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tv   News  RT  May 8, 2019 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of america. headlining this. partially suspends the twenty fifty nuclear agreement because the signatories to it sixty days to steal the country from u.s. sanctions as washington reiterates its threat to hit e.u. companies working with iran with financial penalties. the biggest election in decades in south africa polls show the incumbent ruling party is set to hold power we look at the implications the vote could have on the country. toughens its immigration controls expelling around six hundred foreign nationals
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a third of whom are islamic religious leaders whose visas have expired critics fear is part of a broader crackdown on the muslim community following the atrocities on easter sunday we get reaction. of individuals who orchestrated attacks within a very short. many many do it was east are more sophisticated there's a thing of state b.'s is got to do with terror attacks. she was dave being made the eighth here in moscow it's eight pm on calling the world news the same evening first off for you the future of the historic twenty fifteen iranian nuclear agreement is hanging by a thread after a number of twists this wednesday washington's promise to tighten the screws on iran after iran's partial withdrawal from the pact the reason being it says to protect itself while stressing that the deal should also be safe we're going to get me out. in
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a few minutes first though let's get you up to speed on developments we'll cross to london a moment for us to kind of open in new york what's the u.s. perspective on the nuclear agreement future being today. will the united states is talking about full pressure on iran the united states has announced that new sanctions are coming to be imposed on iran very shortly and this is in the aftermath of iran announcing a partial withdrawal from the twenty fifteen nuclear agreement now iran basically is citing the fact that the usa has violated the agreement and that europe has basically refused to compensate or is not yet compas a compensated iran for the usas withdraw all now at this point this is the twenty fifteen nuclear deal and it overall it was voluntary restrictions on iran's nuclear energy program the deal in essence offered sanction relief to
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iran in exchange for those restrictions now the last year we had the united states with drawing from the deal and most recently we've had washington announcing that it's sending an aircraft carrier as well as a b. fifty two citing what it refers to as credible threats from iran and now at this point we have the special envoy for iran of the united states that's brian hook announcing that quote tehran's announcement on nuclear deals is in defiance of international norms and he's going as far as to say that pointing out that iran's move basically means that they will no longer be selling off their excessive enriched uranium and heavy water the j.c.b. away nuclear agreement actually required iran to dispose of these materials of production were to exceed the thresholds now other signatories of the deal have sixty days to negotiate with iran and address its concerns. regarding the industry
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and banking sector and basically this is a response to washington the sanctions would violate the iran deal the foreign minister of iran zarif basically says that the next step the ball is in the court of europe we're waiting to see how europe responds to iran's partial withdrawal this is a reef. not the e.u. signatories haven't been complying with the openly gay shouldn't they comply with these implications and we'll be able to guarantee the future life of the joint comprehensive plan of action. and so we're waiting to see europe's response from iran's partial withdrawal to the nuclear deal with raul that they took in response to the usa violating and pulling out of the nuclear agreement which was signed after the historic p five plus one talks. ok thanks for that let's see what's been happening across the atlantic. london bureau either the trap
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between the u.s. and iran right now what have we been hearing from europe. hi there colin yes it seems that europe is trapped between a rock and a hard place between iran and the us europe admits that iran so far has acted in compliance with a twenty fifteen deal while the trump administration as you heard from caleb a saying the opposite in the meantime germany have come up with their stance their edging that iran doesn't take any what they call aggressive steps at this time because the germans are very keen to say that deal that was brokered back in twenty fifteen well here in the u.k. we've had a meeting between jeremy hunt and also secretary site might pump to resume may and in that particular press conference that followed the meeting iran was threatened with sign sions regardless of what has actually been happening the fact they've so far comply this kind of a hard line when taken as we can hear from jeremy hunt. iran has agreed to vital compliance measures if they break that deal then there will be consequences in terms of how european powers react so we urge the iranians to think very
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long and hard before they break. well in the meantime there is also another question by a journalist who stood up and asked jeremy hunt whose side are you on a point blank question but the foreign minister he didn't answer that directly at all but it was picked up by my compiler who decided to answer that question for the journalist and said that u.k. and the u.s. stand together. parlor game that gets played we're on the same side we're on the side of values driven democracy we're on the side of freedom we're on the side of creating a nation for the iranian people where they can have religious freedom and they can have a democracy when the side of europe so they can exist without assassination campaigns being conducted its own capitals were on the side together on a scale of a deleted looted to earlier there was a financial mechanism set up by the european companies in iran called in states which was effectively there to offer help to the iranian people in a way of paps trying to almost circumvent sanctions what is supposed to do is
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provide humanitarian aid in terms of pharmaceuticals and. food anything that is of immediate need to the iranian people but the iranians don't feel they're in stakes goes far enough to help the iranian people and the fact that it was kind of what they feel is bit of a sort of empty promise and that more needs to be done it's the one thing that the iranians want to hear from the european cup countries in the meantime as well france has also responded in much the same way that germany has done as well calling on iran not to take any aggressive aggressive moves we did hear earlier briefly from the iranian foreign minister he's been in moscow for talks what was going goal of his visit to the kremlin. zarif he met sort of a lover of russia's foreign minister for talks over this particular issue and he admitted that russia had long back to iran over many of its policies something that was also supported by sergey lavrov as he said in his press conference. unfortunately this is typical of our american colleagues whether it's in the middle east the persian gulf or in venezuela it's distressing during my meeting with u.s.
