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tv   News  RT  May 15, 2019 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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just don't call. me. yet to. come after me. and in the detroit equals betrayal. when something you find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. washington orders u.s. officials in iraq to evacuate as soon as possible after raising the alarm on the international stage over a supposedly increased threat coming from neighboring iran. top level talks continue in the russian resort town of sochi the security around and the future of russia's relations with washington leaving the topics up for discussion. also this hour the u.s. attorney general investigates the legality of evidence used in the russia trump
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collusion probe about doesn't question the findings of the molar important. and latest campaign in norway sparks anger from some as it features a crescent moon as part of its logo to coincide with. a very warm welcome to the program from all of us here at our church here in moscow thanks for joining us this hour. leave iraq now as fast as possible that's the dramatic warning that's been issued by washington to certain u.s. employees in the country it comes amid a heightened sense of urgency from the american side or what it calls the increased threat coming from iraq's neighbor iran earlier i discussed the alleged iranian threat with artist and hawkins. lorraine in u.s. relations are complex to say the very least but this certainly is a new level of tension that we can see here the u.s.
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has issued a security alert all emergency personnel in iraq citing a substantial risk related to activity by the iranians that we don't know what shape or form that risk is going to take we don't know what's changed in recent times to cause this panic this escalation nevertheless the state department does want the world to see it's taking things seriously and there is a clear and present danger now of course u.s. forces and workers in the region do face some background threat in iraq in syria due to the volatility of the region conflicts the presence of armed groups this is an entirely different kettle of fish the calls for immediate occupation of u.s. personnel from the american embassy in baghdad and from the consulate as well specifically because of the threat so the situation is very much heated and their neighbors are spread instability or terror everywhere we go in the middle east it's a rare ran around major destabilizing in the influence in the middle east spread
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death destruction and. the leaders of iran are racketeers so. death. and destruction behind every problem is around and what we've been trying to do is to get iran to be him like a normal nation. now the united states has pushed a military buildup in the gulf as well they've deployed an entire aircraft carrier group complete with bones to that region it's a move that's been labeled by iran as psychological warfare to iran has made very clear that i don't want war they don't see the conflict but they do reserve the right to respond to moves they see as an aggression from the united states as you mentioned it is a volatile region that's nothing new but has there been anything specific that could cause such a reaction from the u.s. well over the last 18 months the roots of this. conflict has been trumps withdrawal from the iran nuclear agreement was a move criticized by the other signatories to that international treaty it was out
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fired by constant saber rattling labeling each other's militaries as terrorist organizations threats of sanctions and constant verbal threats we'll see what happens 9 with the run if they do anything it will be a very bad mistake if they do anything i'm hearing little stories about iran they do anything they will suffer greatly we'll see what happens with the run or relations have also been damaged by incidents in the region as well each one seems to ramp up tensions bring the risk of conflict closer and run but rhetoric from the united states in fact just on tuesday we saw drone attacks on saudi arabian oil facilities just west of riyadh they were carried out by drones operated by who theme militants days before that again we saw attacks on multiple oil tankers off the united arab emirates coast that was described to sabotage by immorality officials now has denied any involvement in those oil tanker attacks they've said this could be a provocation designed to spark conflict they've called for an investigation suspects have been made public but nevertheless this won't help to alleviate those
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tensions that low to make things worse and of course the situation is also of international concern moscow has said they've received no reassurances from asked to those tensions with iran they do fear an escalation they're not alone in this germany the netherlands they've recently suspended their military training operations in iraq although the german defense ministry have said there is no concrete threat of iranian radio attack nevertheless the situation they said is down to their tensions with their american partners spain another country they would draw a frigate from that u.s. carrier group citing a change in mission and concerns over a confrontation so certainly things are not slowing down and concerns globally are growing of just how far things could be pushed to the brink amid the alarm over iran a senior general in the u.s. led coalition in syria and iraq appears to have refuted the idea of a heightened threat level artie's keep partridge has more. the does seem to be
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rather a difference of opinion a breakdown in communication between u.s. military central command and the coalition's 2nd in command over the threat posed by iran though there's been no increased threat from iranian backed forces in iraq in syria we're aware of their presence clearly. and we monitor them along with a whole range of others because that's the environment we're in we're british major general chris kc of the coalition's deputy commander for strategy and information seems to refute the trumpet ministrations claim iran is mobilizing groups in iraq and syria to attack american forces where his comments also seem to contradict the claim tehran is an escalating threat u.s. national security adviser john bolton has long promoted action against iran but the british general says there's little to fear there are a range of threats to american and coalition forces in iraq or syria we most of
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them all about forces is clearly one of them. and i'm not going to go into the detail of it but there are a substantial number of militia groups in iraq and syria and we don't see any increased threat from many of them at the station press to explain the discrepancy gekas seem to limit his earlier remarks to a group of militia in iraq called the popular mobilization forces while some are backed by iran but the coalition considers them compliant yet later a u.s. military central command made a terrifying statement stressing iran is a threat recent comments from oh i asked deputy commander run counter to the identified credible threats available to intelligence from the u.s. and its allies regarding iranian backed forces in the region or so said navy captain bill urban he added oh our is now at a high level of alert as we continue to closely monitor credible and possibly imminent threats to u.s.
