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the chilean economy screams so while some are making the economy of venezuela scream. a new study reveals that the hundreds of widely sold you products from clothes and makeup to children's toys may contain harmful chemicals. attack syrian army positions in using tanks and vehicles filled with explosives a symbol rebranding exercise has apparently absolved them in the west size. counting is underway in the world's biggest election with the latest poll
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suggesting india's current prime minister is on course for a landslide victory. in warning from moscow what's in our. view our thanks for joining us this hour on the program of people across europe could unwittingly be harming their health by using any of hundreds of everyday objects sold in the e.u. that's according to germany's largest environmental charity. when it comes to using hazardous chemicals at home we're told to wear gloves and to rinse immediately if your skin comes into contact with the products but according to a new report by environmental lobby group and european consumers a face exposes your own day basis and we don't even know about.
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chemical companies have been disregarding the law for years and getting away with it selling substances that might cause hormonal cancers brain disorders and other severe health problems as consumers we are kept in the dark not knowing if every day products are safe or not those products he's talking about range from clothes shoes and makeup even children's toys bone says these potentially harmful chemicals a widely being sold to manufacturers of household goods without having being properly vetted it says some of these chemicals could cause a range of health problems from cancer to bring disorders were still with your pink chemical agency we see a.j. is accused of trying to sweep this scandal under the rug. has said in this problem for years we see the agency moving in the right direction by
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why all the secrecy the very foundation of e.u. chemical safety rules are being ignored bund revealed the top of the iceberg now it's on the e.c. to tell us the rest of this investigation we show you around $650.00 companies and many households brands of breaking the law by failing to perform the required safety checks that are mandated by the e.c. ha's main safety regulation this includes some brands which are already making the headlines amidst major health scandals we have done and i'm a lot of work but that work i clearly and. totally subscribe to is not sufficient and not enough. but we have looked at $700.00 substances up until now of those $702.00 thirds and up needing further data. biotech says that's not enough i missed the morning that the e.u. and national authorities raised the game in
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a bid to ensure that the products we use a simply just say beans i think there is because it didn't see that behalf now can you close on the market who have not sufficiently been checked we house nokia information wish chemicals we have no clear information which ones have been sufficiently checked the only thing to be can know a safe for sure is that the system doesn't work properly we have to chemicals who are all apparently not sufficiently controlled and that is a potentially a big danger so all the information recalled must. face equally short of stiff as it sits fossil complete. and this is playing with the lives of people. meanwhile activists have stormed of paris h.q. of pharmaceuticals drug was mentioned in that study they staged a protest against the health and environmental dangers posed by some of the products of buyers daughter company monsanto risks surrounding the monsanto we kill
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around the world bought into the spotlight recently when a california court ordered the firm to pay a record $2000000000.00 in damages that sum to work couple suffering from cancer which they successfully argued had been caused by the herbicide back in france of course their rule the company was liable for the sickness of a farmer who had used monsanto we've killer this despite the rulings monsanto and bio both insist their products are safe adding that health regulators wald wide agree with that. terrorist group islamic state may have been all but routed from syria the hardest though are still wrecking havoc in the country the latest incarnation of what was the al nusra front has attacked syrian army positions in northern italy province the last rebel stronghold in the country but by rebranding the extremists appear to fall to some in the west more against the earth has more. this late in the civil war by any measure this
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offensive was huge he had to do that shower more h.g.'s widely viewed as al qaeda is winning in syria nusra front fielded hundreds of jihad for this offensive according to russian intelligence 30 pick up trucks equipped with various guns 7 tags 4 a.p.c.'s to jihad no bills or vehicles packed with explosives then driven by suicide bombers as i said a huge offensive aimed at taking a government held town car for the border. according
