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she to nor does u.s. officials in iraq to evacuate as soon as possible after raising the alarm on the international stage over suppose they increase threats coming from neighbors iran. security the feature of russia relations with washington lead the way in discussions and. president putin calls out washington which seemed iran nuclear deal of the painting tehran was the. last the u.s. attorney general investigates the legality of evidence used in the rush to trump although doesn't question the findings of the report.
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goes latest campaign in norway solves anger from some as it has a crescent moon as part of its logo to coincide with ramadan. thanks for joining us this is our to. leave iraq now as fast as possible that's the dramatic warning that has been issued by washington to u.s. employees in the country comes amid a heightened sense of urgency from the american side over what it calls the increased threat coming from iraq's neighbor iran earlier i discussed the alleged iranian threat with my colleague daniel hawkins. it seems now although that he's have reached new heights the u.s. has issued a security alert all its non-emergency personnel in iraq asking them to immediately
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depart from the u.s. embassy in baghdad and from the consulate bill that's an order that relates to all non-emergency personnel now why the sudden panic well this security alert mentions no specific threats or reasons u.s. officials have of course previously referred to what they describe as substantial threats to personnel relating to reign activity in the region in particular their iranian proxies in both iraq and syria it's unclear though as to what exactly these threats are or indeed why the threat level has jumped now what is quite clear is that the u.s. does want to show it's taking things seriously and that there is a clear and present danger from iran or its proxies to americans in the region we'll see what happens with iran if they do anything it will be a very bad mistake if they do anything i'm hearing little stories about iran if they do anything they will suffer greatly we'll see what happens with the right of course u.s. forces and other u.s. workers in the region do face a level of background threat it's
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a volatile area rife with conflict and armed groups on all sides of hostilities nevertheless though officials haven't explained these recent developments and how any sort of iranian threat would actually manifest itself to harm u.s. personnel tensions were wrapped up last week when the u.s. deployed an aircraft carrier group complete with bombers to the region iran has described all such moves as psychological warfare. stating that they're not looking for confrontation or war but they would respond to anything they viewed as u.s. aggression that some. view rather echoed by washington as well now the root of all these recent troubles this reason this collation was of course trumps withdraw from iran nuclear treaty that was criticized roundly by the other signatories party to that agreement it was followed by the threats of sanctions saber rattling and retro . on all sides now germany and the netherlands have also suspended their military training operations in iraq interesting enough also citing the risk of potential
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attacks from iranian proxies although i do have to out the german defense ministry have also added there's no concrete threat once again and this situation is of international concern to many countries moscow one state may have received no sort of reassurance from what compare on resolving these tensions and that they are predicting an escalation in the gulf in the coming weeks and months so certainly no sign of things calm down anytime soon but amid the alarm over iran a senior general in the u.s. led coalition in syria and iraq appears to have refuted the idea of a heightened threat level parties kate part explains. the does seem to be rather a difference of opinion a breakdown in communication between u.s. military central command and the coalition's 2nd in command over the threat posed by iran though there's been no increased threat from iranian backed forces in iraq and syria we're aware of their presence clearly. and we monitor them along with
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a whole range of others because that's the environment we're in we're british major general chris cake of the coalition's deputy commander for strategy and information seems to refute the trumpet ministrations claim iran is mobilizing groups in iraq and syria to attack american forces with his comments also seem to contradict the claim terrine is an escalating threat u.s. national security adviser john bolton has long promoted action against iran but the british general says there's little to fear there are a range of threats to american and coalition forces in iraq or syria we most of them all about forces is clearly one of them. and i'm not going to go into the detail of it but there are a substantial number of militia groups in iraq and syria and we don't see any increased threat from many of them at the station press to explain the discrepancy gekas seem to limit is earlier remarks to
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a group of militia in iraq called the popular mobilization forces while some are backed by iran but the coalition considers them compliant yet later a u.s. military central command made a terrifying statement stressing iran is a threat well if both a senior british commander and america's central command share the same intelligence have similar information on terrorist locations airstrikes and danger zones how can i give statements that are so different the u.k.'s ministry of defense has distanced itself from the remarks made by the british major general claiming he spoke in the capacity of a military officer in the u.s. led coalition in iraq and syria it added that his remarks speak about us. syfy garia not the overall geopolitical situation in the region major general gray can i was speaking about a very specific area in which the u.s. led operation inherent resolve operates he wasn't speaking about the weight of geopolitical situation in the region but considering the specific area he's talking about is iraq and syria i think his words might hold some weight. british generals
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tend to be far more cautious and reserved than their american counterparts this has been the case for the last few decades every time the alliance fights together so you always see caution from the british side while the americans tend to be more gung ho they share the same intelligence and if they're to blair in contradictions it doesn't really look good for the coalition obviously one of them is lying or at least it seems to be that there is clear misinformation from one side. or the run also dominated conversation in the russian resort of sochi the president putin the russian foreign minister been holding bilateral talks with the chinese and u.s. and european counterparts question how iran's global reputation has been damaged by a situation that was initiated by washington more on that from the black sea city a little later this hour what did you do. next the u.s.