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forces in iraq well if both as. senior british commander and america central command share the same intelligence have similar information on terrorist locations airstrikes and danger zones how can i give statements that are so different well to help carry fire this r.t. has sent requests to operation inherent resolve and the u.k.'s ministry of defense at this point the british ministry of defense has responded to r.t. saying the commanders comments are based on the day to day military operations and he was not speaking about the water geopolitical situation in the region military analyst come all on believes washington's just looking for a reason to blame iran this is not complete surprise probably the real threat on the ground is no different to what it was a year ago or 2 years ago but the levels of escalation politically have been going up every week since the last year they're trying to link various activities of iran undoubtedly iran is operating in the region at a heightened level but if you look at what happened in saudi arabia and the ships
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in the persian gulf the americans are trying to connect the dots and find a smoking gun which can say iran responsible for all these but there is nothing official and that's why the british side of said all of the germans have pulled out their trainers and the americans are pulling some of their stuff out there is nothing concrete that sees iran is moving to words and action which would lead to war. meanwhile in the russian resort city of sochi the topic of iran was also on the agenda there top level talks have been continuing following today's meeting between the russian president and the u.s. secretary of state and speaking at a press conference today on long sight as austrian counterpart president putin gave his view on how he expects the situation with iran to play out. once iran makes the decision to withdraw from any kind of a deal everyone will forget that the us initiated the collapse of the deal and global opinion will be iran's fault i've said this to iran on many occasions i
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don't think they have any reason to withdraw from the deal. live not to such an artist or i'm gonna have there are lots of global issues being discussed over the last few days what's the latest. but it was as you said huge 3 days here in sochi very big talks high profile talks that have stretched on for 3 days now 1st we had the chinese foreign minister then the u.s. secretary of state today the president i get the impression that the uni people are tired as the journalists the hotel workers and the pool guys working security but of course as you said a lot of topics almost every major crisis in the world now was discussed it was talked about with sometimes concrete concrete results and of course they talked about iran. ukraine the in the middle east syria yemen
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they talked about financial markets about oil about gas you know sorts of things but front and center with the rug because it is really getting into the dangerous phase now the phase where everybody fears an escalation and today vladimir putin was asked about what russia plans to do to help resolve this crisis. among them when you were. a foreign brigade i cannot just go around saving everything that is around us we have played halt and we're ready and willing to play this part in future but it depends not just on us but. on the europeans on the u.s. and on iran itself. the europeans the russians and the chinese have similar views in the arena and crisis they believe it's gone too far and that the best
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option for the world for all the countries involved is to stick to the iranian nuclear deal of 2015 and even the europeans have called what the united states is doing is dangerous and provocative. a real fear in the european union among european countries that what is happening in the gulf right now with the united states as a carrier battle group the talk of sending 120000 american soldiers there that they think that this could spiral out of control in an unintended fashion that this could end in the war so. it's easy to come on the impression i have is that any additional pressure on iran is only going to undermine political relations even further no matter how much we argue about the probability of this happening if the u.s. continues putting pressure on iran at least to the risks of a crisis as happened in iraq several years ago and in europe no one wants that to
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happen. unfortunately there's no easy solution to the arabian crisis but they talk about is not by the way was the take away yesterday when might compare with the u.s. secretary of state visited today vladimir putin said that you know he he now has a sense that there's some willingness in washington to repair restart relations with russia which have been. absolutely terrible they agreed yesterday that you know they disagree on many things they agree to disagree but he also said that we should keep talking in the important thing here is that booth side said the same thing they also agreed to start repairing various communication channels hard lives for example counterterrorism intelligence financial political just just to get. the conversation going just start talking about their differences try to find common ground and vladimir putin was also asked
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about a potential meeting with donald trump and he replied that at the g 20 summit if the americans are willing if they want to start serious serious you know take serious steps towards repairing relations russia is always willing. to stay across the stocks and searching for us thank you the u.s. attorney general has launched an investigation into possible misconduct relating to the miller report specifically william barr we'll see if the law was broken when trying to establish whether dollar trump colluded with russia how are the same scrutiny to the part of the proca including there was meddling by moscow and picks up the story. since 2016 the democrats have been pushing an investigation of donald trump for allegedly colluding with russia in order to win the $2016.00 elections well now the report is out and the verdict is no collusion and at this point it
