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police arrest for antiwar activists in the venezuelan embassy in washington d.c. following a month long sit in protest against the u.s. support for the opposition leader. united states ramps up pressure on iran senator bernie sanders accuses donald trump's national security adviser trying to lead america into a war with iran just as happened with the right. also the philippines recalls its ambassador from canada failed to meet the deadline to take back tons of trash shipped to the southeast asian country years ago.
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thanks for joining us this evening you're watching international. police have arrested 4 protesters who have been staging a sit in at the venezuelan embassy in washington in protest against america's policy by this way followed warnings from the authorities who said they were trespassing america correspondent rachel blood has more from washington. please enter the building around 930 this morning but it wasn't until about 1115 that we saw those 4 activists being taken away in police transport vehicles now those 4 are from a group of activists who have been occupying the embassy for more than 3 weeks now and they say that their goal is to hold the building for the government of venice on president nicolas maduro despite the fact that the united states has recognized opposition leader $1.00 as the country's interim president now on monday we saw
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that police posted a notice on the door of the building and they said that any of the activists who were still inside would be arrested and charged with trespassing that's when the majority of the activists did leave but those 4 remain and it wasn't until today that they were officially a russian now so far they have been charged with interfering with a protective order and it's not clear if they are going to be any other charges now i show chew over the lawyer for the activist and she said that this raises a lot of concerns under international law because she argued that it goes directly against the vienna convention which states that the united states can not enter the venezuelan embassy without approval from the allotted venice failand government and so as of right now we don't know exactly what the condition inside that building is we do know that we have seen a very heavy police presence here which has included secret service the d.c. metro police and federal agents who have gone inside the building and conducted
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searches but we're still not sure exactly what the future is for this embassy even as well the foreign ministry has branded the police sanctions illegal well the quad 0 point is a bus to the to the u.s. so the embassy has finally been liberated benjamin from the peace group code pink claims the arrests are a violation of international bill. we got an urgent call from the people inside at 916 this morning that the police had broken down the door and that they were going to be arrested we denounce this is a violation of the vienna convention speakers the group has been there with the permission of the then as well in government i was just at the u.n. yesterday with the ambassador to the u.n. who was calling on the u.s. to sign a protective power green minch with venezuela so that both the embassy in washington d.c. and the u.s. embassy in caracas would be protected the venezuelan government has said it is not
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given permission for the opposition representatives to enter the building and there is still time to negotiate a solution that would be a mutual agreement to both these governments but it will be a tremendous step towards greater conflict with the u.s. if indeed the wedo representatives are allowed to go into that embassy now. and i'm joined live on the line now by human rights activist reverend jesse jackson a pleasure to speak to you reverend i want to speak 1st of all about the food supplies that you took in to these activists who've been southern there for quite a period of time and imagine you've been in a similar predicament in the past what was your reason for helping the. cause of. the nonexempt war. emblem of course war.
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and remove the rule of the day we should be. doing the good. with the nations and not from the sort of the former grammar that's not right and rather so that the law . and as i understand the authorities the police that they were actually letting people in the top how did you manage to get past that they let you through out of respect. well in part that also those who are in the building put down a basket on the rope and we lean over the bannister over the barrier and put food in water and they in the basket. and put the back of the condom are a victory but they're really really good we want the conflict and then when it was all we want both sides of the common table and we're going in there as a solution to be a living who is in peace people miller their food and housing and water cannot stop them into
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a relationship which is not dry. of course as activists now it's been renamed arrested by the places we understand from reports what do you make of the u.s. authorities actions that you consider them acceptable and indeed illegal. well it is not then that necessarily we really want to take a position it repugnant position that we are going to intensify our struggle. find to win was the fly list of down the boy and yemen with you trying to seek to end in afghanistan in syria. tension with the north korea we would find was a rollover and. the question to come out of the might of all if all but that in fact i mean boys shoes too much fighting on them talking. i just wanted you feel about the also teeth going in what's considered to be suffering territory of another country that said it worrying precedent you think. it is about
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international law but then when they write about international law and human rights and set determination with a nation must have been and people must protest that because being about the then loving about in the same congress not except subpoena some famous why are the ones that. the congress also not. people at the embassy and was right reverend loans the people of venezuela. it does seem as though this is despite all the protests that this is kind of moving along the way the united states would like they've recognized the opposition leader one. leader of that as well and now it seems as though his man is going to be leaving and he's tweeted that he's going to move into the venezuelan embassy in washington. is there anything that can be done at this stage to stop things progressing as they are you say you would like to