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to the russian command the syrians held out against 3 waves the jihad the stews in more than 100 fighters for tanks most of their pickup trucks also reportedly launched missiles at the russian airbase in may mean you know those that got close were shot down un security council is none too pleased. neither the syrian army nor the russian air force have been waging military operations against civilians or civilian infrastructure russia and the regimes decision to launch air strikes sends a terrible signal of disregard toward the u.n. political process russia has claimed its so-called return it she strikes surgical i quote surgical in their precision i hope i do not need medical treatment in moscow if surgical accuracy means what we've seen we are we refuse to consider terrorists as in such as. will and will continue to fight them despite the objections of some
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of our partners united states reiterate that any escalation in violence in northwest syria would destabilize the region. that we have our own view on who is destabilizing the region. both sides blame each other for this latest escalation fighting had been building up escalating for days now and as often happens in the rebels' jihad this crying foul saying ass adds gassing them we continue to see signs that the assad regime may be renewing its use of chemical weapons the regime's attacks against the communities of northwest syria must end remarkably nowhere in their press statement does the us mention al qaida though age c.s. denies any affiliation they were branded change their name from nusra front but that is seen as a rule to avoid harsh as scrutiny nothing is changed in their behavior still
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executing infidels fielding suicide bombers so imagine our surprise when we did some digging and found that the initial source of these chemical attack allegations which so concern the us initial source was h.t.s. looser front al qaida worth noting though is that the u.s. is saying they can't verify anything bombing attacks which have been indiscriminate in very vicious have sent some 152200000 people in it most of whom are already internally displaced people to move again to temporary housing and create a huge burden on our very broad humanitarian effort that we in the internet rest of the international community are making so we're watching this very closely also the reports of chemical weapons use so far we cannot confirm it but we are watching it it's an interesting situation the u.s. . europe allies spending billions infiltrating bombing fighting isis al
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qaida in afghanistan in iraq in somalia or the middle east in africa yet in syria's. biggest stronghold taking the side if in directly demanding that the syrian government leave them alone taking seriously the claims and statements about chemical weapons say remarkable terrorism specialist jennifer breeden says the massacres should go new offensive in a blue province it's not going to be possible to to fight terrorism without going to the terrorist strongholds and that's absolutely necessary we're talking about a group h.t.s. which is an offshoot of l. ners there are links to al qaeda so this is a very serious terrorist organization and it's also a terrorist organization that's in a place with a very large civilian population most of these civilians have been displaced or
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internally displaced because of the war because of other terrorist organizations and so it's crucial that this area be targeted to to undermine these terrorists i think that the concern is whether chemical weapons have been used or whether there have been any said she is of chemical weapons because of the large civilian population that has also been terrorized by the strong hold that on his or offshoot h.t.s. has on this area. the news is newly reelected president has warned he won't tolerate further deadly unrest which erupted in the wake of his disputed victory on tuesday 6 people were killed and hundreds injured in the violence which spilled over into writing on wednesday night. i think i was sick of
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god chick i was sick at. the u.s. embassy as you call it and we should think you are good citizens to avoid the protests broke out shortly after the central election committee confirm the victory of current president soco we don't know several 1000 supporters of his opponents what's odd minutes general promo or so beyond so talk to the streets authorities used tear gas and water cannons to disperse the protesters he was on the rocks and molotov cocktails your opposition leader claims there was widespread cheating on is going to challenge the result on the terrace specialist on raj says radical islamists infiltrating political groups and in an easy to propagate their ideas. the situation now we are getting
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a little bit here is geared to the fact that political is has been evolving for us in the southeast asian countries especially in indonesia so we see extreme ase and radicals to gaining popularity in political parties all positions parties such as what for inspiring now and in the major radical islam is well there's extreme groups up kind of creating political parties now and in political limelight where we can actually probably see and propagate the ideology bill believes or would be a political needs in these countries. and so much that since january us democrats have splashed twice the cash total trump has on online ads at the same time they're making a big thing adults about rejecting a big bucks from lobbyists when it comes to funding their 2020 campaign kaleb open
