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tv   News  RT  May 15, 2019 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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what do you how much. do you want. to measure. costco and washington have opposing views on key global issues but agree to reset ties and try to overcome the differences that's the take home message from the u.s. secretary of state might visit to russia. the u.s. attorney general investigate the galaxy of evidence used in the russian trump collusion probe it doesn't question the finding of the report and russian interference also to come. good coders latest campaign in norway to coincide with features of crescent moon as part of its logo although it has sparked anger in some
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cautious. they're just going to 11 o'clock here in moscow you're watching r.t. international now the russian president vladimir putin says he is ready to resolve differences with washington and improve relations although syria sticking points still remain on tuesday he met with the u.s. secretary of state in the black sea resort of sochi where russia's foreign minister also held talks with his american counterpart. there's a peculiar belief. but we also want to restore relations with the u.s. i hope all the conditions for that are now being created this by the exotic way the miller commission had been working in the hole it came up with an objective investigation and proved there was no collusion between russia and the us the thing
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we branded estoppel nonsense from the very beginning when the sides have agreed to restore communication channels and cooperate on a number of global challenges to including on syria afghanistan and also north korea earlier in the day and russia's foreign minister spent 3 hours grappling with pressing global issues among them venezuela on which they agreed to disagree. on venezuela we have disagreement my russian colleagues to support the venezuelan people as they return democracy to their country the united states and more than 50 other nations agree that the time has come for nicolas maduro to go he's brought nothing but misery to the venezuelan people. and we hope that the russians support former dural we all and remarkable to see you in your system of democracy can't be imposed by force the threats coming both from u.s. officials and the opposition leader one goh i don't know who is always reminding us
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of the possibility of military intervention have nothing to do with democracy well at that meeting there lavrov and pompei i didn't quite strike up the same level of report as their bosses have done in the past at least that's according to body language expert stanton. people that get along very well in the got deep mutual wrist genuine respect for each other they turn to much a mirror each of this posture so we'll see each person mirroring the other ones gestures so as an example president truman very often mirrors president putin in terms of the way sits with his legs sort of set aside stride and then also light was president truman does what we call a reverse steeple gesture where they even versus hands and these are both polish gestures now with the 2 men today we didn't see any or very little much of a mirroring which tends to tell me that although they're there to do a job they're very they're not kind of i don't think we've got to a level of pressure relationship that president putin and trump of got or the
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escalating crisis over the iran nuclear deal which the u.s. pulled out of a year ago was also high on the agenda in tsotsi taran recently said it would also ditch the deal if for the signatories mainly european states did not safeguard its interests as per the green and washington is now threatening iran with trouble if it gives up on its commitments something russia takes issue with. we have many disagreements on iran now but the fact that we've started talking on this issue gives us hope that we will be able to achieve agreements if both sides show willingness to do that would. be clear the united states will continue to apply pressure to the regime in tehran and joe its leadership is prepared to return to the ranks of responsible nations that do not threaten their neighbors or spread instability or terror. well there later tweeted that the talks were a positive step forward and that he hoped that russia and the u.s.
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would manage to establish better relations former u.s. diplomat though jim trast says that moscow and washington will have to overcome some big obstacles to improve relations. i understand that the russians especially want to talk about keeping the lines of communication open they talked to the about the americans as their so-called partners and so forth they expressed hope that would now that the moeller investigation is over there will be some freedom for mr trump to pursue the way he talked about during the campaign to improve ties in my opinion that is very unlikely to happen that if you look at things domestically or in the united states not just democrats but even republicans are still all over trump claiming that he is dancing to putin's tune they still accuse the russians of meddling in our elections and if we saw that mr pompei a warned mr lavrov not to do it again even though the proof is not there that they
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did it in the 1st place i think that there will be very serious obstacles to any kind of the improvement of relations hopefully as mr lavrov suggested they can get some of these working groups on arms control and other issues going with experts diplomats military men to come to some agreement on specific issues but i am not optimistic. u.s. attorney general william to probe into possible misconduct some relating to them in the report specifically he will see if the rule was broken when trying to establish whether the colluded with russia however decided not to subject that part of the investigation which concluded there was meddling by moscow to the same scrutiny in the most pain except the story. since 2016 the democrats have been pushing an investigation of donald trump for allegedly colluding with russia in order to win the $2016.00 elections well now the report is out and the verdict is no collusion