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looks like cable news will not stop the noise about trump and russia despite the report being released well now we've got a new investigation to cover it seems the republicans are now pushing to investigate the investigators u.s. attorney john durham he is not a rookie by far he investigated the cia and revealed that they had destroyed tapes and evidence of their torture program he also investigated the f.b.i.'s relationship with mafia boss whitey bulger so when it was announced that he would look into whether or not federal officials broke the wall when investigating donald trump the democrats got antsy so did former f.b.i. director james calming and feared personally i feared as a citizen investigate what investigate that investigations were conducted what would be the crime you'd be investigating so it's a terrible cycle to start perhaps the f.b.i. does have a reason to be concerned after all they did send an informer who posed as an assistant in order to meet with trump's aide now this informer stephon helper has
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a long history in fact he was involved in cia spying during the 1980 elections trump says that his campaign was spied on however those who oversaw the operation strongly object to that wording you know. the dictionary definition of spies surveillance or spying a term i don't particularly like it's not a term of war used by intelligence people it has a negative connotation of a rogue operation out of control not in compliance with the war and that's not the case at all now let's not forget that the feds clung to the now discredited steel down ca in order to apply for a warrant to surveil donald trump now a full 10 days before they applied for the warrant they were already questioning christopher steele's credibility and here's some language from a memo that surfaced. there is a technical human operation run out of moscow target in the election payments to those recruited and made out of the russian consulate in miami it is important to
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note that there is no russian consulate in miami but the intel community presented christopher steele as being credible when they applied for a warrant to spy on trump now at durham will no doubt be looking into whether or not that is legal now let's also not forget that chuck schumer waived his fist on behalf of american spying agencies take on the intelligence community they have 6 ways from sunday of getting back after everything related to the trump russia investigation seems to be widely contested the words presented by one side are presented as false and by the other side and amid all these allegations of dishonesty bias partisanship we're expected to believe by both wings of the establishment that what they are saying about russia and their allegations that it meddled in the 2016 elections is absolutely true. well i guess the american people will have to decide what they want to believe cable blup and r.t. new york political analyst lou rockwell says there is little u.s.
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public appetite to question the russian meddling narrative. they all know there's no evidence republicans democrats malar. bar i know that there are a lot of americans who have same view i do want to know where the evidence is. but i think the you know the is the establishment the media both political parties. they're all saying one thing and i i don't know that the american people will ever see it will they demand it i'd like to think that they would but i'm i'm afraid i don't believe i'm afraid this is just going to go on and on anon and pompei oh bolton. and the administration the democrats the republicans and congress the media they're all being the same drum and they're all lawyering and we just have to hope that. president trump will pull back. we just have to
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see. still to come controversy in norway after coca-cola launches a special edition of its logo to mark the muslim holiday of ramadan that started more after the break. you know world of big partisan movies lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the bad and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the
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hawks. make the manufacture to send to the public well. when the ruling classes protect themselves. in the final merry go round listen to the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. room real news room. welcome back activists remain in men as well as embassy in washington d.c. despite an addiction notice they're trying to prevent the event as well opposition from taking up residence in the compound opposition figures have the backing of the
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u.s. which recognizes their leader one quite 0 as the president of venezuela meanwhile venezuelan embassies in other countries are often becoming the subject of controversy as explains. just a few moments ago the big play is on the world stage we're tripping over themselves to come out and recognize one as the legitimate president of venezuela we are ready to recognize. as interim president we will recognize him as constitutional interim president. we stand ready to recognize one why don't as the interim president of venezuela. even said representatives to different nations around the world despite them not receiving diplomatic credentials in some countries like here in germany where we have a situation that the ambassador who sits in the embassy just behind me represents a government deemed illegitimate while the representative of the government deemed
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legitimate holds no diplomatic runk he originally though that hasn't stopped quite those man from at least calling himself ambassador. in venezuela we're living under a dictatorship there needs to be international pressure to end the a separation of power when we can have a real transitional government so we can hold elections then we can have our consulates and embassies. full steam ahead for regime change as politicians and news networks cheated each official that defected from the madieu rogue government but then there was the failed coup attempt in the bill of aryan republic and the standoff outside of the venezuelan embassy in washington. i. experienced efficiency internationally and she's. been cited she stopped us in