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bills the. from left wingers like bernie sanders to centrists like joe biden and tamala harris democrats are expressing a unified message of discussed about money and politics i mean i sat with bernie i'm the guy that told them you should accept any money from a super pac because people can't possibly trust you how are middle class guy except if you except so i've actually made a decision since i had that conversation then i'm not going to accept corporate pac checks and i think most americans actually agree that we need to get money out of politics pete bougie has promised to give back the money you receive from corporations come our harris has made similar statements but here's the thing perhaps they don't get direct funding from corporations but they have a cozy relationship with super pacs those are political action committees that are not legally required to disclose their donors let's not forget joe biden's wisdom from a few years back lobbyist are bad people special interest groups are not bad people
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but guess what they're corrosive. people who accept money from them or bad people but it's human nature well it may not be being broadcast on prime time television but many top democrats have a very close relationship with big financial interests take amala harris for example she has a super pac of her own that is very close with the bank known as citigroup and catamarans the bank's managing director even hosted a fundraiser for camilla harris at his apartment as a gesture of friendship kamali even shook hands with his dog pete booted she has been hanging out with charles meyer at the wall street banking exactly 2 of them have been munching on deli sandwiches kirsten gillibrand seems to be particularly close to big pharma she's already had a fundraiser at the home of a pfizer exec and at this point mark last read the wall street money manager is boasting that he's already met with 10 different democratic candidates at the end
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of the day candidates need money in the past there was no candidates who didn't come to new york chicago l.a. for money today there are 2 candidates who owns doing that and is it with warren and bernie some does yes when the cameras are rolling the democrats want to fight against wall street and stand up for that forgotten american middle class however behind closed doors they want to get particularly cozy with the big daddies of american finance capital and in the age of social media that's a lot harder to conceal well this goes to show you yet again the breathtaking incoherence of the democratic message keep in mind that many of these folks many if not all are very very wealthy and when you hear people who decry you and rail against big money and we're finding out how they're tapping into silicon valley wall street banks the big money the big money people it goes to show you that they're just like everybody else i just choose to lovable
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progress. liberal trying to get by with a paucity of funds and end if you can help me as we as we fight corporate industrial breathe while behind the scenes on the phone the speaking you. need with 1xw5w and 20000000 help me anybody else take your money they're no better or no worse than anybody else their politicians counting is on the way in the world's largest ever election to exit polls project will be in the next prime minister coming up in just a few moments. this
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or come back to the program a mammoth carving task is underway in india which has just held the world's biggest election the latest exit polls suggest the current prime minister tells it is a man of the people is on course for a landslide victory. looks at why his rival dubbed the candidate of the elites has apparently failed to make inroads. an election in a country that's home to at least $1300000000.00 people takes a while certainly after more than a month it's finally done and dusted and here is an exit poll and this political bloc is the team behind the man who's already been charge of india for 5 years and the right to draw modi but despite that is still seen as someone who was
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up against the good old elite maybe that's still the root of his popularity how to look at this simple guy modi as a child the prime minister helped his dad sell tea at a railway station ever heard of the caste system in india well his was officially classed as backwards there was even a t.v. show called the journey of the common man showing his tough life path. now let's compare that to opposition leader rahul gandhi's bag around his father was a prime minister preceded by guess who his grandmother his great grandfather was
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the founder of modern india and what matter the ukase super the cambridge university how's that for a contrast surely there are plenty of otherwise in house that must be behind mr modi success but there's barely a doubt the elitist glare of the whole gandhi and his one soul mind indian national congress party really pulled the opposition strong men down and 29000 poll done. not seen as a serious challenger to mr not in the mold because dynasty is not it doesn't appeal to the young people in the country anymore if you contrast that dynasty off . gandhi who let's see is that the prime minister not in the who actually has risen from the bottom he comes from the very poor section of society he comes from
