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now. it's not completely here. i think. look. cool. cool. 6 people have been confirmed dead hundreds more injured in post-election protests which of erupted in the indonesian capital of jakarta. the stray should in anger both in the u.k. and europe a spanish prime minister treason a tries for a 4th time to get her brags a deal over the finishing line sweeping it this time with a promise to end pays to hold a vote on a 2nd referendum if they packets. are prepared to go to the polls in 24 hours time take john say there's no sign of any russian spy and much media and
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political hype to the contrary. david thanks for joining us this is on to international. 6 people being killed 200 injured during a protest in the capital of indonesia after the results of the presidential election was announced if i. can if anything i took. i. i.
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protesters are still clashing with the police and they've been growing and growing like taliban mullah tiles and the police have been trying to disperse the crowd and firing tear gas and this is the 2nd day that these protests and been going on and they are protesting at the field near the election supervisory agent the building the authorities are still trying to control the situation. and the president of south dakota has issued the men and said that. they will not tolerate anyone who interferes with the security and democracy processes of the country. and they are also arrested about $100.00 people where it is said to. these protests. the protests started on tuesday shortly after the election committee confirmed the victory of president's job. however several
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1000 supporters of his opponent general. took to the streets the position of the claims there was widespread cheating and he's going to results counterterrorism specialist under in raj believes that radical islamists penetrating political groups in indonesia to propagate their political ideas. should now we are getting a visit here is due to the fact that political is. already in the southeast asian countries especially in indonesia so we feel extreme is. even. in political parties or position parties such as good friends in the radical islamist. extremist groups granted 3 being ready political are easy now and in the living. where we
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can actually problem and propagate our ideology to believe or be a political needs in these countries. 3 times are the british prime minister briggs a deal thrown right back in the face now she's back at westminster for a 4th going on wednesday theresa may once again faced fellow and pace once again she tried to persuade them to back a deal this time she even dangled the chance to vote on a 2nd referendum if they banked a partridge as the latest from london it was an equally anticipated prime minister's question time this this afternoon as everybody was waiting for that statement that the prime minister would make on that 4th installment of her break sit deal now what she's done recently she'd had talks with the labor party 6 weeks of talks with the labor party and those had broken down but the pm said that she had learned something there had been. areas of compromise that she had learned from those talks to the labor party and in this 4th installment she effectively said
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there will be some concessions and this took the form of 10 points which when reading about earlier now there are key points in there about workers' rights about environmental protection and the future relationship with the e.u. but the key point was the potential for a 2nd referendum for n.p.c. to vote if this bill goes through to the people if they were to pass it now along with that they also she called on parliament to break the impasse about the customs union there are huge differences of opinion on how we work with the in terms of trade and development but she called on parliament the m.p.'s to try and help solve that as well as the other impasse we have the special status over northern ireland for all our division and disagreement we believe in democracy that we want to make good on the promise we made to the british people when we asked them to decide on the future of our e.u. membership and we can bring an end to the months years of increasingly bitter argument and division that have both polarized and paralyzed our politics we could
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move on and move forwards and get on with the jobs we were sent here to do but we got into politics to do just what we can achieve if we support this new deal reject it and all we have to force is division and deadlock here appeals didn't appeal to the opposition leader jeremy corbyn he said that over all her time those 3 years since the referendum all that is served to do was divide the country and. the time is now run out she no longer has the authority to offer a compromise and cannot deliver that's why it's trying for a general election to break the breaks it down you can drink so the details of this bill will be published on friday and eagerly pored over by no doubt all members of parliament plus people across the country and there is opposition to this particular day are coming from the labor party coming from the d p coming from the labor day. but also from within her own party as well and there have been calls
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indeed for the prime minister to stand down a senior choice looking at ways of changing the rules that they could challenge their leadership in less than 12 months which is what the rules say currently so big pressure on the prime minister could she be gone sooner than she thought some e.u. officials are particularly pleased with trees amaze latest efforts either stressing that the block is in no mood to reopen briggs negotiations and the internet has been having a field day. theresa may 1st of her name queen of making it up as you go along the current kept in chains and mother of chaos may's new deal got a vote to break that to stop regs it waitin for why no use illusion of bracks. former director of research at britain's institute of economic affairs jamie whyte says that reason may have no chance of getting her deal over the line. 3 outcomes
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that are possible. unlikely the 2nd referendum i think it's increasingly likely or just continuing on until a full blown political crisis emerges which results in a general election on the assumption that theresa may doesn't get this through they'll be a new leader of the conservative party soon enough that person was sent to be starting from scratch not completely because they'll know that there's resistance in parliament almost every possibility so that information is out but it's still with made no material progress in 2 years and we'll have a new leader who will kind of be starting from scratch. auburn hasn't left the new yet it will take part in european elections on thursday senior brussels figures are especially pleased about the prospect of seeing hardcore briggs it is galloping into the european parliament with france's economy minister for one so the quicker the u.k. leaves the better something britain say you vote shouldn't even be happening. i