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attorney general has launched an investigation into possible misconduct relating to the report specifically william bell will see if the law was broken when trying to establish whether donald trump colluded with russia or the bar won't give the same scrutiny to the part of the probe concluding there was meddling by moscow morgan has details. since 2016 the democrats have been pushing an investigation of donald trump for allegedly colluding with russia in order to win the $2016.00 elections well now the report is out and the verdict is no collusion and at this point it looks like cable news will not stop the noise about trump and russia despite the report being released well now we've got a new investigation to cover it seems the republicans are now pushing to investigate the investigators u.s. attorney john durham he is not a rookie by far he investigated the cia and revealed that they had destroyed tapes and evidence of their torture program he also investigated the f.b.i.'s relationship with mafia boss whitey bulger so when it was announced that he would
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look into whether or not federal officials broke the wall when investigating donald trump the democrats got antsy so did former f.b.i. director james calming and feared personally i feared as a citizen investigate what investigate that investigations were conducted what would be the crime you'd be investigating so it's a terrible cycle to start perhaps the f.b.i. does have a reason to be concerned after all they did send an informer who posed as an assistant in order to meet with trump's aide now this informer stephon helper has a long history in fact he was involved in cia spying during the 1980 elections trump says that his campaign was spied on however those who oversaw the operation strongly object to that wording you know. the dictionary definition of spies surveillance or spying a term i don't particularly like it's not a term of war used by intelligence people that has a negative connotation of
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a rogue operation out of control not in compliance with the war and that's not the case at all now let's not forget that the feds clung to the now discredited steel down ca in order to apply for a warrant to surveil donald trump now a full 10 days before they applied for the warrant they were already questioning christopher steele's credibility and here's some language from a memo that surfaced. there is a technical human operation run out of moscow targeting the election payments to those recruited and made out of the russian consulate in miami it is important to note that there is no russian consulate in miami but the intel community presented christopher steele as being credible when they applied for a warrant to spy on trump now term will no doubt be looking into whether or not that is legal now let's also not forget that chuck schumer waived his fist on behalf of american spying agencies take on the intelligence community they have 6
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ways from sunday of getting back after everything related to the trump russia investigation seems to be widely contested the words presented by one side are presented as false and by the other side and amid all these allegations of dishonesty biased partisanship we're expected to believe by both wings of the establishment that what they are saying about russia and their allegations that it meddled in the 2016 elections is absolutely true. well i guess the american people will have to decide what they want to believe cable blup and r.t. new york political obviously rockwell says there's little u.s. public output tied to question the russian meddling narrative. they all know there's no evidence republicans democrats moller. barr i know that there are a lot of americans who have same view i do want to know where the evidence is. but i think the you know this the establishment the media both political parties.