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a cost which is all in all go back what the cost will be see so given the fact that there is a lot of appeal for people coming from the very bottom and rising i think died on crossley you know that dynasty of congress and the congress has almost believed it for the last almost 70 years it has completely lost it's of the. year on year it's becoming clear politicians all around the world should have realised being a part of the elite is now out of fashion shall i remind you of what's been going on with the people's voting habits everywhere lately. i want you to imagine how much better our future can be if we did play or independence from the elites who lead us from one financial and foreign policy disaster to another. 800
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people what. do you have heard me talking of all the people will of. taking a gun they will go in go in. and he main task is to bring into the politics in our country a completely new people. french decent people actually care. what of soon government hopefuls will begin misplacing their elite backgrounds just like some do with parts of their tax returns. american infrastructure projects are in limbo after president donald trump pulled the plug on funding talks with democrats came right after house speaker nancy
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pelosi accused him of a cover up to me then no one is above the law including the president. and we believe that the president is engaged in a pub or up i do cover ups you people know that probably better than anybody and i told. senator schumer speaker pelosi i want to do infrastructure i want to do it more than you want to do it but you know what you can't do it under these circumstances u.s. federal infrastructure investment refer to the funds earmarked for the construction and maintenance of things like highways would do the utilities railways and aviation among other sectors as well as politicians in d.c. keep on bickering the country's infrastructure is said to be falling into disrepair the american society of civil engineers warned about this back in 2017 civil engineer i mean through told us if the deal on infrastructure isn't struck it will
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affect millions of americans. i name port in l.a. for instance you cannot even compare it to. the most updated most of us. they ports in asia in the middle east in turkey for instance or dubai. these a ports of been there for for many many decades and they're all abused the same thing applies to the bridges same thing applies to roads. dams. just name it so all of them are in desperate need. of huge investment. of if i'm not mistaken over 4 and a half trillion dollars needs to be spent on america's infrastructure by 2025 if the deal is not the straw it will be the american citizens who will suffer most
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that will be to aviation sector the tourism. you know transportation sector and it's a change that will affect everyone. set for solid us again 30 minutes for the latest global news updates. lake says and see if forms part of a high altitude nature is. it's one of the famous teetotal indonesians principle which a way starts its journey. that can be summed up to pocatello like i said thanks. it runs 300 kilometers from source to mouth and there are over $200.00 industrial
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facilities ranged its banks. i'm mad on your muscle. to do 3 things. i don't like to tell the men to be in. the room again screw the 4000 rice fields and supplies drinking water to 25000000 people. that will clean yes. so many of us about that estimate but a couple of people. really there's not much happening in the global economy as a result of the us trying so called trade war just to put things in perspective most things that are exported from china the united states are exported as finished products of the same holds true for most things exported from the us to china so
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any tariffs on those products while they might affect price levels in the us or in china and they might affect the level of trade between the us and china they simply don't destroy the global supply chain so the rest of the world is hardly affected at all. will not obey the voice of the lord your god will be careful to do all these commandments and you state you. in all these courses shall come upon you and overtake you want to lead and then the people just don't profit and must pretend to let people. get rid of whites only problems will go away. with him. as president of the physical. wide pharmacy free go be a day every single day. people being tortured to death the elderly people
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in the. these white boards will find themselves affected by credit and. point when you've made these in dreams it's all sweat and a lot of. what are you going. through the ceiling of the. civil war in south africa. rather than. in the code of europe and.
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this is boom bust broadcasting around the world and covering the world of business and finance an impact upon us all i'm daniel britto in washington and i'm pissed the eye here's us on deck today as the world his superpowers continue to exchange trade blows it may not all be bad news for some nations professor richard wolf joins us to break down how solemn neighbors on china's doorstep are capitalizing on the trade turmoil and finally boeing is back under fire again this time from beyond america's borders from china to europe or to correspondent alex mann little bitch gives us an aerial view of boeing's turbulent situation all of those directly ahead but 1st we have some headlines let's go. huawei continues to make headlines today as the u.k. mobile carriers. drop huawei devices from their 5 g. networks.


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