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see discussions is there still time for them to take place. it is not to live to talk not to negotiate. to be involved. and i mean the through the loud only. just listening to a run in russia on the people. both leaders in the common place. to meet with him in north korea. after all bill was and i am as you know we get about a month or a log of the inventors with. all of them been through those 4 days away from southern route through to where we are right every reason and i have mr you know america we are a great nation was one to the bahamas fear to them they will spend this and that the members and see them as the good neighbor probably not with a hostile or with a regime war like the 2. after months of protest i think the
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format and it was left at the embassy who removed arrested. what do you think about their efforts is it important if it's only for people can they still make a difference is it important for people to make protests such as that. was real dog a little light will do just one person standing up on the whole. we're going to be a major demonstration in front of the embassy on this coming sunday focus on those and with a little bit on human and focus on north korea and south korea and so you can reconciliation. in some expensive war the amount of aid the poor example. there were to invite mr putin and to into millions where there's a right to come as a sovereign country and does the most who'd been in syria could do very much
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about it became this village where they can do much about that we need to be thinking about peaceful relationships and not more and more hostile move more threats. does not work and violates international law. and reverend you know a big part of fuel life and what you stood for was involved peaceful protests do they in the modern era still carry the same weight can they still influence politicians in the modern day. protests along the big enough to get into a bit of people here can also vote protests because my drums election in 2016 but when we took the congress back we protested but at the polls and we and we will increase still protests. and 2020. moved from lost by 3000000 dollars and 282-0016. of those and when they do we want to keep fighting until just
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. peaceful disarmament with one and intensive efforts to bring about conflict resolution without violence. never did i'm sleep pleasured have your nazi international thanks so much fits on my guests human rights activist reverend jesse jackson. thank you sir. yes 2020 presidential hopeful penny sanderson has accused national security adviser john bolton of trying to push the country into war with iran in a way reminiscent of another u.s. campaign. the awkward of the efforts right now to get us into a war in iraq is the guy who was the architect for getting us into the war in iraq and that is john bolton so you know i worry about provocations on the part of the united states. washington's taken numerous measures in recent days to counter what
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it calls a credible threat from iran the u.s. has ordered all non-emergency staff out of its embassy in iraq b. $52.00 bombers in air carriers to the region media report suggests that there are intelligence images of missiles on iranian boats in the persian gulf smoking fears they might be used against u.s. troops although the images haven't been published despite the lack of clear evidence for a heightened threat from tehran and washington continues to make loud noises about it threaten their neighbors or spread instability or terror everywhere we go in the middle east it's a rare ran around major destabilizing in influence in the middle east spread death destruction and chaos the leaders of iran are record here's the world's largest finance ear of international terrorism behind every problem is iran and we've been trying to do is to get iran to be him like a normal nation. john bolton and his approach to foreign policy we're not to interview from back in 2010 where he admitted that he would lie in the name of u.s.
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national security at more pain asks americans what they think about it. john bolton has a very important job keeping americans safe after all that is the job of the national security adviser and it's very important for americans to trust someone in that position john bolton wasn't always the national security adviser here's something he said before he got the job if i had to say something i knew was false to protect american national security i would do it so considering that john bolton has a pretty important position in terms of influencing the president on international matters you think it might be a concern if he says things consistently that turn out to be false we decided to ask new yorkers. iran continues to seek nuclear weapons and intimidate peaceful people is that true not. true i guess that's false. so the one year period that we've talked about from the point where north korea
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makes to strategic decision to denuclearize is something that north and south koreans have already agreed to is that true or false false this sounds like something that's not true doesn't seem to fit right. i'm not running around the world looking for ways to create hostilities well it's just the other quotes pretty much speak for themselves that john bolton doesn't seem to have a golden record however that doesn't seem to put him in any danger of losing his job at least for now. you would lie in order to preserve the truth if i had to say something i knew was false to protect american national security i would do it fulton is the point man thank you very little even a jackal to carry this effort to for it and to topple the elected government of iran and while we can see the