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they're all saying one thing and i don't know that the american people will ever see it will they demand it i'd like to think that they would but i'm i'm afraid i don't believe i'm afraid this is just going to go on and on and on and pompei oh bolton. and the administration the democrats the republicans and congress the media they're all being the same drum and they're all lawyering and we just have to hope that. president trump will pull back. we just have to see. 3 days of high profile talks of wrapped up in the russian missile city of sochi on tuesday the russian president met with the u.s. 60 state with venezuela syria and iran all up for discussion and speaking at a press conference today alongside counterpart president putin gave his view on how
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washington is playing iran cannot. makes the decision to withdraw from any kind of a deal everyone will forget that the us initiated the collapse of the deal and global opinion will be iran's fault i've said this to iran on many occasions i don't think they have any reason to withdrawal from the deal huge 3 days here in sochi very big talks high profile talks 1st we had the chinese foreign minister then the u.s. secretary of state today the president a lot of topics almost every major crisis in the world now was discussed here of course they talked about iran. ukraine. in the middle east syria yemen they talked about financial markets about oil about gas you know all sorts of things but of course front and center was iran because it is really getting into the dangerous phase now the phase where everybody fears an
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escalation and today putin was asked about what russia plans to do to help resolve this crisis. among them when you find brigade i cannot just go around saving everything that is around us we have played our part and we are ready and willing to play this part in future but it depends not just on us but on our partners on the europeans on the us and on iran itself. the europeans the russians and the chinese have similar views in the arena in crisis they believe it's gone too far and that the best option for the world for all the countries involved is to stick to the iranian nuclear deal of $2015.00 and even the europeans have called what the united states is doing is dangerous and provocative to look after him personally have is that any additional pressure on iran is only
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going to undermine political relations even further in a matter how much we argue about the probability of this happening if the u.s. continues putting pressure on iran it leads to the risks of a crisis as happened in iraq several years ago and in europe no one wants that to happen unfortunately this new easy solution to the arabian crisis but they they at least talk about it not by the way was the take away yesterday when might compare with the u.s. secretary of state visited today vladimir putin said that you know he he now has a sense that there's some willingness in washington to repair restart relations with russia they agreed yesterday that you know they disagree on many things they also agree to start repairing various communication channels hotlines for example counterterrorism intelligence financial political. putin was also asked about the potential meeting with donald trump and he replied that at the g 20 summit if the
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americans are busy willing if they want to start serious serious you know take serious steps towards repairing relations russia is always willing. ukraine has offered to free a journalist working for a russian news agency as part of a prisoner exchange with moscow. who is ukrainian was arrested in kiev and charges of treason russia's presidential human rights council has expressed concern over his treatment journalists and public. rallied outside the ukrainian embassy in moscow to support the journalist wishes is their head of the rio news agencies ukrainian office he was imprisoned in 2018 accused of supporting separatists in eastern ukraine donbass region at the time he appeared to russia's president vladimir putin for support asking to be made a russian citizen. was yes when you're on of what got france today it's the years since our colleague was imprisoned on a monstrous charge on lee because he carried out his journalistic work it is
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a shameful page in the history of modern ukraine we hope that the new president will dimmers alinsky will find the strength and be able to read. from the history of modern ukraine that's not right now or always tomorrow will be the start of korea's 2nd year in the ukrainian torture chambers without medical assistance in conditions equivalent to torture this brings shame on the country shame on legal authorities and shame on you korean society and we do hope that there will be forces inside ukraine that can say pick up the keys to his cell and set the journalists free. a story of controversy has erupted around a lot of you know me that's after she burned a dress that resembled the russian symbol of the st george ribbon on the day the country commemorated victory over nazi germany and carolyn is claiming she only torched the clothing because she didn't like the colors but the fact that she invited along the press has led to claims of provocation particularly when she explained what she used for fuel. yanis reinhard to the father of
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my husband was a renowned eye doctor and during world war 2 he was allowed in legionary magic this alcohol is frontenac from his private stock. the latvian legionary referred to their active during the 2nd world war response of the german of assess it was created in 1903 on a written order for a model fit and fought against the soviet union european commission against racism and inequality as recommended to the latvian or thirty's to condemn any attempts to commemorate the group or some of the actions of the that be an m.e.p. with the upcoming european elections. she bought a dress for a crazy so and then decided that this dress reminded her of st george's ribbon and that's why it had to be but she showed it to the tabloid press it seems all means are on the table to get some p.r. ahead of the european parliamentary elections right colleague oh yes it was
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a deliberate insult to russians and to russia. and the the russians living in the ethnic russians who are left in citizens living in let me just love or one little ask her what was the goal what was it to incite. into ethnic tensions to provoke russia was it in fact to do something to make herself important because now she's very well known. and she's a high profile person purpose just propaganda seeking from her point of view this is certainly a way to provoke. a great media interest so that everyone is aware who she is and a point of view of what she's done and so on. to convince many foreign. activists remain in venezuela's embassy in washington d.c.
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that's the spite and eviction notice from police that trying to prevent the venezuelan opposition from taking up residence in the compound opposition figures have the backing of the u.s. which recognizes their leader wangel i don't know as being the president of venezuela in while venezuela embassies in other countries are often becoming the subject of controversy into all of it has a story. just a few moments ago the big players on the world stage were tripping over themselves to come out and recognize one by dope as the legitimate president of venezuela we are ready to recognize. as interim president we will recognize him as constitutional interim president institution when he will stand ready to recognize one guy down as the interim president of venezuela. even send representatives to different nations around the world despite them not receiving diplomatic credentials in some countries like here in germany where we have
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a situation that the ambassador who sits in the embassy just behind me represents a government deemed illegitimate while the representative of the government deemed legitimate holds no diplomatic rank here in germany though that hasn't stopped quite those man from at least calling himself ambassador puzzled by more that in venezuela we are living under a dictatorship there needs to be international pressure to end the a separation of power when we can have a real transitional government so we can hold elections then we can have our consulates and embassies. full steam ahead for regime change as politicians and news networks cheated each official that defected from the madieu rogue government but then there was the failed coup attempt in the bill of aryan republic and the standoff outside of the venezuelan embassy in washington. i.
