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but you still do which could go up and i'm going down all right i come. here to your room you're going to you know did you know stormed the lead here so my look from moods bears are doing the clue trick of crafters. desists is a stick from the water bottle found in the stomach of a fish the brand is part of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers there are the bad ones there the litter bugs are throwing us away industry should be blamed for all this waste the company has long promised to reuse the plastic. stickle capsules excused so. that seems cool sets their plastic classics
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a cost me on my end are you staying on your own as that special projects funding me to. also agree on i'm your best bet is the end of a footy team fun now the mountains of moist only grow higher. but twenty first century olympics also is going to get some some elements. and the moment you it isn't a team people would like to see interactive the team which is happening to individuals are using their judges through facebook from me to another are interacting with me but it's going to think it's so into it from the pose those seeing the results.
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i. this is broadcasting around the world and covering the world of business and finance and the m. packed upon us all i'm kristie i and i'm daniel britto in washington we're glad you're on board coming up terror of talks are taking off and it's affecting everything from oil to geopolitics are to serve montoursville good chris martenson of the prosperity join us to break it down all on several fronts plus the ramp up of tariffs is riling markets around the globe what is the state of trading today tom gandalf you three bridges financial ones is a hand to sift through the shake up all that directly ahead but first we had some headlines let's go. a last minute snag in the u.s. china trade talks leads our global report today as u.s. president donald trump threatens to increase tariff rates and apply them to
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virtually all chinese exports to the u.s. for now the process seems to be on track but trump's twitter threats over the weekend are moving markets on monday the shanghai composite plunged five point six percent while the dow fell as much as four hundred and seventy points before rebounding the markets are reacting sharply to the sudden increase risk of a full on u.s. china trade war as a standoff creates a huge uncertainties for companies trying to decide where the to buy supplies build factories and make investments these strong tariffs on steel aluminum solar panels they fall entirely on the u.s. consumers and businesses who buy the imported products studies show that by the end of last year consumers are paying three billion a month in higher taxes and absorb one point four billion a month in lost efficiency this threat from trump was a big surprise for the markets following weeks of so-called positive developments and updates it really is unclear right now whether the threat was a shift. position are just
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a negotiating tactic it could be that this renewed threat is nothing more than an attempt to extract a few more concessions in the final days of talks here to give us the latest as our take correspondence our month has aopa hi sarah so all of this comes as the chinese vice president was scheduled to come to d.c. this week to china cancel the trip well mr trump took to twitter as you mentioned and he did say that the temper sent will go up twenty five percent on friday three hundred twenty five billion dollars of additional goods sent to us by china remain untaxed but will shortly be at a rate of twenty five percent actually this morning a spokesperson for the ministry of foreign affairs of china again showing confirmed that he would be at least the voice from china would be troubling to d.c. and that will move forward with the talks despite trump's threat and this is what he said. regarding the u.s. threat to adding tariffs on chinese goods i think similar situations have occurred
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repeatedly in the past china's position attitude remain clear and i think the u.s. acknowledges this china u.s. trade talks have been held for ten rounds and have made good progress i think the priority now is for both sides to work together on finding a halfway point we seek a consensus based on mutual respect benefits both countries which would appease not only china and the u.s. but the international community as well and there's a lot of pressure now as the talk is that the clock is ticking and mr trump gave them until friday so a deal could be made as early as this week and that's something that people are hoping for although alison experts are less optimistic than they were last week when we thought they were pretty close to signing that deal and so what could success possible success or failure look like for the u.s. and china here you know we're talking about the world's two largest economies they've been talking for at least a year now well yes since last summer when these terrorists were imposed mr trump threatened to impose ten percent tariff since. anyway but has since postponed that
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because he thought the negotiations the discussions were going well including intellectual property theft which has been a major issue just last week we heard from a treasury secretary who had travelled to beijing with a light hisor and they said that progress was made and so this comes as a surprise but trump is now saying twenty five percent and not ten percent so far we know the u.s. has imposed two hundred fifty billion dollars worth of tariffs on chinese goods and beijing retaliated with one hundred ten billion now if trump follows through with his threats nearly all goods that are coming from china will be will face some sort of tariff and this would total more than a whopping seven hundred fifteen billion dollars in goods now these are the two world's largest economies like you said we could see the world really hurt from this if a deal is it made by friday if mr trump doesn't get that deal and it also seems like if you're going to go all the way and use all the tears maybe that reduces
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actual u.s. leverage in the situation in you know there's nothing left to do to china now and it looks like both leaders aren't there really is no middle ground and that's what experts analysis are saying it's it's all or nothing for both i mean we saw this with mr trump trying to make deals with other countries like north korea but there's going to have to be some sort of consensus at least that's what we're hoping for otherwise the markets will continue to feel this. month is still good thank you for joining us. now sticking with our lead story on what the u.s. trying to trade talks in the latest drama whether or not terror threat is merely a negotiating tactic meant to speed things up is right for speculation but markets worldwide are clearly taking this risk seriously and particularly you see such such as semis industrials and technology taking a beating and dragging the market down with them here now to help to take a broader look at the global impact as tom gandalf the. founder and c.e.o.