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been a supporter of the 2nd referendum for about 2 and a half years it's just gone on too long and i never once heard up with. this i think this is a terror trial coming. to get him breakfast did a hearing about it you know me voting in the european elections why is that well i want to leave european well it's like this being absolutely photo is really important. i think it's completely useless and a waste of time for the english and a waste of money for the european union it's going to cost us a lot to do it is our business i don't want to don't know the english have never really been in the europe they always had their conditions in the surrealist in absurd. and i think it's important that they can vote they are still a part of europe at the moment. i think that the british want the french and all
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europeans leave and democratic countries and as long as democracy exists it is necessary that everyone can express their ideas and ideals some. good seems intuitive to me i can understand what is difficult to motivate people to world to take part in the election that they should know this but separating. briggs it may be casting a shadow of the elections something that isn't is russian meddling i think peter all of our reports on how the kremlin's influenced by being much talked about is nowhere to be found. earlier this week finds were gripped by the series finale of game of thrones but there's also plenty of fun of a nother fantasy tale the story of meddling in a you elections winter isn't the only thing that's coming so is the risk of interference in our elections and guess who the suspect is we investigate the claims of russia's attempts to influence and undermine the democratic system in
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europe fears that russia is infiltrating the very heart of european democracy and we're starting to see the early signs of essential you kind of a repeat of what we saw in the us elections in regard to russian hacking and russian tampering but just as some fans of the wranglings of west rovs were left disappointed by the way their show ended a dragnet operated by social media companies looking for misinformation and propaganda has turned up well nothing nothing from google so far we haven't seen any interference on the platforms. what about facebook there have been no published accounts of attacks specifically related to the e.u. election to date twitter that's full of angry people already they must have turned up something we're always seeing a baseline level of it but nothing that has coalesced around a specific topic theme or group or even country but there was one area where it was
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said that there was evidence of russian interference the fact that we hear it r t the russian news service sputnik had been talking about the e.u. elections they have been picking up the theme consistently over the past few months they do seem to be pushing slightly anti establishment messages. we've seen european politicians focus their attention on alleged russian meddling but what about real issues russia has been a very common scapegoat these past years i was in western democracies the narrative these past years must be careful there are russian does russian influence the russians are behind this russian is trying to just you're the marxist and now we don't have any proof and what the interests are asked what have you got they don't have any and the whole narrative just collapsed politicians today were for your party russia and moscow behind the rise in the populist movements don't have an argument anymore or they're using this argument every day and they're in
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a very bad situation once you prove that there is no more problem coming from russia and then you have to face the fact that the problem is coming from yourself and the teams that you have chosen to run the country. or moscow is staying out of it it seems the same can be said for large corporations. take a german airline look at cancer for example which put a clear message on one of its jets that read say yes to europe music streaming service spotify meanwhile called on europe to quote get vocal for putting together a special playlist the head of the vote that featured an artist from each member of the block the c.e.o. of investment managers told us large corporations have a vested interest. the attitude of the big corporations banks has always been the same of course they are. in this mis european and biome and it's not a surprise to me that they are actively and strongly supporting the european views they have a very large network network and they use they use it no leverage in it in order to
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bring up their policies the policies they like the most many of the issues as we know underestimated or even ignored by europe and by these large corporations there are real issues that europe and this large corporation didn't god and didn't respond to you know they come up with some ok europe is not is not perfect about you know there is something to fix while there is a lot to fix there is a lot to fix because they have moved too much forwards into a project without taking into consideration illegitimately issues raised by the population. ahead of the european elections they have been frequent stories in the media about the fear of russian interference but the french president among democrats has been claiming it's washington has been trying to influence the outcome. i see for the 1st time a collusion between the nationalists and foreign interests whose objective is the dismantling of europe lobbyists like mr ban on whose most american power see so the
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russians and others have never gone to such great lengths to sponsor and help extremist parties warm across looking for answers many of his country's citizens are seeking solutions recent polls show that there's been a sharp fall in support for the president's party and the charlotte do basic explains. in 2017 france was gripped by the presidential election in the one corner it was not even a pen in the other manual not cause now despite the protections of a close fight my corner ended up delivering the knockout punch to. the european elections feel like a plate of a rematch with their respective parties clear. on the future of the e.u. and the polls are suggesting that le pen's national rally could actually win this but many french people see this as being a referendum on a president who's in leadership or seen the rights and social unrest of the yellow best movement for months now the polls have painted
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a grim picture from that quarter with his disapproval at a round 2 thirds so we've come to his home town of i mean you just see if things look any better for him here. mcgraw doesn't define my political ideas so i think if we are speaking about the european elections we should probably lean towards the national rolly as some sort of way of sanctioning him. i think he's forgotten the people of france he doesn't do a lot for us at the beginning i thought he'd be a good president but now i don't think so it's not cool we did yes it's possible the french are sanctioning the crohn's politics especially those who are unhappy but i don't think it's a solution and we will see what happens i'm going to vote for the national rally because i think it's only them that can find the solution we tried the right the left the center is the right center and left at the same time and it doesn't change anything corn has laid out his ground a vision for europe he wants close integration better cooperation and an e.u.
