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tv   News  RT  May 12, 2019 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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in the week's top stories russia is still reeling from a plane crash killing 41 people when a passenger jet burst into flames while making an emergency landing at a moscow airport. also to come on the way to russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov and his u.s. counterpart mike pompei a grapple with the crisis in venezuela with follow up talks expected in russia's saakshi later this month and around partially suspends the 2015 new clear agreement
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and gives the signatories to it 60 days to shield the country from u.s. sanctions that is washington reiterates its threat to haiti companies working with iran with financial penalties and russia marks the 74th anniversary of the capitulation of nazi germany with military parades and ceremonies will bring you some of the highlights from thursday's commemorations. hello there good morning the latest developments in a look back to the last 7 days you're watching weekly here on r.t. international now russia is mourning the 41 people killed in last sunday's plane tragedy moscow sheremetyevo airport the passenger jet was engulfed in flames while making an emergency landing.
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way to get out. of the plane took off it 6 pm local time is banned for the northwestern russian city of the man's just under 20 minutes later though the pilots alerted air traffic control they were returning to sheremeta witnesses later said the aircraft had been struck by lightning at half past 7 it made an emergency landing but hit the runway hard bursting into flames as it bounced along the tarmac well it was quickly consumed by the fire which claimed the lives of dozens of people trapped inside in fact 78 people were on board at the time of the crash more than half of the victims
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were from the immense region here's some of their stories. so she was very much. a very nice atrocious those what is true for you you wish to reduce the scope. if you both of them still really expect you.
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to much to. the future. this is even to feel close to. the woods to feel like you can easily get to. what you seem to
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teach you most. of the flight attendant maxine must say of who died trying to open the rear exit door to let passengers escape is being hailed a hero video agency but planes are viewed his mother he still cannot believe that a son will never return. stolidly game ready saved one person a man was drowned in crimea he was choking. and 15 but he dragged him to shore he didn't consider it a big deal it was just a thing you have to do he always thought the people should help others do good deeds he didn't offend anyone here we spoke to people with respect he was simply kind to people on. huey's did everything that he has enough money so that the family would have enough x. that none of us needed anything. else because they were sick but in the interest even now i just don't believe he's not here i just don't believe that.
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every 2nd i think he'll come home soon he'll be with us. for the plane's flight data and cockpit voice recorders have been recovered and an investigation is underway the wreckage of the plane has been removed for forensic examination investigators are looking at 3 possible causes of the tragedy pilot error system malfunctions and also bad weather. now the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov and hugh s. secretary of state mark pompei o held talks on the crisis in venezuela on the sidelines of an arctic council meeting in finland it does come after the alleged coup attempt was thwarted in the latin american country it was expected to visit the russian city of sochi later this month to continue the discussion where journalists expected the talks in finland to focus on the possibility of u.s.
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military action in venezuela illiterate frank reports now on the actual outcome of the talks. the number one diplomats of america in russia have finally met and we were hoping to understand if there is at least a slight chance. that moscow and washington could be on the same page when it comes to venice well off well it's like the pale didn't speak to journalists at all after this here in finland but when. i talked to the media he thought it wasn't a good idea to shed light on any of the details pretty much but he did respond to my question about mike barrows statement from this weekend that russia must get out of venezuela and also about the possibility of cool sam intervening militarily in his photos. consent to do this and we tried not to
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concentrate on those statements which are publicly discussed because they are being affected by many factors the don't have anything to do was real politics we concentrated on the real politics incentives from my contacts with the u.s. american and european colleagues i don't see any suppose this move to reaction immediately after this i asked the russian foreign minister if that included american diplomats and to that he simply answered yes but the real question right now is though whether that is really the case because many times we've heard from the most high ranking officials in america the phrase all options are on the table including the military one and when secretary of state pump ale was heading to europe the journalists were reporting that on the plane he said that nicolas maduro
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can no longer be in charge of this country he believes he is simply not able to do that even though he is de facto the leader of the country and i can tell you that the government in venezuela understands that they could end up having to brace for the worst. scenario just listen to what their foreign minister said when he was in the russian capital on sunday sort of put it but oh well we are ready for all scenarios the 1st includes diplomacy dialogue and peace if the u.s. prefers the military path we're ready to resist we have an army police our people and we are ready to destroy any army no matter how powerful it is so essentially the most influential powers on the opposite sides here the government at any cost but dural and the self-proclaimed president one quite go are finally in touch on this president donald trump has spoken to president vladimir putin the top
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diplomats have met but it is unclear whether that would still lead to a peaceful resolution of this to a peaceful resolution of this longstanding venezuelan crisis. now this week iran and i'm state would no longer own or all of its commitments under the historic 2015 new clear agreement that came precisely one year after the u.s. unilaterally pulled that of the deal something this hits iran's economy hard and heightened international tensions with iran is now threatening to keep access enrich uranium stocks in the country rather than sell them abroad to iran has also given the pact signatories siemens to ensure they are opposing their side of the deal or it will regime production of more highly enriched uranium the move met with mixed reaction from europe and a new round of sanctions from washington. the united states wanted to pull out of
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the g c p a way in order to make iran withdraw from the deal the day after so the us would be able to refer the case to the un security council to ease the burden on the shoulders of the us to redouble and ratchet up the pressure on iran iran did not fall into this trap. we have continued to say actually every that leads us to believe that there is escalation that may be taking place and so we're taking all the appropriate actions both from a security perspective and well as. our ability to make sure that the present has a wide range of options and they made this up that should actually take place what we've been trying to do is to get around to be him like a normal nation. unfortunately this is typical of our american colleagues whether it's in the middle east the persian gulf or in venezuela it's distressing during my meeting with u.s. secretary of state my company all in finland on monday i called on him to employ diplomacy rather than you should threats when it comes to challenging situations.
