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thank you. destroy. every. anger both in the u.k. and europe from is that the reason made tries for a 4th time to get a brick over the line at this time with a promise to focus on a 2nd referendum if they choose to practice. with e.u. elections just around the corner a tech giant say there's no sign of any russian interference much media and political hype to the contrary. and the race for the 2020 us democratic presidential nomination. with hopeful. reports donations from. you.
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and the u.s. senate the u.s. state department says the syrian government's planning a chemical attack is following a rapid response if that happens that. he's under pressure from the military industrial complex to keep up american adventurism. thanks for joining us on the live from a. very welcome all of us on the program this hour and the reason is that once again if she makes a 4th bid to push through the deal this time around the british prime minister is in the carrots of a vote on a 2nd referendum before and peace but another last ditch concessions have been derided from all sides. well if you. follow through you know you don't love the other or the culture because it's basically
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a rehash of what was discussed before this and people move to food for the deal that does nothing to disprove you think it's a single market while she promised a bold new offer and here is to reason may's false the incarnation of a brags that bell she needed something different enough to sell to m.p.'s and there are a number of concessions that she's made she's going to be making the case to the country over the next couple of weeks there are 10 main points too many to list but the 2 main headline grabbers are is that she will offer m.p.'s a vote on the option of a customs union and that big big carrot that she's offered m.p.'s will get to vote on a 2nd way friend but only if they pass the deal in the 1st place the government will therefore include in the withdrawal agreement bill introduction
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a requirement to vote on whether to hold a 2nd referendum and this must take place before the withdrawal agreement can be rushed outside to reason may's never wanted it herself she's always said that she would just like to stick to implementing the results of the 1st one but she's trying everything she can to try her already dented political legacy she is after all a one issue prime minister she came to power almost 3 years ago promising to deliver on drags it out and she's still trying to salvage that take a listen to how grooming if a deal is rejected again some suggest leaving without a deal but whatever you think about outcome paula has been clear it will do all it can to stop it. if not no deal then it would have to be a general election or a 2nd referendum that could lead to revocation and no bricks it. to reason may said that this is the last chance for m.p.'s to vote her deal through after all the
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default setting in october is for a no deal with drawl but it's also to reason may's last chance to save her political legacy and to deliver on the brags that she's promised throughout her leadership she's failed to pay a bill through parliament $3.00 times already she's failed to 6 weeks of cross party negotiations the u.k. was meant to leave the e.u. on the 29th of march that didn't happen and the u.k. wasn't supposed to be taking part in the e.u. parliamentary elections which is happening so naturally all the questions at the end of that big speech from journalists trying to make sense of it focused on one issue and that was when this she going to step down the former director of the institute of economic affairs jamie white says the reason why he's got no chance of going to deal through parliament. comes possible. unlikely
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in a 2nd referendum i think it's increasingly likely or just continuing on until a full blown political crisis emerges which results in a general election on the assumption that theresa may doesn't get this through to the new leader of the conservative party soon enough. to be starting from scratch completely because they'll know that there's resistance in parliament almost every possibility so that information is out no but made no material progress in 2 years and we'll have a new leader who will be starting from scratch. that's britain hasn't left the e.u. just yet it'll take part in the european elections on birthday brick sets is of course set to dominate the u.k. vote which some people think shouldn't even be happening. i been a supporter of a 2nd referendum for about 2 and a half years it's just gone on too long and i never once heard up with. this i
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think this is a turd trying. to get here bricks if you stick to their hearing about it you'll be voting in the european elections boy is that well i'm having to leave you're a bit well it's like this will you be absolutely photo is really important. or i think it's completely useless and a waste of time for the english and a waste of money for the european union it's going to cost us a lot and it is only not i wanted on the english have never really been in the europe they always had the conditions in the surrealist in absurd. so i think it's important that they can vote they are still a part of europe at the moment. i think the british want the french and all europeans leave and democratic countries and as long as democracy exists it is necessary that everyone can express their ideas in an ideal that is some. good
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seems intuitive to me i can understand what is difficult to motorways of people 2 worlds to take the election that they should know this but separating is. a wall of bricks that is giving some europeans a headache ahead of the e.u. elections some appear more concerned about something else that's not happening russian meddling party's peter all of our reports on how the criminals influence despite being much touted is nowhere to be found. earlier this week fans were gripped by the series finale of game of thrones but there's also plenty of fun of a nother fantasy tale the story of meddling in a you elections winter isn't the only thing that's coming so is the risk of interference in our elections and guess who the suspect is we investigate the claims of russia's attempts to influence and undermine the democratic system in europe fears that russia is infiltrating the very heart of european democracies and