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of three bridges financial group. so tom this one right now isn't really impacting the you just the u.s. equity markets but there is systemic implications for global trade in europe we saw a massive sell out today with the auto good dropping more than two percent tell us what's happening in europe right now. well you know europe is facing a lot of economic pressure on a number of different fronts and particularly as it pertains to a trade deal with china the challenge they have is that their exports are dominated by many a factor of goods and leading the charges vehicles automobiles boats and airplanes certainly economic troubles in china will will certainly spill over to europe and create further problems for them yeah we saw the cac and the dax drop more than one percent to the close and now australia they're also hit really hard by this unexpected news we see the australian dollar get slammed falling as low as point sixty nine sixty five earlier today against the u.s.
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dollar it now sits at the lowest level so it's january third this year tell us how they're affected by this. well china is actually australia's largest trading partner and of australia's exports a third of them go to china so certainly an economic problems that affect china will will have a cascading effect on australia their economy and their dollar in particular is quite dependent upon commodities and the export of those those commodities of natural liquid gas. iron ore copper those are all things that china needs a great supply enough should demand wind up winning then is going to be affected in a pretty significant way they've benefited actually as the chinese economy has skyrocketed over the last decade or so and if china takes a step back i think that australia is going to feel it as well. now trying this plan may backfire here as china may not want to negotiate with a gun pointed at their head and as this conflict plays out escalates investors are
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going to try to hedge their exposure and find a safe haven we see them now running into the czech japanese yen today that's a safety against the u.s. dollar so how else can investors seek to reduce their global exposure. well i'm not sure that anybody really likes negotiating with a gun to their head but the fact of the matter is that china needs the u.s. economy they need us as a trading partner and the us needs china as well i suspect that something will get worked out now whether it ones of being as favorable as president trump wants or as favorable as president she wants we don't know that yet i think that there's a lot of saber rattling going on on both sides at this point. with this. china with their. walking back of some of the commitments they had previously made so there's a lot of concern obviously on both sides i think ultimately a deal gets done but regardless i think investors should look at the power of
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earning dividends as a potential hedge against any any global unrest from an economic standpoint plays like real estate. utilities. things that really are not dependent upon china's. export import business are going to be probably safe havens for u.s. investors. local businesses health care is another one i think is probably a safe haven and something i saw him look at as the trade tensions ramp up now tom you know there's the u.s. china process is going on there's also u.s. separately u.s. europe talks going on on that trade relationship in theory if the chinese situation were to be resolved or this process were to just fall apart it's possible that those preexisting tensions with europe could then come to the fore maybe on the main burner would be china now would be u.s. europe trade junctions and there are a number of significant issues there what's the interaction here between the process with china and the process with europe. well there's
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a pretty interesting dynamic going on here because some of the things that are on the on the plate with regards to the u.s. china deal or concerns for europe as well. protectionism is one state owned business is another. or. competitive environment for small business is a third concern and those are all concerns not just for u.s. companies but for european companies as well depending upon the context of a trade deal with china or europe may find themselves in a. place where they benefit with no deal and they play it may find them themselves in a play for the benefit with a deal if there is not a deal and china trade with the us tends to break down then europe might be able to fill some of the void created by reduced exports from the u.s. to china so it's a pretty interesting dynamic and one that's going to be certainly something we'll need to watch moving forward one thousand a thing and you know we were at the end of the year there were so many signs of
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a slowdown in europe and in china now we've seen surprising signs of strength in the u.s. economy and some less bad figures coming out from china recently what's your big picture take on whether we're headed for a global slowdown this year and how decisive is the outcome of these talks in determining whether whether there's a slowdown or not. why i think the point you just made is precisely why trump decided to choose now to start his twitter storm with regard to the trade deal the us economy is extraordinarily strong right now g.d.p. growth is up unemployment is down wage growth is up inflation is very very low so from a. competitive standpoint the u.s. economy is a much much better shape actually than we even realize here and i think that's probably why he chose this timing as of now he feels that the chinese commie economy is not quite as strong as the u.s. is that this point and he probably feels as though he gained a bit of leverage and is in a position to take advantage of the dynamics going on here our economy is in great
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shape europe has some challenges there's no question about it and perhaps rather than taking an adversary approach adversarial approach i'm sorry about that too. the us china trade deal i believe that europe would benefit similarly to the us of something positive gets done and will have to see if it plays out that way ok timing can be everything so i'm gandalf of the founder and c.e.o. of bridges financial group thank you for your time. fox conn's billionaire chairman terry goal has declared of fit to run for president of taiwan goal helps to be the nominee for the pro china candidate for the two thousand and twenty alexion where he looks to unseat current taiwanese presidents i.e. one of the democratic progressive party go has called on beijing to recognize and acknowledge the existence of the republic of china taiwan's official title he said
