first trump and his cabinet are always boasting about the job numbers how manufacturing jobs are increasing in his administration is this not true is he skewing the numbers. well it is interesting if you flash back to two thousand and sixteen donald trump was always talking about how bogus the unemployment numbers were and now that he's president he's singing a very different tune our labor force participation rate right now is where
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together is sixty three percent the same levels as close to rican ecuadoran close to a multi decade low and almost one in five prime working age american men has now worked in a year and this is despite record high g.d.p. and really rosy looking headline unemployment numbers but if you dig a little deeper unfortunately though the disarray in the distress is still there so what were all these workers what are they doing they're not engaged in the workforce what you're saying is that they're just not looking for work at all and so that's why they're not being counted. yeah that's right if americans stopped looking for work they're no longer considered in the labor force or unemployed and this is what happened to literally hundreds of thousands of displaced manufacturing workers in the midwest in the south when we automated away those four million jobs almost half of those workers left the workforce and never worked again and of that group about half filed for disability so that's what's happening to many many americans around the country fully twenty percent of working age adults are on
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disability in some parts of the country so are they actually on disability did they get injured on the job or is this are these some of these mental health issues that are coming about as a result of not being able to find meaningful work well it's it's great that you ask that because mental health disorders are actually one of the leading causes of disability in terms of successful claims there are a lot of americans who claim back pain and and mental disorders and have doctors documenting that these problems are real so this is affecting hundreds of thousands of americans around the country that have actually started receiving disability payments so the idea that robots and automation are going to take over jobs sounds like science fiction for a lot of people can you just walk us through quickly what you see happening in the next ten to fifteen to twenty five years well it's true because it's not like a robot is going to walk into your office or place of employment and just say i'm here to take your job.


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