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secretary of state michael steele and on monday i called on him to employ diplomacy rather than issued threats when it comes to challenging situations. well after that decision by iran is quite simple now for the signatories of the twenty fifteen agreement do they back the u.s. or do they back iran. ok for now ok partridge at r.t. and london thanks very much for bringing us up to speed there. right so that is where the decision makers stand at this point let's see where it might lead us we can talk to shabbir has an ali who's a political commentator welcome to r.t. could have you with us is iran in any position to be making any demands like this sixty day deadline if it's also threatening to pull out of the deal that it agreed to. and i think we have to look at the situation from a wider perspective iran has from the beginning from the day that very sleepy it was signed been faithful to it it has abided by its commitments from day one where
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it is america and i'll get to be europe have failed to do so i mean america the moment j. c.p.o. it was signed it lifted a whole load of sanctions but then it placed the whole lot of new sanctions on that sort of cancel them out and then america decided it's going to soon as you know you had mr trump come along they decided right we're not going to you know on of this agreement to quote tear it up. so iran and iran has operated with extreme restraint and thus far and even now what president rouhani said and this needs to be made clear iran is potentially going to opt out of some voluntary components of g c p o a it's not throwing the deal away yet it's given europe a chance because europe has since trade c.p.o. it was torn up if you like by trump your. proceed that we will find you know will work with iran will help them and everything but iran's financial situation is not
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being helped at all it contracts not properly and now you've got this situation where america keeps threatening that no iranian oil is going to be sold it's refusing to renew the waivers that it is given which even it's very strange that america seems to control the trade policy of many many other countries this is a very very strange situation as well as the whole idea of secretary sanctions and we also have to understand that alongside all of this you've got a propaganda campaign going on against iran where even outlets like press t.v. have their you tube accounts and social media presence is closed off without any explanation by america and we know google is an n.s.a. outfit american controlled entities so the whole situation is a lot more complex and i think iran is perfectly within its rights to turn around and say look guys enough is enough of sixty days sort this otherwise we're going to have to work for our own interests the phrase goes two wrongs don't make
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a right if america's renee on the packs and you seem to think that the e.u. is wavering over what it's going to do about the pact the one thing that iran can cling to with un backing is to say that it's met its commitments if it stops doing that it's all going to unravel. i know i agree with you two wrongs don't make a right but at the same time what action has europe taken against america walking out of the deal you know america has walked out of the deal and it's literally for an kerosene and burning the deal by making these secondary sanctions and everything and europe sits there and it makes all of these sort of statements and it pays a lot of lip service to the whole thing but there's no real tangible results coming out of europe the only people that have been giving iran tangible results has been russia and china that have continued transacting. they're on arguably india but europe itself is like it's all wishy washy many european companies who are doing business in iran have decided they need to leave even vo in states was put in place
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to help them continue to transact and you have all of this double speak going on unfortunately from europe and you know as european it did pains me to say this i don't like saying it but you know we must call a spade a spade and europe has not lived up to its commitments and it really all iran is doing is saying to europe look you guys have did that for far too long we've tolerated it for a very long time now you need to now you know actually do something because this is just like causing more and more problems and iran the thing we have to also remember and this needs to be reiterated iran has been faithful to the deal from the point it was signed mv europe nor america have on adverse side of the deal from day one you know europe was on a more of it but america has not on it it in any shape way or form because america never on its any deal anyone wants to understand what america is in terms of deals means to just look at the algiers accords and so many other accords america just
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tears up because it gets bored and it's a sunday ok as you say there's a lot of talk right now it's a question of who's going to blink first though she has and ali thanks for joining us on r.t. . now it's the final hour of voting in south africa and what's being called by some the most crucial election there in more than twenty years a record forty seven parties have thrown their hat into the ring with three considered the front runners polls have been suggesting that the ruling african national congress will stay in power the centrist democratic alliance looks set to put up a good fight but still fall well short and there's also the far left economic freedom fighters they're expected to double their votes since the last election. god who is the co-founder of the champion south africa movement says the incumbent president be given a second chance. it could well be the first. sign of the ruling party this one in every election since one thousand nine hundred four may well lose hold of the election that means either get below fifty or be voted out of power or get very