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army but if his party flops at this e.u. election and his be by euro skeptics one question will loom large if mark who can't convince his own citizens let alone other e.u. leaders about his vision of europe how credible is it in the 1st place show what you can ski r.t. . french publisher to write a. very good you need to record the latest polls most in really really the person's party in the lead micro. on march trailing behind is it coincidence that you think now that we're hearing claims from the leader of foreign interference. or yes you're right any of these attacks came at the right moment but it was in general it's not the 1st time. that we see this strategy it seems that
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the mr mccraw has problems to accept the divergencies when you don't agree with their with him your spy or. for trying power he's creating an atmosphere of paranoia in trousers specially against the russia russian media it sir almost a war propaganda campaigner and then it's ridiculous let's be stopped or when when for instance our i said better international law should be respected in venezuela i'm not especially strong russian i'm only supporting international law or the you know charter but in my country in our presidents opinion should be viewed as a pro all russian statement it's preposterous and in a way democracy is a endangered in in france or more of the amount of michael was so young leader of the french american condonation if one would lay the same charge on the same ground sir mr michael would be described as a u.s. spy or as the us agents or more precisely an agent of the democracy party of the us
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an anti russian as the democrats of the of american democrats like is big enough for brzezinski. and that's completely contrary to all the french their diplomatic traditions i mean to rich or a balance between the 2 superpowers. speaking of exerting undue influence if we talk about the coming year john told him continues day through his political weight behind discouraging europeans from voting for you're a skeptic parties let's just have a listen to what you said. on this the european elections are next sunday that day is a good opportunity to put the dangers posed by the ranks behind us. was the question is what classifies interference or what doesn't the top e.u. politician they're giving a very one sided opinion. yes you know you're right a lot but let's take a good example mr mann a 1000000 who was
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a political advisor of mr mccraw and who was often described as closest confident he was also interested in the past a spin doctor of nicolas maduro during the 2013 campaign venezuela of course when you see the shameless comparing of mr merkel against the venezuelan people nowadays today you understand that mr 1000000 what was just a political advisor kind of a question are you without political call connections it was or all new for emerge of like another but if you start describing the the advisers of spies is never getting to an end yes there's a big confusion between using your your rights of freedom freedom of speech and supporting a foreign power. talk of meddling in the elections no evidence of it even the tech giants denied the they say they can't see any evidence of any kind of interference. so why do we still keep hearing the claims it's
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a way of kind of rallying support to you know vote for us because the it out outsiders are trying to defeat is so we must be doing something right how do you explain it. yes just speaking about interferences there is in trance a real danger of americanization or the french or society and french politics but it's not due to interferences it's due to our old and shameless serious in ship with no interior ism and there's has nothing to do with traditions like i said but he wants to be obama. i'm afraid to to say but my ring up and wants to be trunk she she went to the trump tower during a container shoes and 9 myra of whom these are want to be americans this 2 party system because i'm a collar bone like to be the best enemies it's useful to them and we don't have a single choice on real topics like the possibility of a real exists on the e.u. from the euro because our national ready abandon these policy of approx it's
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comparing to the last elections last year. and last year for instance mary lopin suggested russia should be a part of nato why not dismantling nat'l the. 3rd i think the real enemy of them are the next and they will be the political abstention because of it sir it's a topic of paramount importance but it would be wise to delegitimize the euro part of him that doesn't have any any power because in europe it's the european commission that is a ruling in. the real in mrs ascension maybe you could could get bigger than the 6 c. the already 60 percent that we have in the 2 in 2014 in 2009 i think you to. believe really the your family unit would be in jeopardy. ok my guess is our american phil french publisher and writer many thanks. 6.