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history in record of john bolton as being in favor of the wars from iraq to going as well it to iran and he's always in favor of imperial wars abroad so from a political perspective we have to see this as a reflection of the system itself the united states they want the oil in iran and whenever a bully wants to take something out of your position then they will allege provocations to justify that violence that they're getting ready to perpetuate things that the trump administration has already briefed everyone on that drawing iranian threat although another part of the us senate which looks like it's being kept in the dark over plans. i would urge the state department to come down here and explain to us what's going on i've come to the fore in the law. and to
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demand answers by this administration about are wrong about its policy we need to understand what we're doing the hearings that are done in secret do not for inform the american people of what's going on i demand to know why we have deployed. the american military assets we do not need another iraq weapons of mass destruction moment the tender box of the middle east is no place to operate on impulse or whim. that's the appearance this administration has created by lacking a clearly articulated strategy for the american people to know and that is the president this behavior is not acceptable. while the world currently mole's the potential of a new war some media outlets seem to believe it's washington that's being forced
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into action once again they side iran syria and venezuela is being examples. i'm joined now by the. of the news website b s news thought in further ready for mike we're just hearing some some clips there of senate is not very happy that they've not been informed about what the trump ministration the action is taking over iran if this is a substantial threat that iran poses why is senate not being informed. well i was the truth is that iran isn't a threat to the region or to the world hasn't been hasn't invaded another country in 250 years. but it's a 3rd to u.s. strategic interests and international corporate interests and this is why that we have the saber rattling that we do at the moment. but yeah when the this is this is all part of the long long plan it will keep saying that america gets dragged into conflicts you know unwittingly perhaps. but it's been planned for
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a long long time i think r.t. viewers will certainly remember the announcements from nato general wesley clark 2001 i think it was and if there are already then the pentagon was talking about invading 7 countries in 5 years well one could argue they're more than halfway through that list at the moment and i certainly expect that they envisage the route through tehran would go through beirut damascus and baghdad that's obviously fallen by the wayside there because of russia and has blocked iranian intervention into the syrian conflict that's put paid to that route but it's still happening it's still going to happen i think there will be some kind of conflict gratian with iran in the next year or 2. and they won't care the pentagon really just doesn't care if it sets fire to the entire region because that will be beneficial to the stocks of the military industrial complex and america will be seen as a little benign empire again fixing the world's problems obviously it's fixing the
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problems that it's creating but you know we can ignore that this seems that there's plenty of outlets in the u.s. media who who are going along with this narrative that iran is the threat that the u.s. is. we looked really coming in to negate that threat that requires of course some kind of. certain information if not proof that iran is a threat in what way could around the patrol it is the aggressor here. well i remember netanyahu at the u.n. and he had his acme cartoon picture of a bomb claiming this was some kind of iranian threats it doesn't need much she needs a little bit of symbolism perhaps he needs a few lies and they will get retold obviously again and again it doesn't matter that the lawyers are the people the public sense will be manufactured whatever. and as soon as the bombs start flying people tend to rally around the flag so it
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doesn't leave much to to get the public's swayed one way or the other but i think people are waking up now they're waking up to the fact that the us isn't a benign empire this mean this whole entire media narrative to the us and its allies are dragged into wars and you know unwillingly is just a complete nonsense. they are planning it meticulously just sending their crude aircraft carrier groups across to the gulf for the moment that takes amazing amounts of planning u.s. central command for instance that's that's been over 10 years in the making to establish that to get it funded to get it supplied and trained. obviously within syria i think syria's been the stumbling block for the u.s. i think the plan for a van would have already been in place and in place maybe a couple of years ago but seriously the stumbling block in syria with the u.s. has had to hasn't been able to use direct force or at least you know massive overt force directly it's had to rely on its you know mercenary jihadists that they've
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employed and deployed into syria. that's all fallen by the wayside now because syria with its allies is effectively won the war illiberal certainly be bickley out of all the maybe who knows how many tens of thousands of for mostly forgotten jihadists that will be done in the next 2 or 3 months i suspect so yeah what they're going to do next i think anything's possible but iran's certainly is in the crosshairs. the senators say that they expect to be briefed sometime next week isn't that too late. was this the intention all along to kind of bypass the senate because as you mentioned the bombers the aircraft carriers they've already been sent out there being put into position is that all been done before informing the senate so that they can't put up any kind of assistance yes i mean aren't really the senate almost power powerless anyway we saw a bomb a sort of start launching wars without senate senate approval obviously george bush did the same and trump has already launched missiles into syria last year when i
