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by the way. the book looks like to be. breaking news on t.v. forty one people were killed from a plane burst into flames shooting an emergency landing in moscow and there were seventy eight passengers and crew on board the russian president's prime minister expressed condolences to the families of the victims there are thirty seven survivors most of whom are injured.
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more than twenty palestinians are killed as israeli warplanes. responds to cross border rocket fire for israelis. the weekly here on our teams a national dining hall thanks for joining us on the program we start with news of a tragedy at moscow's biggest port forty one people have been confirmed dead after a plane fire which happened on sunday evening. there were seventy eight passengers and crew on board the aircraft which was you to fly to more months going to countries far north the jet burst into flames your own emergency landing shortly after takeoff and we should warn you the following video of the blaze is distressing. was
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. the fifty six people sushi. ultimate outcome am up. plug. response he goes down to earth was it sort of ports as the tragic events unfolded. after midnight the officials have finally decided to come out and update us journalists as to what the latest has been when it comes to this tragedy i mean the most important bit we've heard from the russia's investigative committee confirming the
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official number of those deceased in the tragedy and that number is forty one and here is the latest as to what the representative of russia's investigative committee had to say have a listen down in miami and the rescue operation has ended and the investigative committees continue to work at the scene of the accident so this is a chairman airport response with plenty of the injured received immediate medical assistance out of seventy eight passengers and crew onboard thirty seven survived and forty one have died. now also we've been handed out official lists of those who survived this tragedy in their meat i mean this is what the local like it is just russian names and the numeration just to give us an idea as to how many made it out alive and the figure is world twenty eight people have been well more or less unharmed judging by this list and at least five people have had to be taken to
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hospital to receive medical attention we've heard from russia's health minister is what she said that she was there when it was most of the summer the suffered from burns gas inhalation or other injuries all medical services who responded quickly now we've also heard from the official representative of the floor of the company operating this sukhoi superjet who said that the evacuation was done in well under the probe protocol time that was about fifty five seconds while the protocol time the acceptable time to evacuate all passengers in case of a emergency of this kind is ninety seconds now when it comes to what happened on board here is the understanding of the time line we have. so far the super super jet operated by air flow it took off from sheremetyevo airport and shortly after that apparently was had by a lightning now we get we're getting this information from at least two sources one
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attributing an unconfirmed report can attribute in this information to the flight crew and another one we talked to one of the passengers who does seem to recall a white bright flashes that he went out and then apparently the crew decided to make a turn around and landed back at the sheremetyevo airport now apparently event lightning strike sent all the communications systems or flying still the crew had no contact with the ground and this partially explains i mean if this is true this is this partially explains what happened next now mind that all of that was happening thirty to forty minutes after takeoff which means that the fuel tanks of this super super jets were full and not these not boeing's not era buses they're not designed to allow and did this heavy on fuel so the procedure is to burn out to circle around the city to burn out the excess fuel why they didn't happened probably
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because the crew was going in blind they had no directions from the ground so the aircraft attempted an emergency landing which turned into a crash landing so the aircraft did hit the tarmac at least twice it did they did plane couldn't land from the first attempt so we'd hoped of from the ground and then when the back again harder this time and that's one apparently the shasta's they went into the fuel tanks and remember plenty of fuel to be caught a blaze and all the pictures of this aircraft running along the tarmac with all of its tail set ablaze now we've heard from some of the witnesses from some of the people who sought. the tragedy unfold have a listen. it was quite unexpected we had a flight so you katherine went to the gate a little earlier so as not to be late so we certainly had the window i just turned my head and all of
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a sudden i saw the burning plane with huge plumes of black smoke forces arrived at the scene within two minutes they started fighting before they didn't show signs of panic as the plane was too close to those that were waiting on the runways we didn't know it was landing it looked like it was just fifty meters from the nearest aircraft. but. this plane was landing engulfed in a terrible fire firefighters were quickly on the scene but i couldn't see being evacuated from where i was in the terminal you learned about the tragedy in the media and immediately went to the airport hoping to get information about a friend who was on the plane it's very hard for people waiting to hear the fate of their loved ones but everyone is trying to help for the best. now i am at the share port and if you just look behind me and. the security service the security service of the share major airport but if you just turn around the corner that's where the relatives and the friends of those passengers who were on board of that flight have
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been gathered and apparently there's like a whole center stablished there are designed to help them cope with what happened today basically emergency ministries. this excuse me psychologists are working with them as of now now when it comes to this airport i mean again take a look behind me it's just the security services and i don't know if you can hear if you can see them but it's t.v. crews very very few passengers here it doesn't look anything like the major hole but it normally is a major major area of moscow so that's because this right after the tragedy this this. it was shut down with only one emergency runway left operational so it means that all of the inbound flights to this airport had to be handled