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close to that and have to form a coalition with another party to stay in power so that is the is the key significant point if the former president of the a.n.c. or the government of south africa president zuma at the time were still in power i would actually tell you now i'm almost certain the would fall below fifty percent we've had now the deputy former deputy president sort of a pause as the president he was the choice ironically of nelson mandela to be the president the country all those years ago there's a sense that people are going to give him a chance to see if he could fix up the problems of the party now the point you've raised is not something being silently discussed is being openly discussed from within the a.n.c. there's an agency that needs massive reformation and the sense they selling is that . is your main. or the ruling party's popularity is waning over a perceived failure to address key issues has come under fire for failing to combat high unemployment currently standing at twenty seven percent also the fight against
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crime has been key to campaigning with theft and murder rates on the rise and probably the most contentious issue has been land reform seventy one percent of private farmland is in the hands of white farmers and some parties suggesting that they should be removed from the land without compensation now one of those who's calling for that kind of reform is joseph malema he is the leader of the far left economic freedom fighters the party in the name has previously been victims of hate speech and inciting violence against the country's white community he's also expelled from the incumbent and see for sowing racial divisions back in two thousand and twelve but he's back in the spotlight in recent months with some fiery rhetoric. white people you will very memory i let you know we are currently to seat do you know. if you are you through cigars. now tell me that do you not tell me how the spirit to eat. i am a five star truth out there is. why we
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don't care now. why not i don't. why don't you know the time i'm saying to you we're not called for the killing of white people at least for now i can guarantee the future and the name is also come under fire for stoking racial tensions during this sort of campaigning carter again says the candidates charged with slogans come close to crossing the line. julius malema of course speaks of very non racial lines on the one hand but he makes no bones about the fact that he's there to serve the black masses the black this and franchise masses and i think that's absolutely understandable but he's still very close to the wind in making certain comments of the latest one about the seat at the front table i understand the imagery the reality is it could well drum up people to believe literally that's what he means if we don't sit with you we destroy the table and that in
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a racially charged environment is unacceptable more so as we know on election day. frank says it's revamping immigration controls but some fear it's simply targeting specific communities after the easter sunday terrorism all the details on that imo after the break. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. war in memory today marks the seventy fourth anniversary a victory over fascism in europe the end of that conflict created the modern world order and it still does.
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but when the first century both of these. elements. and the moment you it isn't are the same people would like to interact to which is happening to individual judges through facebook from me to another interacting with political events. to. those seeing the results. welcome back in the wake of devastating easter sunday bombings the governments expelled around six hundred foreign nationals including two hundred muslim clerics found to have overstayed their visas affairs minister says it comes as part of a broader push to tighten immigration controls. considering the current situation in the country we have reviewed the visa system and taken
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a decision to tighten visa restrictions for religious teaches of those who were sent out about two hundred were islamic preaches there are religious institutions which have been getting in foreign preachers for decades we have no issues with them but there are some which mushrooms recently we will pay more attention to them . is to sunday's coordinated bomb attacks and for lanka killed more than two hundred fifty people eight explosions tore through packed catholic churches in luxury hotels a state of emergency was imposed shortly after and security forces were given sweeping powers to arrest suspects. that wasn't any we heard a loud bang and we fainted and that's all i remember. i
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wish to express my heartfelt solidarity with the christian community affected one it was a prayer and with all the victims of such cruel foreigners. now last sunday dozens of shops vehicles and homes owned by members of the muslim community were attacked in the western coast of city of the gone but at least three people were injured and several arrests were subsequently made security that has been bolstered had a curfew has been imposed the sri lankan government's renewing calls for unity and has offered compensation to those affected by the latest violence for politics expert roger kiska and social commentator amounts or give us their thoughts on the volatile situation. the claims were that twelve days before the the attacks the government was sent detailed warnings the intelligence service of sent detailed
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warnings they were told they were going to be attacking the church is that a. radical group of interline care home grown natives who were going to terrorize and attack people on easter morning she said i really didn't have much choice other than to expel six hundred six hundred foreigners and two hundred to slum it clerics to cover his own shortcomings i think when you have a state of emergency that is a direct result of you know coordinated terrorist attacks in forcing the law for those who have overstayed their visas a minimum you can do because that's the bottom line here we need to. stop terror we need to stop radicalization if there are one hundred terrorists there expanding foreigners doesn't help somebody clamping down on foreigners and listings and asking women to remove the that make up the face veil is actually a disproportionate action and is specifically targeting muslims not the kind in the sense that did the attack on this and kneejerk reaction i think is minimizing a very coordinated attack done by radical muslims now how this done been done by
