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the u.k.'s proposed to overhaul the spying laws leads to fears of a crackdown on whistleblowers to london and. also ahead on the program. in the caribbean nation of haiti where the government is being accused of links to must occur in the capital. and switch to get rich. to tempt countries with. its weapons instead of hardware from rivals like china or russia.
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6 pm here in moscow based tuesday may the 21st the warm welcome to our to international i mean an o'neill top story britain's planning a wide ranging to its espionage treason laws which could lead to so name foreign agents having to register and potentially tough penalties for edward snowden style whistleblowers. getting this right and having the right powers and resources in place for countering hostile states must be opposed to brookside priority so i can announce today that we are preparing the way for nashton are. a step forward with the u.k. home secretaries be not glomming on loiterer london correspondent polly boyko high poly what jose got in mind. well he delivered a speech to security officials and said that there are major gaps in current
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legislation and in terms of keeping the country safe he announced a new law and he wanted to update some ancient legislation as well a new law would be the espionage bill and the ancient legislation refers to the treason act which actually isn't all that dates back to the scene $51.00 says very old and few would argue that it's something that probably requires a bit of an update to account for more than day realities but there is quite a bit of ambiguity in terms of what sajid javid was proposing it's all still a little vague take a listen to how he described it. this will bring together the new and modernized powers giving our security services the legal authority they need to tackle this threat. well it's not clear what these new more denies to power but it's
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got echoes of the u.s. patriot act the law that gave american lauren foresman and security services more powers and that's not the only similarity to the patriot act by the way because sajid javid also proposed a registration of foreign agents that's this american law that requires people who represent any foreign powers in a political or quasi political capacity to disclose their relationship and all their financial dealings with these entities also in terms of treason he said that . at the moment the government's definition of terrorism is broad enough to cover. the people that betrayed the u.k. by supporting terrorism abroad but it maybe was updating this old treason act in order to help combat the activity of the post societal state and that some raised concerns about the effect that could have one journalists on the work of
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some journalists but also the activities of whistle blowers like you had when edward snowden leaked the revelations that he but sajid javid he's currently the home secretary so he is in charge of security that you were making these announcements but he's also one of the front running is in this sort of very quiet and unannounced as yet conservative leadership race these proposals are all being seen as the beginning of his campaign to take the top job after 2 reason may have to step down as party. yeah and the devil seems to be very much in the detail on this one probably both giving us what we know thank you very much for london correspondent. let's move to the current being in the nation of haiti where the government is being suspected of links to a must occur in the capital last november dozens of people including children were
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tortured and killed now he's biggest ally the u.s. has so far been silent on the accusations violent government protests have been raging in the capital for weeks now. right. the situation in haiti is escalating a population that is largely unemployed without electricity and without money once the president out we're going. to leave the country. has reached an animal the population can no longer accept the situation. where no one is out at night now there's reduced night life know all the streets of dark you just don't know what are you going to run into you just can't go anywhere now in addition to their other grievances the protesters have a link to the government to one of the worst massacres in the recent history of the
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country. far. north. they were shooting and i was running to save my life it was a terrible massacre that. they were dressed in police uniforms with masks on their faces that they snatched people and killed them while the united nations has launched an investigation now in march of 104 members of the u.s. congress signed a letter to the u.s. secretary of state calling for an independent investigation as of yet there has been no answer. to support through an independent investigations into both the
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corruption allegations that sparked the current crisis and the human rights violations including extra judicial killings that have reportedly taken place but the trap administration seems confident in the aligned regime we have always underscored in there are statements as well as our diplomatic conversations our belief in the g. 2 misi of it is institutions and its elected officials so far there has been no comment from the u.s. state department on the massacre while washington routinely condemns governments around the world for a low. violating human rights when it comes to haiti the white house is unusually silent the u.s. has relied on a policy of gang violence and guatemala and el salvador and honduras in haiti and numerous other countries so this keeps the people in fear it keeps them in desperation and they can rule from their washington d.c.
