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big three day celebrations underway here in russia today marking the seventy fourth anniversary of the end of the great patriotic war the traditional iconic parades took center stage in red square this morning. this is what's happening right now live pictures for you bring you more of it millions now preparing and already have some places marching through moscow to pay tribute to their relatives who lived through and indeed seen many many cases perished in the conflict processions of
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being held in other cities right across russia today. away from other some other world news polls show former u.s. vice president joe biden leading against bernie sanders in the race for the twenty twenty democratic presidential nomination evoking memories and of the twenty sixteen contests. good afternoon live from moscow broadcasting around the world watching our international with me kevin now in the south just in one of the afternoon here this . extremely special day in russia to mark the seventy fourth anniversary of the capitulation of nazi germany the conflict on the eastern front which lasted for just under four years a battle of attrition with unprecedented for all city claimed the lives of twenty five million soviets.
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today is about remembering the whole of suffering and sacrifice would shelter mutley affected every family for over twenty years military parades like the one you sing over my shoulder now happening right now have been a key component of the a victory day celebrations these are the signals we witnessed of the military parade earlier on this book and i was what's called the immortal regiments the families the loved ones remembering all the people that went through so much seventy four years ago just of.
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it's very difficult to describe the atmosphere it's it's jaj electric. tents but that there's so much sight but the excitement just released during the parade itself. out. there are. seven. of them on
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such an iconic. flight. while one of the clock back their first victory parade was held on the twenty fourth of june one hundred forty five over a month after nazi germany's capitulation during the soviet era the next celebrations then after that were held on the twentieth in the big fortieth anniversary of the victory since one hundred ninety five military parades have been an annual fixture victory day holds a very special place in the popular consciousness here as you can see it's not just
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a time for bold military displays it's also time to for quietly remembering the unimaginable suffering enjoyed by soviet families back then during the war.
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i'm a military parade on red square over now millions of people whose relatives live through the war expected to wind their way through the capitalist as they often they can be taken part in morgan talking about this macho the immortal regiment and has got more on that side of it. family moments yet such
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a strong national feeling strong national day because of course as you quite rightly mentioned it was some other on a call other colleagues earlier today every family has a story to tell whether that's relatives fighting on the front working behind enemy lines as members of the resistance working in the factories it really was a time of collective memory and collective effort that great picture to put it into perspective always struggle to really contain words how important this holiday is to russians and of course we have remembered suddenly in the u.k. the moment of silence and settle for a poignant and i've just been reading an article the state poll that says almost half of russians forty eight percent are going to be attending some form of victory celebrations across the country another twenty percent are going to be visiting veterans of which there are fewer and fewer every year sadly in my family history i always knew that my grandmother had a father who fought and died in stalin right in nineteen forty two my great
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grandfather what she didn't know was that she also had a soft brother who could do start soldier had just before he left for the front a lifting cars out in central russia and while i decided to do some family research get in touch with him through social media through his family and what better place for a family reunion than the night of may on red square to commemorate the memory of their father who died on the start and right of all those years ago we got them to meet for the first time both of them in their eighty's of course better late than never i suppose here on red square and this is what happened.
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but you see the way. watching this military parade which has just finished the tanks the armored vehicles it's all very impressive the sheer noise the wind to the ground running when you feel feet it's all very very impressive but people don't come here for that the million or so that are going to be in attendance with the malta regiment they come here with true emotions with tears in their eyes and indeed the veterans come here empty handed they leave with bunches of flowers which people gives to them they hug them they want to take photos this is the day and if only this could be every day that these veterans are true legends heroes and celebrities here in russia quite rightly as they should be and indeed as i mentioned this evident this commemoration of the immortal regiment has gone truly international out something
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that wasn't really happening before now is being celebrated in the hundreds and hundreds of cities throughout the world we're going to show you some of what's going on so far. as use. who's.
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this shit to mark the ninth of may our team decided to launch a special project called letters of victory we are so descendants of world war two veterans to read to us some of the messages that were sent home from the frontlines by their relatives but then. the best way to live the what am i wish. you had issue on would decide to boss need me just more suited to my program she's one of the tonight and stop with them when you get back to see if you could pull something out about me and see me just but we're just maybe one of them i should follow those extra shift who've seen you not plump you've got not boys in the bush really. has roots that also you for she stuck with you could be this is just which one of
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them each of you should. let him kiss me on the ready to mom on the bald head to the boss to the. p.c. just to push must have what the name of was nice but i do belive it is the wife dismissed from the blue shoes with leave the crying yes that i. will form if someone is me choke me up or she competition will. walk with me which still is a quite a scene of when at the book i mentioned here this is fine if it is road to be rushed. but i do feel there's a much much more likely would have to occur with spit when you remember from the words from the photo sent to bill for the bit of well being is left of him when she was playing the national pride to a fool's misery sisterhood but the necessity to remind us that she can.