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iran has agreed to vital compliance measures if they break that deal then there will be consequences in terms of how european powers react so we urge the iranians to think very long and hard before they break that deal. today nothing could be worse than iran leavin the agreement so there are no sanctions today from europe because iran has so far always respected the commitments it has undertaken this country commands are not respected the question of very considerate will artie's rick sanchez discussed iran's vowed to restart its nuclear program with mohammad marandi of the university of toronto who helped negotiate the iran nuclear deal. even insiders here in washington with think
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tanks representing organizations like the carnegie endowment are now saying the troubled ministration is being quote deliberately provocative but we ask the question tonight is iran acting in a manner deserving of u.s. and israeli condemnation or are both countries simply trying to provoke busy the iranians into a war much like our invasion of iraq some are criticizing the 1st question why is president rouhani threatening to restart the iranian your rating and richmond program. well i think it's pretty obvious the iranians negotiated the nuclear deal after many years of negotiations and the iranians made. significant concessions they were flexible in order to show the international community that its nuclear program never was anything but peaceful and that iran
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contrary to what we honestly heard in the western media was not looking to create tension i'm going to back you up on this actually 14 reports by the international nuclear energy agency 14 are confirming that iran has not violated the agreement at is not building a nuclear program why didn't the obama administration the trumpet ministration or the netanyahu administration buy that why did they believe it why do they say differently. and i think the intelligence agencies knew exactly what was happening and i think that they knew quite well that the nuclear program was peaceful and they knew that for example the so-called law that your viewers may or may not remember was a fabrication that was created by israeli intelligence people at the not at the top knew this. but the belief is that the problem with iran was not simply the nuclear
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program the united states government and the political establishment really never forgave iran after the revolution and the fact that iran chose an independent foreign policy but right now what trump is after in the opinion of many people in iran is not to limit the nuclear program but according from what we see. coming from bolton and pale it is basically to not just overthrow the political establishment but there is even talk about trying to make iran as a nation collapse all together now still to come for you here on the weekly russia mark the 74th anniversary of nazi germany surrender on thursday and the end of the war on the eastern front we'll have that plus of the story just off the break.
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welcome back to the weekly now russia marked the 74th on of the tree of nazi germany surrender. and the end of the war on the eastern front here's a look back then at the commemorations. it's very difficult to describe the atmosphere here it's it's job electric isn't
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tense but that the super rich excitement up excitement just released during the parade itself. you hold. your run of beer for your rio are. now reduced. i. think night this country more then the war it's all right jim it every time i see this i just don't understand where the flow of the crowd is going to stop it's and it's.
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just some of the scenes there from thursday will think 3 day does hold a special place here in russia e.g. to the incredibly high price paid by the people of the soviet union 26000000 died in the conflicts more than half of them were civilians that meant that almost every soviet family lost somebody. on one of the bloodiest battles of the conflict and in fact throughout history took place in southern russia installing grad in what is now folded grat it lasted for 200 days between 942940 3 and cost the red. over 1000000 130000 soldiers germany's losses reve and higher on losing the battle the nazi leadership declared and day of national mourning many historians see the battle of stalingrad as a watershed moment someone that dramatically altered the course of the war even though harrowing reminders of the trauma inflicted by the war are in the. eye was silly collaborates diggin and the last one left i've been injured and will not
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last long. but i will stay here i will die when i refused to give in to the enemy tell my wife that i was defending the mother and i. will win no matter what. was. a vengeful comrades. was. joe
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biden who was us vice president under obama is already ahead of the pack in the contests for the 2020 democratic presidential nomination that's according to the latest polls and it seems much of the media to you and democratic leadership are throwing their weight behind the former senator as they once did with hillary clinton. as more details. a new poll shows that joe biden has surged ahead in the race for the democratic nomination in 2020 the poll shows that 46 percent of democrats are backing joe biden as the potential nominee with only 14 percent backing bernie sanders and despite a lot of other polls telling a very different story the media has jumped on this one voices are now telling us why he's the best choice for the democrats and this is a guy who doesn't have a republican but you see some of the folks on the website you meant for joe biden is that he's the most electable candidate for democrats to beat donald trump i
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think joe biden is a best chance of success does this sudden coronation remind you of anything. hillary clinton is the best candidate democrats can put forward a take on donald trump voters in wisconsin think hillary clinton is the best candidate hillary clinton is the best candidate the media tells us that joe biden is the most experienced candidate furthermore it stresses the point that biden is a centrist he's actually kind of a centrist which is one of the reasons why i think republicans fear him more than the other hillary clinton is not threatened in terms of the nomination because she is a pretty moderate centrist democrat and in fact biden's 1st campaign fundraiser happened at the home of the exact same guy his name is david cohen he's the chief lobbyist for the media conglomerate known as comcast now both biden and clinton voted for the iraq war both biden and clinton have lots of wall street donors and both biden and clinton screamed to lock him up in the 1990 s. driving america's incarceration rate sky high trumps victory in the 26th election
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was interpreted largely as a rebuke of a failing political establishment now hillary clinton's husband got some interesting advice years ago my wife gave me a psychology book several months ago in which the author defined insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over again and expecting a different result perhaps it's time to revisit that book polls are often a reflection of media coverage and the corporate media in the united states love suman gives them lots of coverage and that gives you support in schools and they often hold likely democratic voters which is not the same thing as who actually ends up voting in a generalization even just who answers polls is not the same thing as who votes clinton she was the most experienced and the most right wing of the democrats and the media loves turbot he didn't mean she could get elected in fact the polls were overwhelmingly clear time and time again b.d.