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by having these gangs in the paino public does do the work that the u.s. demands duchamp industry will do no need to be alert the public regime is. and will. 2 be demonstrated in haiti that does not affect the u.s. footprint in haiti so president about it. by turning attention back to the u.k. now where britain's defense ministry is facing a show over claims that instituted a policy that allows for intelligence sharing with international partners even when there's a risk it will lead to torture and let's take a look at what london saves then u.k. government rules state that its personnel should not participate in condone or encourage torture and other forms of degrading treatment or punishment documents
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obtained through a freedom of information request show however last year the m.o.d.e. drew up a provision allowing ministers to override those home office guidelines the controversial provision that even if there is a risk of torture ministers can push ahead with intelligence sharing should they consider it to be beneficial to the u.k. it also sais they must be ready to accept the legal implications of their decision . well there remains a serious risk of torture a minister should be consulted but the presumption would be that we will not proceed unless ministers agree that the potential benefits justify accepting the risk and the legal consequences that may follow or in the wake of the revelations the newly appointed defense secretary has pledged to review the defense ministries guidelines on intelligence sharing on torture pending mordant insists though that the u.k. has not broken any laws. these laws and norms are there not just
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to protect the enemy they also protect our own policy and activities in this area in accordance with both domestic and international law we cannot overrule the law nor can ministers be advised to. the law or disregard the law they have no intention of cutting off those intelligence sharing agreement they'll just come out again with some more mealy mouthed language about not condoning or not encouraging it's plainly illegal in terms of international law the united nations convention against torture program for talks of complicity and torture and by continually and pretty well on a daily basis. taining intelligence from the top 2 chambers of countries like saudi arabia. herb united kingdom is plainly complicit the united kingdom no longer.
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illegally in international law united kingdom has become a rogue state. the us state department is planning to offer more money to countries who are willing to switch from russian to american made arms it is an expansion of an existing program. takes us right through. the folks in charge of sales for the us military industrial complex take an internship somewhere that sells these free samples work just as fine in the international big guns business look what america does as it turns out if it gets assurances from european countries that they all did and start buying weapons made in russia or china free samples won't take long to arrive there is an entire govern. program under which these countries will get or already have just
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under $200000000.00 worth of hardware the idea being we can put in some u.s. grant military assistance they would then put in some amount of partner military funding of course the free batch should be followed up by proper contracts plus there's going to be maintenance upgrades and so on nice one are let's face it try before you buy is worked for everything from close to its merits and the program is being expanded to other continents. appreciating customer loyalty is keep remember when the killing of a saudi journalist ok we're breaking into the program now because i want to bring it to london where the british prime minister treason may is june teachers just begun giving a speech on the new brakes a deal let's listen in there's anything new. a new delivering bricks it was not
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going to be simple all straightforward the result in 2016 was decisive but it was close. the challenge of taking bricks it from the simplicity of the choice on the ballot paper to the complexity of resetting the country's relationship with $27.00 of its nearest neighbors was always going to be huge. while it has proved even harder than i anticipated i continue to believe that the best way to make a success of it is to negotiate a good deal with the e.u. as the basis of a new deep and special partnership for the future that was my pitch to be leader of the conservative party and prime minister that is what i set out in my lancaster house and that was what my party's election manifesto said in 2017. that is in essence what the labor party's election manifesto stated to and over 80
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percent of the electorate backed parties which stood to deliver bricks it by leaving with a deal we've worked hard to deliver that but we have not yet managed it i've tried everything i possibly can to find a way through it's true that initially i wanted to achieve this predominantly on the back of conservative and do you believe. in our parliamentary system that is simply how you normally get things done i sought the changes m.p.'s demanded i offered to give up the job i love earlier than i would like and on the 29th of march the day we were meant to leave the e.u. it's just 30 m.p.'s who voted differently we would have passed the withdrawal agreement and we would be leaving the e.u. . but it was not enough so i took the difficult decision to try to reach across party deal on bracks it many m.p.'s on both sides were unsettled by this but i
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believe it was the right thing to do we engaged in 6 weeks of serious talks with the opposition offering to compromise but in the end those talks were not enough for labor to reach an agreement with us but i do not think that means we should give up the house of commons voted to trigger article 50 and the majority of m.p.'s say they want to deliver the result of the referendum so i think we need to help them find a way and i believe there is now one last chance to do that i've listened to concerns from across the political spectrum i've done all i can to address them and today i'm making a serious offer to m.p.'s across parliament a new deal as part of that deal i will continue to make the case for the conservative party to be united behind a policy that can deliver it. 9 out of 10 conservative m.p.'s have already given the withdrawal agreement their backing and i want to reach out to every single one