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we're starting to see the early signs of a socially kind of a repeat of what we saw in the us elections in regard to russian hacking and russian tampering but just as some fans of the wranglings of west ross were left disappointed by the way their show ended a dragnet operated by social media companies looking for misinformation and propaganda has turned up well nothing nothing from google so far we haven't seen any interference on the platforms what about facebook there have been no published accounts of attacks specifically related to the e.u. election to date. that's full of angry people already they must have turned up something we're always seeing a baseline level of it but nothing that has coalesced around a specific topic theme or group or even country but there was one area where it was said that there was evidence of russian interference the fact that we here at r t
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the russian news service sputnik have been talking about the e.u. elections they have been picking up the theme consistently over the past few months they do seem to be pushing slightly and establishment messages. we've seen european politicians focus their attention on alleged russian meddling but what about real issues russia has been a very common scapegoat these past years i was in western democracies the narrative these past years must be careful there are russian does russian influence the russians are behind this russian is trying to do this you're a democracy and now we don't have any proof or more of the interest or asked what have you got we don't have any and the whole narrative just collapsed politicians today you were for your party russia and moscow behind the rise in the populist movements don't have an argument anymore or they're losing this argument every day and they're in a very bad situation once you prove that there is no more problem coming from russia then you have to face the fact that the problem is coming from yourself and
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the teams chosen to run the country. well big corporations meanwhile have been quite open about whom they support with some actively opposing the growing euro skeptic sentiments among those signal praises of a united europe our german airline of tonsil as well as digital music streaming service spotify and german car manufacturer folks one of the c.e.o. of our commerce investment managers told us corporations have vested interests. the attitude of the big corporations banks has always been the same of course they have 3 but in this mis european environment it's not a surprise to me that they are actively and strongly supporting the pro european view as they have the better large network network and they use they use it no leverage in it in order to bring up their policies their policies they like the most many of these issues as we know underestimated or even ignored just like europe and by these large corporations there are real issues that europe and these
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large corporations need to be to god and didn't respond to you know they come up with some ok europe is not is not perfect about you know there is something to fix where there is a lot to fix. there is a lot to fix because they have moved too much forward into a project without taking into consideration the illegitimately issues raised by the population of the race do you picked the democratic nomination for the 2020 us presidential election is well underway with hopefuls already at the receiving end of apparent smear campaigns hawaii congresswoman tulsi gabbard has rubbished the report claiming she's getting donations from people described as putin apologists but the whole lot of. what i am focused on is what is in the best interest of the american people what is in the best interest of our national security keeping the american people think. a recent article claims that tulsi gabbard receives a nations from 3 individuals one
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a russian studies professor at new york university another a vocal supporter who was nonetheless arrested in russia back in 216 and the 3rd former employee at this travel who appears to need to go under the alias goofy grapes or sums in question however do you see mine or at least relative to the his theory of generating 2 of the 3 contributors reportedly provided god with a $1000.00 each to drop in the ocean of course for a presidential campaign the size of the 3rd donation that hasn't yet been revealed a former candidate for new york city council money how last i told us it's absurd to single out these 3 donors from many thousands. i don't think they're credible allegations at all. you know i guess i think this whole thing about russia is so completely overblown what the media is doing is making it that she's an essentially an agent of the kremlin which is so ridiculous so i think what she needs to do is essentially tell the world that lesson 3 people with. you know minimal ties to
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russia not even ties to russia doesn't that's an independent opinion i give into my campaign i did 65000 donors so you know you can't really make an argument that you know that my my candidacy is supported by russian propaganda machine you know it's silly and i think if she keeps. kind of promoting that message people will be able to see what's really going on. the u.s. state department says it has intelligence suggesting the syrian government is planning a chemical attack and vows a quick response this comes as donald trump claims he's being pressured by the u.s. arms industry to keep thousands of american soldiers in syria in a more than reports. so who sets us foreign policy well when it comes to the projection of military force of the constitution and common sense says that's the president your sound george w. bush put it but i'm the decider and i decide what is best but recent statements
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from donald trump throw that into question here is what he said if you do have a military industrial complex they do like war you know in syria with the caliphate so i wipe out 100 percent of the caliphate i shall want to bring our troops back home to place one crazy they want to keep the thing you have people here in why she won't if they never want to leave some day people will explain what this is and if you will do have you do have a group and they call it the military additional couple so according to trump he wanted to bring troops back from syria but he was compelled to leave several 100 of them there why well according to him the usa has quite a powerful military industrial complex and if our president is fighting against it it seems that he's hiding this fight rather well recently donald trump appointed patrick shanahan as his new secretary of defense shanahan spent 30 years at boeing