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handled elsewhere for instance three other russian airports they have been trying to help out and to take some of the load over the sheremetyevo airport but of course they can't take all the planes so some of them as we heard on speakers the announcements some of them were landed in other russian cities like surat of or petersburg others landed even abroad like in minsk belarus or in helsinki finland so all of that all of that is going on while the mergence the services and are stationed out there we have at least two ambulances still out there outside this terminal ready to provide. ready to provide their services to anyone who might require them we've seen motorcades of all sorts of official vehicles from medics student to the investigative committee to the security services of flocking in rolling into this airport all of that while the investigators are still examining
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the site from what we can understand and just trying to determine the cause of the tragedy lattimer putin has been briefed on this and he's demanded swift and fair results swift and clear results from this from this investigation all of that while the investigators are working on site and talking to the relatives friends and passengers. alyse hoist superjet one hundred is the short to medium hole passenger airliner the plane involved in this disaster was built in twenty seventeen with capacity for ninety eight passengers its range are up to four hundred thousand kilometers one hundred eighty six planes of the same model are currently in service with various allies we can hear from less of a now retired. everything had its half of flying magazine thanks for joining us segments have been a part of them today from the information we do have so far we've heard over the speculation about lightning strikes electrical faults that the plane catching fire
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about some on the runway what's the most likely cause of this disaster. well we're we're we're all going to speculate at this point in time obviously they had an emergency it was an emergency that it was it was bad enough that it compelled them to come back i don't know how accurate this lightning strike. is as far as the reporting goes. place designed to take lightning strike we have things called static weight static wicks on the usually two of the tips of the the wings that dissipate electricity that being said it is possible that there was enough of that of a discharge that that could have affected the electrical system and might be the explanation why there was no communication at some point with the air traffic control float so they may have been on their own and or they possibly could have declared emergency they did circle with the airport my understanding is that the reporting that two
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circles on the airport they may have been too high to come down initially and they needed to circle and descend when concerning to me is is at some point i saw one of the original videos that didn't explain the whole story of the c.c.t.v. . security video explain more of it and they may have induced a further emergency by the way the aircraft landed it appears to me that it bounced they may have been. so compelled to get the airplane on the ground that that it's possible they did the wrong thing in and pushed it back down now they're. that was a bad attitude is what we call for the airplane attitude meaning. the level that that airplane was at it actually pushed. the nose down in landed first on that second that second touchdown and that probably caused it your collapse in the us the engines are underneath the wing and that impacted the fuel tanks which you saw
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the explosion it's a. video of that i can and that i can tell but it seems to me that they have an emergency that got the worse. why ben happened i don't know at this point. and you mention that the airplane did circle above the airport and far as i understand that some normal procedure of pilots want to carry out an emergency landing after some of the fuel way to present to prevent exactly what we saw that sort of fireball on the ground. i mean the part it seemed as you mentioned very compelled to get to the ground quickly if they sort of decided not to go with the usual procedure of circling for a number of hours or a number of laps landed with what sight it looks like full or near full tanks. well you know you bring up a good point i'm not sure of this your plane is capable what we call fuel dump where you actually open up in the airplane will will will will dump the fuel that
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they prize in the atmosphere but even so they would still have circled as they have that capability for a while so on this didn't happen the emergency was critical enough that they felt they had to get your point on the ground it's not exact procedure but they were close enough to bring the airplane back over your port in get in on the underground the particular case but obviously there was enough fuel in there to cause the explosion that occurred. i just want to ask you a little bit about the emergency evacuation procedures because obviously the pilots succeeded in bringing the plane back to the ground the evacuation operation according to our float took less than a minute fifty five seconds is they that time i'm hearing from about rescuers and the plane. obviously any number of casualties is already too many and huge tragedy for the people lost friends and loved ones. but do you think the the the speed with which rescuers arrived and you know put down the chute some people were evacuated
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did save at least some lives. well at least listless command of the cockpit crew number one to get the airplane in the ground how it was before him it's no story but once the airplane did come to it to a stop the rescue vehicles were there very quickly would i'm a little curious as to why they didn't need each emergency vehicles along the runway at least close to the runway so they could arrive in little bit quicker sometimes seconds count but that being said we have we have survivors that's important i do commend the flight attendants and crew did deploy the slides there were very few slides that were available to access wotan's are very well trained in this situation all over the world when they see a fire over their emergency exit they block it they physically block that slide so chances are the tail of that airplane the flight attendants prevented passengers from exiting out of this line obviously with
