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hidden dangers the report claims hundreds of household items sold in the european union could contain chemicals. 5 more years the world's biggest election sees the incumbent prime minister handed another term in india we look at whether the perceived allegiance of his closest rival group to turn off the vote. and under attack a syrian army positions are targeted by jihadists in the province we've used tanks and explosive vehicles yet say a simple rebranding exercise is apparently absolved in the eyes of the west.
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so joining us this evening this is r.t. international. hundreds of european companies have been flooding the e.u. market for years with items that contain potentially harmful chemicals that's according to germany's largest environmental charity it's released a study warning consumers right across the block couldn't wittingly be harming their health by using any of hundreds of popular everyday products and the most dangerous items that have been singled out however fall under the category of industrial substances. which can cause genetic defects and cancer more commonly used products noted in the study they include furniture toys and clothing which is claimed can put unborn children at risk while certain cosmetic and personal products are said to course serious and dizziness 654 companies are named as cobra but most of the german british or dutch big names like exxon mobil and buyer are on
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that list. picks up the story. when it comes to using hazardous chemicals at home we're told to wear gloves and to rinse immediately if your skin comes into contact with the product but according to a new report by environmental lobby group and european consumers face exposure on a day basis and we don't even know about it as consumers we are kept in the dark not knowing if every day products are safe or not range from clothes shoes and makeup even children's toys borne says these potentially harmful chemicals of widely being sold to manufacturers of household goods without having being properly vetted it says some of these chemicals could cause a range of health problems from cancer to bring disorders worse still the european chemical agency we see a.j.
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is accused of trying to sweep this scandal under the rug. has said on this problem for years we see the agency moving in the right direction by why all the secrecy the very foundation of e.u. chemical safety rules are being ignored bund revealed the top of the iceberg now it's on the e.c. to tell us the rest of this investigation shows around $650.00 companies and many households brands of breaking the law by failing to perform the required safety checks that are mandated by the e.c. ha's main safety regulation this includes some brands which are already making the headlines amidst major health scandals we have done and i'm a lot of work but that work i clearly and totally subscribe to is not sufficient and not enough. but we have looked at $700.00 substances up until now of those $702.00 thirds end up needing further data bund says the. that's
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not enough and is demanding that the e.u. and national authorities raise their game in a bid to ensure that the products we use are simply just say the. show that people see not see having. asked some of the companies accused of wrongdoing to comment on the claims including b a s f said fake and called by theft a can tangle have responded saying that while they comply with all safety regulations they are committed to improving wherever possible yoga my he heads and environmental n.g.o.s told us he believes that the city only scratches the surface of the problem. i think there is a big possibility that behalf now can you coast on the market who have to watch the solution to get in we house no clear information which chemicals we have no clear information which ones have been sufficiently checked the only thing that we can know for sure is that the system doesn't work properly we have to can because.
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apparently not sufficiently controlled and that is a potentially a big danger so all the information because it was. basically sureness deficit so it's far from complete. and this is playing with the lives of people. you while activists have stormed the paris h.q. of pharmaceuticals giant buyer which was mentioned in that study they staged a protest against the health and environmental dangers posed by some of the products of by a subsidiary monsanto of a surrounding the monsanto weed killer roundup were brought into the spotlight recently when a california court ordered the firm to pay a record $2000000000.00 with the damages that sum to a couple suffering from cancer which they successfully argued have been caused by the herbicide back in france of course their rule but the company was liable for the sickness of a farmer who would lose their monsanto. by the rulings monsanto and buyer insists
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that their products are safe and in that health regulators worldwide agree. islamic states may have been all but routed from syria but you heard this to still wreaking havoc in the country the latest incarnation of what was a front as attack syrian army positions in northern italy province the last rebel stronghold in the country by rebranding the extremists appear to have fooled some in the west as the explains. this late in the civil war by any measure this offensive was huge he had to do that show more h.g.'s widely viewed as al-qaeda is winning in syria nusra front fielded hundreds of jihad for this offensive according to russian intelligence 30 pick up trucks equipped with various guns 7 tags for a.p.c.'s to jihad move beals or
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vehicles packed with explosives and driven by suicide bombers as i said a huge offensive aimed at taking a government held town and the border. according to the russian command the syrians held out against 3 waves the jihad the stews in more than 100 fighters for tanks most of their pickup trucks and also reportedly launched missiles at the russian airbase in may mean you know those that got close were shot down un security council is none too pleased russia and the regimes decision to launch air strikes sends a terrible signal of disregard toward the u.n.