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which is one of the largest defense contractors in the united states and one of the world's biggest arms manufacturers and like many other companies contracted by the pentagon boeing is having a great year. folks in this industry have actually pointed to what they call the trump effect have you seen that in terms of our allies and our spending not only have i seen we think it's the best time we've ever seen in a long time for the defense industry but it's not just the truck presidency that has been a boon to the military industrial complex many different political leaders in the united states have campaigned on a platform of peace and then expanded wars once they've taken office. nations making progress toward freedom will find america is their friend. we're promoter of values will. peace.
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we've lost thousands of american lives spent nearly a trillion dollars alienated allies neglected emerging threats all in the cause of fighting a war for well over 5 years in a country that had absolutely nothing to do with the 911 attacks. i will never send our finest into battle unless necessary and i mean absolutely necessary and will only do so if we have a plan for victory with a capital. it's as if we've learned nothing from history the 34th us president dwight eisenhower warned the public about unwarranted influences when he left office over 60 years ago in the councils of government we must guard against the acquisition of
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unwarranted influence whether sought or unsought by the military industrial complex . the potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist . we must never let the weight of this combination in danger are limiting our democratic process. we should take nothing for granted. in the american people don't want war presidents always run as the peace candidate and then you know we never did leave the star wars even richard nixon during the vietnam war was only elected because he was seeing he had a secret plan for ending the vietnam war as it turned out the secret plan was to escalate the war and more. and enlarged it works all down you know these large monopolistic companies wanting to get a huge bunch of money the light threats of war they like active war.
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you know they're they're the war mongers and they have an enormous amount of influence is that commensurate with the amount of money that they put into campaigns. pressure mounts something u.k. to give back to morrow said archipelago in the indian ocean with the small matter of a u.s. military base complicating that issue more on that after this short break.
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you know world a big part of the movie lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the bad and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. welcome back to the program britain's days as a colonial power may be long over but its self image as a global power might get
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a further blow on wednesday united nations is expected to vote overwhelmingly in favor of returning the u.k. controlled shake or silence in the indian ocean back to mauritius. on the take us islands have been at the center of a decades long dispute between britain and morris iemma 960 seeded the territories in exchange for independence and 3000000 pounds and that move allowed the united states in 1071 to build a military base on diego garcia the largest of the i told recent evicted about 100000 island theirs to make room for the u.s. air base there garcia was an important launch pad for u.s. missions in iraq and afghanistan u.s. lease runs until 2036 so washington will join britain in today's vote sabrina gene from the chair goss refugee group says america's stopping islanders from returning
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. my question has been always to why they don't want. to return. british folk already. do much while work. this out when managed more sneak by us for me as a 2nd generation. it's told them to realize what they don't ease roll. well you know the international court of justice for all the britain illegally split the islands and should return them back to more riches of britain reject up ruling and more issues to be issue to the general assembly in 2017 only 15 delegates opposed. bid some other u.k. they also aren't happy about britain's ownership of the islands. i wish to express my concern that the government appears ready to disregard international law and ignore a ruling of the international court of justice and the right of chad gossoons to
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return to their homes this is not a matter of decorum nice for the general assembly it's a bilateral sovereignty dispute between the united kingdom. it is a complete case and double standards and in fact many african nations will have voted. in favor of the england giving it up right now the big occupier of this island is not the u.k. there are some staffers from the military because it's all military but it's the united states that controls a lot of them drones there have. got to stand over the past few years came from this base it's also the the there's also a prison there a kind of more isolated version of one time and i think at best what we can expect might be some kind of financial compensation for the living in marriages it's sad
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to say but to keep quiet unless we see political change elsewhere and unless the united states decides that it wants to change its foreign policy for good. lawmakers in the u.s. congress have been briefed by trumpeter ministration officials on threats coming from iran that have been voted thanks to washington's latest show of force in the middle east some democrats didn't buy what they heard. it deterred attacks based on our repository of assets to turn attacks against american forces it's been our worry from the beginning that this is a blind escalation with the hope that the iranians will come to the table in the end or the hope that the iranian people will rise up and topple the regime. very much but intentionally or unintentionally we have and create a situation in which a war will take place. among its recent steps against the rum the u.s.