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of appreciate them if there are massive purchases of advertise. joe biden 2020 years already. of what the media like you saw what we know everyone there the leading candidate as they did overwhelmingly with your eclipse it does not you know anyway obvious mean that disappeared it was going to be the knowledge. facebook has provoked one of the storm of controversy this time by banning in a stray breast cancer campaign that claims was violating its rules on nudity. but. everybody was. beards their features topless survivors of breast cancer they are covering themselves with small cakes though a campaign was launched by the breast cancer network australia together with the bakers delight chain last year raised more than half a 1000000 dollars the c.e.o.
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of breast cancer network a story is said that facebook has previously approved the 30 s. mints. we were so disappointed to hear that facebook had found that out very brave women and men who all had breast cancer but we're told that they were probably too real into confronting to be able to have paid ads on facebook particularly in that 40 plus age group use facebook to tell their friends and family of things that are important to them so facebook has been important we have a plane trying to get in contact with facebook and still we have only heard through the made here in fact here in australia that they sent to us we needed to add educational messages this was very new news to us the only thing that we knew is that all the ads were allowed to happen but then again the day that we launched facebook said these ads were no longer permissible. spokes person for facebook
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australia has said that while she personally love the idea the ads didn't follow the platforms guidelines the policy does allow for the posting of post msec to be photos for ordinary users but privatizers rules are stricter here's how twitter hughes's have been reacting to what's happened. violated the platform's nudity policy facebook seriously but this is ok this is not to root for facebook naked garden indeed takes precedence over a fundraiser for cancer survivors and sufferers this only illustrates the true agenda of the facebook mission statement so when a group use the facebook forum for a good cause they jump and it's been shifted down or we spoke to human rights attorney jennifer breeden and she thinks that facebook does need to avoid selectively enforcing its rules. facebook right now say that it has 6 a consistent policy if you just look at the language of its policy but it is not
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consistent and how it in forces its policy is targeting in campaigns like this with breast cancer research or awareness but it's also targeting different political groups in certain things so it needs to look at how it targets so that it chooses to enforce its ban under because there are many people who have far more explicit ads that are not banned we're seeing that america has a silence prominent conservative voices were seen that is they silence other things other ads and they target these people they target those that they want to silence that differ with them politically or socioeconomically and that is not ok we need to have consistency and we need to have platforms that allow the freedom of speech to come out rather than silencing the freedom of speech and using it under the guise of violating policies. looking so fast i hear and i see we're back again with the headlines and more stories in just.
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this is a sticker from the water bottle found in the stomach of the brand is part of the coca-cola company which sells millions of bottles of soda every day the idea was that let's tell kids they're the bad ones they're the litter bugs are throwing this away industry should be blamed for all this waste the company has promised to reuse the plastic. that's. their plastic. tank when you go. on the disease and eventually. the mountains of money only grow. seems wrong. just don't. let me. get to.
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the answer. and engage with. the trail. find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. because. what is the core and sue me big korean is censorship resistant value transfer without any need for
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a middle man. this unique quality of being on confiscated ball and people have not yet are realized the power of this on confiscate all property because it's the 1st time we've ever owned anything of value as a human being that is on confiscated all so on our journey from the genesis block to the moon $2013.00 is quite a crucial year central banks governments around the world really begin to take notice of bitcoin because in 2013 it demonstrates that it is on confiscated a ball and in march 25th 2013 we saw the cyprus mail it to cyprus banking system had collapsed and what did european central bankers and central bankers and i.m.f. source around the world decide to do that they would have a bail in.


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