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italy any internal affairs and we're trying to see this and it mentions in international law now with the german parliament tree inquiry finding that germany's recognition of quite though is president was shaky at best under international law the foreign ministry here is less than committed when it comes to talking about furthering relations and talks with the representatives of the man who would be the leader of that his way it's a similar story in all the e.u. nations in spain for example they also welcomed the representative of one without conveying any diplomatic rank basically it means that mr why those representatives could meet and talk with foreign ministry officials but very little else despite european leaders joining in the cheese for a change early on in venezuela the reality today is they have taking a position it's much more on the fence but one of these days they're going to have
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to come down on one side or the other as they find out it can be quite easy to make big political statements but if you don't think through how they're going to be put into action can just cause more problems down the line. under hunger an m.p. for germany's the left party thinks e.u. states and germany in particular have good reason not to recognise quite as ambassadors. robin foreign policy always recognized states but no individual person and now we see all the. costs coming out of the situation because of what i do has no real power tool has a real power and with. and for pragmatic reasons. in the still record of the doable embassy here and dealing with it with them and consulate story issues on the other hand the representative of wide or mr. is recognized as a political representative of quiet all but but not as an m ambassador
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because issue of. foreign minister is corporate embassies of cross which else because you cannot deal with real issues with a president who has no power in the country. coca-cola has launched a ramadan version of its logo in norway it features the crescent moon to celebrate the muslim holy month but not everyone has welcomed the idea shame on you for promoting women oppressing homosexuals terrorizing islam do you also make adverts with the cross in saudi arabia easter this is getting too stupid if you complain easy in the christian university i mean norway as a marketing tool during ramadan i will have no choice but to boycott your products according to the pew research center the number of muslims in norway is on the rise in 2016 they represented almost 6 percent of the population.
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coca-cola has defended the ramadan logo saying it's part of the brand's commitment to diversity and inclusion and it's not the 1st time the company's trying to appeal to muslims and its promise campaigns. here for example last year its dutch wing ran a facebook ad in which a muslim woman gets scornful looks but ends up making friends with a stranger political and social commentator mo and star believes coca-cola wants to be seen as engaging with muslim communities. i think at the end of the day most modern progressive multinational companies around the world would have policies to reach out to diverse communities coca-cola in particular you know their history you know they've had a history of about 30 odd years of being boycotted in the arab league nations after the u.s. would seem to been supporting israel since then they've tried very very hard to try
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and reach out to diverse communities and i think those people who are complaining about the faith of islam or their misunderstanding of the faith of islam really haven't got a leg to stand on and remember that norway is you know 5 or 6000000 people we're talking about 5 or 6 percent 2 or 300000 people muslims really this is a relatively minor thing there are lots of marketing campaigns of coca-cola whether it's to do with the olympics whether it's to do a different times of the year so i think i have had a fair crack they want to be seen as somebody engaging with most in communities where traditionally they've got a very low penetration and very low traction. that's a news break down for this hour and that's all for me as well today but we're not you know harvey will be taking over and about 30 minutes thanks for tuning in wherever you may be.
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for that. much of the peoples of the downside. if we ever needed an anti-war movement it's obviously now trumps hyper aggressive foreign policy faces little resistance from the mainstream media in fact numerous liberal news outlets function as a cheering section for the president where is the moral outrage. is of course the c. on his attorney one name for you good morning one who has
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a look at. you which of. those are me will you take him yet do you know you got the rest of the know people you see posting it's me it's you know it's true. that's the thought of you. if you ask you this minute if you are that you give. greetings and salutation it's well mark watchers there are bad days and then there are bare monsanto bad days it appears that the pharmaceutical giant is having quite
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the no good very bad day after news broke that a california jury delivered a $2000000000.00 verdict bomb against the company on monday yes that's $2000000000.00 with a b. my friends those punitive damages came on top of the $55000000.00 judgment already awarded by the oakland state court jury after they concluded that when something was indeed liable for the non hodgkins lymphoma caused by the company's now infamous roundup weed killer obviously bear will appeal the verdict and most experts believe that the 2000000000 number will eventually be reduced but as of now it holds the 8th slot on the largest product defect jury awards in u.s. history comes in at number 8 but bearman sondos troubles didn't end there because french officials announced this week that they are now investigating allegations that the agro chemical firm compiled a potentially illegal file on its critics according to the france 2 public television channel the list includes scientists politicians and.


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