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see what. the marchioness if what you support a secret was fully shut up as i am i'm just what dr who is c.p.s. to see if any of the people who might tell me disappointing to a book some true crime at the barbecue i was a boy teen watching you come mama i was going to assume in the coming few minutes. to be able to put a pop up you should be suitable so it's one of the. it's quarter past one of the afternoon here in moscow and these are live scenes from moscow as you mentioned earlier on much is happening all over russia already in what's known as the immortal regiment is a huge thing last few years move a decade now when family members with old private family memories gather on mass in tribute to the so many of gave so much here in russia to in world war two these are
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live pictures a say coming in as these people start to gather now they march officially gets under way in about one hour forty five three pm local time but they're already as you can see a heck of a lot of people out in the heart of the capital millions are expensive turn out that remember you see this before the aerial cameras has been a for all of people our correspondents will be there to bring more flavor of this day that russia shows its solidarity its respect and love and its echoed here to for you we hope on r.t. international. a recent report from the u.k.'s foreign office highlights in detail the persecution
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of christians around the world in the middle east the cradle of christianity christians face extinction why is it deep politically incorrect in the west foundational religion. you know world's big part of a lot of things and conspiracies it's time to wake up. to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks.
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international checking out some other news for you now former u.s. vice president joe biden has a clear lead over socialist bernie sanders in the contest for the twenty twenty democratic presidential nomination according to the latest polls and it seems many in the media and the party's leadership are already throwing their weight behind the centrist front runner as they once did with hillary clinton of course explains more. but new poll shows that joe biden has surged ahead in the race for the democratic nomination in two thousand and twenty the poll shows that forty six percent of democrats are backing joe biden as the potential nominee with only fourteen percent backing bernie sanders and despite a lot of other polls telling a very different story the media has jumped on this one voices are now telling us why he's the best choice for the democrats and this is a guy who doesn't hate republicans like you see some of the folks on the website
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you mean for joe biden is that he's the most electable candidate for democrats to beat donald trump i think joe biden best chance of success is this sudden coronation remind you of anything hillary clinton is the best candidate democrats can put forward to take on donald trump voters in wisconsin think hillary clinton is the best candidate hillary clinton is the best candidate the media tells us that joe biden is the most experienced candidate biden is certainly the most experienced candidate i think hillary clinton is the single most experienced and prepared person who has ever run for president of the united states furthermore it stresses the point that biden is a centrist he's actually kind of a centrist which is one of the reasons why i think republicans fear him more than the others hillary clinton is not threatened in terms of the nomination because she is a pretty moderate centrist democrat and in fact biden's first campaign fundraiser happened at the home of the exact same guy his name is david cohen he's the chief lobbyist
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for the media conglomerate known as comcast now both biden and clinton voted for the iraq war both biden and clinton have lots of wall street donors and both biden and clinton screamed to lock him up in the one nine hundred ninety s. driving america's incarceration rate sky high for those who may have forgotten hillary clinton last trump's victory in the twenty sixteen election was interpreted largely as a rebuke of a failing political establishment now hillary clinton's husband got some interesting advice here. as a go my wife gave me a psychology book several months ago in which the author defined insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over again and expecting a different result perhaps it's time to revisit that book polls are often a reflection of media coverage and the corporate media in the united states low suman gives him lots of coverage and that can give him support in polls and they often poll likely democratic voters which is not the same thing as who actually
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ends up voting in a general election even just who answers polls is not the same thing as who votes clinton she was the most experienced and the most right wing of the democrats the media loved her but it didn't mean she could get elected in fact the polls were overwhelmingly clear time and time again. that there are massive purchases of advertising joe biden twenty twenty has already engaged in of what their media like someone telling everyone they are the leading candidate as they did overwhelmingly with the ellery clinton does not you know anyway obvious mean that that is the candidate who is going to win an election. you know the will do counting is underway in south africa which has held what's been framed as the country's most crucial election since the end of the apartheid twenty five years ago and at this stage the african national congress looks on course to extend its rule
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a record forty eight policies through the hats in the ring with three considered front runners polls published last month suggested the african national congress would continue governing the country the centrist democratic alliance despite a strong fight is expected to fall well short while the far left economic freedom fighters are expected to double their vote since the last election the thoughts of the co-founder of the champion south africa movement who predicts indeed the incumbent president will be given a second chance here. it could well be the first time the ruling. party this one every election since one thousand nine hundred four may well lose hold of the election that means either get below fifty and be voted out of power or get very close to that and have to form a coalition with another party to stay in power so that is the is the key significant point if the former president of the a.n.c. or the government of south africa president zuma at the time were still in power i would actually tell you now i'm almost certain they see both would fall below fifty