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taiwan should maintain peace with china while protecting its own uniqueness but there is a fundamental rift between taiwan's pro independence leanings and reunification push the question of taiwan's sovereignty is highly sensitive election issue and goal has been under intense scrutiny as critics claim he would sell out the self-will island because of his multibillion dollar manufacturing empire on the mainland go has deep business and political ties in china and most of foxconn assets and production facilities are in china go has met with president trump last week and announced he hopes to be the peacemaker between taiwan the mainland and the us and improve the commercial links between the three sides he discussed how taiwan can exploit close ties with both china and the u.s. as the race for advanced technology ramps up. krav times and it would restate full year and quarterly results for twenty sixteen twenty seventeen and the
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first three quarters of twenty eighteen after employee misconduct of fabricating a number of transactions related to suppliers and procurement krav times had already disclosed in february that the f.c.c. was investigating and accounting policies so this earnings restatement does not come as a surprise news of the investigation plus the company lowering the value of its craft in oscar meyer trademarks by fifteen point four billion led to a one day twenty percent drop in the company's stock price the company said it does not only. there was statement was quantitatively material totaling about two hundred eighty million dollars berkshire hathaway is the largest shareholder and wrote down over three billion dollars related to its investment in kraft heinz as shares of the food giant tumbled more than twenty four percent year to date and the latest a c c file and the company said the investigation did not identify any misconduct by any member of the senior management team. time now for
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a quick break but hang here because when we return chris martenson a pretty peak prosperity joins us to break down the impact of terror threat on global oil markets and as we go to break here are the market numbers out the closing. you're relying on data that is not very well. fine like g.d.p. number of the gross domestic product number is notorious for being very opaque and it doesn't really give a picture that you can draw any tentative conclusions from a that's true of almost every number that's produced by the government because it
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proves that you control the data because the data controls the algorithms and the index. green agreed to print. must remember that it was. working. there wasn't it was being you know much worse. but there was an expectation that things were going to get better. there was a real sense of. there isn't today today's america where shaped by the ten principles of concentration of wealth and power. reduce democracy attacks. engineer elections manufacture consent and other principle according to. one set of rules for the rich. that's what happens when you put
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her into the. will switch who is dedicated to increasing power for just as you'd expect one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of america.
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welcome back the malaysian attorney general has approved the extradition of a former managing director at goldman sachs to the united states to face charges including three three counts of money laundering and the one m.t.p. corruption case granting a request from the u.s. department of justice that managing director at goldman. known to english speakers as roger also faces charges in malaysia. the malaysian attorney general told reporters that will face trial in malaysia as soon as proceedings in the u.s. are concluded mr sapir your goldman former goldman partner tim listener has already pled guilty to charges in the one m. d. b. case one m.t.b. was a state development initiative that allegedly became a slush fund for disgraced former malaysian president najib resign and associates goldman is under legal scrutiny for there were all in
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a range in the total of six point five billion dollars and bond sales for what for one m.t.b. from two thousand and twelve to twenty thirteen earning are raising fees of six hundred million dollars. and the latest unemployment figures from spain show a significant drop in the jobless rate for the month of april spanish labor ministry statistics show a month to month drop of two point eight percent and the number of those seeking work over ninety one thousand fewer spaniards were rest were registered as unemployed in april bringing the total number of unemployed workers down to roughly three point two million that positive outcome has a bit of an asterisk on it as the easter shopping season is believed to have given the spanish economy the usual seasonal boost after seasonal adjustment the number of jobless fell by an estimated nineteen thousand a poll by the national statistics institute shows the spanish rate of unemployment for the first quarter still trending high among european economies at fourteen point seven percent. and here to dive into more of the details on our lead story in
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the u.s. china trade talks is chris martenson founder of peace prosperity. so chris welcome back let's talk about some of the effects of the latest episode of this trade talk reality show the world has come to watch early reaction right now shows oil falling across grades and types on the news that the heightened risk of these u.s. china talks are not producing an agreement what's your first take on the latest tub thumping from president trump and the reaction from the oil markets. well the oil markets actually rebounded pretty strongly into the close there finishing up actually green on the day and we hit a peak in the oil market back and it will conflicts it's been falling for a little while certainly had a tough night like a lot of things did in the overnight markets went out two tweets of one hundred words total i think came out from trump rattled a lot of markets but looks like the markets kind of shrug that off oil is pretty strong right here and i think there are a lot of geo political factors that are going to weigh on the price of oil as we go