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political process russia has claimed this so called return it she strikes surgical i quote surgical in their precision i hope i do not need medical treatment in moscow if surgical accuracy means what we've seen. we refuse to consider terrorists as untouchable and will continue to fight them despite the objections of some of our partners united states reader it's that any escalation in violence in northwest syria would destabilize the region. we have our own view on who is destabilizing the region. both sides blame each other for this latest escalation fighting had been building up escalating for days now and as often happens in the rebels' jihad this crying foul saying ass adds gassing them we continue to see signs that the assad regime may be renewing its use of chemical
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weapons the regime's attacks against the communities of northwest syria must end remarkably nowhere in their press statement does the us mention al qaida though age c.s. denies any affiliation they were branded change their name from nusra front but that is seen as a rule to avoid harsh as scrutiny nothing is changed in their behavior still executing infidels fielding suicide bombers so imagine our surprise when we did some digging and found that the initial source of these chemical attack allegations which so concerned the us initial source was h.t.s. looser front al qaida worth noting though is that the u.s. is saying they can't verify anything bombing attacks which have been indiscriminate in very vicious have sent some 152200000 people in it most of whom are already
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internally displaced people to move again to temporary housing and create a huge burden on our very broad humanitarian effort that we in the interest in the international community are making so we're watching this very closely also the reports of chemical weapons use so far we cannot confirm it but we are watching it it's an interesting situation the u.s. europe allies spending billions infiltrating bombing fighting isis al qaida in afghanistan in iraq in somalia all over the middle east yet in syria as a glib. al qaeda is biggest stronghold taking their side if in directly demanding that the syrian government leave them alone taking seriously their claims and statements about chemical weapons as i say remarkable. terrorism specialist jennifer braden says damascus should go on the offensive in
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italy. it's not going to be possible to to fight terrorism without going to the terrorist strongholds busy and that's absolutely necessary we're talking about a group h.t.s. which is an offshoot of al knows there are links to al-qaeda so this is a very serious terrorist organization and it's also a terrorist organization that's in a place with a very large civilian population most of these civilians have been displaced or internally displaced because of the war because of other terrorist organizations and so it's crucial that this area be targeted to undermine these terrorists i think that the concern is whether chemical weapons have been used or whether there have been any said she is of chemical weapons because of the large civilian population that has also been terrorized by the strong hold that allen has or offshoot h.t.s. has on this area. the world's biggest election in india is drawing to a close with the incumbent prime minister narendra modi securing another term the
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p.m.'s been celebrating already his victory with supporters in india has around 900000000 eligible voters of the 600000000 of cast the ballots these main opponents rahul gandhi has already conceded defeat what is it a trying to looks at why. to the elite to make inroads. how to look at this simple guy modi as a child the prime minister helped his dad sell t. out a railway station ever heard of the caste system in india well his was officially classed as backwards there was even a t.v. show called the journey of the common man showing his tough life path.
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now let's compare that to opposition leader who gandhi's background his father was a prime minister preceded by guess who his grandmother his great grandfather was the founder of modern india and what matter the ukase super the cambridge university how's that for a contrast. not seen as a serious challenger to mr another. because dynasty is not it doesn't appear to the young people in the country anymore if you contrast. the who dondi who let's see a prime minister not in. who actually has risen from the bottom he comes from the very poor section of society he comes from a cost which is known although back would cause. so given the fact that there is
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a lot of appeal for people who come in from the very bottom and rising i think on. you know the dynasty of the calmness has almost believed it for the last almost 70 years because completely lost it's of the. year on year it's becoming clear politicians all around the world should have realised being a part of the elite is now out of fashion shall i remind you of what's been going on with the people's voting habits everywhere lately. i want you to imagine how much better our future can be if we did claire independent strum the elites who lead us from one financial and foreign policy disaster to another. they don't have
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a clue to people but. you have heard me talking about the people who are abusing. are. taking advantage they are going to go in. and he our main task is to bring into the politics in our country on completely new people fresh decent people who actually care. what if soon government hopefuls will begin misplacing their lead bag rounds just like some do with parts of their tax returns. to swear in child care professor and dana the dull school of international affairs believes there's no longer a national opposition party in the country i think essentially it shows that the people of india continue to believe and invest their hopes for india's arise and