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and at this point it looks like cable news will not stop the noise about trump and russia despite the report being released well now we've got a new investigation to cover it seems the republicans are now pushing to investigate the investigators u.s. attorney john durham he is not a rookie by far he investigated the cia and revealed that they had destroyed tapes and evidence of their torture program he also investigated the f.b.i.'s relationship with mafia boss whitey bulger so when it was announced that he would look into whether or not federal officials broke the wall when investigating donald trump the democrats got antsy so did former f.b.i. director james calming and feared personally i feared as a citizen investigate what investigate that investigations were conducted what would be the crime you'd be investigating so it's a terrible cycle to start perhaps the f.b.i. does have a reason to be concerned after all they did send an informer who posed as an
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assistant in order to meet with trump's aide now this informer stephon helper has a long history in fact he was involved in cia spying during the 1980 elections trump says that his campaign was spied on however those who oversaw the operation strongly object to that wording you know you dismissed the dictionary definition of spies surveillance or spying a term i don't particularly like it's not a term of war used by intelligence people it has a negative connotation of a rogue operation out of control not in compliance with the war and that's not the case at all now let's not forget that the feds clung to the now discredited steel dust ca in order to apply for a warrant to surveil donald trump now a full 10 days before they applied for the warrant they were already questioning christopher steele's credibility and here's some language from a memo that surfaced. there is a technical human operation run out of moscow targeting the election payments to
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those recruited and made out of the russian consulate in miami it is important to know that there is no russian consulate in miami but the intel community presented christopher steele as being credible when they applied for a warrant to spy on trump now durham will no doubt be looking into whether or not that is legal now let's also not forget that chuck schumer waived his fist on behalf of american spying agencies take on the intelligence community they have 6 ways from sunday of getting back after everything related to the trial for russia investigation seems to be a widely contested the words presented by one side are presented is false by the other side and amid all these allegations of dishonesty bias partisanship we're expected to believe by both wings of the establishment that what they are saying about russia and their allegations that it meddled in the 2016 elections is absolutely true. well i guess the american people will have to decide what they want to believe cable blup and r.t.
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new york was like had mentioned that the new investigation seems to raise stats about the investigators but not about their findings in particular about the conclusion that moscow went to feed with the u.s. election political analysts in iraq well says that's because there's no appetite among the us public to question this narrative. they all know there's no evidence republicans democrats moller. barr i know that there are a lot of americans who have same view i do want to know where the evidence is. but i think the you know this the establishment the media both political parties. they're all saying one thing and i don't know that the american people will ever see it will they demand it like to think that they would but i'm i'm afraid i don't believe i'm afraid this is just going to go on and on and on and pompei oh bolton.
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and the administration the democrats the republicans in congress the media they're all being the same drum and they're all lawyering and we just have to hope the. president trump will pull back. we just have to see. now a number of activists remain in venezuela's former embassy in washington d.c. despite and eviction notice from police they are trying to prevent venezuelan opposition figures from taking up residence in the compound who have won the backing of the u.s. which recognizes that leader. as the president of the country meanwhile venezuelan embassies in other countries are often becoming the subject to control the scene take place for all of explains. just a few moments ago the big players on the world stage were tripping over themselves to come out and recognize one as the legitimate president of venezuela we are ready
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to recognize one by the door as interim president we will recognize him as constitutional interim president institution when he will stand ready to recognize one why don't as the president of venezuela. even send representatives to different nations around the world despite them not receiving diplomatic credentials in some countries like here in germany where we have a situation that the ambassador who sits in the embassy just behind me represents a government deemed illegitimate while the representative of the government deemed legitimate holds no diplomatic rank here in germany though that hasn't stopped quite those man from at least calling himself ambassador a little puzzled by what i'm thinking because he more that in venezuela we are living under a dictatorship there needs to be international pressure to end the a separation of power when we can have a real transitional government so we can hold elections then we can have our
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consulates and embassies full steam ahead for regime change as politicians and news networks cheated each official that defected from the madieu road government but then there was the failed coup attempt and the ball of aryan republic and the standoff outside of the venezuelan embassy in washington. internationally and she. she's just west. of here is that is what we're trying to see and it mentions that international law. now with the german parliamentary inquiry finding that germany's recognition of quite though is president was shaky at best under international law the foreign ministry here is