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of my colleagues to make the very best offer i can to them we came together around an amendment from brady and this gave rise to the work on alternative arrangements to the backstop although it's not possible for those to the place the backstop in the withdrawal agreement we can start the work now to ensure they are a viable alternative so as part of the new deal we will place the government under a legal obligation to see to conclude alternative arrangements by december 2020 so that we can avoid any need for the backstop coming into force i've also listened to unionist concerns about the backstop so the new brics it deal goes further to address the. it will commit to that should the backstop come into force the government will ensure that great britain will stay aligned with northern ireland we will prohibit the proposal that a future government could split northern ireland off from the u.k.'s customs territory and we will deliver on commitments to northern ireland in the december
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2017 joint report in fall we will implement paragraph 50 of the joint report in law the northern ireland assembly and executive would have to give their consent on a cross community basis for new regulations which are added to the backstop and we will work with our confidence and supply partners on how these commitments should be entrenched in law this new deal contains significant further changes to protect the economic and constitutional integrity of the united kingdom and deliver . it is a bespoke solution that answers the unique concerns of all parts of the community in northern ireland. but the reality is that after 3 attempts to secure parliamentary agreement we will not leave the european union unless we have a deal that can command across part wide across party support and that is why i sat down with the opposition i've been serious about listening to views across the
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house throughout this process. that's why i went to labor m.p.'s lisa nandy and gareth snell put forward their proposals to give parliament a bigger say in the next phase of the negotiations i listen to them so the new deal will set out in law that the house of commons would approve the u.k.'s objectives for the negotiations on our future relationship with the e.u. and they will approve the treaty is governing that relationship before the government signs them. and while the talks with the opposition did not reach a comprehensive agreement we did make significant progress in a number of areas like on workers' rights i'm absolutely committed to the u.k. continuing to lead the way on this issue but i understand people want guarantees and i'm happy to give them so the new bricks it deal will offer new safeguards to ensure these standards are always met we will introduce
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a new workers' rights bill to ensure u.k. workers enjoy rights every bit as good or better than those provided for by e.u. rules and we will discuss further amendments with trade unions and businesses. the new breaks it deal will also guarantee there will be no change in the level of environmental protection when we leave the and we will establish a new independent office of environmental protection to uphold the highest environmental standards and in force compliance. the new brics it deal will also place a legal duty on the government to seek as close to frictionless trade with the e.u. in goods as possible subject to being outside the single market and ending freedom of movement in order to deliver this the u.k. will maintain common rules with the e.u. for goods and food products that are relevant checks at the border this will be particularly important for our manufacturing firms and trade unions protecting
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thousands of jobs that depend on just in time supply chains. the most difficult area is the question of customs. at the heart of delivering bricks it lies a tension between the strength of our ambition to seize the new opportunities that breaks it presents and the need to protect the jobs and prosperity that to build on an interconnected relationship with other european economies. this ambition should not be divisive there are many people who voted to leave who also want to retain close trading links with europe just as there are many people like myself who voted to remain and yet are excited by the new opportunities that brics it presents indeed i believe one of the great opportunities of leaving the european union is the ability to have an independent trade policy and to benefit from the new jobs and industries that can result from deep in our trade ties with partners across
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every continent of the world. but i've never believed that this should come at the expense of the jobs and livelihoods that are sustained by our existing trade with the e.u. and to protect these both the government and the opposition agree that we must have as close as possible to frictionless trade at the u.k. e.u. border now the government has already put a proposal which delivers the benefits of a customs union but with the ability for the u.k. to determine its own trade and development policy. labor are both skeptical of our ability to negotiate that and don't believe an independent trade policy is in the national interest they would prefer a comprehensive customs union with the u.k. say in trade e.u. trade policy but with the e.u. negotiating on our behalf. if we're going to pass the withdrawal agreement bill and deliver breck's it we must resolve this difference as part of the cross party
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discussions the government offered a compromise option of a temporary customs union on goods only including the u.k. say in a relevant e.u. trade policy and an ability to change the arrangement so a future government could move it in its preferred direction. we were not able to agree this as part of our cross party talks so it is right that parliament should have the opportunity to resolve this during the passage of the bill and decide between the government's proposal and a compromise option and so the government will commit in law to let parliament decide this issue and to reflect the outcome of this process in legislation. i've also listened carefully to those who've been arguing for a 2nd referendum. i've made my own view on this clear on many many times i do not believe this is a route that we should take because i think we should be implementing the result of the 1st referendum not asking the british people to vote in a 2nd one. but i recognise the genuine and sincere strength of feeling across the