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a christian for example i would be the first condemning them so i think that moderate muslims shouldn't have to fear what's happening you know if you are involved in a story hatred in planning terrorist attacks and they think of that nature then you should be concerned you should be expelled and then again if this is an issue of a government simply expelling people who have overstayed their visa then i don't see this is a kneejerk reaction they're just executing their laws. i'm sure out of the six hundred people not all of them or muslim who are expelled i think this is this is a tactic whenever anyone speaks up against rising islam but there are labelled as islamophobia and i do believe in religious freedom i think religious freedom is a resident lebanese it's good for modernizing everyone's if it's not just some fake why haven't the sri lankans been behaving why do they allow these things to go ahead these are a big questions answered that is not remove the face files exclude six hundred foreign as one two hundred islamic clerics they would never the problem this is
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about a proportionate response all your years i barely see her is telling six hundred million to little or nothing is there you yzerman reaction to three hundred fifty dead five hundred injured this isn't just about one or two homegrown islamic terrorists this is about a chain of individuals who orchestrated attacks within a very short enough other than i and which kills many many doing business east as are more sophisticated they're suggesting have overstayed visas to do with east to terror attacks when it was i assure lanka native homegrown who himself was radicalizing people well if you have two hundred. if you have two hundred clerics overstaying their welcome then being homegrown might mean that they were in one of those mosques was one of those two hundred clerics we don't know that. rush is readying itself for one of the most poignant holidays of the year of may the ninth commemorating the end of the second world war a victory day also celebrates the role of women in the war the first time that female cadets taken part in the parade
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but this shit they have a special mission after three months of rigorous training they've been putting their skills into formation. mom. this is my thought time participating in the victory day parade but it's the fast talking who join on or a division that's the twist for this year's parade. it wasn't easy getting used to the carbine rifle to the special position you need to be and while holding call binding i'm a novice to it and there's a special technique to keep it on straight. here for the
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instructor to look. at you. and several as you're hearing praise from the men from the owner of the division they say that our girls have learned quickly and to the same level as the boys which they took a long time to learn. to. write . like we really get. our.
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full coverage of that parade right here ten am moscow to. i'm here on the international zone which is always going to spectacle that's it from us for now though check in with us again after the latest big bust. in.
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the currencies in freefall there is no gold standard but there's no way to reconcile the some of the world's every other country is competing as a race to the bottom at the same time it's fair to say that there is now several countries that you could i think characterize as being on a war footing so the u.s. by saying well we don't have a recession anymore and we don't have any any trade election to defend our currency value and anyway they're opening the door in a big big way to extremely violent global conflict. is this is a stick of water bottle phone in the stomach of the fish the brand is spawns of the coca-cola company which soon is millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was
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that let's tell consumers there are the bad what's there the litter. exert throwing this away industry should be blamed for all this waste become but he has promised to reuse the plastic. on the disease and eventually. the mountains of ways only grow. this is passing around the world and covering the world of business and finance and
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the empire. i'm pissed and i'm daniel bruno in washington we're glad you're on board today we have on the world of planes trains and automobiles literally. wings controversy is played the company's profits as why will airbus manage to get a wing up on the ailing giant our chief correspondent alex mahila which gives us a bird's eye view of the current state of aerial earnings plus has once again very often to a new venture but well there are no ral go up in flames lauren fix the car coach gets behind the wheel and tears up through trouble and finally all the railways me seeing rustic new advances are being made on the trucks are to produce a bridge of war brings us the latest from the relaxed conference on capitol hill all of that directly ahead but first we had some headlines let's go. the u.s. trying to trade war drama continues after president incendiary tweet over the weekend many are speculating on whether or not it was a real threat are simply
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a negotiating tactic to beat up talks and squeeze out a few more concessions. after a volatile trading session on monday worldwide fears appear to be waning as it became clear that full size are still talking the shanghai composite and the homes that were both posted gains in overnight trading that sigh of relief was short lived however as president trump's top advisers are now accusing china of re neg a previous comment and going back on language that they previously negotiated on in retaliation trump declared he will be increasing terrace on two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese goods this friday the tenth issuing a hard deadline and showing that he was serious on twitter vice premier league will meet on thursday to negotiate and he will be looking for assurances that the threat of terrorists on friday is not real at the same time china is also preparing retaliatory to hair of on u.s. imports should trump carry out his threat a sudden.


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