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less than committed when it comes to talking about furthering relations and talks with the representatives of the man who would be leader of then israel or it's a similar story in other nations in spain for example they also welcomed the representative of one without convert any diplomatic rank basically it means that mystic why does representatives get meets and talk with foreign ministry officials with very little else despite european leaders joining in the cheese for change early on in venezuela the reality today is they have taking a position it's much more on the fence but one of these days they're going to have to come down on one side or the other as they find out it can be quite easy to make big political statements but if you don't think through how they're going to be put into action just cause more problems down the line. peter all of a laundry hunker and m.p. for jim nice left party thinks that the states and germany in particular have good
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reasons not to recognize quiet days ambassador. foreign policy always recognized states but no individual person and now we see all the the the costs coming out of the situation because of why the way has no real power module has a real power administer a law. and for pragmatic reasons. many is still recognize ing the doable embassy here and is dealing with with them and consulate story issues on the other hand the representative of wired or mr. is recognized as a political representative of quiet all but but not as an m ambassador because issues. foreign minister is cooperating with us embassies of course which else because you cannot deal with real issues with
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a president who has no power in the country. has imposed curfews in band social media sites in response to anti muslim riots in the wake of the easter sunday bombings that the chief of police issued a stern warning. butyl this small group must stop the dangerous game it's playing with the lives and property of innocent people we will not allow the country to be reduced to anneke by those who use force on innocent civilians the country has been plagued by riots and looting since last month's terrorist attacks which claimed more than $350.00 lives since the start of the muslim holy month of ramadan mosques have been vandalized and stalls have also been tossed on monday when muslim man was killed by a mob media commentator hamish if he told us that the situation has been complicated by problems with the sri lankan leadership. there is
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a big power struggle going on between the prime minister and the president itself was led to a paralysis in government been able to protect communities. there's been a curfew there's been restructured the social media but they need to go beyond that and start providing safety for muslims who are simply in this for you with the ramadan you know these extremists who are torturing mobs and attacking innocent muslims they don't represent the christian faith or the christian faith is what about tolerance it's about the war it's about you know. giving protection to minority communities as we have been in the u.k. so i think it's a real worry that if the government doesn't step it provide that suit. and turns a blind eye then those extremist those clouds you can find each year of course how we'll use our salute to do that finds. washing out east of the company this hour controversy in norway after coca-cola launches
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a special edition of its offering to mark the muslim holiday of ramadan we'll have a look at the details on that just after the break. max geysers financial survival guide. housing bubble. oh you mean there's a downside to artificial mortgage truth don't get carried away that's cause report .
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. again has launched a special edition. of its products in norway the logo is the crescent moon to celebrate the muslim holy month although what everybody has welcomed the idea. shame on you for promoting women oppressing homosexuals terrorizing islam did you
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also make adverts with the cross in saudi arabia an easter this is getting to stupid if your company's using the crescent moon of islam in norway as a marketing tool during ramadan i will have no choice but to boycott your products but according to the pew research center the number of muslims in norway is on the rise in 2016 they represented almost 6 percent of the population coca-cola norway has defended the ramadan legere there saying it is part of the brand's commitment to diversity and inclusion coca-cola has tried appealing to muslims in previous primary campaigns in other countries for example last year it stuck schwing ran a facebook ad in which a muslim woman gets scornful looks but ends up making friends with a stranger marketing expert warlock things that was then culture is being exploited by the company to sell its products. not only is a free. tolerant country for all kinds of. minorities and is
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very much respectful of diversity so you're in or it's more like a public relations campaign ramadan a real advertising kept knocking coca-cola wants to make statements that do for you diversity. think of. that they want to be part of an inclusive society and of course there are commercial company to try to soak also some of them itself this is a very family oriented it's meaningful ritual. in islam so it's natural for a color. and if there is similar things in buddhism or hinduism or whatever and there is a sizable of the population that might respond to that. i'm sure coca-cola will too . other news the son of israel's prime minister has questioned just ties and say the german government is when it says it stands by israel although netanyahu does not hold any government position something you believe his attitude is shared by many israeli officials take it will be nice if you
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stop interfering in our internal business and stop funding hundreds of radical left wing n.g.o.s in israel that seek its destruction use the hundreds of millions of euros used for this to fund hospitals schools and churches in germany. a recent report by israel claims that some european countries including germany have been funding anti israel boycott campaign is going so far as to suggest to you that some of the money ends up in the hands of palestinian terrorist groups the latest jab by the israeli prime minister's son is directed at german foreign minister hike a mass well that's despite mass firing to continue supporting israel's legitimate interest and doing this and doing his utmost to oppose attempts to isolate the jewish state the german foreign minister made the remarks on the 70th anniversary of israel's admission to the un we heard some contrasting views on this issue from a foreign affairs analyst and also an israeli journalist. israel germany relations
