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trumps. whatever politicians do business going to work around it is stupid to support a politician who say they're going to impose a tax or oppose the regulation because the rich can just move right around it is easy as pie if you're listening and you want to be wealthy want to be rich understand that if you know how to read a balance sheet and you know how to read the recent legal guidelines you can because it's almost like falling off a log if you can't figure that out is because you either cannot read or you are incapable of simple math that's that's the bottom line told. us police arrested for anti-war activists the venezuelan embassy after their month
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long sit in protest against the expulsion of president diplomats. manning is sent back to jail for refusing to give evidence on wiki leaks and to join a song. in the philippines recalls its ambassador from canada in a dispute over vast amounts of trash shipped to the southeast asian country years ago. are broadcasting from our studios in moscow this is our to international and sean thomas glad to have you with us. right us police have arrested 4 activists staging a sit in at the venezuelan embassy they were protesting against a the expulsion of president maduro diplomats last month and u.s. interference in the country are 2. rachel bludgeons has the story. please enter the
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building around 930 this morning but it wasn't until about 1115 that we saw those 4 activists being taken away in police transport vehicles now those 4 are from a group of activists who have been occupying the embassy for more than 3 weeks now and they say that their goal is to hold the building for the government of venice one president nicolas maduro despite the fact that the united states has recognized opposition leader one as the country's interim president now on monday we saw that police posted a notice on the door of the building and they said that any of the activists who were still inside would be arrested and charged with trespassing that's when the majority of the activists did leave but those 4 remain and it wasn't until today that they were officially arrested now so far they have been charged with interfering with the 1st cashier's order and it's not clear if they are going to be facing any other charges now i show chew over a lawyer for the activist and she said that this raises
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a lot of concerns under international law because she argued that it goes directly against the vienna convention which states that the united states can not enter the venezuelan embassy without approval from the allotted venice failand government and so as of right now we don't know exactly what the condition inside that building is we do know that we have seen a very heavy police presence here which has included secret service the d.c. metro police and federal agents who have gone inside the building and conducted searches but we're still not sure exactly what the future is for this embassy venezuelan foreign ministry has branded the police actions illegal while the do appoint to the basket or to the u.s. embassy has finally been liberated medea benjamin from the peace group code pink claims that the arrests are a violation of international law. we got an urgent call from the people inside at 916 this morning that the police had broken down the door and that they were going to be arrested we denounce this is
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a violation of the vienna convention speakers the group has been there with the permission then as well in government i was just at the u.n. yesterday with the ambassador to the u.n. who was calling on the u.s. to sign a protecting power 3 minch with venezuela so that both the embassy in washington d.c. and the u.s. embassy in caracas would be protected the venezuelan government has said it is not given permission for the opposition representatives to enter the building and there is still time to negotiate a solution that would be of mutual agreement to both these governments but it will be a tremendous step towards greater conflict with the u.s. if indeed the representatives are allowed to go into that embassy now. yeah activists have gained the attention of some prominent figures on wednesday civil
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rights figurehead jesse jackson arrived at the embassy to give food to the protesters that came after reports suggested authorities were preventing supplies from reaching the embassy we spoke to reverend jackson and asked him what he thinks about washington's role in venezuela. rather than the national normal then we were under a rock about an international law and human rights and certain terminations within those must have been there and people must protest that because the brother in the holding while in the same congress will not accept opinions from saying why don't they learn to. become involved with. people who would like revenue of the people or will one or both leaders in the common claims doesn't move the drummer to move. in north korea. zaman so. it was and i am as you know we get the oil in venezuela there's other review all of
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them been through those 4 days away from southerners 3 weeks away we were right they were a reason. we were a great nation was one to the bahamas fear to do. this so i'll sit in the room was in the freedom as the good neighbor part of that with. over the regime wall added to jesse jackson's it was criticized by the choir the appointed ambassador to the u.s. who accused him of supporting human rights violators reverend jackson explain to us why he decided to help the protesters. who the mother was because america could though and that was not right. and reconciling this in this case is no one wins if he is as kind and disagree with reconcile sides. be a credible convene the u.s. cannot do it alone and replacing one government for another regime change. would
