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tv   Going Underground  RT  May 18, 2019 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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pink floyd's our front man roger waters deny that he is an anti-semite absolutely and for all of what you're saying how happy you are you know only too well about security issues presume we'll have to be very tight just remind us the story that you recently of how the militants nearly killed you and your 3 year old son sparing you to create the shiloh israel children's fund 17 years ago driving home from. their old sitting behind me the b.b.c. . they were half way old the car was hit by a mess a terrible terrorists who are the road these terrorists were tells the. terrorists. they were shooting 47 assault rifles i found out that my son had been shot in the head a bullet into his head and neck misses brain stem by one when there is
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a current that israel aims that military institutions where he is saying that israel does not as a launching pad for your sake is or doesn't target children absolutely not god forbid. but sometimes a little biting there are innocents that are heard and that's the reality of war ok i mean obviously the united nations disagrees with you completely and of the most recent report said that in the great much of return obviously the i.d.f. are responsible for deliberately targeting children the origin song contest is on and it wasn't long ago that. no less than the wall street journal the murdoch will street journal reported that netanyahu the israeli government were facilitating medical treatment for militants linked to al qaeda the people responsible for 911 which happened in the town you're in right now israel is that a humane country it is true that israel has 3 people who have fled the fighting in syria. level care. we don't apologize for the very
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proud. we are on this topic of jump on the jews and i have to you have to forgive me examiner in the book i will will take a look at the book you mention she'll obey you were you were the mayor of that now you know of course that that place that you were mayor of used to have names to and was a car with a car you it were the mayor there were you in violation of a u.n. resolution because you were in an occupied settlement 1st of all there is. 27 years. busy in the occupied with it or there was there was she low belle reve 1300 years ago so the area builds rode it out recently.
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just in paris 50 years. those are not. build jews we did these where there's obviously i read there a while i think what i'm getting at is when you were made here we you've personally violating international law because they're in an illegal settlement resolution 2334 unopposed of the un security council 14 to nil said that settlement building was in flagrant violation of international law i mean did you violate the law. building by. the israeli government is not so that it made in the resolution. it was the. people who lived there. built homes and the purchase. on their own free will just their error residence in some area purchased. their own free will
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david reuben thank you well the u.n. accused israel of possible war crimes after they shot more than 6000 done on palestinians during the great much of return and that's something you probably won't hear from adama or graham norton on the b.b.c. today for more on how important your vision is to israel i'm joined from manchester by rafi blum co-chair of northwest friends of israel rafi welcome back to going underground so we just heard from a former israeli mayor he said eurovision is a sign that it israel is a sign of a world becoming a better place a kind of validation of of a modern country you you think that's true too i suppose i think it's absolutely fantastic your vision is being held in israel of think it's a fantastic ready opportunity for the 10s of thousands of visitors who will be coming to israel for the hundreds of millions of whole world lives will be watching it to see that israel is the only liberal democracy in the middle east and it's the only country in the middle east where he is any religion freely where you're not persecuted for your sexuality. it's the start of a nation it's
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a welcoming nation i'm living in a very very tough neighborhood no one would doubt the. rights are better in israel than in gaza or in the west bank perhaps but you can't say it's a democracy surely with only one in 7 palestinians under israeli direct control able to vote in the recent elections well actually it's not just recently held elections where all citizens beat a jewish muslim chrystia and druce a castle and were able to vote and let's be very clear about who they were they weren't able to vote were they one in 7 had the right to vote was the calculation we're not going to if you ask about israeli citizens everybody sits over the age of 18 as the rights of votes if you are referring to palestinians and who live in the west bank. all the gaza strip let's be very clear about this they have the right to vote in palestinian elections and people like roger waters will phallus and they want everyone to boycott the your vision song contest you really think that they're
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motivated by anti semitism and not a support for international law i think the b.d.s. movement of those people that you just mentioned are vocal vocal supporters and there's an anti semitic movement i mean omar but you see the founder of yes is gone on record as saying that they want he will never counts notes and the palestinians will never count it's a anything other than a palestinian state between the river and the sea now that means the end of the jewish state of israel that is anti semitic if it roger waters i mean he was on the show just the other week this show we don't think he said to see much oil i mean they got married former mayor sheila just said he was he said he would deny it obviously got it is very good roger waters very disingenuous are many of the biggest movement why do you think we care constantly e.d.'s rallies and marches from the river to see how this time will be free that means from the river to the sea palestine will be free i.e. no israel so absolutely no technique could mean within the ninety's exam borders
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because if the guys are in the west bank joined up i mean sure he's really only in the last only in the past few weeks the u.n. has accused israel of possible war crimes the u.n. saying there are reasonable grounds to say israeli soldiers targeted shot children medics journalists so how could the eula vision song contest be under the auspices of a country that does that if you're referring to the u.n. reports which from the un human rights council which we know is blatantly biased and we know that a lot of western countries have voted against it or abstained and let's look at those this great return march so to speak and we sort of b.b.c. documentary only a couple of nights ago in the u.k. that clearly showed and quoted palestinian demonstrators saying that there were some us terrorists in our midst with rifles and a tape. the cell phones and stalls attacking israeli positions we saw yassin while the head of hamas saying we're going to tear the border down and israelis israel