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a bad situation exiting unifier so most of the as we saw on the. footage those folks were exiting out what appeared to be opposite the main entry to work. with every plane crash there's obviously a speculation and subsequent investigation into a cause of human error a technical error a sub some other. event to work as well that could have caused this sort of tragedy to happen in terms of the suhoor one hundred jets i mean us as far as i'm reading up on this now this is the first sort of major incident with such major loss of life postproduction there was an area that was a crash with the trials. obviously many years ago but in times of its youth this is the first as far as i can see major crash do you think that's going to impact the way that plane is viewed in terms of our liability like there was with the boeing recently with the two major crashes that happened the fleet was grounded ballenger of us to cation will that be the case for the sue hall is this
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a one off. year. my gut feel that you know after thirty four years and twenty seven thousand hours is that this is this is totally different than the situation involved with the boeing seven thirty seven max as with any accident. there's there's many probable causes or at least factors that lead to a particular probable cause so you know like you like you mentioned the investigators will be looking at pilot procedures the operation the weather. qualifications how that landing was performed how the evacuation was performed and what really brought it to the point where were the crew. thought it was best to bring it back to the airport what what was the what was the the premise for all of this so all in all be investigated and remember. the the russian government
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will also follow the i.k.o. procedures the international sea the civil aviation organization procedures which very well defines how to conduct an investigation and i think that's very important for us to do it for the for the prime reason like we do here in the states the n.t.s.b. the national transportation safety board does it so this may never happen again and that's the reason for any investigation i just want to dig a little deeper on that question of the investigation obviously those black boxes are going to make a to find out what happened perhaps the cockpit recorders etc looking at the state of the plane it was that all the talk was on the tarmac last time i checked it is near destroyed the back section tail section at least i mean is that going to complicate things for the investigators on the same and to find the exact cause given that the state of the aircraft. well you know these these these black boxes as we call of the digital flight data recorder the cockpit voice recorder are generally located in the tail so that does cause a problem while ever these devices are designed to withstand that kind of
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intense heat so i don't foresee a problem that you know there was there could be some damage to the to the casings of the of those boxes themselves but i think that. they'll reveal a lot of information and i think to reveal the recoverable beyond that i'm not i haven't got information perhaps you have if we have a critic we have a live crew flight attendants included. we can get a lot of information from that you know itself but as we know the cockpit voice recorder is going to record not only give us a recording of. what happened in the cockpit but any communication that occurred i heard one of the videos or during one of the video footage is that was filmed from inside the airplane there was a flight attendant call that i or which would be an indication to me that the
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pilots potentially were or one of the flight attendants was communicating. what they were perhaps were going to do in the evacuation they might have been picking up an intercom to anticipate what they might have been doing so and then the digital flight data recorders going to give all sorts of coram hours. to the aircraft investigators to determine exactly what happened to this airplane and they that investigation already had some of course to give some closure to the friends and families of the victims and of course as you quite rightly say prevent this sort of tragedy happening again. going to have to leave it that retired airline pilot and contributing editor offline magazine thanks for your time today so on the program my pleasure. for those of you perhaps is joining us a recap of what we know so far forty one people have been confirmed dead after a plane burst into flames are going to merge at sea landing here in moscow on sunday evening a passenger plane operated by aeroflot was you to fraud to move them on skin the
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far north of russia through thirty seven confirmed survivors from the flight when you're being treated for smoke inhalation injuries investigators have launched a criminal probe into possible safety violations and we'll keep you updated on this story as it progresses here at the international of course you can get further details on our website r.t. dot com. the israeli air strikes on the gaza strip have now killed twenty three people that's according to palestinian media israel says four of its civilians have died following a massive barrage of rockets fired from gaza. you can see the impact of the windows from the explosion from outside. we did this for
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as a result of the explosion. really but it also claims a prominent hamas leader was killed as the result of an airstrike is car was reportedly hit by rockets and an attack which also claimed a number of other lives amassed blames the i.d.f. for killing two pregnant women and a toddler tel aviv however devised these claims i mean the sudden escalation of violence between the two states here's what locals from both sides had to say about the flour. but there was a lot of bombing in a bush work had to do a lot to street scene was indescribably people were afraid and terrified i ran in and everyone was looking for their children nobody was able to see others and after