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put democracy. u.s. army was a blower chelsea manning is being sent back to prison just a week after being released the ruling comes after the former soldier refused to testify before the grand jury on her contacts with weekly. in a case doesn't make sense it seems kind of bananas in comparison to the evidence that we that we got out i will not cooperate with this or any other grand jury. in march of this year manning was jailed for 2 months for for refusing to answer the grand jury's questions on wiki leaks and its founder julian assange manning was 1st detained back in 2010 for sending thousands of classified documents to wiki leaks she was sentenced to 35 years behind bars but president obama later reduced that term and to 7 years former f.b.i. agent coleen rowley believes the latest sentence against manning is unlawful. the current administration did not like the found that the obama administration pardoned her so this would be in a legal. punishment
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a 2nd punishment after already serving time for the case against julian assigned is just that week that they absolutely need chelsea manning's testimony in order to firm up those specious charges it's got to be one of the 2 things otherwise it makes no sense i have never heard of a jailing a witness this long she's already been jailed for 62 days for failure to i talked to a grand jury and she is really putting on a very brave face in the face of this additional what i would think is illegal punishment to be this truck pony and. chinese tech giant while way has warned a very u.s. trade ban on the firm will harm americans leaving them behind in 5 g. technology is comes after the u.s. department of commerce placed wall way on a trade blacklist over alleged to security concerns or to show dubinsky reports from a technology conference in paris on the shock waves that the dispute is causing. 5
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g. is seen as being critical to the development of the digital economy in the next decade one of the major players is china's huawei but its presence in the field is a contentious issue and something that could force fed the tensions between the e.u. and the u.s. a warning well donald trump has just signed an executive order declaring a national economic emergency the u.s. president has empowered the government to ban the technology and services of foreign adversaries deemed to pose unacceptable risks to national security including from cyber espinosa and sabotage it may not mention huawei by name but it's clear who it's a dad's meanwhile in europe they seems to be a more open approach to the company the e.u. has demanded strict to security ahead of the road out of 5 g.
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in a bid to protect privacy and business secrets but it seems that that may not be enough to satisfy the u.s. so what is huawei doing to try and ease the concerns over but it's technically jake who are willing to sign no spy agreements with governments to commit ourselves to making our quitman meet the no spying no back doors standard so as the tech world cap is here in paris our worries at all say about huawei my opinion is that everybody is or is spying on us for our phones and computer so this is going to be an extent but i don't know i don't think we can do anything about it really think it's pro-business same with. mobile phone a just so we don't just know the the different elements of the older companies so i think it's the same so i'm not really scared we just have to be careful as users are going to respect a lot of. in france or in europe it would be ok australia and new zealand already.
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despite assurances from walk away but with the stroke of a pen trump has seriously ramped up the pressure on european allies to follow suit and to walk away from 5 g. networks although the dutch and the germans said they will stand steadfast take a step back there was still a question over whether europe as a whole is prepared to truck traffic on the 4 lights if it decides that. lies with china. see carries. chinese economics expert a professor benjamin and charles says while weight might actually benefit from america's stance poly actually has an unblemished record of over 30 years in 170 countries punishing one corporation with those solid springs waves of
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fear out of the us my luck behind with no using the equipment available in the world and americans are forced to buy expensive technologies and even impute more inferior technologies and in fact in the longer one. americans my choose to go to china to hatch their technologies in china to sell to china how we should do what ali has been doing in the past 30 years that deployed doubts speaks for itself and in fact to some arguably while we could be the biggest winner we've all this free of. us presidential hopeful bernie sanders has accused the national security adviser john bolton of trying to push the country into war with iran. the author. of the efforts right now to get us into a wall in iraq is the guy who was the architect for getting those into the war in
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iraq and that is. so you know i worry about provocations on the part of the united states in the past few days the u.s. has taken steps to counter what it calls a credible threat from iran the state department has ordered all non-emergency staff to leave iraq and the u.s. air force has sent a b. 52 bombers to the region this follows stark warnings from the trumpet ministration about alleged hostile activity from iran threaten their neighbors or spread instability or terror everywhere we go in the middle east it surrender ran around major destabilizing in influence in the middle east spread death destruction and chaos the leaders of iran are record here's world's largest finance here of international terrorism behind every problem is a ring and we've been trying to do is to get iran to be him like a normal nation. as for john bolton and his approach to foreign policy we on earth
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in 2010 interview where he admits he would lie in the name of u.s. national security or he's been asked people on the streets of new york for their views john bolton has a very important job keeping americans safe after all that is the job of the national security adviser and it's very important for americans to trust someone in that position john bolton wasn't always the national security adviser here's something he said before he got the job if i had to say something i knew was false to protect american national security i would do it so considering that john bolton has a pretty important position in terms of influencing the president on international matters you think it might be a concern if he says things consistently that turn out to be false we decided to ask new yorkers. iran continues to seek nuclear weapons and intimidate peaceful people is that true or not oh true i could guess that's false. so the one year period that we've talked about from the point where north korea