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forward. so i know you try to have a scientific bent in your analysis but there's a lot of factors here that are hard or impossible to quantify such as present trends and shifting moods and how tired i may respond to threats and blunt demands so do you have a prediction on whether the u.s. and china will reach an agreement or what are the chances of success at this point . i would very much agree with your prior guest you had on tom you talked about how you doesn't think that either side is going to get exactly what they want i think that's actually in the cards certainly the united states is a strong economy and that gives a little bit of negotiating leverage and negotiation grow as a leverage so it looks like trump feels like he's in a good audience got stock market pretty much your all time highs he's got a strong economy to work with looks like a good leverage china has a ton of leverage in this story too and so my view at this point it looks like we're going to get a deal it's going to come through it's not going to be quite what anybody wants but
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they have been all in yes trying doesn't back china into a corner where they don't have any way to save face that there's no good out they may surprise us if they are backed into that kind of corner. now taking another angle on this we saw a equity markets falling worldwide earlier today but how are commodities markets doing we saw gold a week ago hitting a peak of twelve eighty five announce as you know and mr typically fled to safety in precious metals what's happening what i. and there. well with gold specifically it got a great start to two thousand nine hundred and it's been almost all of those games pretty much flat or near which if you want to believe what the gold market is telling us it's not a lot of concerns about safety at this point i'm at the very much a risk on games that through december mo's for all the equity markets across the world so looks like i'm not taking much of a read from gold that commodities very interesting story there it was just two weeks after three was announced that we saw the commodities in
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a very long sustained down cycle let's all across the board included at that time oil green softs metals low kinds of things and it's only been recently we've started to see some recovery in that but still the ratio between come out of the prices and equity prices is not a multi generational skill so commodities are not yet up off the floor in the story yet and i think that's really indicative of where we are in this global story. in terms of supply of all the commodities that we need right now very interesting and also we touched on oil obviously oil rebounded today after some drops in the morning but you know on some specific commodities cotton and corn futures also slumped today while soybean contracts are headed toward their largest drop i believe in nine months there's the oil price chart there but all in all looks like a risk off day as investors are trying to hedge their bets in the event that there
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is perhaps a full blown trade war or that this process takes a turn for the worse where we should investors go if they're looking for a safe investment if they are spooked where would be the safe place to go be right now. right now that would be u.s. dollars and if you're going to be in those you might as well be in t. bills and get yourself you know some yield offer that and the reason for that is that you know it's the world a lot of excess funds and put a lot of those at this farm through the central bank conduit in. into the financial system we saw a lot of theory trades a lot of speculative investments got made and it's always you know when the market gets me just one who knows what the trade and that means dollars but thought that with the dollar goes up so that's a pretty safe place to be when you get into that ripped off environment or when the stimulus global money flows into reverse course as the speculative theory trades go up and well and i wish it was different but a huge huge portion of our markets are simply hot money going for
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a song from that you know and often that means in the speculative flows one of the cheery trades are being. put across the world markets in this way so i'm going to the dollar to see places people are really looking for safety right now and that would be a fairly short term place to hang out but not without one. thank you so much time arsonists and founder of peak prosperity thank you and say. you're welcome. that there by this time you can head to boom box on direct t.v. channel three twenty one dish network channel two eighty or streaming twenty four seven on clear the t.v. the free t.v. channel one thirty two are as always had us up at youtube dot com who must r.t. the next time. this is is a stick from the water bottle phone in the stomach of the fish the brand is spawns
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of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell consumers there are the bad ones there are the litter bugs are throwing this away industry should be blamed for all this waste the company has promised to reuse the plastic. that's. a special project funding. that the. mountains of waste only grow. so what is it going to coin is magic internet a new type of digital currency the centralized digital scarcity chancellor i'm bringing a second bailout for bank that's called the genesis blog for reasons to coin
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a civil disobedience a source of optimism because i can control my own financial destiny it's just a new way of coming to consensus it's a game changer in the human history of. columbus discovering a new world this paradigm shifting technology that transforms economics and finance in a heartbeat the apollo eleven landing. to the moon. that's max and stacey. is if i'll go through a period of sort of the whole schedule if it's pushed bloody. well to my door that it was my job of. losing is its ability. to get rid of that all you want to go to the britney a lot of that it's a little bit silly was god who think you all know paul. and on top well it was pretty but craig was a. pro but you still don't which because you know i would only done one but i come
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. here to your room you're learning your own good you know stormed the lead here so my look a mood should dasher during the courage your coconspirators some are going to be. in the headlines this morning just bluffing russia's foreign minister says he doesn't believe that there's any real appetite in the u.s. for military intervention in venezuela. european commission president downplays concerns that euro skeptic parties are set to make up president of gains in the books upcoming elections. and russia continues to mourn the victims of sunday's plane crash in moscow that killed forty one including a twelve year old go.


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