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the broad an aircraft carrier and bombers in the persian gulf cries about the trumpet ministration imposed sanctions on a rainy loyal promising to expire them to any country which buys it the iranian president though has responded saying the u.s. pressure cannot break the rhodian people he claims to run is actually growing more resilient thanks to the sanctions artie's afshin rattansi spoke to former iranian negotiator hussein was serbian about the current situation between the 2 countries can watch the full interview later on r.t. international short are you see during president trump i have never seen such conflict in confusing a strategy. from the u.s. side in regard to iran between all signatories of iran nuclear deal the us has completely violated we draw from the deal why did the united nations security council the europeans including u.k.
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they have failed to deliver a clear commitments for normal trade and business with iran for 2 years i don't believe such a strategy president conflicting the strategy bullying or strategy. strategy a president is following at the current currently i don't believe. would ever be ready to negotiate with such administration except if president changes it is a strategy compromise with the nuclear deal approved by united nations security council and then respect iran. respect the principles of mutual respect non interference then i believe there will be a chance. of pyongyang is calling on washington to return a cargo ship seized then impounded an american some or the man was made by north korea's ambassador to the u.n. who gave a press conference on tuesday united states has
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a committee unlawfully and to be just as of producing a couple of people why your nest. possibly taking each to the americans are more. and to the pretext of a unilateral ascension and by relation. earlier this month u.s. authorities said they'd arrest them the ship named the wise honest for violating international sanctions by loading cole was a north korean port it's not the 1st time the ship's been seized on suspicion of violating un sanctions which restrict north korea from exporting coal or imported oil as well as other commodities. and washington explain the seizure as a move to enforce the sanctions imposed on north korea aimed at its nuclear program human rights attorney eric can thinks this case my spell the end for u.s. efforts to build relations with the reclusive state. overreaching on the part of
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the u.s. and seen as a leverage issue arguably it's not this interdiction it's called of the ship this is denying the ability for the country to even feed itself and a lot of ways that resolution didn't allow the seizure of the ship somewhat as they failed to cooperate with the inspection when they are examined and there's really no evidence of that i would suspect that it's going to scuttle busy progress between the united states and north korea it's going to get an excuse for the hardliners in the trumpet ministration who don't want negotiations to go forward and will be falling back to square one unfortunately. 2 militants have been killed in a counter terror operation in a private house in russia's vladimir reason the militants planned to carry out a terror attack in crowded locations under the instruction of foreign lost the mind
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that's according to the national and tara committee during the operation the suspects refused to surrender and opened fire an explosive device on a stockpile of weapons were found at the scene no other casualties have been reported local residents were evacuated from the area before the operation. that's all for the saudi join us again in about 30 minutes time for all the latest global news updates. on. this and petersburg international economic forum is a unique event in today's business world. over the last 21 years the forum has become a leading global platform for discussing the key economic issues facing russia
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emerging markets and the world thousands of business community members attend a forum to address today's vital issues. watch our special forum coverage on r.t. . are we answering an era the end of flag money your money with flags on it or roger ever open tate or royal person could make.
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hello and welcome to cross talk where all things considered i'm peter lavelle our china in the u.s. in training and game the battle lines have been drawn and demands made in this trade war it appears both sides are preparing for the long home what does it mean to win a trade war what does it mean to lose and how far could this escalate. cross-talk in the trade war i'm joined by my guest fred tang in new york he is president of the american china public affairs institute and we cross to james bradley he is a new york times number one best selling author of among others flags of our fathers and the china mirage all right crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate it when we go to fred 1st in new york well it's been months and months now we've been top.


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