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makes the strategic decision to denuclearize is something that north and south koreans have already agreed to is that true or false false that sounds like something that's not true that doesn't seem to fit right. i'm not running around the world looking for ways to create hostilities well i mean just the other quotes pretty much speak for themselves that john bolton doesn't seem to have a golden record however that doesn't seem to put him in any danger of losing his job at least for now. you would lie in order to preserve the truth if i had to say something i knew was false to protect american national security i would do it bolton is the point man very little even a jackal to carry this effort to for it and to topple the elected government of iran and while we can see the
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history in record of john bolton as being in favor of the wars from iraq to going as well that to her own and he's always in favor of imperial wars abroad so from a political perspective we have to see this as a reflection of the system itself the united states they want the oil in iran and whenever a bully wants to take something out of the year position then they will allege provocations to justify that violence that they're getting ready to perpetuate. despite the supposed danger coming from iran the trump administration has not yet briefed to the senate on the matter and some senators are seeking answers. i would urge the state department and the to come down here and explain to us what's going on i've come to the fore in the law. and to demand answers by this administration
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about iraq about its policy we need to understand what we're doing the hearings that are done in secret do not for inform the american people of what's going on i demand to know why we have deployed. these american military assets we do not need another iraq weapons of mass destruction moment that tender box of the middle east is no place to operate on impulse or whim. that's the appearance this administration has created by lacking a clearly articulated strategy for the american people to know and it's said mr president this behavior is not acceptable the diplomatic route has broken out between canada and the philippines over trash disposal more on that after a short break stay with us.
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what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or somehow want to be. that's it right to be for us this is what the 43 of them all can't be good.
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interested always in the water how. do you. sit. back this is our international my feud between the philippines and to canada over waste is this bozo has escalated with calling in some basket or ottawa has refused to take back tons of garbage and that it shipped to the philippines several years ago. that it. shows that we are. very serious and asking them to get back their guy but it's otherwise
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going to see their elation of so with them. we dispute between. the 2 countries began in 2013 when a private canadian company sent more than 100 containers of try. to the philippines it was later discovered they had been falsely labeled as containing recyclable plastic when in fact they had contained household waste in 2016 if the appeals court ordered the company to take the shipment back but that has not happened and last month the philippines president threatened drastic action against canada. will declare war against canada we can take them down i'll return the trash just wait and see i will advice canada is on the way prepare a grand reception eat it if you want to it is theoretically possible to get it back but there's still a number of questions around who will pay for it where the financial responsibility is where the consequences are. in foreign affairs analyst in manila says justin trudeau busy has failed to fulfill
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a promise he made 2 years ago to take the shipment back. well for a very long time to fill the king size being unfortunately the recipient of top seek ways including nuclear waste from the united states in software western allies so this case has been lingering for quite long time it canadian one of those however a summer of 0.4 for the philippines for if you are president are going to target because with no plans or just entered the us here in the last 2 years ago for the odyssey and saw meet you promised that they were going to take back the trust of the garbage top see the car was left here lingered since 2030 and to your scheme does not mean happy i mean you can even go over to say that this was a private deal between the can make anything calling funny and if in the b. to conquer part of course again it is also good say that you know it's not only the company gets all these also whoever was able to accept these back in 2013 the philippines for clearing this is the greatest diplomatic crisis president that
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between 2 long term holidays philippines and canada. the construction of a new church in a russian city has angered many locals prompting president putin to step been referred from as. this has been going on for some time already have to the authorities in russia's city or vacated in the east of moscow decided to build a new church st catharines cathedral on the city's main central square to market it involves 300th anniversary some people get really upset saying this will need to destroy one of the city's few green areas and on monday for the 1st time this discontent took to the streets following a call on social media some several 100 people gathered around a temporary fence marking the sport where the church is supposed to be build chanting we want a square and apparently at some point it went wild according to the region's