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the first truck it hit everyone started screaming children and adults in the building collapsed nobody was able to see one another and then learn to leave it to those big of the military generals that know the situation to do what they know we can do is to cross our fingers and that they will succeed and i hope we're not commenting more we do trust the army we do hope benjamin netanyahu will take care of it but we are really worried from the rockets. of the bombardment of rockets from the gaza strip began on saturday morning several residential areas were hit mostly in the south of israel multiple sites in palestine what then targeted in written a three strikes. as more details. his radius strikes continue to bombard gaza the israeli say that they targeting hamas and islamic jihad targets that among the offices that has been hit was the headquarters belonging to the took a shit state run media agency now the turkish president added one has slammed the
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incident and no doubt this will increase tensions between israel and turkey at the same time israel has resumed its policy of targeted assassinations killing the person responsible in the gaza strip for distributing the weight in funds that are the native to gaza this comes as israel saw on sunday its deadliest day in terms of casualties since the last israel gaza war back in two thousand and fourteen the south of the country is in a state of high lives businesses and schools will remain closed on monday and ways events have been ordered to remain inside the bomb shelters here in tel aviv where i am with the some eighty kilometers to the north the municipality has open public bomb shelters and this comes as hamas threatens that if israel doesn't stop what it says is its aggression it will target tel aviv in the coming hours now we do expect to see some kind of mediation efforts conducted by egypt in the coming hours this
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comes as israel stops all fuel supplies to the gaza strip now this will have a diary flicked on electricity inside the gaza don't forget that on monday morning the holy month of ramadan begins and for gazans this is reminiscent of the last gaza wall which saw a large pot of the wall happening during the month of ramadan on sunday night an israeli security cabinet meeting wrapped up with the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu telling the i.d.f. soldiers to keep up their attacks. this morning i instructed the i.d.f. to continue its in terms of turning against terror targets in the gaza strip and to expand its presence surrounding the gaza strip with a. forces artillery and troops we are operating and we will continue to do so to restore peace and security to residents in the south of the country and all of this common aids on the fourteenth of may with the us vision song face to full way some twenty thousand tourists are expected to arrive in the country the festival will be
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held here in tel aviv so every very very tense situation here on both sides of the border coming as the united nations envoy to the region just calm and cause on both sides two may down. i condemn the continuing to give look at from gaza enough palestinian israeli lives have been lost people injured houses damaged and destroyed it is time to deescalate and return to the understanding that the past few months before it's too late when journalists rami on the gory political analyst which will bharat gave us their views on the latest escalation between israel and gaza. both the hamas and islamic jihad are are excellent in using human shields you know launching their operations from schools and from apartment buildings and from civilian centers and hoping that the israelis will not retaliate or that the israelis will be concerned with possible civilian casualties every civilian
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casualty is certainly a tragedy but the state of israel has to protect its citizens and has to protect its borders and for that some very very serious measures are being taken against the military infrastructure in gaza the government of gaza is the hamas it's a terror organization it's defined as a terror organization by both the united by both the european union and united states and against a terror organization everything goes so they keep testing israel along the way how many rockets can they fire how many civilian israelis can be killed before israel does something but israel has fully clean hands in this endeavor and will continue to pummel gaza and to destroy any terrorist infrastructure hopefully no civilians will be killed in the process but israel is protecting its population this is something that is. intensely and drab and lee in the region of the time being
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and this could in large into a larger scale. attack by israel is and intensity of will be seen between the two sides but you know is that israeli israeli air strikes and israeli attacks on the gaza strip have been used to be march more intense much more brutal a much more rustiness against the palestinians israel has the most sophisticated army and the words the more sophisticated weaponry pinpoint attacks being carried out by israel for the time being and israel you. this is a very sophisticated technology military technology to attack palestinians the casualties among palestinians are very high and the palestinians are paying a very high price for is really an israeli tank shelling against gaza that is
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ongoing so there is some kind of disproportionate disproportionate. scale there's a proportionate scale of attacks by palestinians and israelis. and just a reminder of our top story the breaking news story the tragedy at russia's largest port where forty one people have been confirmed dead after a plane caught fire on the runway at moscow sheremetyevo there were seventy eight people on board the jet burst into flames during an emergency landing just half an hour after takeoff a warning the video of the fire is the stressing. the
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feel. like to me yes. the sewer super jet plane operated by a fault was due to flood to move them on skin the fall north of russia soon after takeoff started the crew sent a distress signal the plane returned to the airport and made a hard landing striking the runway several times the fuel time bust into flames on the entire reception was destroyed there are thirty seven confirmed survivors many of whom were being treated for smoke inhalation injuries. i'm going to keep a base of course on that developing story as any new updates to come in here at all to international and on a website called.


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