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has the right as any sovereign nation to defend its borders and its civilians within those borders so following up with we are talking about the b.b.c. and of course the b.b.c. they say that they want to cover your vision and say it's not political nothing to do with they're going to validation of israel you go with the b.b.c. version of that rather than the united nations that says israel israeli soldiers gunned down 6000 unarmed protesters. 1st of all if you watch the b.b.c. documentary many of them were not armed you can see the hamas cynically used the palestinian civilians as human shields and you know you've got other guests coming on the show like locate i mean by actually excusing the our so much that using its own powers to get but you know nation as cover for its terrorist activities by not calling them out criticizing their people like loki or roger waters of people like that are actually harming the people that all 3 palestinians they profess the castle but you a for cup final later in a couple of weeks time is being held in azerbaijan terrible human rights record and
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these people are not calling for a boycott but you know i think that's also a point taken of course with euchre although the country in the world is in violation of more united nations resolutions than israel and. not and doesn't not just go to show you how biased the united nations is but they've they've they've now nor is the world you can't be biased of the united nations can you not what you can do is look at this from a statistical point of view the united nations has passed more resolutions in the past year against israel than it has against syria they were bombing at civilians and you know this as well as i do with chemical weapons well the syrian government continue to deny any use of chemical weapons and i asked the former mayor of she you know why is it israel was helping the rebels in syria like britain of course supported some of those rebels why was it treating al-qaeda in isis day forces is israel now in the same side as saudi arabia isis day al-qaeda and how must
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a group which of course israel funded the creation of i think that there's never been any proof that israel has funded or helped isis with di asho out qaeda what it once told we support netanyahu on the golan heights visiting the hospital in the occupied golan heights and they were treating al-qaeda and isis you know you what you saw him visit saying and say and treats it was it's syrian civilians caught up in this brutal civil war who is. i've seen is ready. and treats syrian women and children. caught up in this brutal civil war and so it's not so that you know. it's conspiracy theories on steroids i mean it's you know it's only instead an experience every bloom thank you after the break interest. visions on going test final on the b.b.c. hip hop artist and activist know people form his song long live palestine 3
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featuring loach and frank people all the civil coming up a bunch of going underground. most people manage public pension funds don't know anything about them they're just clerks that they just signed to this job they give them a bunch of money and wall street guys come around and they take them out to lunch that thomas marty is and then they sell me a bag of worms and some a lot of garbage most toxic risk on wall street is sold into these public pension funds where it goes to die that's why the returns are so. after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going
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to do next about different clubs on one hand it is logical to go from fields where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and a fresh perspective i'm used to surprising people and i saw one on t.v. . i'm going to talk about football not or else you can think i was going to do. by the way what is the punchline here. welcome back well no party leader at this week's u.k. prime minister's questions thought to raise the fact it was taking place on so-called knockabout day on the day of catastrophe for palestinians but to resume did find time to issue this warning to iran after its arrest of an alleged u.k. spy at the british council in teheran sadly the arrest of this individual shows
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that iran's attitude towards entirely legitimate organizations which are trying to foster better relations and cultural understanding between countries but this is an issue that the government as far as she is needed funds actually will take up what does she mean and why does she arguably seem nervous could it be that she is privy as to why the u.s. began evacuating diplomats that day ahead of the u.s.s. abraham lincoln and then for abuse warship u.s.s. arlington reaching iran's shores suddenly your vision was not mentioned at pm cues perhaps as the b.b.c. told this program and contradicting our israeli guests and one eurovision taking place in israel is not a political event joining me now is him or biologist and activist loci thank you so much for coming back on so we heard from the former mayor of unoccupied. west bank town northwest friends of israel both appear to say the likes of you roger waters will velez who knows lourdes lana del rey elvis costello all of them are all n.z. mates or the question has to be asked in this situation if jimmy carter comes out
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and says israel is presently an apartheid state if archbishop desmond tutu comes out and says he supports b.d.s. and that was a really vital part of the emancipation of people in south africa if nelson mandela of all people came out and said that their freedom was incomplete without the freedom of the palestinian people is anyone seriously suggesting that jimmy carter is an anti seem like is anyone seriously suggesting that desmond tutu is an anti seymour i think that's quite ridiculous for us to be honest with you ok well you deal with the ideas images and judge what about the fact that your vision is a celebration of music it's not political madonna and graham norton say it's a political obviously the b.b.c. does and albeit that it of course does validate israel but it's a political well i mean the fact is this the eurovision is taking place at the exact time marking the anniversary of the neck preceding the neck but there were