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house on this important issue the government will therefore include in the withdrawal agreement bill at introduction a requirement to vote on whether to hold a 2nd referendum and this must take place before the withdraw agreement can be ratified and if the house of commons were to vote for a referendum it would be requiring the government to make provisions for such a referendum including legislation if it wanted to ratify the withdrawal agreement . so that those m.p.'s who want a 2nd referendum to confirm the deal you need a deal and therefore withdraw agreement bill to make it happen so let it have its 2nd reading and then make your case to parliament. finally we cannot expect m.p.'s to vote on the same 2 documents they previously rejected so we will see changes to the political director ration to reflect this new deal so our new brix it deal makes a 10 point offer to everyone in parliament who wants to deliver the result of the
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referendum one the government will seek to conclude alternative arrangements to replace the backstop by december 2020 so that it never needs to be used to a commitment to that should the backstop come into force the government will ensure that great britain will stay aligned with northern ireland 3 the negotiating objectives and final treaties for our future relationship with the you would have to be approved by m.p.'s for a new workers' rights bill that guarantees workers rights will be no less favorable than in the e.u. 5 will be no change in the level of environmental protection when we leave the e.u. . 6 the u.k. will seek as close to frictionless trade in goods with the e.u. as possible while outside the single market and ending free movement. 7 will keep up to date with the new rules for goods and a great food products that are relevant to czechs at the border protecting the thousands of jobs that depend on just in time supply chains 8 the government will
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bring forward a customs compromise for m.p.'s to decide on to break the deadlock 9 there will be a vote for m.p.'s on whether the deal should be subject to a referendum and 10 will be a legal duty to secure changes to the political declaration to reflect this new deal all of these commitments will be guaranteed in law so they will ensure at least for this parliament the revised deal will deliver on the result of the referendum and only by voting for the withdrawal agreement bill that 2nd reading can m.p.'s provide the vehicle parliament needs to determine how we leave the e.u. so if n.p.'s vote against the 2nd reading of this bill they are voting to stop brix it if they do so the consequences could hardly be greater reject this deal and leaving the e.u. with a negotiated deal any time soon will be dead in the water and what would we do then
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some suggest leaving without a deal but whatever you think of that outcome parliament has been clear it will do all it can to stop it. if not no deal then it would have to be a general election or a 2nd referendum that could lead to revocation and no bricks it at all. who believes that a general election at this moment when we're still not yet delivered on what people instructed us to do is in the national interest i do not and my views on 2nd referendum are well no. look at what this debate is doing to our politics extending it for months more perhaps indefinitely risks opening the door to a nightmare future of permanently polarized politics look around the world and consider the health of liberal democrat democratic politics and look across the united kingdom and consider the impact of failing to deliver on the clear instruction of the british people in a lawful referendum. we do not have to take that path instead we can deliver
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bricks it all the changes i've set out today have the simple aim of building support in parliament to do that i believe that is a majority to be won for a bricks that deal in the house of commons and by passing a deal we can actually get done and move our country forwards if we can do so i passionately believe that we can seize the opportunities that i know lie ahead. the world is changing fast our young people will enjoy enjoy opportunities in the future that my generation could never have dreamed of this is a great time to be alive a great future awaits the united kingdom and we have all we need as a nation to make a success of the 20202030 s. but we will not do so as long as our politics remain stuck in an endless debate on bricks it we all have to take some responsibility for the fact that we are in this class and we all have
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a responsibility to do what we can to get out of it the biggest problem with britain today is it's politics and we can fix that with the right deal we can end this corrosive debate we can get out of the e.u. political structures the parliament the commission the council of ministers the remote from our lives and put our own parliament back in solving control of our destiny we can stop british law being enforced by european court and instead make our own supreme court genuinely supreme we can end free movement and design an immigration system based around skills that work for our economy and society we can stop making payments to the e.u. budget and in stand stead spend our own money our own priorities like the n.h.s. . we can get out of the common fisheries policy and the common agricultural policy design our own systems around our own needs and resources. we can do all of these
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things and by leaving with our deal we can do so much more besides by reaching an agreement with our e.u. trading partners we can keep tariff barriers down and goods flowing friction free across borders protecting jobs and setting off firms up for future success we can guarantee workers rights and environmental protections with a deal we can keep our close security partnerships and keep working together to keep people safe. we can ensure that the challenge of the land border between northern ireland and ireland is met in a way that works of people on both sides this is a huge opportunity for the united kingdom out of the e.u. out of ever closer union free to do things differently. and doing so in a way that protects jobs protects our security maintains a close relationship with our friends and works for the whole united kingdom it is
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practical it is responsible it is deliverable and right now it is slipping away from us we risk losing a great opportunity this deal is not the final word on our future relationship with the e.u. it is a stepping stone to reach that future a future where the people of the u.k. determine the road ahead for the country we all love. this deal lays the groundwork and settles many of the core issues but in the years ahead parliament will be able to debate decide and refine the exact nature of our relationship with the e.u. . some will want us to draw closer others will want to become more different distant both sides can make their case in the months and years ahead. the key thing is decisions will be made not by any piece or commissioners or the council but by the united kingdom parliament.


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