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for upward mobility and for economic growth and to become a great poet in world politics all of this you know what mr moore these the carrying of the hopes of the people of india just because he won doesn't mean that it's all going to be easy but definitely he has the massive mandate of the public behind him saw i think that would give him strength in the 2nd term as he embarks on what he calls the you know the journey to a new india so that is actually not national opposition party what it's needed anymore and they have to blame themselves for it because they lost sight of the needs of the changing times and of the changing water psyche. donald trump has preferred to do anything to escape even the possibility of impeachment including starting a war with the run according to one u.s. democrat. i believe that the president of the united states is on the cusp of
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taking us to war without the consent of congress because he fears impeachment just think about it now we're at war with iran everybody is afraid of iran the whole middle east is in turmoil and we are impeaching a president romney and president hassan rouhani however says that he's ready to face any pressure coming from the united states and will not surrender even if washington decides to use bombs washington was quick to react saying it's considering whether to send additional troops to the middle east to enhance force protection kilmore been as more on the growing standoff. recently there was a vote on wednesday at the senate foreign relations committee and the vote was to essentially not provide any funding if the trumpet ministration in the white house were to carry out an unauthorized attack against iran the idea was that no funding would be put forward for such an attack if the white house chose to move forward however that vote failed it was defeated and so that stipulation was not in act now
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chris murphy was a democratic member of congress expressed concerns that the white house could use legal loopholes to attack iran without the approval of congress maybe trump will say about iran the sea but that's a loophole that would have any president to claim any number of middle east crisis as an emergency and then congress will never be able to object to a non-sale again recently mike pompei o the u.s. secretary of state as well as the acting chief of the u.s. central command met with members of congress they briefed members of congress on the situation regarding iran and while that meeting was closed afterwards there were mixed feelings from members of congress who described the meeting our biggest focus at this point is to prevent iran even miscalculation. very much but intentionally or unintentionally we create a situation in which
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a war will take place this is about deterrence not about war that's been our worry from the beginning that this is a blind escalation with the hope that the iranians will come to the table and i'm hoping that this show of force will result in the escalating not escalate i think when you do that you're talking about a war that will go on and on and on now a poll was recently conducted among americans and a solid majority of the u.s. public does believe that within the coming years there will be a war between the usa and iran now only 12. percent of the u.s. public feels that the u.s. government should be the 1st to strike however 60 percent a very clear majority feels that the united states should not launch a war or confrontation against iran so at this point a lot of nervousness on capitol hill and in washington d.c. a lot of nervousness in the middle east as there seems to be an escalation of tension between the usa and iran with many fearing it could ask allayed into
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something bigger. turkey's refusing to back down over his decision to buy the russian made s. $400.00 missile defense system despite washington threatening its nato ally with sanctions if it follows through with the multibillion dollar deal made back in 2017 we've sent personal to russia $400.00 training that will begin in the coming days and will spend the months the news of turkey reaffirming its commitment to the deal comes after the u.s. reportedly issued an alert him made to him saying ankara must turn its back on the us 400 by june in favor of a u.s. made alternative they wanted tookie would otherwise face repercussions from nato this all the 1st time washington sort of pressure its ally over the agreement with russia. turkey most choose its potential acquisition. of the 100 will result in a reassessment of turkey's participation in the f. 35 program those who want to remain
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a critical partner the most successful military alliance in the history of the world we are against the having some of our partners and allies around the world potentially purchase that's for hundreds of potential sanctions or doesn't want to risk the security of their partnership or washington assigned to the s 4 hundreds in compatibility with technology as the reason for its position it also said that there's a risk russia could gather sensitive information about the u.s. made f. 35 fighter jets which ticky has in its efforts. will turkey has consistently defended the deal saying that its neighbor greece has an older model of the s 400 and yet hasn't faced any blowback from the states signed back in december 2017 the price tag on the 4 as for hundreds is 2 and a half $1000000000.00 that's about half the price of the u.s. alternative the 1st punch is due to be delivered early in the summer both china and india also signed up for the s 400 the former turkish ambassador to the united
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states says that washington's rhetoric of ultimatums is simply not conducive to cooperation. i think the propensity. for the u.s. administration and now the congress to impose sanctions on anything that they don't like. is very unfortunate we have seen this in the case of iran and notre turning sanctions. on countries that purchases $400.00. is in my judgment a lawful and necessary role for i think. make products more technology and more price competitive. trying to. force countries. to make choices. to the inquisition of tension solutions it's wrong it's all lawful digitally.