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governor the protesters managed to throw this fence they were arguing with the police and security on the ground. refusing to leave the area and there were clashes between these people and those who support the construction of the church the government decided to have an emergency meeting inviting both sides but as a result decision was made to go on with the construction and this is why on tuesday the protests continued with 26 people arrested at the end of the day with 3 taking to the hospital including one with a broken rib according to local police reports it went on on wednesday as well. another 21 protester is detained by local police and earlier on thursday russia's president vladimir putin was asked to comment on this situation during a media forum that is currently happening in russia city of sochi and weidman putin has said that when he 1st learned about this situation indicated in wood he was rather surprised because there is only one and very easy way to resolve this issue
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to know the opinion of the majority of the people living in this area and to go on with their decision and this should be done through local referendum. everyone has the right to express opinion if this is the opinion of local inhabitants the opinion has certainly to be taken into account there is a simple method to conduct a poll and minority must all be majority but the interests of this minority should be taken into account as well let the investors ensure there will be another forest nearby and that there will be more rather than less trees and shortly after vladimir putin's comments on the situation in ukraine today and what we've heard from local authorities that they support the idea of local referendum. berlin is currently hosting an energy conference and fuel supplies from russia are high on the agenda artie's bureau of reports from the. been hearing here at this gas conference in berlin is that europe germany is where in particular needs
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a reliable source of energy that comes not from coal not from nuclear that the idea in germany is to get away from well with nuclear by 2022 in coal by the end of 2030 s. by the end of the 2030 s. gas they say is the only way forward however what we are seeing is big opposition to that particularly coming from the united states senator ted cruz of texas has put forward a bill which could see extra sanctions put in place on those companies that are currently building the nord stream 2 pipeline in the baltic sea and it's not just from them that we've heard this criticism also the ambassador for germany for the probably united states here in germany richard grinnell issued a warning that's well pulls no punches sanctions are coming if you continue to be involved with north stream to from american point of view the bio blown is not just drills boards and gas but president greased sanctions well grinnell isn't the only us ambassador that's been having an outspoken say on this the u.s.
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ambassador to the european union gordon sunderland also suggested that europe should even suggest he directly said that europe's should source its energy from democratic sources not democratic ones pointing a finger directly at russia while he was saying that now i spoke to 2 close to the member of the bundestag heavily involved in the committee this looks into north stream to from here in germany and he said statements like this were absolute rubbish does was become is what angers me most here is that german companies and other european companies that want to build this pipeline being threatened i'm told they won't be able to do business in the u.s. if they take part these are extra territorial sanctions that go beyond the u.s. they go against international law and in my opinion are completely unacceptable away from the men and women involved in the gas industry itself there's also opposition political figures here we spoke to. one of them who said well this isn't
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about geopolitics this isn't about securing the e.u.'s energy this is all about business when it comes to the us i consider this comment from there not just states quite ridiculous because we all know that. the best man in the vault. like always learning from the west once we have learned from the americans that you always source from the cheapest source and always source from the most reliable source and liquid natural gas is neither cheap nor reliable and that is why it's of course in the german interest to source mainly from russia what we're hearing from here at the gas conference in berlin is that no matter what pressures put on by the united states this is a deal that is going to get done it's a project it's going to get finished it may well end up upsetting some people along the way but billions of already been invested in it it is required for germany to meet its energy needs as it looks to move away from fossil fuels like coal and also
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move away from nuclear power they're going to have to replace that with something and they saying here that they have to replace it with gas and doesn't from me back in 32 minutes they were this is a large international. it's up to us to see on his attorney one name for you. or anyone who knows a little bit. more which of. those are me will you tell you they got. to know people you see posting it's been made it's you know it's good. that the thought of you. if you had. printed it out that you give
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1. what is it calling his magic internet the new type of digital currency. digital scarcity chancellor. of 2nd or bank that's called it got us a lot for a reason a civil disobedience a source of optimism because i can control my own financial destiny it's just a new way of coming to consensus it's a game changer in the human history and this is columbus discovering a new world this paradigm shifting technology that transforms economics and finance in a heartbeat the apollo 11 landing. to the max and stacey. is a tense situation in venezuela is still all over the news the problem in venezuela
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is not that socialism has been poorly implemented but that socialism has been faced only implement from the inside venezuela things are different we're going to announce sanctions against petroleum to venezuela associated. famously have a son of the woman. that employs. good to see on the present. moment. the who story isn't new nixon called in henry kissinger to tell him that it would not be tolerated in latin america an alternative economic and social system could take hold and therefore the policy would be to make the chilean economy scream so once in a major new economy of venezuela screed.


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