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thousands of palestinians driven from their homes by zionist gangs on the neck 750000 palestinians were dispersed to other places and displaced from their land for the euro vision to take place at this time is an attempt to normalize israel as you know interestingly being an extension or of european colonialism but normalize it as part of a happy. general atmosphere that somehow people can take as something normal let's be clear israel is an exceptional state and what do i mean by that it's not. sectional because we concentrate on it and focus on it as part of b.d.s. it's exceptional because no other state violates as many un resolutions and is sanction proof how is it possible that a state that continually targets civilians in violation of protocol one of
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the geneva convention the amendment to the geneva convention how is it possible that they deny palestinians the right under article 11 of un resolution 1004 to return home how is it possible that the illegal siege of gaza which has kept 2000000 people imprisoned. blocked off from many different really at the whim of the israeli government being blocked off from medical supplies and from food and whatnot when israel wants to in a frictionless occupation how is it possible that you can have the amount of violations of international law that have taken place clearly and have been documented by human rights watch by amnesty international we're not talking about radical voices here somehow israel is sanction proof is for that reason that we engage with b.d.s.
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because we have seen on advice from people in south africa that it was an essential part of it were it not for the musicians union here in the sixty's being the 1st trade grouping to call for a boycott and not allow its members to go and perform in south africa were it not for the specials in 1904 making the song free nelson mandela at a time when even holding those mandela's picture in public was deemed to be illegal at a time when margaret thatcher was called in the a.n.c. terrorists at a time when david cameron was calling for the execution of nelson mandela when jeremy corbyn was being arrested on the streets of london for protesting against apartheid at the time. even you heard david cameron as late as $89.00 being having a paid for a trip to south africa by an anti sanctions lobbying firm. it put south africa into a situation where dock workers all the way from liverpool to melbourne were
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refusing to handle south african cargo and what i would say to be absolutely clear is that benjamin netanyahu and donald trump are racist murderous they are walking monstrosities now those that stand with them today will not be judged kindly by history as thomas paine said time converts more than reason and as we have seen precisely with apartheid south africa those who were either slow to pull out or those who stood with apartheid south africa as let's not forget the same time when the specials were making free nelson mandela and bob dylan in bruce springsteen when making sun city you had shimon peres attempting to sell nuclear weapons to apartheid south africa at the time it was a pariah you even had former prime minister of south africa in the sixty's saying israel is like us an apartheid state now the question is surely at that time or boycott divestment and sanctions movement against south african apartheid you had
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people saying well why don't you boycott this country or why don't you boycott that country exactly the same logic is used to justify us not boycotting israel at this stage we have to be absolutely clear that music played a really integrity part of that process in south africa and while it may not be an exact twin sibling of south african apartheid there are commonalities and there are also difference difference and it's certainly a cousin of trump and netanyahu would deny their races mergers you keep taking these parallels with apartheid south africa nelson mandela obviously believed in violence for the cause of ending apartheid. this b.d.s. movement presumably isn't. whereas in south africa there was this militant wing there's no carlos the jackal anymore he's in jail when madonna goes and sings on your vision no one is going to assassinate her as might have happened who knows in
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the days of sun city an artist going there what do you think about the fact that any artist can really get away with playing in your vision today and nothing's really going to happen to the army elvis costello pulled out lauryn hill pulled down. when you say get away with it i'm not sure exactly how you mean you mean get away from physical harm in that's good i wouldn't want it is going to really harm any of these artists career well we can be clear your vision has actually flopped according to the head of the israel broadcasting service is the 1st country in 64 years of the history of your a vision that has failed to fund it the government has failed to fund itself you know it's relied on the broadcasting service to fund it a huge amount of the tickets have been left unsold there has not been a spike in tourism euro vision in israel as a project has failed and it's failed thanks to the international campaign britain
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has close military ties with israel to resume and under labor governments verses of money and weapons have been sent there what do you make of the the granville cladding many factor are comic is associated with the f. 30 planes war planes that may be being used in joint. israeli air force training yeah i mean it's a really tragic part of this story that not only can our clinic as a company not make planting that keeps home safe they also seen the f. 35 has been something that the us government has subsidized to such a massive level but yet it's still yet to show evidence that it actually works so our clinic has participated in 2 ridiculous operations along with lockheed martin and be a systems they've made this f. 35 and it's been sold already to many governments around the outlook of what i'm going to say when the b.b.c. as i say standing up for their your vision coverage what do you make of the fact
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that the b.b.c. that alone many journalists will be saying the b.b.c. headline recent was garza rocket barrage would prompt israeli strikes would even goes in the minds of journalists who are. didn't lead to say it is the problem is from garz and not from israel clearly they're arguing for violations of international law rocket strikes would not justify extra duty judicial killings and they would not justify the collective punishment which is what those israeli strikes are let's be clear the 2000000 people that are besieged in gaza and it has are besieged there illegally by the israeli government and trying to juxtapose events as if there hasn't been thousands of palestinians injured over the last year as if there hasn't been hundreds killed as this there had been just in the last 24 hours before the most recent clashes as they put it. been.