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japanese tech firms to sheep are panasonic have suspended certain shipments to china's weiwei they join the likes of google and intel it also altered relations with the company over u.s. restrictions in terms of illustrations accused to our way of spying for beijing something that denies washington is blacklisted while way meaning u.s. firms can no longer trade with it it all comes amid an ongoing trade war between the us and china this is seen america impose tariffs on $200000000000.00 with a chinese goods in retaliation beijing plans to raise import tariff to 25 percent as of next month in response president from front to rate thanks even further introducing tariffs on an additional $300000000000.00 worth of chinese imports. but in the u.s. $173.00 companies including added acid nike have written an open letter to them from urging him to call off the tariffs on china they argue that american consumers
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will be the ones to lose that. adding a 25 percent tax increase on top of these tariffs would mean some working american families could pay a nearly 100 percent duty on their shoes this is unfathomable your proposal to add tariffs on all imports from china is asking the american consumer to foot the bill it is time to bring this trade war to an end. economist richard wolfe discuss the impact of the trade war on china on artie's boom bust program you can see the full episode of that on our web site. of the trade war dispute between the u.s. and china left many businesses in a state of confusion and uncertainty and unexpected beneficiary emerges be it naam companies operating in china have been subject to increase tariffs on exports to the u.s. so businesses are making a smart decision to move manufacturers and production over to bradley thought their neighbor but how much of it has to do with tariffs for companies both chinese and foreign in china they looking always for the cheapest labor they diggin long before
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the tariffs to look around elsewhere in asia particularly for example in the where the wages were and still are considerably cheaper now they have a 2nd incentive not only will they make more profits by cheap wages in vietnam but the united states has not yet put tower of sound vietnam these goods so that they don't have that problem either every company and every country in the world is watching the aggressive economic nationalism make it risky to do business with an american company or with anybody from the united states because you could be cut off suddenly by some politician who is looking to advance his career the way mr trump is a little me taking a step back from business with america cutting a deal with another producer was not a very good even if that's not the best price because you don't have to worry about
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any history of politicians interfering in this dramatic way. takes for you and our top stories in half an hour here. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race. very dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i
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don't see how that strategy will be successful very. time to sit down and talk. of the tense situation in venezuela is still all over the news the problem in venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented but that socialism has been praised only temperament from the inside venezuela things were different we're going to announce sanctions against petroleum to venezuela associated. famously have a supplement goes. down for some tackle football and battle to stay on the path to the path of the moment the focus of the who story is a new mix of cold in henry kissinger to tell him that it would not be tolerated in latin america. terms of economic and social system could take hold
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and therefore the policy would be to make. the chilean economy scream so wants now making the economy of venezuela screech. max kaiser this is the kaiser report are we entering an era the end of flag money you know money with flags on it or the portrait of a potentate or royal person a good day to stacey i think your and your talk about the end of the nation state currency the u.s. dollar the euro the u.s. the ruble the there are you know peso all those nations that currencies are going to talk about that because one of the things we have talked about over the years and kaiser for a trend we've noticed especially since the financial crisis is dig lobel ization
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this happens all the time throughout history especially when an empire is falling we see a trend towards d. globalization globalization is a time also marked by the absence of trust people nations don't trust each other trading partners don't trust each other and of course big coin and gold are the 2 trust lost currencies out there so the 1st one we're going to talk about is the trade war going on between china everybody has said for years and years that oh a china is in control because they have 1 point one trillion dollars in u.s. treasuries and all dumped them and you know this will heart her harm the united states trade war may spur china to solve treasuries as yuan tumbles the idea that china would dump its 1 point one trillion of treasuries to retaliate against us tariffs is often dismissed as improbable it is seen as a nuclear option that would inflict more harm on china's economy than america yet
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the tensions rippling through global financial markets could still lead beijing to reduce its stockpile in the 15.9 trillion treasuries market not to retaliate but to defend its currency if it goes. into a free fall they are sure you are on has slumped 2.6 percent this month to about $6.00 per u.s. dollar as the trade standoff intensified well all these currencies are exiting a period when they were let's say post $971.00 where it was a phrase i use often called infinite regress where the dollar is not backed by anything it's traded relative to other currencies that are not backed by anything and then those currencies in turn are backed by nothing but it's a bit of.


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