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are quite a big u.s. at the worst it's kind of the most hypocritical show in town because even if we go on we just not true beck far in time merkel herself has voted at least 16 times in the un against israel defies trump resolution to recognize jerusalem while trying to convince other eastern european nations not to follow trump she's also trying to fight trump sanctions over iran germany is trying to undermine israel's sovereign 3 what would you expect other than saying really is stand by israel what he respects other than that but reality is pretty much. the other way around tells you something about the atmosphere at the prime minister's residence and these should there warry some people care about democracy about understanding of
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the more coarsely and understanding will be international law there was fear there seems to be very very hostile germany is the source of all this to say that germany's more sensitive to criticism coming from jerusalem because germany still carries rightly so guilt feelings for the for the past but this does not mean that those attacks are legitimate the world has a right. because the israeli occupation is a clear violation of the international law and it is the duty of the world to stand against it into his goals to fight it within israel and without outside israel to support them financially morally to support those 2 to really support all those fake 2 groups individuals who are fighting
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for ending the occupation. major british telecom's for the phone has confirmed it's going to use equipment provided by china's huawei as it looks to roll out its 5 g. network across the u.k. by july and the case foreign secretary to you jeremy hunt jeremy hunt sorry has refused to rule out allowing the chinese telecoms giant to operate in britain adding that london does not want any confrontation with china. we as a government are going through the process of making an assessment to what extent if at all we are able to use war wait kit we couldn't stop the growth of china if we wanted to so we need to find a way of living alongside this big new power in the world well this comes despite continued warnings regarding any cooperation with way made by u.s. top officials washington is trying hard to persuade its allies to shun equipment produced by the chinese telecom giant accusing it of espionage on behalf of beijing
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who are we as one company we've been concerned about there are others as well as the negotiations proceed i think we're going to see a lot about what chinese companies have done to steal intellectual property to hack into the computer systems not just of the u.s. government but into private companies as well while way has raised serious concerns among u.s. officials for a potential role in cyber espionage given their reported links to china's state security services mark weiss chairman has expressed the company's willingness to sign no spy agreements with european governments including that of the u.k. economist jeffrey albert tucker told us that the u.s. risks alienating its allies with its trade war against china. u.s. is completely alone in the world today on this this economic warfare that is actually getting more and more intense and it's becoming ever more destructive of
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the world economy and it's going to result only in iceland in the u.s. other countries such as the u.k. i'm just not going to go along every big data company and this goes for google and apple and everybody else is typically harassed to some extent by the central state under which it serves as a jurisdictional partner and this is this is the way the world i wish it weren't that way and that's probably to some extent true between china and well way also but let's keep in mind that most of these companies resent this kind of pressure they don't like being muscled by governments that those who trade for chinese companies also they have to they have to play well with that with others have to play nicely with others just to get the permission to survive and i don't see any kind of security threat here at all or if there is a security threat there is yet to be any evidence to that effect i don't think that long term the u.s. can do anything to affect the relationship between the u.k.
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and china i think it's just actually completely crazy the people of the world are going to continue to try to get prosperous by cooperating with each other and if the u.s. doesn't want to play along it's only they u.s. economy that's going to going to suffer. brings you up to date that's how things are looking today here and i say more than half an.
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inch at the heart of the. if we ever needed an anti-war movement it's obviously now trying to hyper aggressive foreign policy faces little resistance from the mainstream media in fact numerous liberal news outlets function as a cheering section for the president where is the moral outrage. we're going underground $48.00 hours after swedish prosecutors reopened their investigation into wiki leaks founder julian assange we are currently waiting for a response from britain's crown prosecution service as to whether they once again contacted the swedish government in an argument attempt to change the course of
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justice in the case of the most famous publisher in the world coming up on the show with a casserole south africa's former intelligence service is a minister who fought apartheid alongside nelson mandela about why the new enemy of his country is neoliberalism backstabbing spying in the struggle for power from. to the british parliament with game of thrones milk was your only move ahead of the show's final episode plus how the soon before trump's warplanes bomb to run off to the unprecedented deployment of the u.s.s. abraham lincoln to the persian gulf all the support coming up in today's going on the ground a 1st to britain's old colony of south africa whose apartheid regime was sponsored by both main u.k. parties until the fall of the berlin wall in 1901 the crucial fact of our ongoing anglo-american support for an institutionalized racists nation in africa was perceived strategic power against international communism and while nelson mandela arguably sold south africa out to the i.m.f. .


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