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had experienced efficiency internationally and she had been cited she struck us and it illegally entered here as it is we're trying to see this and it mentions in international law now with the german parliament tree inquiry finding that germany's recognition of quite though is president was shaky at best under international law the foreign ministry here is less than committed when it comes to talking about furthering relations and talks with the representatives of the man who would be leader of that his way it's a similar story in other nations in spain for example they also welcomed the representative of one without conveying any diplomatic rank basically it means that mr why those representatives could meet and talk with foreign ministry officials
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but very little else despite european leaders joining in the cheese for a change early on in venezuela the reality today is they have taking a position it's much more on the fence but one of these days they're going to have to come down on one side or the other as they find out it can be quite easy to make big political statements but if you don't think through how they're going to be put into action can just cause more problems down the line. under the home co an m.p. for germany's left party thinks e.u. states and germany in particular have good reason not to recognise god as a mass at this. foreign policy always recognized states but no individual person and now we see all the. the costs coming out of the situation because of why the has no real power at my door has the real power and we're so ill or. for pragmatic reasons. recognizing the maduro embassy
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here and dealing with it with them and consulate story issues on the other hand the representative of wired or mr. is recognized as a political representative of quote all but but not as an m ambassador issue was. foreign minister is cooperating with the us embassy of cross which else because you cannot deal with real issues with a president who has no power in the country. coca-cola has launched a ramadan version of its logo in norway it features the crescent moon to celebrate the muslim holy month but not everybody has welcomed the idea shame on you for promoting women oppressing homosexuals terrorizing islam do you also make adverts with the cross in saudi arabia an easter this is getting too stupid if your company
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is easing the christian universal i mean norway as a marketing tool during ramadan i will have no choice but to boycott your products according to the pew research center the number of muslims in norway is increasing in 2016 they represented almost 6 percent of the population. has defended the ramadan legace saying it's part of the brand's commitment to diversity and inclusion and it's on the 1st time that the company is trying to appeal to muslims and its promotional campaigns. example last year is dirt swing around a facebook ad in which a muslim woman gets some scornful looks but ends up making friends with a stranger little unsocial come tomorrow and sob believes that coca-cola wants to be seen as engaging with muslim communities. i think at the end of the day most modern progressive multinational companies around the world would have policies to
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reach out to diverse communities coca-cola in particular you know their history you know they've had a history of about 30 odd years of being boycotted in the arab league nations after the u.s. would seem to been supporting israel since then they've tried very very hard to try and reach out to diverse communities and i think those people who are complaining about the faith of islam or their misunderstanding of the faith of islam really haven't got a leg to stand on and remember that norway is you know 5 or 6000000 people we're talking about 5 or 6 percent 2 or $300000.00 people muslims really this is a relatively minor thing there are lots of marketing campaign whether it's to do with the olympics whether it's to do a different times of the year so i think i have had a fair crack they want to be seen as somebody engaging with muslim communities where traditionally they've got a very low penetration and very low traction. appreciate you joining us this evening this is all to international join me in around 30 minutes time for the very latest updates.
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what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or some want to. have to go right to be press this is like the full story in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters about how. this city. you know world of big partisan movies a lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical
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thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. to see on his attendee one employee. or anyone who knows a little bit. more which if. there's a renewal they give it to you they go to the guys who know people you see posting it's going to be put in seattle that's good. that's the ticket. if. that's the finish that you give all.
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whatever the politicians do business going to work around it is stupid to support a politician to say they're going to impose a tax or oppose the regulation because the race can just move right around it is easy to spot if you're listening and you want to be wealthy want to be rich understand that if you know how to read a ballot see any you know how to read the recent legal guidelines you can be pretty it's almost like falling off a log if you can't figure that out is because you either cannot read or you are incapable of math simple math that's it that's the bottom line people. here in kiev in recent days it might dawn independence square has turned into a full scale war zone. full clancy's in ukraine's capital kiev.
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absolutely no you shall start to tell what you are caricature everybody would then . do. now on the brink of a civil war at least 70 dead so far and the death toll rising. to. a new music. hall we saw here today was a revolution. said to. have invested over $5000000000.00 to assist ukraine in knees and other goals with. nato has expanded into 13 countries up to the borders of russia 13 countries. focus
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that's the be on not allowing buy into whole cloth.


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