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was there so you know the senate approval doesn't really mean much anymore the war powers act can be ignored so yes i think that they're keeping them in the dark but there's no real reason to and obviously the senators if they're wise enough they'll be able to read the reports of aircraft carrier strike group submarine deployments in the region and they'll know what this is leading up to it's not just a threat of force this is actual war about to begin so you know the senators can demand all the hearings that they want but the pentagon's in full swing now and it's arguably it is a little bit too late already even though war has not begun but i think it will be so huge repercussions as if iraq did the repercussions from iraq were big enough i think war with iran would just be well it would be it would be the world war the 3rd world war or the final world wars we should probably refer to it as a term prospect indeed appreciate your analysis mike mike ruddy's my guest coeditor of b s news dot info thank you. a feud between the
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philippines and canada over waste disposal this escalated with manila recall in its ambassador and consuls to canada refused to take back tons of garbage had it shipped to the philippines i continue 1013. that the recall shows that we are. very serious in asking them to get back they're going to be otherwise. severe relations with them or that dispute began in 2013 when a private canadian company shipped more than 100 containers of trash to the philippines later on it was discovered they had been falsely labeled as containing recyclable plastic in fact they contained household waste 2016 the philippines court ordered the company to take back the rubbish but it continues to languish on the landfill site last month the philippines president adopted a stronger stance you pushed a deadline for canada to take back the trash and even threatened war. will
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declare war against canada we can take them down i'll return the trash just wait and see i will advise canada that your garbage is on the way prepare grounds reception even if you want to it is now theoretically possible to get it back but there's still a number of questions around who will pay for it where the financial responsibility is where the consequences are the move comes months after chinese or thirties refused to accept recyclable waste from the united states forcing it along with other western countries to rethink what they do with their rubbish darian foreign affairs analyst in manila says that just in to to fail to fulfill a promise he made 2 years ago to take the rubbish back. well for a very long time to fill the house being unfortunately a recipient of toxic waste including nuclear waste all of them in the united states in software west reallocates so this issue has been lingering for quite long time
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canadian one of those however i was a summer of 0.4 for the philippines where if you are president you go to target you guess with no plans or just do what's here in the uk 2 years ago for the odyssey and saw me he promised that they're going to take back the trust of the garbage top 6 cars that was left here linger it's a 1030 and you to your scheme does not have been any comedian going to say that this was a private deal between the can they can get kompany and philip being conquered by the 1st get he is also good say that you know it's not only that he gets all these also whoever it was able to accept these back in 2030 in the philippines but clearly this is the group this diplomatic crisis could get between 2 long term holidays philippines and canada. chinese telecom john wall way has warned us or thirty's their latest move won't make america quote more secure or stronger i mean washington could end up having to pay more for lower quality 5 g.
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equipment china's foreign ministry slammed washington's latest move as disgraceful and unjust and this is after the u.s. deployment of calmness of place while we on a trade blacklist decision coming hard on the heels of donald trump declaring a national emergency to protect america's computer networks from what he described as foreign adversaries. foreign adversaries are increasingly creating and exposing vulnerabilities in information and communications technology and services which store and communicate vast amounts of sensitive information. over the past few months washington's been trying to persuade allies to shun while we equip and threatening to limit intelligence sharing with those who failed to comply though britain one of america's key allies in europe is refusing to ban the chinese company out of hand saying it still hasn't made a decision a similar response came earlier remarks from germany china economy expert professor benjamin chances weiwei might actually benefit from the american stance. ali
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actually has a blemish record of over 30 years in 170 countries punishing one corporation with those solid sprains waves of fear operations the us my lack behind with the using the best equipment available in the world and americans are forced to buy expensive technologies and even in few more inferior technologies and in fact in the longer. the americans my choose to go to china to hatch their technologies in china to sell to china how they should do what ali has been doing in the past 30 years. of products speaks for itself and in fact some arguably could be the biggest winner with all this free advertising. today thanks for joining us here this is our to international headlines for you in
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30 minutes. after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next about different clubs on one hand it is logical to go from fields where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and a fresh perspective i'm used to surprising. if you think. i'm going to talk about football not the or else you think i was going to do. by the way what is the. last.
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so the 1st i want to do is just show the phrase you read the reviews very true. and they are they they are what they have and they have. given you need to feel the. sun yeah i'm them but do you know how much they have. cost more next. with this manufactured sentenced to the public will. when the
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ruling classes protect themselves. with the human. lives and neither will. bring in the middle of the roots to. go to the real news room. you know imax kaiser yeah we're add the magical cup the conference in new york city incredibly exciting here as the bull market has returned from there went are apparently over new all time highs are back going now in sight and my interim target of 28.


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