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palestinians killed unarmed civilians killed at the border at their will by the i.d.f. it's almost as if there is a campaign to sweep palestinian death out of its context and to strip people of humanity and general agency is almost a rule that seems across the media to precede reports of israeli violence with a number of rockets from gaza now why is that happening and why does it seem to be so commonsensical in uniform across different parts of the media because what it says to do is strip this whole situation out of its context ok where you mention jeremy corbyn being arrested for his defiance of apartheid the british government support for a budget what do you make of his gentle defense secretary griffin who seems to be rowing back slightly on it her support for penny more than the new defense secretary saying there's
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a real moratorium on war crimes after 10 years soldiers should be able to be calm life and not worry about alleged war crimes presumably you think that britain is involved in war crimes because it's working with the israeli middle. 3 i think she should resign and i think tony blair should be prosecuted for war crimes i do not think it should just be aimed at soldiers obviously but i think we should really look at our understanding of the corbin phenomena his vindication by standing against the iraq war is what has propelled him to the position he is in and there needs to be loyalty to those that stood against the iraq war we are talking about the largest civil taney of smoke billows ation of human beings in recorded history what that was the demonstration against the iraq war i am certain that a large percentage of those people if not all would support the prosecuting of tony
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blair and of course would not want soldiers to just go scot free but we have a journey where on the program you're going to play us out with a kind of response to your vision ok yes that's it for the show but before we go in response to your vision 20000000 loci will play us out with his song long live palestine you can see the performing tonight would like right just add wolf alice at the not to your vision party for palestine and for velo london in camden we're back on monday to talk to dr strangelove with the daughter of stanley kubrick and till then keep in touch with social media so your monday here is lowkey with long live palestine. this is for palestine. it's an issue submission this is my shit this is the. gaza palestine. suppression it's a question this is so. this is what i
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hope to still break if we are still here it's all about the limits if you are. going to see that she. went. so to see him in this made it feel secure when you visit some issues by age but it's you who says this is who can we put on the soup to wield so that the shrink their spirits are great examples of how to live when it's from the clouds or so she said come be charmed by the sound of who just what she tried she claims to the satellite image to be simply keeping you busy enough to let the space penetrate to sanitise and that lives disproving the people that the civil palestine lives. i am. soon to know her to say. this that. this is. the slavery to say. the same
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to say. this is dedicated to 12000000 palestinians why did we not allow its role and the inspection commuted see your clothes to dawn on the graves of your. vision so consisted of israel has looked thanks to the international campaign no treat no surrender. place. to. place. blame.
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blame. blame. live. live. live. live. live live. live. play. play. play play. play
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live. live. live. please. liz. let's. just say. the least. politically. and very well might continue watching us inside.
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russia's envoy to the un accuses the global chemical weapons watchdog of becoming highly politicized leaked document appears to contradict the o.p.c. probe into a chemical attack in syria. a wave of outrage from the us off the state of alabama has adopted the most restrictive abortion laws in the country. you need to make a choice you make a choice. it's not going to work i don't like some of the comments that for me. but i also have respect for life. in regional controversy often vying to introduce a set of rules dubbed the 10 commandments of immigration toggling asylum seekers coming up we discuss the implications of that.


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