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united nations general assembly voted overwhelmingly in favor of the u.k. ceding control of the trigger silence in the indonesia inserting the indian ocean back to marisha islanders and their descendants so that this will pave the way for their return expulsion of locals from the islands has been described as one of the worst examples of britain's days as a colonial power a community of displaced islanders in london has been campaigning for decades for the right to be resettled on the island isabel shallow from the show go silent as movement told us even with a favorable un vote political powers shouldn't forget talking to displaced locals we have done so much we have suffered so much and of our still suffering our identity our values are both our belonging our belongings our culture all this were robbed from us it is about time to rewrite all the wrongs doing
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consider us as human beings just do the right things. start dialoguing leave the. so that we can move forward we will stand up for our self and keep fighting for our voice to be heard and. to be respected to be treated we've dignity so that we can go back home. and the chuggers silence of been at the center of a decades long dispute between britain and aristos which in the 1960 s. ceded the territories in exchange for independence plus $3000000.00 pounds the us in $97.00 want to build a military base on diego garcia the largest of the adults predicted about one and a half $1000.00 to make room for the u.s. base diego garcia was an important large part of u.s.
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missions in iraq and afghanistan the u.s. lease runs until 2036 washington was among the only 6 countries who went against the un resolution. earlier the international court of justice ruled that britain illegally split the islands and should return the back to militias rejected the ruling took the issue to the general assembly in 2017 only 15 delegates opposed. to some in the u.k. also aren't happy about britain's claim to the islands i wish to express my concern that the government appears ready to disregard international law and ignore a ruling of the international court of justice and the right of chad gossoons to return to their homes this is not a matter of degree for the general assembly it's a bilateral sovereignty dispute between the united kingdom and more. i'm joined on the line a lot by sabrina jean who's an activist from the shadows refugees group thanks for
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joining us sabrina so the un's bang the resolution for the u.k. to control over geragos how important is that decision. this is and is very important of the child the senate committee who has been fighting for young decades for the rights of return and the fundamental rights today the vote has been in favor of the merchant's government bed or sir it's a good thing for the childless and coming to to move on in the fight. to support his claim the u.k. called issue a bilateral sovereignty dispy than call it a colonial warm what's your opinion on that. you know you've got a government has always denied everything they've done with the checklist and committee for me as a 2nd generation born from mischievous and father and has been fighting together mr butler for don't do it for me i think it's time to you carry our life there was
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a population on the art and an this book publisher and was called the chancellor said people so from to day the ruling has been under the favor of the 1st government but are still the childless we'll never get that and we continue fighting for our fundamental rights the resolution is legally binding how strongly do you rate the chances of busy. reunifying with malicious. the mercy of government need to take responsibility is of everything he said all our negotiation . need to have the checklist and coming to preset in everything that moore says government we've done but i just said going generic version has been working to get another check the subject is group in motion as i say you can't branch we continue our hard was to find it's tradition full of the checklist and to return back home
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do you think there will be further resistance teacher gossoons returning. yes to many of 6 us would like to but we still like. the senate why i've been talking we will never give up a right we have been fighting for young you can't is not our home. we are here many other good education of our kids like my step i've been to value careful 13 a good education for my freaky but if we got the chance to return back to the checklist and then i wave good because you gazed at my home. if the u.k. doesn't give the islands back what action can you take next. the checklist of which is group we need to what again we have a link team together mr bunn could to see what the next day we need to. but like i said we never get that far right so very now really appreciate you coming on r.t.
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this evening i guess sabrina jane activists from the shadows refugees group. things that further this news are appreciate you joining us here in our team to national updates and often. after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the pope the ball different clubs on one hand it is logical to sort of know from fields where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and a fresh perspective from i'm used to surprising people and i saw one all to give you. i'm going to talk about football not the or else you can think i was going to go.
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by the way what is that that's like here. this is a story about what happens auster a stray bullet kills a young girl in the streets. what happens to her family and daughters in florida the mother daughter is buried in a cemetery it really messes with your head what happens to the community the public was screaming for a scapegoat the police need is a scapegoat so why not choose a 19 year old black kid with a criminal record who better to pin this on than him and what happens in court be be be. shot for shot as far off society we feel. we don't know she'll share a stroke on. the end of this trial unfortunately you too will still love no chill just.


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