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percent we've had now the deputy former deputy president sort of a poser as the president he was the choice ironically of nelson mandela to be the person of the country all those years ago there's a sense that people are going to give him a chance to see if he could fix up the problems of the party now the point you've raised is not something being silently discussed it's been openly discussed from within the a.n.c. there's an agency that needs massive reformation and the sense they selling is that . is your main well the ruling party's popularity is waning over a perceived failure for a start to address key issues he's come under fire for one failing to combat an employment starting at twenty seven percent and to the fight against crime has been a key issue for the campaign as well with theft and murder rates on the rise and probably most contentious issue has been land reform seventy one percent of private farmland is still in the hands of white farmers highly controversial and some parties will controversially to suggesting that they be removed from that land
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without compensation all of those calling for reform is one julius malema he is the leader of the far left economic freedom fighters or the e.f.-s. party malema has previously been convicted of hate speech and inciting violence against the country's white minority he was also expelled from the incumbent and see for serving racial division back in twenty twelve for the spotlight to in recent months again the. rhetoric. white people you will remember it we are cuddly to seat do you know. if you are you see us do you know. that the that man had the spirit to eat. fast. they say do you know. why we don't care really why not now. why don't you do you know what time i'm saying to you we're not called
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for the killing of white people at least for now i can guarantee the future but i was come under fire for stoking racial tensions during his campaign national guard again says the candidates charge slogans are crossing a line. julius malema of course speaks a very nonracial line on the one hand but he makes no bones about the fact that he is there to serve the black masses the black this and french ice masses and i think that's absolutely understandable but he's still very close to the wind in making certain comments of the latest one about the seat at the front table i understand the imagery the reality is it could well drum up people to believe literally that's what he means if we don't sit with you we destroy the table and that in a racially charged environment is unacceptable more so as we know on election day. authorities in the fool in northern israel are a part of making good on a promise to quote preserve the city's character in
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a highly controversial step they decided to bad arabs from visiting the local park their policy a picture of the story for you. this is the northern israeli town of afula home to around fifty thousand people most of whom are jewish the town and particularly this park women use recently because of if it's by citizens to maintain what they call the character of the place and the way to do this according to the town's mayor is to shut out so-called minority members back say arab citizens of nearby villages that's just a euphemism for keeping arabs out and. the book is a police over in germany it's not the police only for jews it is. only for residents of. an increase of discrimination they do not directly say does against arabs but not all of the arabs and even our food and who feel like it is forbidden for us to. sit ins here disagree they say that people who don't live in the town
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should not be allowed into the park the official word from the municipality is that we must safeguard. it insists that the closure of the park to nonresidents has nothing to do with jews and arabs but rather it's a way of exposing the town's residents to a host of activities the. they can participate in where they would like the people all the jews come here when arabs come here they just cause problems being you can't and they listen hard belongs to the city and it's just in the interest of their residents to look after is a place people from the outside don't have that interest but i'm not a visit and i'm here this matter will now forward into the lap of the interior ministry to decide later this month. r t a for northern israel. twenty seven minutes past one o'clock the soft new my name is kevin though in that sense some of the world's news is looking for mount international this thursday was big stories as well we're going to the pictures of a such big day russia millions of people expected indeed they are pouring into the streets of the capital and around rush hour of the next hour or so on the seventy
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fourth anniversary of victory day they're marching to mark the end of the second world war and to remember their relatives who lived through and in so so many cases didn't terrible conflict the war on the eastern front touched the lives of every family here in russia and beyond this is a day of sorrow but also joy as well and we'll continue to bring you a flavor of that here on this channel we are proudly. international. twenty first century politics also spoke to jets elements of the day and the moment you it isn't a table people would like to interact to which is happening to individuals are using their interactions through facebook through it to another interacting with
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political events getting excited from the people's seeing the results. twenty forty you know bloody revolution to tikrit the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be increasingly violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it just a lawyer hiccup what if i mean your list put video at three in the new bill is that i mean you explain you go to the ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty four. those who took part in this today over five billion dollars to assist you in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. politicians
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to do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. somehow i want to. let you go right to be precise this is what the full screen the whole can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters about how. this should. go down but well it was pretty heated today because you're going to put if you should go to him when you look at it we're going to move through that would be to see him name you know who is you who are you to the but when you look at a way he was a love which could out in the bush which if we if you. if we were in the role of what you say i don't wish to be zero. but when youth.


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